Alice in Wonderland Wall Quote Decals –

Alice in Wonderland Wall Quote Decals

The Wonderland crew is pretty mad, aren’t they? Poor Alice has been dropped into Wonderland and, well, it’s great but also quite crazy.

And all those crazy characters have some really interesting things to say to Alice as she makes her way through in her attempt to get home. And you can have some of the fun with these stickers featuring some of the best lines from the books (and movies) and our favorite characters like the Cheshire Cat and Mad Hatter.

Lines Direct From The Book

Lots and lots of references to going mad here, which makes a lot of sense, actually. A few of these repeat, but the font style and design are quite different so I’ve shown them both.

This grouping includes quotes that are just words, in a wide and wild range of fonts. Unlike Dr. Seuss, there isn’t a single font we visually attach to Alice, so the variety makes a lot of sense.

Have I gone Mad?
Question and answer given
Choose from several different colors

Sometimes I Believe in as many as
Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast
Choose from a ton of different colors

Oh I’ve Had a Curious Dream 20? X 5? Black
Great one for over a bed or crib!

Let’s Add In a Few Images

A few of these are the same quotations as above, but this time they’ve added an iconic image to go with them. Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter’s Hat and a tea pot are common. The lines about the road are spoken by Cheshire Cat, but instead of him, the graphic includes an image of a path.

Cheshire Cat Quote Wall Decal: I’m Not Crazy, My Reality Is Just Different Than Yours
Love this one!!
Comes in two sizes and eight colors

Housewares Vinyl Decal Alice in Wonderland Quote We are All Mad Here
Does it bother anyone else that there is a coffee pot in the picture instead of tea? Just me? Ok, then.

Housewares Vinyl Decal Always Tea Time

Housewares Vinyl Decal Alice in Wonderland Quote If You Do Not Know Where
Great reminder for everyone about the need for direction and focus.

Mad Hatter quote-Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat- Wall Decal
The style here feels a little more like the book illustrations, doesn’t it?

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