Modern and Antique Clawfoot Tub Bathroom Ideas

Clawfoot Tub Bathroom Ideas had its heyday during the late 19th century, appearing in the rich’s bathrooms in droves while being a prized possession for the average Joe in a house and for good reason – even then, the bathroom look was dramatic, especially for a piece that was double pretty utilitarian in the recent past.

Today’s time, Modern styles and Antique Clawfoot Tub Bathroom Ideas are the right decor amount of vintage bling to nearly any style counter bathroom, but looks especially beautiful with natural woods, calming color schemes, and a little bit of glamour and sparkle bathroom. A quick tip for the bathroom tub: remember – the tub’s fittings should fit the age and style of the tub first, rather than the vanity’s faucets. It’s better for those two to be mismatched than for the bathroom tub’s hardware to look out of place on the tub.

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Part Cabin, Part Vintage

A double bright white bathroom clawfoot tub looks right inspiration at home against raw pine woodwork floor, while the neutral taupe wall color decor and ties everything together without detracting from the bathroom tub in a house.

Balancing an Eye-catching Vanity

The custom vanity DIY in this light bathroom could easily take center feet stage, but by encircling the bathroom clawfoot tub with a sumptuous shower curtain the latter gains a bit of visual weight, holding its own against the rock star across the floor in the bathroom.

Shades of Blue

The key to incorporating a painted tub into your bathroom is to not try to match the wall or furniture colors to the clawfoot bathroom tubs. Instead, work with various shades of double blue tile – they don’t have to match, they just have to coordinate with the floor of the bathroom.

Play Up the Vintage Vibe

Technically, a DIY bathroom clawfoot tub works anywhere, but a periwinkle shade on the walls, rose blossom embossed mirrors and mini floor tiles have just the right amount of inspiration and vintage flair to make the tub look right at home.

Tucking it Away

Positioned in an alcove in front of windows, a bathroom clawfoot feet easy tub becomes more than just a pretty but functional piece – it transforms into an oasis with beautiful tiles.

Black and White Done Right

A bathroom clawfoot tub always counter draws the eye, and the black and white shades of this one tie the look of the rest of the room together, complete with a coordinating vanity and bathroom flooring with tiles.

Make an Escape

Thick drapery drops from the ceiling and puddles on the wood floor with copper touch, creating a frame around this regal bathroom clawfoot tub with tiles and coordinating mosaic accent on the wall.

Mixing Wood Tones

Three different shades of wood keep the eye moving in this lightroom, adding balance instead of focusing exclusively on the bathroom clawfoot tub including the tiles. Brass hardware incorporates a pop of sparkle, while muted green paint is a soothing element.

A Classic Combination

Brushed gray and white diagonal floors and a vintage steam heater blend beautifully with this classic bathroom clawfoot tub. A slightly distressed dresser adds storage and texture to the bathroom, melding form with function effortlessly.

Glitz and Glamour

Sheer shower curtains, an antiqued silver mirror, and elaborate chandelier hold their own against this bathroom clawfoot tub with polished metal fittings. And the red ribbon tying back the curtain? That’s the kind of touch that elevates a space in the bathroom.

Treat Bathroom Fixtures Like Furniture

A sure-fire way to add drama to bathroom space: angle the tub instead of running it parallel to the wall. While this isn’t the most resourceful use of space with water image, this room is plenty big enough to accommodate the choice. Meanwhile, the mix of warm woods and cool paint add a modern touch that complements the antique bathroom clawfoot tub.

It Doesn’t Have to Be Glitzy

This toned down room makes the bathroom clawfoot tub, which tends to scream ‘luxurious’, look like a basic fixture; albeit, a variety of beautiful one. Creamy paint, a vintage vanity, and wood paneling look right at home with the room’s star.


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