Pink Bathrooms

Pink was, often, the standard bathroom color for homes built or redecorated in the 1950s and 1960s. Unfortunately, as the years went by those homes were renovated and the pink bathrooms were usually the first thing to go. If your is from that era and your home has a pink bathroom, embrace its unique and vintage charms! You’ll be tickled pink.

New and Pink

Pink Bathrooms 1

This bathroom shows that pink works for new bathrooms just as well as it does for older bathrooms. The large pink tiles create visual interest on the wall when paired with the large beige tiles. Plus, the use of the pink tiles for the floor and walls creates a subtle continuity. The white shower curtain with blocks of dark pink bring in more color without being garrish.

Charming and Retro

Pink Bathrooms 2

This retro bathroom is charming and full of details. The pink subway tile is highlighted by the red tile border and the white pedestal sink lends a classic touch. The real charmer of this room is the white honeycomb tile which features black tile accents. Cute!

Pretty in Pinkn

Pink Bathrooms 3

This bathroom is certainly pretty in pink. The soft pink tiles pair nicely with the dark pink grout. The soft pink ceiling casts a pretty glow throughout the entire space. The reddish-orange tile floor is beautifully complemented by the dark pink curtains.

Wallpaper Wonder

Pink Bathrooms 4

Pink wallpaper, featuring an abstract pattern in beige, adds depth and visual interest to this bathroom. The pink floral tile beautifully separates the space between the window, mirrors and countertop. The floral stencil on the arched window lends privacy and style.

Vintage Charmer

Pink Bathrooms 5

Behold this vintage charmer which has been lovingly maintained throughout the years. The pink subway tile wall and pink patterned tile floor are gleaming as are the porcelain sinks. The real stars of the show are the original wall-mounted vanity light and glass shower doors, which feature funky flamingo stencils.

Classic Touches

Pink Bathrooms 6

This small bathroom is filled with classic charm. The pink subway tiles lend a rosy glow and the opaque glass shower door allows for light to filter in while still providing privacy. The long, deep sink is a clever solution to find a spot for the sink in a small bathroom with an awkward layout.

Blast From the Past

Pink Bathrooms 7

This bathroom is like a study in 1950s home design. The pink subway tile, floral wallpaper and frame-less mirror were popular bathroom features in the 1950s. The homeowners were wise to keep this pristine pink bathroom, it’s a decorative blast from the past.

Pink and Whiten

Pink Bathrooms 8

Check out this huge bathroom. The bathtub looks like the ideal place to take a relaxing bubble bath. The separate area for the toilet provides privacy while the large countertop and plentiful cabinet space provides tons of storage. The use of pink and white for the wallpaper, wall and floor tile ties the large space together.

Vintage Details

Pink Bathrooms 9

This vintage bathroom looks like it hasn’t been updated in decades. The pink walls, cabinet, and tub feature chrome borders and the medicine cabinet looks like a historical artifact. Check out another design feature that hasn’t been used in years, the chrome shower curtain holder which stands independent of the bathtub.

Subtle Touches of Pinkn

Pink Bathrooms 10

This modern bathroom knows how to use the classic color pink but in a new and fresh way. The soft pink walls cast a warm glow in this large space and act as a soft counterpart to the dark green marble countertop.

Dark Bronze Accentsn

Pink Bathrooms 11

Dark bronze accents really pop in this large bathroom. The dark bronze fixtures complement the soft pink tiles and the lime green flower vase adds a much needed pop of color. The dark orange tile floor balances out the space.

Pink and Blackn

Pink Bathrooms 12

This bathroom shows how to use another classic color combination: pink and black. The white grout perfectly frames the pink subway tile and ties in with the white fixtures. The thick white border and white ceiling make the room feel tall and spacious. The black tile floor lends a timeless appeal.

Sweet Confection

Pink Bathrooms 13

This cotton candy-pink bathroom is ideal for a girl of any age. Little pops of color, found on the drawer pulls, towels and artwork, complement the fun, bright stripes of the shower curtain. This bathroom is as sweet as it as colorful.

Good Use of Spacen

Pink Bathrooms 14
This bathroom may be long and narrow, but it has everything a person could need. The pink of the tiles, sink and bidet are a soft complement to the black built-in toothbrush, soap and toilet paper holders. The bathtub allows for a long soak or use the shower head attachment for a quick refreshing shower.n

Reddish Pinkn

Pink Bathrooms 15

Behold the warm glows of these reddish-pink walls. The built-in shelves, painted the same color as the walls, lends storage as well as a sense of depth. The white toilet and clawfoot tub stand out against the bold wall colors.

Pink Charmern

Pink Bathrooms 16

Large pink honeycomb floor tiles with white accent tiles make this a bathroom a real charmer. The touches of white, found in the fixtures, window frame and built-in cabinet, look crisp and clean against the the classic pink tiles. The gold-framed mirror is eye-catching.

Green Bathrooms

The color green is often overlooked when people choose color schemes for their bathrooms. Other colors, such as blue or white, are popular and for good reason. Both work with any style and both work to create a soothing space. Guess what? The same goes for green. Try using one of the many varied shades of green and your house guests may just be green with envy.

Dark Greenn

Green Bathrooms 17

Dark green walls make a stunning complement to the white bead board, fixtures and subway tile. The use of black tiles in the honeycomb tile floor add subtle color.

Lime Green Lookern

Green Bathrooms 18

This lime green walls of this bathroom are eye-catching. The white moulding and fixtures look crisp and clean against the lime green. The dark brown vanity, brown tile floor and patterned shower curtain bring in additional colors as well as visual interest.

Sea Glassn

Green Bathrooms 19

This home’s bathroom looks like a luxurious spa with its sea glass green tile walls. The unique shaped sink looks like artwork while the wood floor and ceiling make the space feel cozy. The skylight lets in an abundance of natural light.

Corner Tub

Green Bathrooms 20

The corner bathtub of this bathroom commands your attention. The gold touches, found in the fixtures, mirror frame and the tub’s clawfoot, add a touch of glamor. The ornate purple shower curtains, with its scalloped valance, continue the glamor.

Green Tilen

Green Bathrooms 21

The combination of small green, black and lime green tiles lend a classic, but unique feel to this bathroom. The small tiles allow the homeowners to accessorize the bathroom with a variety of colors. The pops of white, found in the moulding and artwork, lend a crispness to the space.

Terrific Tilesn

Green Bathrooms 22

This bathroom shows how to use several different varieties of tile at once. The green marble wall tile complements the tan tiles that line the bathtub surround and a portion of the wall. Neither tile competes for visual attention with the wood-look floor tiles. Overall, this bathroom feels very influenced by nature.

Hip to be Squaren

Green Bathrooms 23

The square shape of the fixtures lend true visual interest to this modern, sparsely decorated bathroom. The use of green tiles on both the floor and walls in conjunction with the glass shower door makes this room feel spacious.

Bamboo Beautyn

Green Bathrooms 24

This bathroom seems to be designed to mimic the colors of the bamboo plant. The tan walls look the bamboo stalk and the green walls look like the bamboo leaves. The pops of white make the space pop. The bathtub is simple and elegant.

Vintage Beautyn

Green Bathrooms 25

This vintage green tile bathroom is a blast from the past. The mix of lime green and bright sunshine yellow tiles make this bathroom feel like summer all year long. Other vintage touches include the wall-mounted light fixture and pedestal sink.

Tile Varietyn

Green Bathrooms 26

These homeowners know how to use different variety of tiles. The large, light-green floor tiles balance wall tiles which feature a combination of large white tiles and narrow rectangular green tiles. The brown cabinetry lends a pop of color.

Classic and Greenn

Green Bathrooms 27

This bathroom shows that light sage green walls complement classic touches such as white subway tile and white bead board. The white and black honeycomb tile completes the classic look.

Awesome Angles

Green Bathrooms 28

This bathroom boasts an interesting use of a home’s awkward angles and an interesting use of unusual tiles. This bathroom works, despite its odd angles. The toilet is tucked into the corner and the glass bowl sink is easily accessible. The artistic tiles, featuring photos of flowers and artistic scribble effects, add even more visual interest.

Open and Spacious

Green Bathrooms 29

This modern bathroom is open and spacious. The long tub looks like the ideal spot for a post workout soak while the open shower, with rainfall showerhead, is the perfect spot for a relaxing shower. The wood-look floor tile perfectly complements the white floor tiles.

Green Mosaic

Green Bathrooms 30

The curved wall of this green mosaic tile shower surround is the coolest. Other interesting design elements at work here include the pedestal sink and glass wall that separates the tub from the reminder of the bathroom.

Spacious Stunner

Green Bathrooms 31

This large bathroom is stunning. The tan tile walls and countertop beautifully complement the sage green wall color. The double sinks, plus the abundance of countertop and cabinet space, allow for tons of essential storage.

