10 Laundry Room Ideas:

Here Are Things To Consider To Make Your Laundry Fast & Efficient

Your laundry room is an important but often overlooked part of your home. One can make the task of doing the laundry fast and efficient with a properly designed laundry room. Remember that a well-designed laundry room can make tedious and menial chores fun and enjoyable. To help you get started, here are some basic laundry room ideas and practical tips for you.

1.Check Out How Much Space You Have

The design process of your laundry room can entails a two-fold process. First, is to decide how much space you’d wish to use for the laundry room. Second is where you want to have it situated in your home. The approach is very similar for both situations. Make use of your creativity and imagination for laundry room ideas, to tweak and fine-tune the whole process. Subscribe to design magazines to pick up new ideas for your project.


2. Map Out Where You Want to Place Things

Starting the process of creating your laundry room can be daunting. You have to plan out where to place your appliances, know the amount of space you need, and in what area of the home it should work best, these are some of the important considerations you have to make. This handy guide will help you design and lay out your laundry room area and incorporate decorating ideas as well.

The laundry room is the go-to section of the house for everything laundry. From washing to drying, to ironing, steaming, and more, it is the place designated for it all. You can also use it as a bike storage area, dog room, boot room, appliance room, mudroom and more. If the walls are painted white, you might want to think about how dirty the room might become. Utility rooms with storage solutions are also often overlooked but these are essential to make laundry room ideas work. Continue reading and do your research for more ways you can optimize the space in your house.


3.Consider Accessibility to Water Sources

If you are planning on extending your home, you must find a place for a laundry room that’s near the kitchen. You need somewhere that you can have an external wall with easy access to the garden. Besides coming up with laundry room ideas, you should also consider any utility room ideas which you can use for this project. When implementing laundry room ideas near the kitchen, be mindful of where food is kept. Food usually gives off odor to clothes, and it can also absorb the odor from the cleaning and laundry supplies. Doing the laundry in close proximity to the kitchen makes perfect sense for a lot of reasons:

– Appliances can be easily connected and you have access to the water inlet.

– You get a  space in the kitchen by moving the refrigerator and other big appliances to your DIY laundry room.

– If you want to double it up for storage solutions including a larder dog room, you want easy access to it while cooking.

– You can also use a location near the bathroom or toilet, this is because you can share the built-in plumbing connection here and it must be well-ventilated.

Being connected to the garden enables easy access to the wash line. You do not want to spend most of your days worrying about wet clothes hanging around the house.


4.Keeping It Quiet

If the laundry room will be used merely for laundry, try keeping the laundry room separate from other areas in the house like a bedroom or living area to avoid loud appliances. Continue reading on ways to mitigate the noise. There are no simple recipes to lessen the white noise from these appliances.

You can make use of any vacant space at home and implement your laundry room ideas as follows:

Use the cupboard. If you have a cupboard at home that is merely gathering dust and mold, clear the space and move your washing machine there. Common laundry room ideas may make use of built-in plumbing or re-purposing existing spaces.  You can create stacked floating shelves over it to provide you ample space for your laundry basket and other cleaning products. You can always save space by combining your washer and dryer.

5.Repurpose or Share Space for Small Houses

Use the kitchen space. If you have more spaces in your kitchen, why not partition it and use the section as a laundry area, This can be done with the aid of a stud wall or you can always purchase a room separator and do a DIY project off of it. There are plenty of decorating ideas which counter space and laundry rooms when you start re-partitioning the available space.

Share the bathroom space. If your bathroom is spacious enough, you can double it up as your laundry space. You can hang storage on your walls and purchase small home appliances or washer-dryer appliance to maximize space. A laundry basket will is not out of place in the bathroom.

Under the stairs at home. The space under your staircase is a great place to double up as a laundry area. You can fit a worktop on it lengthwise and place your washing machine and baskets under it to offer a compact laundry area. To prevent it from ruining your lounge area or hallway, you can also add a sliding door in front of it.

