Black and white and just a tiny bit musical in this room for a teen boy –

Bold black and white can be the perfect starting point for a teen boy bedroom. I’ve put it to use here to dramatic effect.

Yes, do the walls in black, just don’t do all of them! One or two or even just a section of one is great for giving you that bold look and darkening the room a bit. Note that painting black is going to take a wee bit of work to get it truly deep black. Start with a dark gray primer coat and you won’t need quite so much black paint to get the job done.

I love the bookcase here. It’s actually not a bookcase, it’s a bunch of cubes and you can stack them up however you like. I love the idea of creating a stairstep shelving unit with them up against the black wall. The posters I’ve picked had more to do with the color scheme than the actual artists. (Although, we’re fans of The Beatles and Rage Against the Machine in our house, so it’s not a totally unlikely combination!)

The furniture is white to contrast with the black bedding and black walls, but mix in some other materials for interest. I’ve gone with birch wood and silver in the desk and silver with some black in the wire chair.

  1. Room Essentials Stripe Comforter Set – Black/Gray
  2. dCOR design Alpha Bed
  3. CAD Diamond Wire Chair
  4. Way Basics zBoard Eco Storage Cube Plus, White
  5. OFFI Half Pipe Desk-Birch
  6. Astaire Modern Wall Clock
  7. Rolling Stones Declaration Music Poster Print
  8. Guitar Heaven
  9. Red Musical Notes Table Lamp by Lamp-In-A-Box
  10. Organize It All Neu Home Charcoal Faux Leather Document Box
  11. Posters – Green Day, The Beatles, Rage Against The Machine
  12. Black Giant Drips Wall Sticker
  13. Throw pillows – Leave a Trail Inspiration Rectangular Pillow, Your Future Inspirational Square Pillow

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