Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Unlike other rooms of the house, Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas can be difficult with regard to lighting design. Just like your kitchen, the bathroom needs adequate task lighting to perform daily grooming routines. If you end up with soft lighting, you won’t be able to see to shave or apply makeup. If the light is too bright it will create glare making it equally difficult to see. What can you do?

We have good news for you. Selecting light fixtures for your vanity and secondary areas of the bathroom is not as tricky as you might think. You can maintain the perfect lighting balance and still create a stylish and soothing environment. Take a look at this fabulous inspiration gallery of bathroom lighting ideas to help you choose the right combination.

Cue the Footlights

Most bathroom lighting is designed to function at eye level but sometimes you need light a little lower. If you enjoy an evening soak in the tub, soft floor level lighting creates a relaxing mood and also serves to safely light your way during nightly bathroom trips.

Chandelier Stunner

This bathroom gets a big dose of glamour from an oh-so-chic contemporary chandelier installed above a luxurious tub. If you love this look, you need to make sure your local building code allows for a hanging fixture above a tub and, if so, at what height.

Out of This World

Rounded shapes and a futuristic lighting package give this bathroom an ultramodern appearance. Recessed mini cans line the arch over the vanity and follow the curve of the drop ceiling above the shower and tub areas. The globe pendant over the tub creates the focal point of the space.

Page From History

Sometimes bathrooms are designed to honor the period and architecture of the residences where they reside. While this bathroom is equipped with modern conveniences, the chandelier and candle wall sconces stay true to this historic home’s classic Georgian character.

A Shower Reimagined

On rare occasion, you’ll find a bathroom with a tub and no shower. These homeowners wanted to fill that void with an art installation. The custom, floor-to-ceiling chandelier features blown glass drops to give the illusion of falling water.

Contemporary Radiance

There’s nothing ordinary about the master bathroom in this penthouse condo. The windows, tub and flooring are nothing short of amazing. Throw in the lighting and you have sheer perfection. The single pendant above the tub gives the room warmth and the quirky exposed bulb pendants over the vanity provide plenty of task lighting.

Functional Lighting

Bathroom lighting can be both practical and beautiful. The homeowner was concerned this space lacked storage, so his contractor added a niche for a wall of shelves. Lighting to the rescue–it creates a mood, showcases the exotic Wenge shelves and makes it easy to find bath supplies.

Multiple Light Sources

No one says you have to rely completely on artificial light sources in a bathroom. In fact, natural daylight is perfect for makeup application. According to lighting designers, the ideal lighting combination for a bathroom includes ambient (natural), general (overhead) and task (vanity lighting).

Mid-Century Mood

This Mid-Century home in La Jolla, California desperately needed bathroom lighting to coordinate with the stunning vanity, mirrors and wall treatment. A single bar fixture between the sink areas and two simple orb pendants provide ample light and just the right touch of mod.

Deep Purple Pendant

With purple accent tile on the floor and wall, this design-savvy homeowner decided the recessed ceiling was crying out for color and a one-of-a-kind light fixture. A coat of paint and purple glass pendant saved the day.

Spa Appeal

If you had a bathroom like this, what kind of lighting would you use? A band of subtle lighting around the tray ceiling is be perfect to create a relaxing environment. Underwater spa lights set the mood while pin and sauna fixtures add practical illumination.

Easy Being Green

There’s nothing like a time-out in a relaxing soaker tub to cap off the end of a stressful day. To make things even better, here’s a special lighting touch to help melt the tension away. This chromatherapy tub and recessed ceiling fixtures emit a series of calming colors to help your mind and body unwind as you enjoy a soothing bath.

Exotic Light Shower

Welcome to the jungle in this fanciful bathroom complete with a teak tub, bamboo and overhead lighting that mimics rain showers. Ribbons of water seem to magically flow from the ceiling. Actually it is an optical illusion created by tiny pinholes around the perimeter of the ceiling fixtures.

Illuminated Stone Columns

A jetted spa tub takes center stage in this striking bathroom. Wooden stairs and decking give the space an organic feel along with touches granite mosaic tile and rough stone accents. Four illuminated stacked stone columns line one side of the Jacuzzi tub creating an impressive play of light and shadow.

Warm Color, Light and Movement

Natural stone slab walls and flooring give this contemporary master bathroom a sense of warmth, color and movement. Cool white plumbing fixtures were used to create contrast against the warm gold surfaces. Strategically positioned LED lights to take the space to a new heights, enhancing the stone’s multicolored striations

Spotlight on the Tub

This area features one element and one element only – the tub. The vanity, shower and water closet are situated on the other side of the partition. Adjustable floodlights illuminate the oversized cast iron bathtub and stone accent wall. A circular window adds natural light and depth to the space.

Beam Me Up Scotty

Laser-like beams of light illuminate the vanity as well as the tub/shower combo. The band of lighting around the vanity mirror is lit from behind, while the ceiling and wall beam emanates from an LED fixture in the ceiling.

Moroccan Vibe

This authentic Moroccan bathroom is outfitted with a mix of contemporary and antique light fixtures. The modern candlestick sconces feature crisp white linen shades. The pewter chandelier was wired for electricity and graces the center of the room.

Ambient Light Is Best

To help create an energy efficient home, double windows were placed in the master bathroom to flood the space with natural light. The windows provide enough light during the day, eliminating the need for vanity and overhead lights, thus saving money on electricity.

Golden Glow

Soapstone walls in deep charcoal are given a pop of color thanks to a custom lighted wall. Sheets of a mica-like stone substance are backlit with rope lighting and give off a warm and inviting glow. A complement of recessed fixtures rounds out the lighting scheme.

Matching Light Package

When the homeowner was planning her master bathroom, she took a leap of faith and purchased lighting before anything else. Lucky for her, the matching light fixtures work perfectly in the space and suit the bath’s transitional style.

Custom Vanity Design

An artist and furniture designer created the scalloped edge vanity and the unique lighting strip above. The fixture is nothing more than a deconstructed track light kit and a wood plank suspended from wiring but it looks like a million dollars.

Bright LED Bathroom

This homeowner and professional makeup artist wanted a space for classes, presentations and to experiment with new techniques. The room has no access to windows, so she opted for LED fixtures that come amazingly close to recreating natural light. The lighted mirror, recessed pucks and rectangular ceiling panel do the trick without heating up the room.

Coffered Ceiling Effect

Identical side-by-side spaces house the water closet and vanity of the master bathroom. Each space has recessed ceiling panels but feature distinctly different lighting effects. The left side is outfitted with recessed halogen fixtures and indirect lighting around the perimeter of the space. The other side has spots above the vanity and lighting tape inside the recessed panel.

Decorative Tile Lighting

A custom mosaic tile design follows the curvature of the freestanding tub creating the statement piece in this elegant spa bathroom. While recessed LED lights give the space the general illumination it needs, rope lighting was installed to enhance the room’s center of attention.


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