12 Decking Ideas You Can Draw Inspiration From

Decking ideas

Your backyard deck is a reflection of your activities. If you are into social gatherings such as barbecue day parties, you can install a deck that promotes participation – perhaps an outdoor kitchen or one with a barbecue grill.

If you prefer quiet evenings with your friends over a fire, then a fire pit may warm you and your friends on these starry nights. Your deck design is based on your preference and budget. You can have decking in garden or a wood deck if this suits your ideas and choice of material for a backyard deck.

As a matter of preference, you can add features, such as garden decks, that you like and choose on any deck design ideas if budget is not a problem. However, if the budget is restricted, you can choose inexpensive materials inspired by your decking ideas notes and still achieve the look that you’re after.

The average cost of adding a deck to your home costs 20 USD to 50 USD per square foot. A 20 by 20 deck will cost you 8,000 USD to 20,000 USD depending on the cost of the materials. There are a lot of backyard deck ideas and outdoor space features to choose from. Here are some tips that may help you decide.

Idea one: Wood, stone, or composite backyard deck

Aside from personal preference, you have to consider the surroundings of the backyard deck, costs of materials and labor, and maintenance of each. You can keep the decking in alignment with the design of the house. If the house has lots of lovely cedar, you may want to keep this theme for your wood decking. Wood is also easier to work with. It can be cut easily into your preferred shape. However charming wood is, it still may rot. Cleaning and staining should be regular.

Another alternative is stone. The color of the real stone will not fade. Also, it rarely gets stained. Most stones are inexpensive compared to wood. But, installing stones may require large equipment. In terms of strength, however, composite materials are sturdier than wood or stone. Made from recycled plastics and wood, such materials generally do not need any sealing or repainting.

Idea two: Firepit or no pit

If you love getting warm while sharing stories with your friends, a fire pit may be your kind of thing. Also, a fire pit can be a focal point of your backyard deck. It can raise the value of your home. But, you have to be responsible if ever you decide on installing a fire pit. Fire is a hazardous thing, and an uncontrollable one is deadly. The fire pit should be away from the house. Also, make sure that dry leaves or any flammable clutter are away from the fire pit. If you plan on installing a wooden backyard deck, a fire pit mat can prevent a fire from spreading.

Idea three: Single-level or multi-level

If you prefer clean lines, a single-level land will provide you that no-frills, straight look. However, a multi-level land may provide you with more opportunities for water features such as a small pond or miniature falls without much need for leveling. You can work beautiful wonders with a sloped or multi-level land. Instead of leveling it, you can install a backyard deck on higher ground, giving you a nice view. A deck with a lower ground level may work if you opt for more privacy on a quiet, romantic evening. But, in some cases, you may have to install a riprap or reinforce a wall for your sloping land. Also, you must account for additional lighting too to prevent slips when dark.

Idea four: Contrasting or matching colors for Inspiration

Using contrasting or matching colors may highlight features of your deck. While a lighter wood stain may give a cleaner and more expansive look, it may be more costly. A lighter wood stain has less protection on the more aggressive stains. But a darker wood stain may hide the usual stains brought about by red wine or food. However, it may make the deck feel smaller. The effect is similar to the use of contrasting colors. It will make space feel smaller. But, if you are opting for a separate feel for your outdoor deck compared to the interiors of your home, you can use contrasting backyard deck design.

Idea five: Built-in seating or not

Redesigning your backyard deck designs may be a problem for built-in seating. But, this type of seating may be cheaper as you can decide on the design and make it cheaper than individual seating. This also saves space as you do not have to store them during the winter. Further, you can also customize these chairs to be multi-level or even hanging from the roof. As for removable seats, they are beneficial as you can carry them around however you see fit. Also, updating your deck designs to complement each item’s styles is easier too as you don’t need to reoutfit the outdated built-in seat.


Idea six: Tub or no tub for your wood deck

Some decks are now installing a hot tub to achieve a cozier look. Different design ideas for hot tubs are made to compliment the overall feel of the deck design or the garden in general. Zen gardens with stone decks are employing the use of a stylish metal hot tub, similar to the Japanese style. If you want to have that fun water party with bubbles of water all around with a glass of wine, on one hand, installing a Jacuzzi is the way to go. Don’t forget to install a good foundation for your decks though, since a hot tub can weigh a lot.

Idea seven: Outdoor kitchen deck ideas

For a more engaging social gathering, installing an outdoor kitchen to your deck designs is the way to go. Your friends can help with preparing meals. This makes preparing food faster and more fun. The outdoor living space experience is also good as you become more bonded with your friends and family. Letting them participate can make your food more sumptuous and fulfilling. However, an outdoor kitchen may add on to costs significantly because you need to connect pipes in sinks for the source of water and its drainage.

If you plan to dine more outside, planting citronella on pots may drive away pesky mosquitoes. There are also some plants that attract insects. Make sure you don’t plant those!

