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Well, I talked last week about chalkboards options for a kids bedroom. Then I realized, I didn’t share general tips for using chalkboards. Ooops!

So, let’s talk about that a bit.

In my book, there are three things you need to take into consideration before adding a chalkboard to the room. Oh, besides whether you have space. We did address that in the last one because using paint, wall decals and furniture are great ways to deal with the space issue. Here’s what else you should think about:

  • Cleanliness – Chalk is messy and the chalkdust has to go somewhere. Will you be good about keeping it cleaned up? Do you want to be good about keeping it cleaned up? Dry erase boards are a little better in this regard, but still create some dust. Keep in mind your desire to clean as well as whether your child is impacted by dust.
  • Multi-purpose – How can you get more out of a chalkboard than just chalk? If you’re painting a wall or piece of furniture with chalkboard paint, consider doing a coat of magnetic paint under the chalkboard color. Then you can use it as a play surface for magnets as well.
  • Flexibility – Will you want a chalkboard in the room long term? If so, how easy is it to move or change the one you’ve chosen? Painting around the bottom of a wall – under a chair rail say – is great for a toddler, not so much for a teen. Consider painting the entire wall instead so your child will always be able to reach a chalk space. (Another good reason for magnetic paint. No holes to hang posters!) The wall decal options are also great here because you can move them higher up the wall as your child grows.

Happy chalking!

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