Angry Birds Bedding –

Angry Birds Bedding – This means war for the bedroom

Bring the classic battle home to the bedroom with Angry Birds bedding and decor items perfect for this bedroom theme.

There are comforters and sheets available featuring the birds and pigs from the game, as well as posters, calendars and more to decorate the rest of the room. I love the idea of painting the walls sky blue with green grass around the bottom to evoke the first few levels of the original game.

But along with Red and the gang from the first game, there are items from the Space version and even the absolutely adorable Star Wars theme. (I know, is Star Wars allowed to be called adorable? I can’t think of a better word for that Chewie pillow!) In addition to differently styled characters, you also get a much darker color scheme than with the original designs.

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Angry Birds Bedding

One of the best parts of this particular design in bedding is the many, many bright colors. Makes it so easy to get other things in the room that match; almost any kind of primary colored decor and furniture will work. Most of these have a large scale design, although there are a few with smaller, repeating images.

So excited because we’ve got Star Wars designs now!

Angry Birds Star Wars Comforter
$32.99 at

Blue Twin/Full Comforter
$39.99 at
Front side includes the birds on a field of light blue
Reverse is lighter blue with floating pig heads

Angry Birds Comforter
$29.00 at

Angry Birds Full Comforter

Angry Birds Comforter
$32.97 at

Coordinating Sheet Set
$21.97 at

Duvet Cover Set
I love this one with the smaller repeating pattern
Includes duvet cover and pillowcase
Available at AmazonUK
Eligible for US Shipping

Angry Birds Sheet Sets

Angry Birds Star Wars Sheet Set
$21.99 at

Cubes Twin Size Sheet Set

Angry Birds Twin Sheet Set “Bold”

Angry Birds Sheet Set
$21.99 at

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