6.Think of What Needs to Go Into Your Laundry Room

If you are planning on making use of space at home for your laundry area, here are some basic ideas on what you must store in your laundry room and how you can organize everything to make your washing and drying of clothes easy, convenient, and enjoyable. You should also continue reading up on other ideas for decorating around the house.

Here are the basic laundry essentials that you should add to the room:

• Bleach

• Detergent

• Stain remover

• Odor remover

• Dryer sheets

• Ironing supplies

• Sewing supplies

• Cleaning products

• Anything you want to be stored in the laundry

You can store here any products that you will need for cleaning and doing the laundry, such as spray starch when ironing, sewing kit, and other extras you want to be added.

Here are some other things you can place here:

Cleaning Supplies

Make space for your cleaning supplies. Anything you need for laundry or cleaning the home can be placed here for easy access. That way you do not have to dash off the bathroom or kitchen if you need some paper towels, mop, or hand soap, etc.

Garbage Bin

Each laundry room needs a small garbage bin for your scraps and dryer lint, etc.

Extra Towels and Rags

You can keep here your stash of rags and towels. You might need them for drying or mopping up in case of some leaks or spills.

Appliance Instruction Leaflets or Manuals

To ensure your appliance is working in its best condition or in cases where you need troubleshooting, make sure you keep them all in a dry and secure place in your laundry area. Manuals for your iron, washer, dryer, etc. must be stored here for easy access and reference. In your spare time continue reading these manuals. These are educational and may help you keep your appliances running in good condition. You need not run around the house in search of the right information.

7.Make a List of Other Laundry-Related Items

You can add an area on the room for a clothing rack where you can place pieces you have ironed, a place to sew with your sewing machine and other supplies.  Additional items you can place in the laundry room are:

– Clothespins

– Clothesline

– Drying rack

– Folding table

– Mesh bags for your delicate items of clothing

– Ironing board

– Iron

– Steamer

– Bins, baskets, and other storage


8. Make Full Use of Your Laundry Room Cabinets

Regardless of how much stuff you store around the laundry area, the most crucial thing is to store your supplies in an accessible and convenient manner. This can vary depending on your space and other laundry configurations. A big room can accommodate a spacious shelving unit for all of your cleansers, detergent, bleach, and everything you need. You can install some triangular shelving units where you can place more items for your laundry.

Place anything you’ll ever need for your laundry within easy reach. You can use detergent every time you turn on the washer, so you have to place it in  front. If you rarely use bleach, that can go in the back. You can place small items like detergent pods on a jar or container.

Also, you can keep your clothespins and hangers in your storage cabinet. You can keep a junk drawer here too for other useless items that you need a place to store like loose coins, buttons that fall of a shirt, lone socks, pants that need mending or sewing, etc. You can always store anything you need within easy reach including home cleaning products and rags.

9.You Can Also Build a Laundry Room in Your House

When adding a laundry room in your house, make sure you plan out your 3 main zones: clean area, dirty area, and workspace. Each of these areas will have to differ in size, functionality, and organization depending on your space and home allocations. Besides the washer and dryer, you also need laundry room storage and a place for laundry baskets. Regardless of the size, the largest and smallest laundry rooms will be more efficient as you incorporate these 3 vital areas.

The Clean area. In this area, you can place all the clean clothes that have to be folded in the work zone or where it needs hanging in the hanging area. Many clothes do not need placing on the dryer. You will need an area for hanging clothes and a counter space for working which is adjacent to the dryer. The shorter distance you have to walk, the better.

The Dirty area. If you have more space, you need a dirty area where you can place your laundry bin and baskets. This is where the family can toss all of their soiled clothes for the week. If space is a problem, you can sort them and separate each in laundry bags and toss them directly to the washer.

The Workspace. This particular space can have your countertop work surface, ironing board, and a storage laundry to place cleaning supplies and more. This area can double up for other uses.


10 Make the Space Work for Your Needs

Whatever size of laundry space you have at home, make it your goal to make it efficient and workable. This will help you not get easily get tired and it will help you enjoy doing household chores like the much-dreaded laundry!


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