Bright and Airy

Green Bathrooms 32

Light green walls make the white wall tile of this bathroom shine and sparkle. The unique shape of the washbasin adds visual interest.

Modern and Bright

Green Bathrooms 33

Large green tiles, used for the walls, vanity and mirror surround, lends a sense of calm to this spacious bathroom. The chrome accents and use of white tiles for the floor and some of the walls make the space feel spa-like.

Fit for a Family

Green Bathrooms 34

This large bathroom looks like the ideal choice to accommodate the needs of a family. The double sinks, in addition to the long countertop and abundant cabinet space, provides tons of storage. The many bright vanity lights provide ample ambient lighting and the striped shower curtain provides a subtle touch of color that unifies the entire space.

Interesting Built-Ins

Green Bathrooms 35

This small bathroom shows how to maximize a small space. The built-in next to the tub provides storage in the cabinet as well as a place to stash your bathing supplies on top. The use of white for the bead board, moulding, door and fixtures makes the space feel bigger than it is.

34 Country Bathrooms

Now that youu2019ve decided you crave the look of a country bathroom, you need to pick the style you like best. When we think of country, we might immediately think of styles like country farmhouse. But there are many other versions of this iconic style. You can choose from French country, Scandinavian country, English country, country cottage, modern country and a host of others.

While they all have distinct personalities, country bathrooms all share the common thread of comfort and simplicity. Sometimes country bathrooms are expressions of days gone by featuring time worn, distressed finishes. In other cases, a country bathroom may come across as strictly feminine, with touches of floral and lace. And occasionally, country comfort presents itself in a minimal, modern package.

From vintage details to rustic surfaces, our selection of beautiful country bathroom designs will make the smallest room of the house the one with the most personality. Feel free to use these country bathroom images as inspiration to give yours a casual country feel.

American Colonialn

34 Country Bathrooms 36

American colonial bathroom style is characterized by a simple, uncomplicated look. One of the signature elements is its color scheme. Look for a palette of traditional colors of the time including cream, deep red, yellow and light blue.

Vintage Appealn

34 Country Bathrooms 37
A subtle William Morris-inspired wallpaper paired with russet red and country cream give this bathroom a down home feel. The turned vanity legs, u201cfoundu201d mirror and the wainscoting effect come together to solidify the design.

Antique Detailsn

34 Country Bathrooms 38

This bathroom oozes Old World country charm with its clawfoot tub, wheeled cart and antique coat rack. Vintage touches like the chair rail, ornate mirror, crystal pendant and delicate accessories add to the illusion of times past.

Cabin Fevern

34 Country Bathrooms 39
Rustic country bathrooms are the epitome of a casual, relaxed atmosphere. This log cabin master is a warm and friendly place to enjoy a soak and the natural surroundings and panoramic views.

Farmhouse Feeln

This old house has undergone a major renovation to bring back its farmhouse origins. The guest bathroom features a number of vintage touches that are original to the room. Beadboard paneling and retro tile take it back to its roots. Reproduction fixtures and accessories complete the design.

Simple Charm

34 Country Bathrooms 40

Create an elegant country feel in your master bathroom with a roll-top bathtub and matching toilet. Stripe and dot wallpaper patterns coordinate with black floor tiles and create a prim and proper space.

Equestrian Vibe

34 Country Bathrooms 41

The horse barn theme in this country estate takes a stylish turn in the master bath. Two vintage washstands were fitted with vessel sinks to create a double vanity. Leather-wrapped mirrors were designed resemble vintage horse collars. The ladder leaning against the wall is the perfect spot for towel display

Mountain Rustic

34 Country Bathrooms 42

Large-scale slate tiles create an earth tone base for this mountain cabin bathroom. Knotty pine, a rusted tin light fixture and an antique tub keep the space real without looking too cutesy.

Rural Scandi

34 Country Bathrooms 43

A vaulted ceiling, unfinished wood floors and a quiet color palette transport this city attic bathroom to the countryside. Minimal furnishings consisting of a grey wingback chair and freestanding tub give the space an authentic feel.

Pastoral Frenchn

34 Country Bathrooms 44

Inspired by the casual yet elegant French country style from the 18th century, this toile infused bathroom features pastoral scenes that were common during the period. The mix of patterns gives the room style with a hint of romance.

Cottage Comfort

34 Country Bathrooms 45

Cottage comfort boils down to charm and simplicity, which might explain why a blue and white color combo is so popular within this country genre. Our bathroomu2019s foundation is a lovely shade of Wedgewood blue on the walls paired with crisp white tile, wainscoting and trim.

Ageless Elegance

34 Country Bathrooms 46

Not much has been done to renovate this vintage country bathroom. The tiles were scrubbed clean of their years of wear to expose a springtime green and white diamond pattern. The clawfoot was reglazed and the plaster walls patched and painted. The old bathroom looks as good as it did 100 years ago.

Lakeside Magic

34 Country Bathrooms 47

This little vacation cottage by the lake has a gem of a guest bathroom. Extra-tall beadboard towers over the fixtures and fittings. A soft aqua colors the upper walls. The owner found a vintage corner sink to make the most of the roomu2019s small footprint.

In the Groove

34 Country Bathrooms 48

Rough-hewn tongue and groove boards were added to the walls and left exposed as a nod to the homeu2019s history. A reproduction toilet is tucked beside the carved stone sink and vanity. Dark painted floorboards and vintage plumbing fixtures complete the look.

Bathroom Basicsn

34 Country Bathrooms 49

You can pick up a cast-iron tub at most architectural salvage yards or even purchase a reproduction that looks just like genuine article. In either case, the tubs can be refinished in any color to match your country bath palette.

Retro Fixturesn

34 Country Bathrooms 50

If you own a historic home and want to recreate the look of a vintage bathroom, itu2019s a relatively easy thing to do. Most old bathrooms have fixtures that have been replaced and are not period to the home. You can still source authentic plumbing and lighting fixtures through reputable online sources, but you should be prepared for sticker shock!

Petite Powdern

34 Country Bathrooms 51

In the diminutive powder room of a small country house, the homeowners took advantage of what was there. The space was basic but had all the essentials u2013 a compact vanity with the original porcelain knob, an antique wall cabinet and vintage linoleum. They simply replaced the light fixture and painted the walls in robinu2019s egg blue.

Furniture Findsn

34 Country Bathrooms 52

This is a really great idea if you have extra space in your bathroom and far from enough storage. Consider picking up a vintage dresser and using it as a space filler and extra storage for toiletries and bath linens.

Rural Luxen

34 Country Bathrooms 53

A country bathroom is not out of the question for a city girl. This homeowner loves a country aesthetic but also appreciates creature comforts and delicate style. She decided to merge the two and came up with this feminine country bathroom design.

Salvaged Gemsn

34 Country Bathrooms 54

The salvaged radiator and pedestal sink were lucky finds from a house demolition company. The pieces were perfect additions for the homeu2019s historic architecture. The toilet is a reproduction but fits right in with the other furnishings.

Pretty in Pinen

34 Country Bathrooms 55

A bathroom in upstate New York is all decked out in pine u2013 from the flooring to the trim and cabinetry. The owner kept the walls a neutral color so a not to compete with the wood. The look is definitely camp cottage country.

Swedish Farm

34 Country Bathrooms 56

The small dimensions of this white farmhouse bathroom negated plans for a walk-in shower. The homeowner chose a deep freestanding tub with a handheld shower attachment and plans to install a shower curtain rod so he can start enjoying showers again.

Beadboard Beautyn

34 Country Bathrooms 57

This California house is full of traditional millwork and cabinetry, from beadboard to crown molding and picture trim to chunky window frames. This country style bathroom features a little bit of everything. In this space, the trim pieces are painted white and the vanity cabinet is left natural to create a pleasing contrast.

Bathing Views

34 Country Bathrooms 58

In a Texas ranch house, the master bath has a picturesque view straight out to the pool deck and pasture beyond. The owner has no nearby neighbors and no qualms about leaving the massive windows uncovered.

Shabby Chic Span

34 Country Bathrooms 59

Shabby chic bathrooms have a comfortable, lived-in appeal that makes them closely related to their bucolic cousins. Their informal nature provides the opportunities to mix and match pieces from different time periods and finishes to create a laid-back style similar to that of country.

Cheery Hue

34 Country Bathrooms 60

This vintage country bathroom is not at all what you might expect. Brilliant blue is a bold choice against the white wainscoting. To continue the updated look, the homeowner opted for a vivid blue mosaic tile floor.

