10 Bathroom Mirror Ideas

The perfect bathroom mirror is the finishing touch to any bathroom.  Tiles and fixtures are of obvious importance to any bathroom design, but they are only secondary elements. The most magical items you can have in the bathroom are mirror and lighting.

Vanity mirrors can be super simple or basic, but it really doesn’t have to be so plain. You will also need a cabinet for storage, and those things have less stylistic choices. But with mirrors, there is a world of possibilities. This is where you can express your personal taste and choices.

If your vanity looks a little lackluster, it might be the best time for you to look for some new bathroom mirror ideas.  There are bathroom mirrors for every style and design. Whether you have a contemporary, sleek, elegant or traditional bathroom theme, you can find the bathroom mirror that suits you perfectly. Here are some of the bathroom mirror ideas for you to decide on the perfect piece to add sparkle to your morning or evening routine.

Here are 10 Bathroom Mirror Ideas to spruce up your bathroom

1. Double Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Double Bathroom Mirror Ideas

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For double vanity, a double mirror can be a top design choice. This will involve a pair of exactly the same size and shape of mirrors that will be hung above each sink. This will add symmetry and style to an otherwise bland wall. You may also hang two mirrors over a long single sink to for a more stylish impact without overdoing the mirror thing.

2. Mirror for A Wall

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If you can’t decide on the size, frame or shape of your bathroom mirror ideas, why not go for a whole wall of a mirror instead? You can opt to place a wall-sized mirror for your vanity and you will also have a bathroom that feels bigger and better despite its small size. The wall mirror does not have to be floor to ceiling, instead it can be placed wall to wall. It can occupy one or two walls, from waist high or even chest high up to the ceiling.

3. Large Round Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Large Round Bathroom Mirror Ideas

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Large round bathroom mirror ideas are not new, but it is still a very popular option. It is a classic choice for most bathrooms because of its ability to soften sharp angles, especially in contemporary spaces. For bathrooms with double vanity sinks, it can be challenging to place a regular sized mirror, but a large round mirror can do the trick. If you happen to have a single vessel sink, then it’s even better to have a round mirror. One tip from the designer is to place it off-center to have a new spin on the usual. For those with geometric shaped tiles, the round mirror provides a counterpoint which breaks the pattern. This in turn lets the eye focus on the mirror with the geometric patterned tiles fading to the background.

4. Gilded Mirrors

Round Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Photo by Aa Dil from Pexels

Gilded framed mirrors provide a silvery sparkle to your mirrored surfaces. These golden elements also provide warmth and elegance to the most casual bathrooms. This bathroom mirror idea is a great choice if your bathroom has an overall light-colored theme. The gilded mirror is not a simple thing to mount fronting the sink. However, if there is enough space in the bathroom, it can be used to great effect.

5. Sculptural Framed Mirrors

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Those who want to achieve something really unique for their bathroom design can choose sculptural frames or unusually shaped frames. This will make the bathroom mirror the focal point in the room. These unique statement pieces will also work as an alternative to your pricey art pieces which you cannot display in the bathroom. Sculptured mirrors are generational and in today’s post modern interior design it is the thematic opposite of minimalist furniture. This makes it stand out more than it should be.

6. Antique Bathroom Mirrors

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The mirror is just one of the things that look better when they age. If you want something that is unique, classy and one of a kind bathroom mirror, skip the factory-produced piece and scour vintage shops instead. You can find a beautiful antique piece that is full of charm, history and some pretty imperfections that give the mirror its unique character. Even if it was not a wall mirror, but a standing full-length mirror, it would still have a place in the modern bathroom.

7. Colorful Bathroom Mirrors

Photo by julie aagaard from Pexels

Using a colorful mirror frame is a creative way of adding a pop of color to your bathroom. Most homeowners prefer neutral colors as their overall theme. Thus, playing with vibrant hues and using creatively shaped frames gives your bathroom a fun and whimsical feel. Adding color beyond white, warm white and cool bluish light is not an easy feat. Tread carefully in using colors with mirrors. The mirror should fit in with the bathroom theme. In addition, the color might be a little off and not show proper skin tones.

8. Minimalist Mirror Design

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Contemporary minimalist bathroom design will surely want something that will go well with the streamlined and sleek design. Choose a mirror with a basic shape. Go for a frameless or a slim border to achieve that minimalist look.

9. Triptych Bathroom Mirror

A triptych mirror will give your bathroom the kind of Old Hollywood dressing room style. This can be placed above the sink or over a nicely done vanity with a vintage table.

10. Multi-Mirrored Bathroom

For larger and spacious bathrooms, homeowners can place a large mirror in the center of the vanity wall and place paned mirrors on both sides.  Several mirrors placed strategically will make the place feel bigger without sidetracking from the real functions of the mirror.

How to Decorate a Bathroom Mirror

If you can’t decide on a frame and bathroom mirror style, you can easily work up something to decorate the bathroom mirror according to your tastes and with your labor of love.

You can look up Pinterest or websites for DIY efforts on decorating the bathroom mirror. Depending on the kind of theme you want to achieve, you can use some of the most unusual suggestions for creating borders like cork, branches, twigs, seashells, and ropes.

There are also ready-made bathroom mirrors that you can purchase from a home center or from a vintage store. Some homeowners would have their mirrors customized to achieve the kind of decor and ambiance they want for their bathroom.

Is a Large Bathroom Mirror Out of Style?

Using a large bathroom mirror is one of the top style options for many homes. It can easily transform the bathroom into something elegant and spacious despite the limited floor space. It reflects the surroundings thus giving the illusion of more space.

A large bathroom mirror is often rectangular and can run the whole width of the vanity. Some also experiment with a large round mirror although other shapes like oval and square are also ideal.

Are Beveled Mirrors in Style?

Photo by Aa Dil from Pexels

Amongst frameless mirror styles, the beveled mirror is one of the most stylistic options. This kind of mirror has cut edges and polished to a specific angle to come up with a sleek framed look. Beveled style mirrors have thinner glass around the edges while the middle part has kept its thickness. The mirror’s bevel angles work as a prism which refracts light and creates a rainbow of colors.

Where to Buy Bathroom Mirrors?

There are several places to consider when planning to purchase a new bathroom mirror. You can check out local home depot stores and shops to look for the mirror you want to have in your bathroom. Some search around thrift and vintage stores too. If you are not convinced of those you found in your locality, it might be best to check out online stores too. There are unlimited options when you search for bathroom mirrors online.  Find the best deals offered like free delivery and installation so you will not have any issues at all.


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