Can Dinosaur Bedding Work For a Girl’s Bedroom? –

Who says all the dinos are for boys?

Argh!!! (Or rawr, rather.) I know little girls like ruffles and pink. Most of them anyway. But what about the girl who likes unusual things? Like dinosaurs!!!!

Most of the dinosaur bedding I can find tends to lean toward the boy end of the spectrum. My niece loved dinosaurs when she was young and would have so liked to have a bedroom decorated that way. Her favorite color was purple, so that would have been a wee bit of a challenge working with most of the available dinosaur bedding sets.

But you can make it happen if you need to do a girl dinosaur bedroom. I’ve come up with three options to help you make it happen easily.

Tweak An Available Set

If you’re a bit of a crafty sort, this option will actually be a pretty simple one for you to execute. Well, provided you can find the right base to start from. Which tends to be the issue, right?

Fortunately, you only need one really. Which in this case is the great dinosaur duvet set from DwellStudio in the picture here. It’s not completely colorless, but many of the dinosaurs are empty outlines that you could color in with any number of fabric paint pens.

The duvet set comes in a muted colorway of blue, gray, green and white, and you could even cover over some of those colors with paint as well to change them. I think a little purple over the blue, yellow over the green and maybe some orange or pink to fill in a bunch of others. Great girly color combination.

Compromise on Colors

While many of the dinosaur bedding sets out there come in blues and browns and not very girly colors, there are a few that can work for your girl if she isn’t set on purple or pink.

Among the many great colors you can find, lime green and orange pop up occasionally and are great options for most girls. The quilt set in the picture here from The Land of Nod (no longer available) is a great example, even if it does have some blue in there.

I’ve also tracked down a yellow set and another with a few cute dinosaurs in bright colors.

Go The Custom Bedding Route

So, if your girl is insisting on pink or purple and dinosaurs, you’re pretty much left with the custom route. But there are two paths to take even in that direction.

One of the best is probably the personalized set I found over at Artistic Sensations. I know, the picture is blue, orange and green, but they can custom make it in your choice of colors, so – hooray! – you can get pink and/or purple. The set comes in sizes from toddler to king, so it works no matter the age of the girl involved.

If you can sew or track down someone else who can, making your own dinosaur bedding is definitely an option. There are tons and tons of dinosaur fabrics out there, although most are rather boyish colors, I did manage to find a few that were pink and purple, perfect as one fabric to use in the entire bedding or as one of several patterns to mix together. The first and third one here both are purple, but not the same shades. The middle one is a pink background, but they also had it with a tan background and pink dinosaurs if you want just a touch of pink rather than a ton of it.

Land Of The Lost White

Baby Dino Dinosaur Family Bright Pink

Jungle Club Dino Junior Lavender

There’s a Pink Dinosaur!!!

My Pillow Pets 18? Dino Triceratops – Pink

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