Traditional Designn

34 Country Bathrooms 61

A traditional country bathroom occupies space in this homeu2019s master suite. Soft, muted colors adorn the walls and floral valances dress up the plain windows. The pine vanity is finished in a pecan stain and limestone tile pulls the room together.

Natural Elements

34 Country Bathrooms 62

Natural elements like wood detail, brick walls and antique fixtures and furnishings are perfect to outfit your country bathroom. From there, you can take the style in any direction you like, whether its Tuscan farmhouse, American southwest or English country.

Sun Valley Retreatn

34 Country Bathrooms 63

This ski resort bathroom was remodeled on a shoestring budget. The homeowner was lucky enough to purchase cabinets, doors, solid surface counters and light fixtures from a local salvage company. The cost for the salvaged pieces was half the price of new.

Authentic Restorationn

34 Country Bathrooms 64

For the guest bathroom in this country home, the homeowner combined a new corner shower enclosure with vintage finds like the armoire outfitted with a sink and vanity and the rattan bookcase that serves as storage for towels and toiletries.

Shiplap Walls

In this beautiful master bathroom, the upper walls are covered in unfinished wood shiplap siding and the lower walls consist of an elegant marble wainscoting. The cast iron tub and companion fixtures round out the fresh country farmhouse look.

Country Classicn

34 Country Bathrooms 65

A 1930s clawfoot tub was purchased from an online classified website. It has become the showpiece of the bathroom in this country home in the south of France. Black trim, antique stone flooring and vintage plumbing fixtures give the space a chic, unexpected edge.

Barrel Basins

34 Country Bathrooms 66

Old whiskey barrels were cut down to create dual sinks in this Marthau2019s Vineyard vacation house. The barrel hoops are repurposed as frames for the vanity mirrors. Reproduction plumbing fixtures mounted directly to the wall add to the homeu2019s sense of history.

Outdoor Bathing

34 Country Bathrooms 67

Bathing al fresco was the dream of owner of this country lake home. The desk was constructed of reclaimed barn lumber and the tub was made from the same type of galvanized metal as cattle troughs. The privacy barrier is nothing more than split bamboo fencing picked up from the local home improvement center.

Blue Bathrooms

When choosing paint colors for your bathroom, consider the many shades of blue. Use navy blue’s deep richness to convey a sense of masculinity in your bathroom or use light blue to create a calm, spa-like space. Blue with undertones of green will instantly transform your bathroom into an under the sea retreat. Whatever, the shade, blue has your bathroom covered.

Natural Lightn

Blue Bathrooms 68

This blue bathroom shines due to the skylight that lets in an abundance of natural light and the undermount bright lights. The white fixtures and cabinets make the room feel spacious and the bead board front on the cabinets lends a subtle texture.

Sleek and Modernn

Blue Bathrooms 69

Wow. This homeowner knows how to create a clean, modern space. The chrome fixtures and white appliances create continuity and the wall-mounted, angled toilet and double sink could be futuristic artwork.

Wonderful Wainscotingn

Blue Bathrooms 70

Navy blue wainscoting makes this classic bathroom pop. The use of navy blue wainscoting provides a bold contrast to the white appliances and fixtures. The black-and-white tile is the ideal accompaniment to this charming, classic bathroom.

Chrome Accentsn

Blue Bathrooms 71

Light blue tiles lend an under-the-sea feel to this modern, luxurious living room. White fixtures look sleek and clean while the chrome accents, such as the towel warmer and mirror, shine.

Classic Elementsn

Blue Bathrooms 72

Light teal blue is the ideal paint color for this classic bathroom. The white wainscoting and subway tile gleam when paired with this teal blue. The honeycomb tile floor completes the classic look.

Gold Accentsn

Blue Bathrooms 73

Gold accents, such as the sink and tub faucets as well as the light fixtures, pair beautifully with the marine blue tiles. The white tiles pair nicely with the white fixtures. The real highlight of the room is the floor: the white tile center surrounded by blue tiles looks like artwork.

Majestic Bathroomn

Blue Bathrooms 74

Wow. This bathroom is an elegant piece of art. The oval shape of the room is, playfully, enhanced by the ornate tray ceiling and oval piece of marble on the floor. The gold-trimmed pendant light completes the look.

Kid-Friendly Bathroomn

Blue Bathrooms 75

What a fun bathroom. The white mirror and window frames look crisp and clean against the bright blue wall color. The pink rugs provide another fun pop of color. The wall-mounted lighting provide ample ambient light.

Community Pooln

Blue Bathrooms 76

Notice this bathroom’s community pool theme, evident in the small blue tile floor, rows of wall hooks and the vintage artwork leaning on the wainscoting’s ledge. Other vintage touches include the antique fans on the cabinet and the pedestal sink. The chandelier adds an unexpected touch of glamor.

Bath Under the Starsn

Blue Bathrooms 77

This bathroom might just be the best place to take a bath. Imagine relaxing in the vintage tub under the skylight. There are other charming touches, such as the small mosaic tile near the tub and the classic pedestal sink.

Beautiful Tiles

Blue Bathrooms 78

Different shades of blue tile make this bathroom stand out. The thin dark blue tiles act as trim for the blue and white tiles. The blocks of blue and white tiles create an interesting geometric design. Chrome accents and white fixtures balance the blue and white tiles.

Blue Beautyn

Blue Bathrooms 79

The small tiles featuring colors such as tan, gray and various shades of blue add visual interest to this bathroom. The stand-alone shower is completely tiled while the separate bathtub features a combination of the small colored tiles and large white tiles. The dark blue countertop balances the space.

Charming and Classicn

Blue Bathrooms 80

Behold the many classic elements at work in this bathroom. The white bead board and subway tile make this bathroom feel timeless. The pops of black in the honeycomb tile floor add subtle charm. The brown vanity cabinet grounds the space.

Chrome Highlights

Blue Bathrooms 81

Behold the many classic elements at work in this bathroom. The white bead board and subway tile make this bathroom feel timeless. The pops of black in the honeycomb tile floor add subtle charm. The brown vanity cabinet grounds the space.

Beautiful Bead boardn

Blue Bathrooms 82

This bathroom shows what a beautiful combination white bead board and blue painted walls make. The white vertical stripes of the bead board make the room seem taller than it is. The combination of the bead board and black-and-white tiled floor make this bathroom a classic charmer.

Tiled Beauty

Blue Bathrooms 83

This bathroom has several gorgeous classic elements at work. The white subway tile is a beautiful accompaniment to the large bathroom and the white bead board is gorgeously enhanced by the thick white moulding. Finally, the black-and-white lattice floor tile makes this bathroom stand out from the rest.

Gorgeous Gables

Blue Bathrooms 84

Ahh, what a relaxing space. The clawfoot tub looks the ideal place for a long, luxurious soak in a bubble bath while the large shower, complete with subway tile, is the perfect spot for a warm shower. The skylights lend an abundance of natural light.

Blue and Whiten

Blue Bathrooms 85

Wow. Another bathroom that proves how well blue and white complement each other. The pale blue walls make the white furnishings and moulding look crisp and clean. The use of chrome for the light fixtures and other accents make the space feel contemporary.

Country Charmern

Blue Bathrooms 86

Light blue walls make this country bathroom a real charmer. White accents, such as the medicine cabinet and vanity, make the space feel calm and serene. The white wicker baskets lend texture and charm.

Best Bathroom Colors

Whether youu2019re looking for an easy update of your bathroomu2019s accessories or choose to completely redo everything, youu2019ll first need to come up with a cohesive color palette. No matter which way you go u2013 be it bold or subtle, you need to make sure the color suits your personality and works in relation to the other rooms in your house.

As with any home color selection, itu2019s critical to determine your design style. This will also guide your choices for plumbing fixtures and lighting if you are undertaking a major redesign. Luckily, the bathroom is the best place to take chances with color. Given its small square footage, if you manage to choose the wrong wall color, itu2019s fairly easy to repaint.

To help you along, weu2019ve pulled together a gallery of dreamy bathroom hues. Whether you prefer coastal blues, cheery yellows or soothing neutrals, thereu2019s a representation of almost every color imaginable. Weu2019ve got 26 designer bathrooms in mind that will inspire and maybe even get you to rethink your current bathroomu2019s color scheme.

Seaside Blue

Best Bathroom Colors 87

Blue paint is the focal point in this vintage bathroom. In a sea of white, a blast of color gives this narrow space visual depth. The homeowner chose an eggshell finish to help bounce the light around in this often-cloudy Tacoma, Washington guest bathroom.

Sophisticated Yellow

Best Bathroom Colors 88

A pale yellow wall color works as a neutral background in this traditional master bathroom. Soft butter yellow brings out the warmth of the custom wood cabinetry and natural stone tiles.

