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I used to get this all the time back when I was running my painting business. People I knew were perfectly creative, capable and clever just started to freak out at the idea of drawing on the walls. (Hang over from childhood? Hmmm.)

No matter how artistic or creative or designer-y you feel, you can make great art happen in your child’s room. Here’s how:

1) Let others do the art. Professional designers did the graphics that cover the bedspread, adorn the rugs and make up the posters. They did all the work for you already! Keep the things you have to do yourself plain and let their artwork spice things up for you.

2) Let a professional do it. If you really, really, really, really want that mural of Pooh’s tree in The Hundred Acre Wood but are feeling really, really, really, really uncertain of your ability to make it happen, there are people for that. Like I used to be (and I did paint Pooh’s tree in a child’s room once). Start with your local paint store; they often have business cards for mural painters. For people who specialize in children’s rooms, look on boards at child-specific locations like gyms, resale shops and libraries.

3) Redefine artistic. A lot of the things I created were no more complicated than coloring in a coloring book. (In fact, there were times I would draw, then have other people – non-artists – paint.) The trick is to pick simple drawings, color them in, then draw the lines on afterward with a paint pen. Easy to stay in the lines if you draw them last!

A second way to redefine it is to let your child help. While they might quickly outgrown the kind of pictures they can draw, it will be fun for you together to create a picture for the wall. Make it temporary by painting canvases or paper that you can affix to the wall and take down later.

Artistic is all in the mind! You can do this!

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