Popular Living Room Color Ideas

The Popular Living Room Color Ideas may sound like a boastful sentence but think about it. These are the best colors for these particular living rooms.

The paint colors, furnishings and decorative accessories for these living rooms were carefully chosen and, as a result, each living room is the best it could be. Follow the lead of these living rooms when designing your own.

Blank Canvas

Sometimes white is the best living room color. This living room shows that white matches everything. White also won’t compete for visual attention for the room’s other elements, such as the rich red throw blanket or the detailed decoration on the throw pillows.

Comfortable Neutrals

This room, an easy on the eyes living room, shows that tan works best to create a warm and inviting space. The tan walls allow for interesting accessories, such as the large wall clock, to pop. Dark furnishings and the warm tones of both the front door and hardwood floors work together and make a comfortable entertaining space.

Bold is Best

Sometimes going bold is the best choice for your living room. In this case, this homeowner chose to paint two living room walls jet black. Black painted walls are not often found in homes, but black is the best choice here. Black walls not only creates a cozy nook, but makes the accessories and furnishings pop

Classic Neutrals

The best living room designs are influenced by trends, but don’t follow them. This living room was influenced by the neutral paint color trend, but makes the trend its own. The use of two neutral brown tones on the walls makes this room stand out. Dark accents, such as the furnishings, throw pillows and artwork, complement the room’s dark hardwood floors.

Calming Neutrals

This charming open-concept kitchen, dining and living space work because of the wall’s neutral colored walls. Had the walls been painted anything but this light tan, the room would feel cramped and narrow. Light walls combined with chrome accents and plenty of both natural and ambient light make this room shine.

Simple Choice

Oftentimes, white is the only color that would work in a space. This living room has a very unique feature, large floor-to-ceiling glass doors that fold back to reveal a courtyard and access to another sitting area. White painted walls take the decorative back seat so that this unique feature can, justifiably, shine.

Cocoa Brown

Cocoa brown works best in this space because it provides a warm backdrop for the white couch and works with the room’s colorful accessories. The warm orange-reds, dark greens and calming grays found in the accessories work with the cocoa brown to create a living room that is casually elegant and comfortable.

Black and White

Often the best paint color for a living room is not one, but two. This spacious living room uses paint to create two different zones. Black paint in one zone creates a quiet space to relax while the white walls of this zone creates a sleek, modern space ideal for entertaining.

Soothing Gray

Choosing a gray paint for your walls is a true skill. Go too dark and your room feels lifeless and cold. Go too light and your room feels sterile. This gray, with warm undertones, is the best gray. The white couch looks clean and comfortable and the dark coffee table and area rug provide understated elegance.

Neutral with a Kick

At first glance, this living room appears safe with its neutral wall colors and gray sectional. However, take a second look. Artwork in the form of hand-written poetry on the wall makes this room stand out. The metal accents on the floor are another noteworthy feature.

Quirky yet Neutral

Neutral wall colors, such as this tan with buttery yellow undertones, allow for the room’s features to take center stage. In this case, the large stone fireplace is a natural show stopper. The brightly colored tank in the corner of the room is also eye-catching. Both shine because they’re not competing with a bold wall treatment.

Luxurious Neutrals

Beige is the best backdrop for luxurious rooms such as this one. Beige walls and furnishings look elegant and refined. The chandelier becomes the room’s focal point, but other details are there. Pattern is used subtlety, stripes can be found on the throw pillows and on one armchair, but doesn’t distract from the chandelier.

Retro and Country Influences

This room makes retro and country influences and makes them look elegant. The half-paneled wall is the same color as the wood floor which is balanced by the tan-gray walls. The dark purple traditional couch is complemented by the country touches, such as the glass cloches and jelly cabinet. Retro touches, such as the small end table and yellow radio, complement the country accents.

Classic Touches

This living room is awash with details. Take note of the nail head trim on the gray paneled walls, the classic wall mouldings and the tray ceiling. The use of two paint colors, gray-beige and creamy white, creates a room that is not only classic but visually interesting.

Almost Golden

Warm yellow walls make this room, almost, glow. The yellow has a golden undertone which makes the room feel welcoming and elegant. Other elegant details include the yellow marble columns on the built-in cabinet and inset lights around the perimeter of the room’s tray ceiling.

Light and Bright

When choosing paint colors for large, airy spaces such as this living room, opt for the classic choice: white. Details, such as the room’s large stone fireplace, stone bench, and view of the mezzanine, don’t need visual competition from boldly painted walls. White is the best choice for this space.

Comfortable Family Room

Barely-there gray walls, which are reminiscent of the sea surf, are the best backdrop for this coastal-influenced family living room. The white bead board bookcases and white media cabinet look so crisp and fresh against the gray walls. Turquoise throw pillows pop and add to the coastal feel.

Multiple Use Space

White is the ideal choice for this multiplier use space. The combination living and dining space feels large and spacious, despite the lack of natural light, because of the white walls. The floating shelves, painted the same white as the walls, add form and function.

Simple Touches

Neutrals work again. White walls paired with golden beige trim, create a backdrop that allows the home’s beam ceilings to get the attention they deserve. As if it couldn’t get any better, the golden beige trim is the ideal complement to the honey blond wood floors.

Scandinavian Retreat

This living room looks like the perfect Scandinavian retreat. The white walls don’t distract from the window’s gorgeous views. The colorful accents in the room are all influenced by that view. Shades of blue and green provide pops of color while the white pendant lamp provides light with a side of quirky.

Beige isn’t Boring

Beige is not boring when paired with the classic details of the living room. The white moulding, fireplace surround and wainscotting look so fresh and the Oriental rug shines in the center of the room. The sofa’s throw pillows complement the armchairs on the opposite side of the room and create a beautiful cohesion.

Gray and Chrome

Gray walls and chrome accent pieces work together to create an elegant and modern living and entertaining space. The gray sofa complements the furnishings visible in the nearby dining space and the dark neutrals are the ideal counterpart to the bold turquoise armchair.

Neutrals Keep Winning

These homeowners know to how work with contrasting shades. The gray area rug not only complements the gray furnishings, but creates a distinctive zone. This zone, made of primarily dark colors, is then perfectly juxtaposed against the classic white walls and furnishings of the remainder of the space. The room is a piece of art.

Welcoming with Brown

Various shades of brown come together to create a living room that is ideally suited for casual barbecues or elegant cocktail parties. This tastefully appointed living room is ideal and the brown walls are a huge part of this room’s success. This shade of brown is the perfect complement to the furnishings as well as the draperies. It’s a home run.

Shiplap Surprise

Creamy, almost buttery, white walls win again. The white walls lend warmth and casual sophistication to this spacious living room and don’t compete for visual attention with the room’s expansive views. The shiplap accent wall above the stone fireplace lends subtle visual appeal.


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