Graphic Grey

Best Bathroom Colors 89

The designer of this modern bath wanted to create a sense of movement without the help of paint or wallpaper. She installed blue and white tiles to form wide horizontal stripes and a checkerboard pattern. The graphic designs add life to the space without being too busy.

Vanilla Creamn

Best Bathroom Colors 90
To create a soothing retreat, choose soft colors and opulent textures that blend effortlessly with other design elements in the space. In this neutral bathroom, lush fabrics combined with touches of antique white, cream, taupe and ivory gives this bathroom a luxurious and calm demeanor.

Winter Whiten

Best Bathroom Colors 91

Pure as the driven snow, this white bathroom is anything but boring. The timeless neutral paint color is easily gussied up with a variety of stunning fixtures. The elegant lighting and antique reproduction faucets up the style factor in this classic bathroom.

Brilliant Rougen

Best Bathroom Colors 92

A daring designer wanted to create edgy drama in this diminutive bathroom. Scarlet tiles dominate the space and look fabulous paired with creamy white and dark brown. The handsome floating vanity in a light stone finish exemplifies the less is more aesthetic of modern design.

Warm Mochan

Best Bathroom Colors 93

An easy-on-the-eyes shade of rich mocha takes center stage in this traditional bathroom. Beautiful suede finish walls bring texture to the monochromatic palette. Warm custom cabinetry topped with exotic stone counters play off the roomu2019s primary color while providing a visual break from all the brown.

Royal Navy

Best Bathroom Colors 94

The classic columns and recessed bathtub in this guest bathroom are a subtle hint to this Savannah homeu2019s early life as a small playhouse where touring actors performed. The navy blue walls give the space a regal pop of color and add to its historic and refined southern character.

Grassy Greenn

Best Bathroom Colors 95

The homeowners wanted to give this ultra modern bathroom a distinctive personality. The easiest way to achieve that goal is through the use of color. Super smooth white flooring is just the right counterpoint for the lively grass green color on the walls.

Sunrise Citrusn

Best Bathroom Colors 96

Cover the walls in an energetic shade of yellow for a bold and unexpected result. The strips of mosaic tiles in this citrusy bathroom repeat the signature hue and carry the eye around the space. The yellow vanity sink adds a whimsical touch.

Black Marblen

Best Bathroom Colors 97

Similar to the allure of the little black dress, this little black marble bathroom has become everyoneu2019s favorite room of the house. Gold accents and pure white porcelain give this jewel box of a bathroom drama and sex appeal.

Raspberry Parfaitn

Best Bathroom Colors 98

Pretty pink wall color provides the perfect foil for bright white accents. Wood flooring and cabinets warm things up while the expansive vanity mirror gives this smallish bathroom the illusion of more space.

Navel Orange n

Best Bathroom Colors 99

Orange tile flooring and a mirror border give a big jolt of color to the kidu2019s bathroom in this Caribbean house designed by a local architect. Beautiful light wood vanities, glass block and white surfaces make this cheery space even brighter.

Perky Purple n

Best Bathroom Colors 100

There are few colors that make a visual statement quite like purple. This unconventional bathroom color gives even the smallest room in the house an air of luxury and distinction. No matter the shade, purple has a majestic appeal that is irresistible.

Organic Sage n

Best Bathroom Colors 101

The homeowners of this 1930s Atlanta bungalow wanted to give the main bathroom the feel of a southern sleeping porch. The rubbed bronze light fixtures, plants and soothing sage green paint color make the space seem like it would be the perfect place to snooze on balmy summer evening.

Calypso Aquan

Best Bathroom Colors 102

In the guest bathroom of a seaside condo, the designer wanted virtually every square inch of the walls and floors to be covered in a striking shade of aqua. To break up the solid color, she used sea glass mosaic to front the tub and as an accent band around the room.

Copper Pennyn

Best Bathroom Colors 103

The owners of this previously plain-Jane bathroom transformed it into an elegant space by painting one wall in shimmering copper and adding an antique tub as the focal point of the space. Thereu2019s nothing more glamorous than a freestanding bathtub clad in a copper leaf to add deco flair.

Sandy Beachn

Best Bathroom Colors 104

Sandy gold travertine tiles line the shower walls and floor of the master bath. The subtle hint of the beach creates continuity and flow with the du00e9cor in the rest of this California coastal residence.

Black and White Combon

Best Bathroom Colors 105
A bright white vanity topped with glistening black marble anchors the guest bathroom. A mix of gold, glass and silver adds additional interest while the antique Swedish clawfoot tub refinished in black and white takes the room from country to classic.

Rich Mauven

Best Bathroom Colors 106

Deep mauve walls create a colorful backdrop in this small but stylish guest bathroom. Pairing old and new details gives the space a sense of history. The dresser turned vanity adds warmth and coordinates well with this exciting bathroom color.

Elegant Charcoal n

Best Bathroom Colors 107

It is warmer than most greys but is less severe than black. Charcoal offers a cool and modern vibe that mixes easily with a variety of patterns, finishes and accessories. Reflective elements like the bathroomu2019s lacquer finishes and chrome details help lighten the somber tone of this dark color.

Bronze Beautyn

Best Bathroom Colors 108

In powder rooms, most people tend to overlook warm, rich hues in favor of light and bright colors. Thatu2019s a shame because deep colors create beautiful contrasts and drama. In this space, rich woods and bronze come together to create a cozy and sophisticated room.

Van Dyke Brownn

Best Bathroom Colors 109

This modern bathroom looks beautiful with dark brown walls to play up the bright, white mid-century tub and vessel sink. The rustic waterfall vanity is a fantastic counterpoint to all the sleek finishes in the space.

Perfect Pearn

Best Bathroom Colors 110

A gorgeous grommet shower curtain is the same hue as the yummy pear colored walls and accent tile in the shower. The frosted oval window lets in just enough natural light to highlight this warm and inviting bathroom color.

Deep Pewtern

Best Bathroom Colors 111

Why not introduce the coolness of pewter into your bathroomu2019s color scheme? Here, an incredible freestanding pewter tub becomes the main feature in this theatrical master bathroom. The same metallic sheen is picked in up the wallpaper pattern to reflect the soft glow of the accent lighting.

Black and White Bathrooms

Black and white is a classic color scheme. It works for kitchens, master suites and, best of all, bathrooms. Black and white, whether it be just for the tile floor or the entire room, makes the bathroom feel timeless. When searching for a color scheme, sometimes it’s best to stick with the classics.

Wall to Wall Blackn

Black and White Bathrooms 112

This wall to wall black is stunning. The large square black tiles on the walls and floor creates a beautiful nook for the square sunken bathtub. The wall-mounted light fixture looks like a piece of futuristic art.

Wonderful in White

Black and White Bathrooms 113

Bold use of black tile break up the abundance of white tile in this spacious bathroom. The large, soaking bathtub is the highlight of this room. The chrome accents finish the space beautifully.

Beautiful in Black

Black and White Bathrooms 114

Thin rectangular black tiles, highlighted by white grout, make this bathroom feel elegant. The large bowl sinks, outfitted with chrome faucets, look upscale and modern. The black countertop completes the space.

It's all in the Detailsn

Black and White Bathrooms 115

This bathroom is awash with intricate details. Note the horizontal stripes on the tiles behind the chrome towel warmer or the tube lights on the opposite wall. Though each detail is small, they make a big impact. The cabinets are sleek, the ceiling-mounted light is beautiful and the bathtub is aligned with the window. Perfection.

Simply Stunningn

Black and White Bathrooms 116

Bold use of black make this bathroom stand out from the rest. The bold black grids of the shower door make a huge impact when contrasted against the white tile. The chrome accents, especially the towel warmer, looks steam punk. Finally, the black-and-white tile floor unifies the space.

Gorgeous Gables

Black and White Bathrooms 117

So many gorgeous details are at work in this bathroom. Details such as the square toilet, the gabled ceiling, the complementary colors of the small square wall tiles. The large square black tiles for the floor and bathtub surround create a serene space.

Bold in Gold

Black and White Bathrooms 118

Gold details, such as the light fixtures and plumbing fixtures, pop against the wall of black tile. The white-and-black marble floor provide the ideal complement to the black-and-white clawfoot bathtub.

A Touch of Red

Black and White Bathrooms 119

The small touches of red make a huge impact in this predominately black bathroom. The small strip of red tile is eye-catching when used with the dark black tile. The strips of wall tile on the wall in addition to the white sink bring in much needed color to this space.

Modern Beauty

Black and White Bathrooms 120

This black-and-white bathroom is a real stunner. The white grout provides contrast for both the wall and floor tiles. The use of white cabinetry and white fixtures balances the space. The use of a large unframed mirror in the dark corner of the bathroom brings in some light.

