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My poor nephew. He has just about everything a kid could want so he’s having a tough time thinking of something to ask for Christmas. It’s sad, huh? Talk about your first world problems.

The thing is, like most boys (and even most kids, probably) there are some really cool things out there he would never think of because they aren’t toys. We’re talking cool items that are functional, useful, practical while still being fun and worth showing off. Decor items to perk up their rooms and help out in other ways.

Now, I love caveats. Not everything here will work for the kid in your life. And not everything comes in a style they might like. Oh, and not everything works for all ages. Does that cover everything? (Check out all the different decor and furniture pages in the catalog to find some specific items.)

What I’ve done is deliver 11 general kids decor items for Christmas, although figuring out just the right one for your child is up to you. Many of these can work for any kid or any age depending on the design you choose. My goal was to remind you of some great things to look for while also pointing out a few you probably don’t know about.

BTW – this post was given the stamp of approval from my 7-year-old niece, who declared she wanted everything I listed. Except the stuff for boys. Can’t please everyone!

Idea 1 – Bookends

I’m old-fashioned, so this is first on my list. By old-fashioned, I mean I read. A lot. And did as a kid. Which meant I had a lot of books. (Even when they weren’t mine, but just waiting to go back to the library.)

And it most definitely means that books are top of my list for gifts for all the kids in my life. There are just tons of cute options for book ends out there, whether cute animals like the monkeys here or grand displays from Star Wars. Nice thing is the weighted ones can serve as a paper weight or display even when you aren’t using them for books.

Idea 2 – Medal Display

If you have a kid who does sports, at some point, the sheer number of medals they end up with becomes a problem. (And of course, no one wants to get rid of them, right?) My niece was always struggling for a place to put her swim medals, and I stumbled across the perfect thing with the swim medal holder in the picture here. Tons of other sport options also available from AtheletesWall.

I had previously found one I actually liked better because it also had a little shelf – perfect for the times they get a trophy instead of a medal – but they don’t make it anymore. Boo. Side thought is that a cork board would serve a similar function for those ribbons that seem to proliferate as well in childhood.

Idea 3 – Trinket Box

If you have kids, you’ve cleaned out a pocket or two in your time. Which means you know just how much … stuff they tend to collect and think is important. You also know just how difficult it can be to keep up with all those little bits and pieces.

So I love little trinket boxes for use on desks or shelves or dresser tops. (I think my nieces have a dresser top. Hard to tell under all the junk they’ve collected there!) They’re perfect for small but important items like pony tail holders or missing buttons or snail shells. I keep earrings in mine, actually.

Idea 4 – Wall Hooks

I know. Yawn. But you wouldn’t believe the cool kinds of hooks you can get. And every kid needs a better place to hang a hat or a bathrobe or a stuffed toy that’s been sentenced to die. (Morbid much?)

You can get hooks in a rack style like the animals pictured here or as individual hooks that could be placed in different locations around the room. Most of the decorative ones come in a set of at least two.

Idea 5 – Bean Bag Chair

Really, this could be any seat of their own. For young kids, having something just their size is pretty special. (Even more so when it features their favorite character.) The teens and tweens around me are after either function – like a video gaming chair – or slouchiness. Which is where the bean bag chair comes in.

If you find a big enough one, they can serve a nap function, even. Consider bags with characters for young kids, bags with designs for tweens and solids or patterns for the teens.

Idea 6 – Pillowcase

If you don’t think this is a cool idea, you haven’t seen what’s out there lately.

One type of pillowcase you can find are some custom pillowcases with scenes from your favorite movies (like the Despicable Me minions shown) or designs featuring super heroes. Somehow, they’ve all started showing up on standard size pillowcases, perfect for a special snuggler or to travel with.

In addition, there are always custom options that involve personalization. Check out the options over at Personal Creations (15% off with that link) or GiftsForYouNow (10% off with the code LSDECSAVE until the end of the year). Both have options with characters or general themes.

Idea 7 – Blanket Hugger

Unless you’re like me and spend most of your waking hours hunting down stuff for kids, you might not realize these exist. It’s the perfect combination of plush toy and blanket, so they get something practical along with a toy.

I’ve got a SpongeBob on here (for my niece), but there are tons of options in blanket huggers out there in all kinds of characters. And mostly in characters, actually.

Idea 8 – Bank

Banks are pretty popular as a baby gift, but for me, the perfect age is about five or six. Great time to start teaching about saving and about the age they start getting money from the tooth fairy. (Or the toenail fairy. Weird family story.)

Cute personalized options like the butterfly one in the picture here are a good choice for that age, along with the many, many, many choices with characters and other themes. I can never get over just how many Star Wars banks there are!

If you’re looking for an older kid, a novelty choice like the giant soda bottles are good since a teen is old enough to have their own savings account at a bank. (Ritual when you turn 13 in my family.) In that case, a bank is more of a statement or decorative item so think more about the size and looks than the function.

Idea 9 – Poster

Don’t turn up your nose and think lame, OK? Because posters have come a long way. We’re talking super cheap art here, often with a clever take on things.

Example my favorite: the Keep Calm poster here based on the “these are not the droids you are looking for” bit from Star Wars. The whole “Keep Calm” fad means you can find posters with that phrase in just about any theme you want.

You also have great options for taking pictures of your child and turning them into a poster. Love the Pop Art Photo Poster you can make for them over at Personal Creations.

Idea 10 – Bed Tent

You can pretty much count on anything here being character specific. (That said, I have seen the occasional general themed one.)

But mostly, you can find them for Mickey or Disney Princess or others. Like the Smurfs one here. And like a lot of them, there’s a cute little push light to pair with it. Great idea for a toddler moving from the safety of a crib to a big kid’s bed.

Idea 11 – Headboard

You might be surprised at the options you can find here. Seems like such a prosaic thing to consider as a gift, but if your child doesn’t have big furniture pieces already, a headboard can be a nice option. Easy to add to any bed frame!

Simple ones like the baseball in the picture here aren’t that expensive, but I have tracked down a few over the years that are custom made and can get pretty pricey. Of course, there’s also the DYI option. My friend’s hubby made a barn version for their son when he was three. Too cute!

Bonus Idea – Ceiling Fan Blades

Hey – there’s really 12 ideas here! I just couldn’t decide what to cut, so I added in another one. And this is definitely a great one because it’s so not something a kid would think to ask for, but everyone who comes in the room will be told to look up and check out their cool fan.

You can get blades for a 42? or 52? ceiling fan (and the entire fan if they don’t already have that) in everything from the Hello Kitty in the picture to camo. Almost every theme I’ve ever come up with has had an option to buy. Be prepared to spend a little time sorting through the choices, although not that much money. They’re really a pretty economical choice for the decor.

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So that’s my list of kids decor items for Christmas for 2013. What are you considering that I didn’t include? Or do you have thoughts on what I did include? Love to hear from you!

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