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It’s Barbie bedding for your Barbie girl!!

Almost every girl falls in love with Barbie at some point. She certainly occupied a huge chunk of my childhood. If the same’s true for your little girl, give her a Barbie dreamland with bedding and accessories for her room.

I am constantly surprised by how difficult it is to find Barbie bedding, actually. We’re talking an iconic doll who’s been around forever and is loved by millions. Not to mention, tons of art available from the books and movies that could be used to design bedding. Still, not that many choices. Amazing.

The sheet set picture here came out a couple of years ago – it’s called Fashion Barbie – and was one of my favorite modern renditions. I’ve just run into a collection of pillowcases with images from the various movies printed on one side. Given how much my niece loves those, I’m thinking this will be a great gift for her next birthday.

You’ll find the best round-up out there on this page and I’m constantly on the hunt for more and to keep this page as updated as possible.

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Barbie Bedding Sets

I know. Not much here. In fact, a couple of these are like Barbie branded and don’t even include her in the design. Still, lots of pink, a little purple and plenty of girl style. If you don’t like what you see here, consider getting a pink bedding set, then just decorating around it with Barbie designs on posters and so forth.

I have recently found a black and white set that I think, frankly, is a non-licensed knock-off. But very cool! It’s a duvet cover, so double-check the sizing before you order.

Barbie Sweet Silhouette Twin Comforter Set

Barbie Twin Bed Comforter Walking on Roses Bedding

Barbie Duvet Cover Set
Says “go for the glam” across the end

Sisbay Barbie Princess Bedding
Oh my! Blue!

Barbie Shine Single Panel Duvet Set

Barbie Shoes Duvet Cover Set
At LightInTheBox
Full size
Includes duvet cover, shams and flat sheet

Barbie Sheet Sets

Well – sheets are getting hard to come by. Several of the sets above come with sheets as well (read the fine print on the seller’s site to make sure), but they don’t seem to be sold separately that often any more. Fortunately, you just need a good set of pink sheets to make it work!

Mattel Barbie Ballet Sheet Set, Twin

Make Your Own Barbie Bedding

Given how scarce Barbie bedding is, how about getting ambitious and making your own? Or at least a throw pillow or two to add to other designs. Unfortunately, the fabric options are about as difficult to find as the bedding! I tracked down these Barbie fabrics at Very retro flair to both of them, but they’d make nice accent pieces. (And the website offers free shipping on orders over $35 and gives you a 37? yard. Nice.)

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