In the Clear

Black and White Bathrooms 121

This small bathroom makes the most of its size and its angled ceiling with its clear glass shower door, pedestal sink and skylight. The use of black-and-white tiles around the mirror and on the floor provides visual interest.

Terrific Tile Floor

Black and White Bathrooms 122

This renovated bathroom is stunning. The black surround of the sunken bathtub is a bold contrast to the white bathtub and white tile walls. The black painted walls complement the black-and-white floor tiles.

Gold Details

Black and White Bathrooms 123

This renovated bathroom is stunning. The black surround of the sunken bathtub is a bold contrast to the white bathtub and white tile walls. The black painted walls complement the black-and-white floor tiles.

Stunning Simplicity

Black and White Bathrooms 124

The beauty of this bathroom is in its stunning simplicity. The white clawfoot bathtub shines underneath the pendant light fixture. The black curtains complement the black tile floor. The chrome towel warmer provides subtle color to tie the room together.

Bold in Black

Black and White Bathrooms 125

The black tile surround of is a bold choice for this predominately white bathroom. The black tile backsplash behind the sink both protects the wall and complements the bathtub tile. The clear glass shelves positioned in front of the inset mirror provides light and bright storage.

Magnificent Mosaic

Black and White Bathrooms 126

The contrasting colors of this bathroom’s mosaic tiles walls are stunning. The use of large pieces of square white marble not only adds visual interest but a sense of luxury as well.

Magnificent Mosaic

Black and White Bathrooms 126

The contrasting colors of this bathroom’s mosaic tiles walls are stunning. The use of large pieces of square white marble not only adds visual interest but a sense of luxury as well.

Artful Touches

Black and White Bathrooms 128

This bathroom is a work of art. Note the black-and-white mosaic tile art that seems to extend from the oval ceiling-mounted light fixture all the way down to the floor. The blown-glass features on the light fixture give it an other-worldly appeal. The round bathtub lends a sense of quirkiness.

Minimal and Modernn

Black and White Bathrooms 129

This minimal bathroom looks like a modern art installation. The square toilet is eye-catching and the black vanity with round sink basin is also visually stunning. This bathroom proves that everyday fixtures don’t need to be mundane or boring.

Marvelous Marble

Black and White Bathrooms 130

The gray streaks of this predominately white marble floor beautifully balance the blocks of black and white tiles on the wall. The square shapes of the bidet and toilet balance the narrowness of the double sinks.

Small Yet Stunning

Black and White Bathrooms 131

Details, such as the minimal use of the textured black tile and the unique-shaped wall-mounted sink, make this small bathroom shine. The clear glass surround of the shower keeps this predominately black bathroom from feeling like a cave.

A Touch of Art Deco

Black and White Bathrooms 132
This black-and-white bathroom is over the top. Textured black wallpaper provides an ornate backdrop to other ornate features such as the black-and-white clawfoot bathtub, wall-mounted mirror and pedestal sink. The black-and-white checkered floor is complemented by the chair cushion and window curtains. The chandelier ties the ornate space together.

Traditional Bathrooms

Just say no to loud colors and graphic tile patterns. Traditional bathrooms have the look and feel of a relaxing spa with their tasteful color palettes and luxurious touches. All you need are scented candles, cucumber slices and a glass of chilled wine for instant relief from the workaday world.

Your bathroom should be a place of quiet solitude, far away from arguing kids, barking dogs and droning television. Create a traditional space with a marble vanity, furniture-style cabinetry, sparkling white subway tiles and brushed nickel fixtures.
While contemporary design is still a popular bathroom choice, it requires keeping up with the latest styles and trends—which means time and money. Traditional decor will always be in style—its classic, comfortable feel will look fresh for years.
At its heart, traditional bathrooms are all about things that are familiar and relaxed. Traditional bathrooms may not be as stimulating as an eclectic or modern bathroom, but it certainly doesn’t mean they’re boring. The addition of warm colors, shimmering metals and sumptuous textures add to the excitement. Browse these 37 beautiful baths for the best in traditional decor ideas that are anything but ordinary.

Tailored Palette

Traditional Bathrooms 133
A neutral palette contributes to a relaxing scheme in this traditional bathroom. Cream is the “it” color for bathrooms and is gaining popularity thanks to its organic feel versus stark white. Pair this neutral with dark cabinetry and shades of white and grey for an elegant result.

Opening Scene

Traditional Bathrooms 134
A large divided glass window in the shower alcove allows for natural light to pour into the bathroom. Paired with soft neutral colors and shimmering mosaic tiles, the window lets you take in the private views while enjoying a relaxing soak.

Natural Elements

Traditional Bathrooms 135
This traditional bathroom has a green component. All of the furnishings are made from sustainable materials that won’t harm people and the earth. All of the light fixtures use LED technology. Water saving faucets, plumbing fixtures and the toilet are all designed to help conserve. The bathtub is shallower than normal to also reduce water usage.

Neat and Simple

Traditional Bathrooms 136
Traditional style bathrooms often rely on blue and white to create a clean and fresh look. This bathroom is no exception. The custom vanity and upper walls were painted a colonial blue and the countertop is pure white quartz. White subway tiles and wainscoting complete the classic look.

Glossy Tiles

Traditional Bathrooms 137
Lustrous green glass tiles wrap this traditional bathroom with color. In the past, people used one-dimensional ceramic or porcelain tiles, but these days, homeowners are looking to create spa-like spaces. Glass or metallics give bathrooms a more polished, sophisticated look.

Feminine Elegance

Traditional Bathrooms 138
This bathroom designer created a space specifically for the busy mom of the house. It’s a place for pampering and solitude. The oversized soaking tub, thoughtful details and distinctly feminine accents culminate in one elegant design.

Functional and Stylish

Traditional Bathrooms 139
The deep tub is tucked into the corner of this stately master bathroom. His and hers custom vanities flank the tub, allowing for the couple to get ready for work at the same time. Beautiful, rich walnut is the perfect choice to go with the natural stone flooring and tub surround.

Light Remodel

Traditional Bathrooms 140
The homeowners didn’t want to completely strip the outdated bath in their Tennessee home. They chose instead to simply update the fixtures, replace the tile and reglaze the original clawfoot tub. The look retro traditional.

Ceiling Details

Traditional Bathrooms 141
The skylights and natural stone tile in this bathroom enhance its traditional feel. The asymmetrical vaulted ceiling was ideal for installing the ceiling fan/light kit combination. The fan disperses the dampness preventing the formation of harmful mold and mildew.

B&W Theme

Traditional Bathrooms 142
This San Francisco Victorian has a bathroom that definitely suits the architecture. Traditional elements like the crystal wall sconces, black marble countertops and the antique tub work beautifully with the more contemporary elements like the mosaic backsplash and floating vanity.

Coordinated Colors

Traditional Bathrooms 143
Here’s a great way to tweak your bathroom color palette to unify your entire master suite. If the bathroom cabinets don’t quite work with the furniture finishes in your bedroom, consider restaining, painting or refacing them. Take the wall color and fabrics from the bedroom into the bath to create a cohesive look

Mixing Neutrals

Traditional Bathrooms 144
Just like other colors, you can play with various shades of beiges and browns in the bathroom. Ceramic tiles that mimic natural stone picked up the same colors of the grasscloth wall covering. Adding the multi-hued mosaic band around the tub gave the homeowner leeway to bring in brown accents and oil rubbed bronze fixtures.

Classic White

Traditional Bathrooms 145
This bathroom looks and feels just like a spa thanks to the gorgeous white color palette. Calacatta marble covers the vanities, tub deck and the floors. White window, crown and picture frame molding give the space its traditional feel.

Visual Continuity

Traditional Bathrooms 146
Large-scale square tiles create a neat wainscoting effect around the perimeter of this guest bathroom. A contrasting border of coordinating glass tiles creates a lovely contrast and picks up the colors in the cabinetry, fixtures and accessories.

Serene Sanctuary

Traditional Bathrooms 147
The walls are painted in “Italian Latte”, creating a serene and timeless backdrop for a host of traditional elements. Furniture-style vanities are stained in a deep, rich dark cherry, creating a stunning juxtaposition with the travertine floors, tub surround and shower.

His and Hers

Traditional Bathrooms 148
This traditional master bathroom was designed to be neat and orderly. Two separate vanities are situated on opposite sides of the dividing wall, keeping the couples’ morning routine running without a hitch. As an added bonus, this fabulous space also features separate toilets and walk-in closets.

Subtle Gold

Traditional Bathrooms 149
The master bathroom in this New York City apartment is truly elegant and peaceful.  Muted gold covers the walls and tray ceiling and is set off by traditional crown molding in crisp white. The custom designed window treatments pick up the identical color from the walls while adding sheen by way of silk dupion fabric.