Idea eight: With roof cover or without

Where climate change is already being felt, it is a good idea to come prepared for extreme weather conditions. If you prefer a roof overhead your backyard deck, be sure to choose one that can carry the weight of the snow if you live in regions with cooler climates. Some persons do not prefer roofs over their decks as it is said to retract the feeling of communing with the outdoors. However, if you prefer a roof over your head but would want to enjoy stargazing, you may choose transparent roofing.

Idea nine: Inspiration for a Gazebo at the patio

While some homeowners prefer a gazebo over their decks, some prefer their gazebos on other parts of the garden. A gazebo on the deck may add or detract from the value of your house. Depending on the material of the gazebo, your deck’s strength should be up for its weight. Also, the gazebo should be securely fastened to your deck in case of strong winds or storms. The options include bolting the gazebo on your deck or simply placing it in. It is more difficult to bolt the gazebo if and when you decide to move it. If you are uncertain and have no clear-cut idea on where to place your gazebo, you may want to use metal straps to install it in your deck.

Idea ten: Railings as Deck Ideas, Why Not?

Some homeowners install railings for protection, especially with elevated decks. But for some, they still use railings for aesthetic purposes. Check the requirements in your area if you need to install railings for your elevated deck. Aside from the railings being mandatory regulation, railings provide a feeling of security and safety. Also, since railings add on weight that will be supported by your decks, choose one that is lightweight but durable. Decks that wouldn’t corrode, stain, or rot are also very popular in beach houses.

Idea eleven: a garden trellis

If you love plants, you can plant a vine over a trellis on your deck. For gardens with decking, imagine reading your favorite book on a chair or listening to beats while texting your friends on the phone. Now, you don’t have to go inside the house if the sun’s rays are beating down on you at noon. A trellis though does not provide complete protection from the rain, but it can block some sunlight. You can also plant your favorite flowering vines over your trellis and make the garden deck more welcoming and picturesque, further adding to the value of your house.

Idea twelve: Curved Corners are great deck ideas

Since curves promote continuity of vision, your garden deck will look wider than it actually is. This is most especially helpful for small decks. This will also provide a softer look for your small deck, making it more inviting. For curved corners on your decks, make sure that there is plenty of lighting to prevent missteps. Some homeowners prefer decks with linear edges to make their decks the focal point of their yard.

Adding features to your house may add value to it. For example, between a patio and a deck, a patio is easier to install and is less expensive. The features of your deck need not be expensive though. However, a deck is said to add more value to your house if you decide to resell your home.

14 Walk In Closet Ideas That Create Space

closet ideas

Clothes maketh a man. Whether you believe it or not, chances are more people are going to believe you when you’re well-dressed perfectly in a crisp three-piece suit with killer shoes. Add in a well-prepared presentation or a setting for a job interview and you’re good to go. The clothes that you wear, believe it or not, may define you. And this is the reason why some people invest in them. Naturally, as with any investment, you would want to protect them. And what better way to keep them safe than to start updating where you keep them.

Having a walk in closet is ideal for most households. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just women who need plenty of closet storage space like cabinets. If you’re building a home, consider having a separate room and think of set ideas for better organization. Closet systems can include hanging spaces, drawers, shelves, and even the nook and crannies can be used as great storage space to keep small accessories.

How do you start making your closets look more fab? Here are 14 tips to help you along.

Wipe your closet clean. 

First things first! Your walk-in closet needs to be cleaned. Remove all your clothes, footwear, and accessories. Wipe everything with a clean cloth and use a vacuum when necessary. Your things are now in a messy pile. After seeing this heap, you may be discouraged to continue but what may appear to be counterproductive may actually hasten the entire process. This is now the perfect time to untangle one clothing from another and organize them into seasonals, daily wear, and formal wear. Tapping your inner Marie Kondo and also getting rid of some clothes that don’t “spark joy” anymore, may do the trick in getting rid of your older clothes – clothes with nostalgia not included as well.

Provide sufficient lighting.

With the proper lighting, you can choose what you wear fairly fast. Their reason why boutique stores invest in the proper lighting is for you to appear glowing under the yellow hues Instead of appearing pale and ghastly under the plain whites. When there is enough lighting, most clothes could be seen more easily. And what you can see and do not wear now, may actually be worn in the future. More commonly now, a chandelier is installed to give your walk in closet ideas the pizzazz that it needs. For others, a matching pendant lamp is all the closet needs for that glamorous, glittering look.

Install adjustable shelves.

Your home situation, on one hand, may become different in the future so using adjustable shelves for your walk-in closet can save you money. On the other hand, your career may also change, requiring you to wear more clothes that are better taken care of when hung. This is where you are now thankful for the decision you almost considered insignificant in the past. Instead of hiring a carpenter for the reinstallation of cabinets and drawers for your walk in closet ideas, you now have the money-saving option of doing it yourself. With the addition or removal of shelves, the functionality of your closet may take a 360-degree turn – all befits the new you.

Use transparent shelving.

Did you ever buy a piece of clothing that you completely forgot about? Your closet is not a hidden trove of treasures that you may discover. Instead, your walk in closet is meant to highlight your shoes, clothes, and accessories for you to actually wear them. When you regularly see your clothes or your footwear, a thought though casual may come into your head. The thought is – I am going to wear you someday. Or the thought maybe the opposite, I have not been wearing this pair of shoes for years now, maybe I should just let this one go. Whatever the thought is, when you see the item, you think of action for it.

