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Seen a lot of questions lately where two young siblings of opposite sexes are having to share a room and mom is struggling to come up with a bedroom theme that will work. The trick is to think about not just themes that cross genders, but where the circles between themes overlap. That Venn diagram thing. This could be the setting, it could be a common element, it could be pink and blue sides of the same coin. Here are a few ideas:

  • Castle – element that overlaps for princess and knight (or prince/king) – oh, don’t forget the dragons!
  • Underwater – setting that overlaps for sea creatures and mermaids
  • Above water – setting that overlaps for pirates and mermaids
  • Stars – element that overlaps for outer space and dreams
  • Sky – setting with airplanes for him, hot air balloons and rainbows for her
  • OutdoorsForest and meadow – he gets bears and deer, she gets butterflies and bunniesBackyard – he gets a treehouse with a “no girls” sign, she gets a garden in full bloomFarm – put the pigs and tractors on his side, the stable with the horses on hers
  • Pets – Dogs and snakes on his side, cats and rabbits on hers
  • Book characters – Do they both like Curious George? Babar? Clifford? Find a book they both love and build around that.

And don’t forget that there are just some nicely gender-neutral themes to consider that usually just get changed around by color scheme. Work with a color scheme both children can agree to and then work in elements.

  • Artist – think crayons, paint brushes, palettes, bright colors
  • Circus – animals galore and a big top tent
  • Jungle – lots of green and great animals to work with
  • Safari – think brown prairie grasses, a watering hole and African animals
  • Beach – sand, water, sky colors mixed with bright surfboards and towels and swimsuits
  • ABCs and 123s – Work in any color and can be mixed with lots of other elements

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