Granite Wrap

Traditional Bathrooms 150
Dark grey granite surrounds the spacious tub and creates a ledge to display scented candles and bath accessories. The same granite tops the makeup vanity and sink area. Striped wallpaper in creamy white allows the granite to shine.

Francophile Retreat

Traditional Bathrooms 151
If you’ve ever stayed in a five-star hotel, you will recognize some of the same traditional details in this luxurious French-inspired bath. The highlight of the space is the roomy tub reached by two stairs and flanked by decorative columns. The Palladian window floods the space with natural light along with the ornate chandeliers.

Historic Charm

Traditional Bathrooms 152
Back in the 1800s when this family estate was built, this room did not exist. So, as with most historic homes, the master bathroom had to be created with square footage from another room. This traditional bathroom looks period to the home with its crown molding detail, inset doors and maple plank flooring.

Curved Wall

Traditional Bathrooms 153
This bathroom is an example of a traditional bathroom with one contemporary feature. Everything in the space is based on classic design with the exception of the mosaic shower enclosure. It is a standout feature, but might be considered too modern for the space.

Divided We Stand

Traditional Bathrooms 154
Dual vanities divided by a soaking tub help maintain peace during the household’s morning rush hour. A built-in bench provides seating and storage cubbies below. This split configuration works well by keeping the plumbing lines along one side of the room.


Traditional Bathrooms 155
Creating a restful bath for his client’s London residence, the designer chose a striking blue palette that spanned several shades of the same color. The custom blue of the polished plaster walls picks up the subtle variations in the tile work throughout the room.

Tumbled Stone

Traditional Bathrooms 156
The traditional bathroom’s natural and earthy palette made it super easy for the homeowner to decorate the space with a mix of warm fabrics, towels and accessories. Another plus is the glass shower enclosure. It visually opens up the room, creating the illusion of more space.

Stately Estate

Traditional Bathrooms 157
A stately Roman soaking tub is the centerpiece of this country estate’s master bathroom. Fetching gold paint and a wall of windows lining the tub wall allow its occupants full access to the view of the gardens beyond.

Traditional Elegance

Traditional Bathrooms 158
Here, a restful palette of mocha and white surrounds a lovely soaking tub with a floor-mounted faucet.  A muted wallpaper design gracefully frames the arched windows and wall niche.

Modern Master Bathrooms

A master bathroom should be an escape from the rest of the house.

The bathroom is more than just lifetime maintenance room where we both begin the day and end the day as well in most times. A bathroom should also be an escape from the rest of the house, but all too often it becomes the last room to receive a makeover; after all, only the owners tend to venture inside (barring any prying guests).

You’ll notice some common designs and modern themes in all of these spaces keep even the richest color pallets from feeling overwhelming. Custom cabinetry works, balancing larger spaces and making those on the smaller side seem inviting, different master bathroom furniture, a healthy mix of different types of lighting, and skylights and windows to recessed lights and chandeliers.

Some of the modern bathroom designers offer not only aesthetic appeal or durability, they can also make the space easier to clean and look after when applying good design principles to contemporary bathrooms. By carefully selecting materials, flooring, wall finishes and counter tops, you can select the options that will give you the level of maintenance that you are happy to manage in this space.

Here are some of the modern master bathroom ideas and designs to take into account at the top of your agenda if you’re considering a bathroom remodel.

Regal Neutrals

Modern Master Bathrooms 159

Bypass the bold shades and embrace the white’s clean, polished simplicity. White bathrooms should not be boring. Go for the contrasting colors to make yours bold. Floor tiles give the bathroom all the excitement to be modern stylish. Warm taupe walls paired with a crisp white ceiling highlight the room’s architectural features, while rich warm wood cabinets act as an anchor in an otherwise airy space, working to balance the massive tub.

Grecian Drama

Modern Master Bathrooms 160

A luxurious bathroom is the dream of every homeowner, as is the dream of traveling to far places. Homeowners can have the best of both worlds with this bathroom – a beautiful contemporary bathroom space inspired by Greek’s amazing beauty. Hand-painted sky details on the ceiling and airy drapery push the elegant tub to the forefront of this bathroom. Using down lights over the vanity in lieu of wall-mounted fixtures avoids overloading the room with eye-catching features, so that those included (like the stunning detail around the shower door) shine.

Unexpected Pieces

Modern Master Bathrooms 161

There are a lot of ideas on how to make a plain, dull space come alive and modern like redesigning the accessories, painting one side of the wall, or adding some modern decorative touches. Using light modern fixtures and living room-style furniture in a master bathroom transforms an oft-utilitarian space into a luxurious escape. Chandeliers and sconces move out of the dining room to replace standard vanity lighting, while a re purposed console table transforms into a one-of-a-kind vanity.

Modern Without the Chill

Modern Master Bathrooms 162
This spaces balances classic features like a bay window and stone counters with slick, glossy floor tiles and a glass shower to add a modern edge that doesn’t feel sterile or sharp. Although the natural light here is astonishing, ample task lighting ensures that the beautiful space is simultaneously functional.

A Mossy Oasis

Modern Master Bathrooms 163

Green is a calming, centered color — the color of rejuvenation — so for a modern or classic bathroom it is one of the good color ideas. Green is often overlooked, for almost any master bathroom, a somewhat unexpected, but often stunning shade. Mossy green pairs beautifully with shades of gray and white to create a modern spa-like space begging you to take a long bath and spend hours pampering yourself. Gold hardware adds a touch of unexpected warmth to balance the wall of mirrors and marble floors.

Warmth Without Yellow

Modern Master Bathrooms 164

One of the easiest ways to give your room a spacious look is to use lots of warm or beige color. It might be a simple color, but it can be applied to any types of bathroom, such as modern, rustic or natural design. Beige tones can make a space feel a bit unkempt, but sticking closer to the neutral side strikes the perfect balance between warmth and boring. An intricate chandelier plays off the glass shower enclosure and satin finish of the painted vanity cabinets to add a touch of sparkle, while the use of four separate types of tile keep the space interesting yet not overly busy.

A Modern Take on Brown

Modern Master Bathrooms 165

If you want to create a very calm, earthy-looking master bathroom, brown is the way to go. Many of us use to like most of the ideas to decorate the master bathroom with a touch of brown color since it is an extremely versatile color. This color creates a very relaxed and spa-like atmosphere in any shade. Brown tones tend to illicit 90’s nostalgia, but the eclectic mix of finishes in this bathroom, from the one-of-a-kind stone counters to the delicious soaker tub with a sloped back, pair up with ample natural light to create a space that’s rich yet current.

An Extension of the Bedroom

Modern Master Bathrooms 166

Your master bathroom should look like and compliment to your bedroom. Modern trends in the design of bedrooms and bathrooms offer stunning, provocative and surprising ideas for open living spaces all-in-one. One of the most popular bathroom decorating projects that create a more spacious and bright rooms are the bedrooms with standing bathrooms or contemporary glass showers. On the image above you can see a custom furniture-style cabinetry that offers the perfect amount of elegance to hold its own against graceful marble flooring. A chandelier over the tub and a huge area rug in place of individual bath mats makes this master bathroom feel like a part of the bedroom instead of a completely separate space.

A Careful Balance for Columns

Modern Master Bathrooms 167
Rich wood cabinetry balances white tiles, a massive glass shower enclosure, and regal columns surrounding a step-up bathtub, an architectural feature that easily makes a room feel lopsided. Ample recessed lighting keeps the space bright and cheerful without overwhelming with an elaborate fixture.

Framing a Standout Tub

Modern Master Bathrooms 168
Take the concept of dual vanities to a new level with matching pieces framing a gorgeous soaker tub. The upper cabinetry not only provides more storage, but prevents the vanities from feeling ‘lost’ in this huge master bathroom, creating the perfect foundation for a stunning cove ceiling.

Art-Like Tilework

Modern Master Bathrooms 169

There’s a spot in your life for bright, modern patterned tile, and we feel it’s in your bathroom or on the wall of your bathroom. Or perhaps even your tub? We all know that the most interesting part of designing a bathroom is choosing all the perfect materials and colors that you’re going to highlight. And that’s where tiles come through. There’s nothing quite like a master bathroom with a fireplace. Elegant tile work creates a frame around the tub and firebox. When flanked by matching vanity spaces, the entire ‘unit’ becomes one show-stopping piece.

Therefore, the tiles you choose will also impact the appearance of your bathroom. In fact if you want to remodel your bathroom, this is the most important part you need to pay more attention to.

Working with Available Lighting

Modern Master Bathrooms 170
An area rug adds texture and dimension to this space, while a large soaker tub tucked away in an alcove creates a true spa-like escape. What this space lacks in natural lighting it makes up for with strategically placed fixtures and a crystal-clear glass shower enclosure that amplifies the light that is available.