Transform your closet corners as storage.

Corners in the walk-in closet design need not be empty. Space can be smartly transformed as a revolving display for shoes. Much like your clothes, your shoes need to be seen for them to actually be worn. Some people say that your shoes are the most important part of your outfit. Having their own nook where your collections may be displayed gives some people joy even if these shoes are not actually worn regularly. While some people turn to shoes as the last item of clothing worn, some people do the opposite. They pick shoes first and pick other items of clothing next. This is what makes walk in wardrobes so ideal. Big closets let people see what they have and plan what they want to wear. having ample hanging space also keeps clothes and accessories organized.

Prepare a means of reaching high up your shelves.

To save space, walk-in closets are using every inch of the vertical wall. Seasonals are usually stored up your shelves. There will come a time when you will use them. But how can you use them if you cannot reach up high? With items that cannot be seen; similarly, with items that cannot be reached, they tend to be not worn at all. However, these clothes are stored to be worn. As a solution, a sturdy ladder within reach is highly recommended.

Designate a spot for each type of clothing in your walk in wardrobe.

Depending on your lifestyle, your clothes may be classified in different ways. If you are the athletic type, holding together your sporty clothing items in one place is downright easier. Regular clothing may be placed in one corner of your small walk-in closet. The more formal ones may be placed in another corner. When you have too many clothes and are trying to make use of each of them, color-coding them may work for your closet systems. You can combine red tops in one corner of your drawers, your orange tops in the middle part of your drawers, and yellow tops in the other corner. And when you use one red top, for example, you can put the latest top that you have worn at the farthest edge. of the drawers.

Do this systematically with the other colored tops and by the end of the year, you may have worn all of the clothes in your drawers. This is one of the design ideas which really work for busy, working people who want to stay organized and look great.

Use alternative shelving solutions for closets.

Alternative solutions are always welcome. In time, you will run out of space. This is where you can use other items for storage and display. Rectangular wicker baskets may be good for storing your clutch bags. Tired of unentangling your necklaces, you can use corkboards instead to display them. You can also simply pin some of your accessories here. Not a fan of corkboards? Your chosen print and stapler may do wonders on your corkboard. No more boring browns! Hooray!

Add mirrors to your small walk-in closet.

We all know that mirrors give the illusion of more space, hence its installation on small spaces. Sometimes, mirrors are put up in a certain space not for functionality, but for design only. But what if you have your family with you there on a special occasion? For a bigger walk-in closet, install more than one mirror. Not only are you checking on how you look, but they are also trying on clothes and checking how they look. This walk in wardrobe ideas work only when you have the space. You can install the mirrors on the cabinets and make the room more spacious and brighter.

Use wallpaper or paint with your personal signature.

There are a good many reasons why most walk-in closet ideas involve white paint. White is pure, clean, and a contrast to most colors. Your red jacket has never been this good in a roomful of white. While you know that you will be using this jacket at night; right now, seeing yourself in this red jacket makes you feel important. Power dressing, anyone? Most walk-in closet design made the closets as an extension of bedrooms. For this reason, wallpapers are usually chosen akin to the bedroom. For others, their walk-in closets are a reminder of how they can transform into the fabulous beings that they believe to be.

Use household items to organize and protect your clothes

Some of your more worn shoes may lose their shape. For this walk-in closet ideas, you can cut pool noodles and insert them into your boots. When you have boots, letting them stand on your closet may make them last longer. It also makes your closet neater and when properly organized, saves more space. Also, an ice cube tray is a cost-efficient way to store or keep your rings or earrings. It can save time when you can see all of these accessories at once.

Put hooks or a table in your small walk-in closet.

At most times, you know what you are going to wear almost immediately. But at some times, it may take you a while to choose which item of clothing you are going for. This is where a table or hooks may get handy. You can temporarily hang clothing on hooks while you are choosing one from another. Tables are also important walk-in closet ideas. Aside from tables being additional storage, you can temporarily place them on top to see which item goes with the other item in terms of style, color, or function.

Add on a bench or a chair.

As a matter of safety and design, you have to add a bench or a chair. How else would you safely wear your 5-inch heels and still maintain balance? Also, your friend or family member can also sit and wait here as you ask their help on which clothes look good on you. Also, a chair may add personality to your small walk-in closet. Make sure to choose one that compliments your style and pick a sturdy one at that.

Angle your shelves in a small walk-in closet.

Again, when you can see it, you will use it. As you can observe in stores that sell footwear, some of them use angled shelves. Aside from seeing them more clearly, it enables you to actually hold them more easily too. You can immediately see the foot openings where you can get a hold of it. Not only can you see it clearly now, but you’re getting a hold of it more easily too. Chances are high that you are going to use the footwear.

Having a well-planned walk-in closet will save you time and money. Whatever your design or however you organized your walk-in closet depends on you. While some persons may prioritize functionality over design, some persons prefer the opposite. The design has no boundaries, self-expression included.