Private Spaces in a Shared Bathroom

Modern Master Bathrooms 171
Dual vanities take on an air of privacy with upper cabinetry separating the two ‘work stations’. Reflective shelving placed close to the ceiling amplifies the delicate vanity lights’ output, while the black metal frame around the shower enclosure ties together the rest of the room’s fixtures.

Windows to Frame a Space

Modern Master Bathrooms 172
Here, the tub takes center stage with stunning windows, a frame of columns, and a regal step-up arrangement. A slipcover over a basic chair adds warmth to the room, playing off the traditional look of the cabinetry.

Traditional Woods Marry Elegant Architecture

Modern Master Bathrooms 173
A room this size lends itself beautifully to full walls of cabinets and a bathtub fit for a king. The rich wood tones and brushed nickel fixtures pair handsomely with taupe tiles, keeping the space simultaneously grounded yet bright.

Making Room for a Dream Tub

Modern Master Bathrooms 174
Proof that a huge tub can work in even small-ish master bathrooms, a beautiful blend of varying shades of white keeps the room feeling open and big, despite the real estate lost to the spa-inspired tub.

Blending Three Show-Stopping Features

Modern Master Bathrooms 175
The huge shower (complete with an overhead spray), antique tub, and massive dual vanity could easily overwhelm each other. But the glass enclosure, alcove for the tub, and relatively simply cabinetry allow these three beauties to complement each other rather than duke it out for your attention.

A Cozy Escape

Modern Master Bathrooms 176
Warm wood cabinetry finished to match the space’s trim work plays beautifully against the stone tiles and antique bronze fixtures. The natural light from the sky lights and windows reflect off of the massive shared vanity mirror, while strategically placed light fixtures eliminate any shadows to create an inviting space.

The Bottomline

Some of your home’s smallest rooms may have the greatest potential. The bathroom is no less a part of your house, so count it worthy to take care of its decoration. Mix & match the designs to add a beauty tinge to every corner of your home. Your bathroom can make a pretty big statement with the right sink, the right toilet, and the right decor.

13 Bathroom Ideas

You bathroom is a private space that not many people will get to see, unlike a kitchen or a living room which will see a lot of visitors and foot traffic. This is what makes designing for an en suite bathroom extra special and deeply personal, because the only preference you need to consider is your own and no one else’s. How fun and exciting is that?

Below, we collected just some among many of the unique, eclectic, elegant, and even practical bathroom ideas that we absolutely love. For sure you will, too. Enjoy looking at these gorgeous bathrooms. Ideas and inspiration abound.


1. Mermaid Tiles

Many people, girls especially, harbor a secret obsession for these mystical creatures of the sea. It’s something that they never really outgrew from childhood. But if Disney’s The Little Mermaid is a little too young and childlike for your current taste, check out this amazing tile work inspired by a mermaid’s tail. It’s the perfect blend of whimsical and sophisticated. The time you spend in the shower will be extra magical with this to look at. Choose different shades to add dimension and a cool gradient effect. A tip, limit this tile art to one wall or to one corner and keep the rest of the room simple and plain so it’s not too overwhelming on the eyes.

13 Bathroom Ideas 177


2. Iridescent Tiles

For master bathroom ideas, do be afraid of color and sparkle. A little sparkle never hurt anybody. When choosing tiles for your shower area, consider a mosaic of iridescent tiles on a gold base. Imagine looking at this shimmery piece of art as you shower. This bathroom tile work is ultra feminine and magical with a touch of eclectic. The rest of the bathroom decor should be equally whimsical, such as a colored tub and some dramatic lighting.

13 Bathroom Ideas 178


3. Mirrored Walls

If you’re having a hard time coming up with bathroom ideas, start with the necessities. After the water closet, the shower, and possibly the tub, if space permits, the next most important would be the bathroom vanity, particularly the mirror. Mirrors are essential, so why not go all out and opt for floor to ceiling wall mirrors. Mirrored walls can also make a small space appear bigger and brighter. If you can’t do all the walls, a single mirrored wall will still work. This will look especially impressive in an all white bathroom and bathroom decor.

13 Bathroom Ideas 179


4. The “Invisible” Tub

A beautiful bathroom isn’t complete without a great tub. If you’re not really feeling the standard ceramic tub, go for the “invisible” tub. It’s a thing of beauty. Glass panels for the tub so it’s transparent, sleek, and ultra modern. Bath times will never be as cool. It may look simple, but you can’t easily DIY this. This needs to be installed by professionals who will handle safety and water-proofing.

13 Bathroom Ideas 180


5. Clawfoot Tub

Are you a traditionalist when it comes to decor and interior design ideas? Bathroom decor should follow suit. A classic claw foot tub is the way to go. It’s roomy, charming, and elegant. It will look great paired with white marble tiles. But even a modern bathroom could use the classy touch with a claw foot tub. If you have a large space for your bathroom, this tub will look great in the center of the room. If your space is more modest, you can place it against a wall. The tub will still look as attractive.

13 Bathroom Ideas 181


6. Chevron Tiles

The bathroom is actually a great room to live out all your Art Deco fantasies. Go for a black or white chevron bathroom tile work paired with gold or copper fixtures. The result is simply fantastic. Go all out with the bathroom lighting and bathroom decor to keep with the fancy and decadent motif. You can also incorporate marble on the floor, walls, and counter tops. If you have ample space, why not add a tufted divan. Now that’s a bathroom fit for royalty. 13 Bathroom Ideas 182


7. Rainfall Shower

Your bathroom should be pretty, but it should also be functional with a state of the art shower system. When thinking about ideas for bathroom, don’t neglect this part. After all, this is the whole purpose of a bathroom. A good shower system will not only get you clean, it will also massage your body with strategically designed jets of water. You will appreciate these functions even more after a long and tiring day.

13 Bathroom Ideas 183


8. His and Hers Shower

It’s harder to come up with bathroom ideas when you have to share. You need to take into account another person’s wants, needs, and preferences, as well as to compromise your own. But when it comes to bathroom design, we believe there’s always a happy medium where everyone’s needs will be addressed. His and hers sinks are pretty common, so why not his and hers showers? This is great if you have space for a large shower area. You don’t have to have separate shower enclosures for this. Side by side shower will for just fine.

13 Bathroom Ideas 184


9. Turquoise Bathroom

A turquoise-tiled bathroom will have you feeling like you just walked in a Tiffany and Co. store. Who wouldn’t fall in love with this hue? Turquoise is a bold shade that’s lively and invigorating so do try to keep the rest of the bathroom lighting and bathroom decor simple. Stick white paint and accessories and sleek silver-tone fixtures. Just imagine yourself soaking on a large tub and eating macarons while binge watching your favorite show or listening to good music.

13 Bathroom Ideas 185


10. Zen Bathroom

Spa-lovers will definitely love this idea. What could be better than a relaxing bathroom decor that will make you will feel like you just got a deep tissue massage? Spas sure know what a good bath room design entails. Take inspiration from this zen image and recreate it in you own bathrooms. Use a lot of natural materials like wood and wicker, as well as nature inspired bathroom decor. As some incense, votive, and scented candles. You’ll have a bathroom that attracts all the senses.

13 Bathroom Ideas 186

11. Closet Access

If you have a walk-in closet in your bedroom, the most logical layout choice is to connect it to the bathroom. Imagine how convenient it is to have your bathroom vanity and your closet all interconnected. You can get dressed immediately after your bath or shower. Not only that, it’s also easier to get organized and to keep your bedroom neat with such a well thought out layout design. This kind of layout also offers a lot of privacy, which is great if you happen to be sharing the room with someone else.

13 Bathroom Ideas 187


12. Outdoor Bathroom

If you have enough space in your home and if the climate permits it, consider an outdoor shower and bath. This type of design will make you feel like you are vacationing in a luxury resort, when in fact, you are in the privacy of your own bathroom. Keep the flooring natural by using stones to form a walk way and make sure you have a good drainage system. What’s not to love? This design will especially appeal to nature lovers who enjoy the great outdoors. This beautiful bathroom is the best way to a year round warm or tropical climate.

13 Bathroom Ideas 188


13. Open Bathroom

Keep an open mind when it comes to your bathroom design and consider an open plan design. This airy and modern ideas for bathrooms are hugely popular in luxury resorts with amazing bathroom fixtures and suite-sized rooms. But it is not just for resorts or large spaces. This can also work with a modest size bedroom if you make use of clear or even frosted glass walls as a divider. You can retain the open plan design while keeping the shower and water closet areas separate. In fact, this design can make a small room look and feel much bigger.

13 Bathroom Ideas 189

Like a kitchen, a bathroom needs to be functional. Your bathroom design ideas need to be practical and it should serve you. It pays to put a little more effort and thought into your bathroom designs. You will be spending your most private moments in this room and it needs to be a place of comfort and convenience, while being pleasing to the eyes. Try any of these tips and ideas for a bathroom you’ll truly love. You might never want to leave it!

Modern Luxurious Master Bathrooms

Turn your ordinary bathroom into something absolutely fabulous.

Modern Luxurious Master Bathrooms have become an increasingly chic popular inspiration feature in homes in recent years. They are certainly great places to relax and unwind from the stresses of the day. However, they can also contribute and decor greatly to the overall value of your home. Second, to the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the interior spaces that will help bring in more money when it’s time to sell.

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Besides your bedroom, the bathroom is your private retreat—a place where you take the time to indulge, inspire yourself and enjoy complete peace away from the rest of the family. It’s a place where luxurious features and upscale finishes are prized.

Modern Luxurious Master Bathrooms 190

The bathroom in this penthouse apartment is the height of luxury. The curvy freestanding tub takes center stage in this spa-like setting. A wall of windows offers stunning views to the urban skyline just beyond the forested landscape below. The vanity is made from polished stone and the flooring is prefinished natural birch.

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Modern Luxurious Master Bathrooms 191

Attention to detail is of the utmost importance in an upscale decor bathroom. If you can afford renovation and splurge on high-end fixtures and finishes wherever you can. The project includes products e.g. Custom cabinetry, subdued lighting, and exquisite tile add a touch of romance and inspiration to this tasteful master bathroom.

Modern Luxurious Master Bathrooms 192

A bathroom fit for royalty people in this Victorian home features columns, arches a Palladian window. The entire bathroom is painted in yellow limestone, a custom color created by the homeowner. The travertine flooring and stairs lead up to the Roman-style bathtub. The reproduction light fixtures are a perfect complement to this historic residence gallery.

Modern Luxurious Master Bathrooms 193

A freestanding tub could be the right choice for your bathroom if you want a piece of functional art and inspiration in the room. This recipes cast-concrete tub makes a big statement in this modern bathroom. It is part of a collection of products that includes and decor with the washbasin, toilet, and bidet. The handheld designer placed the tub on a bed of white river stones to underscore the homeowner’s love of nature.

Modern Luxurious Master Bathrooms 194

The cabinetry and tub in the luxurious master bath are wrapped in pine with a chocolaty-dark stain. This gives the room the look of a peaceful rustic retreat in the big chaotic city. Small touches like the plants, cork backsplash, wicker ottoman, and storage baskets reinforce the organic theme.

Modern Luxurious Master Bathrooms 195

This freestanding hydrotherapy tub is the perfect addition to this southern California master chic bathroom. The tub was the brainchild of the homeowner who appreciates any opportunity to unwind after long stretches of business travel. Although the tub was not even in the original plan, the homeowner’s last-minute decision of renovation turned out to be the best gallery feature in the room.

Modern Luxurious Master Bathrooms 196

Blues are a good option when you want to create a relaxing and inspiring atmosphere in your bathroom. Doesn’t this luxurious bath make you feel like you’re taking a dip in the crystal blue sea? Create a cohesive feel in your master suite by carrying a shade of this dreamy color onto the bedroom walls.

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Modern Luxurious Master Bathrooms 197

Black and white and modern describe this clean and simple hand bathroom. Along with, decor the classic color palette, a geometric mix of rectangles, lines, and curves give this luxurious, room its personality. Placing the sleek tub in the center creates a sense of space in this impeccable cool design.

Modern Luxurious Master Bathrooms 198

In the bathroom of this loft dwelling, the amazing egg-shaped bathtub was custom designed to the homeowner’s exact specifications. We just wonder what will happen if he decides to sell the house—will the bathtub stay or go with him? The wood tiled flooring, frosted windows, and artful lighting are also worthy of DIY envy inspiration.

Modern Luxurious Master Bathrooms 199

Walk-in showers have been around for decades and remain popular today. With homeowners recipes expanding their bathrooms to epic proportions, the walk-in concept has seen a renewed level of interest. In this one, the rain showerhead provides a true spa experience and the natural inspiration stone flooring and tub deck add to the upscale look.

Modern Luxurious Master Bathrooms 200

Believe it or not, this is the vanity of a guest bathroom. The walls are smooth stucco tinted with the pigments from local red sandy soil. The countertop, flooring and tub surround are created with a rose-colored stone mined from a nearby village.

Modern Luxurious Master Bathrooms 201

Who doesn’t love a glamorous bathroom? The sink area is just a peek into the rest of the space with its floor-to-ceiling windows and gleaming aluminum and cast iron French bateau bathtub with fireplace. The vanity features this stylish oval basin carved from white Italian marble. The silver floral wallpaper and crystal sconces add to the shimmer.

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Modern Luxurious Master Bathrooms 202

The juxtaposition of the bright yellow clawfoot tub and whitewashed concrete walls and ceiling is sheer genius. This striking bathroom cool design may be sparse on furnishings but has a gigantic heart. The saturated hues of the ceramic floor vases add to the magic.

Modern Luxurious Master Bathrooms 203

A modern bathroom vanity can add a sleek and elegant design element to your luxury bathroom. The minimal design and understated hardware are a good choice where space is at a premium. The neutral color palette, vertical light strip, built-in ledges, open shelving, and floating countertop all contribute to the streamlined efficiency of the space with no need of fireplace.

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Modern Luxurious Master Bathrooms 204

The designers quirky powder room in this New York apartment makes a bold statement. Powder rooms are places where you can summon up your design chutzpah and have some fun. Here, the designer used deep teal tile and flooring with a glass vanity to give it an over-the-top feeling.

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Modern Luxurious Master Bathrooms 205

This bathroom is the pinnacle of affluence and fashion. The walk-in closet right off the master bathroom in this Beverly Hills estate is a mix of practicality and lavish design. This functional layout allows you to get all of your bathing and grooming needs met then hop right over to the dressing area to pick out the latest in fashion.

Modern Luxurious Master Bathrooms 206

The natural stone patchwork of this vanity area holds up to the daily use of family and guests alike. This powder room combines commanding presence with striking beauty. The look is old school luxe thanks to the black countertop, natural stone, and ornate mirror.

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Modern Luxurious Master Bathrooms 207

Here is a fabulous architectural designers spa DIY for two in a high-rise condo. The owners wanted a light, contemporary and functional space. The open shower gives the space a seamless look. The sophisticated tub surround and shower floor are simple easy wood planks that pick up the tones of the cantilevered vanity. Smooth gray tiled walls set the mood in the room and are the perfect pairing with textural wood accents.

Modern Luxurious Master Bathrooms 208

This luxurious master bathroom is the ideal merging of classic style with modern conveniences. Soft neutral colors tips fill the space from the flooring to the shower enclosure to the paint color. The bathroom’s showstoppers are the walk-in shower with multiple body jets and the easy whirlpool bathtub situated up the steps and under the arch. It’s a beautiful dance of understated elegance and sublime design.

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Modern Luxurious Master Bathrooms 209

Situated on the other side of the glass wall behind the bathtub is this glorious walk-through shower. It can be entered via walkways on either side. The tips and combination of architectural shimmering mosaic tile and natural slate make it an eye-catching design feature and important part of the homeowners’ morning ritual.

Modern Luxurious Master Bathrooms 210

We find ourselves constantly fall for crisp white baths, but were stopped in our tracks by this dark, masculine wood-paneled bathroom. There is no hint and tips of spa here, just a library den-like celebrity enclave where the gentleman of the house goes about his daily grooming and dressing. The marble flooring and counters look gorgeous against the rich wood and set the tone for “his” exclusive space.

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Modern Luxurious Master Bathrooms 211

Don’t forget to keep your luxury bathroom looking neat and tidy by adding stylish bath accessories. We believe a little bling never hurt anyone. These rhinestone-encrusted lotion dispensers, tissue holders and cups will keep your vanity clutter-free and add just that right amount of sparkle to the room.

Modern Luxurious Master Bathrooms 212

This master bathroom is a warm blend of form, function, and style. From the storage bench along the window wall to the heated floor below the beautiful plank floor, it provides an indulgent start and end to each day. The mosaic backsplash, cherry-wrapped bathtub, and quartz countertops enhance the traditional design.

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Modern Luxurious Master Bathrooms 213

Here’s an important factor to consider when planning any bathroom space. If your bath is directly adjacent to the master suite, try to create a flow between the two. That openness will make both the spaces feel larger and will increase the functionality and efficiency of the suite as a whole of celebrity.

Modern Luxurious Master Bathrooms 214

When planning fixtures like golden sinks, tubs, and toilets for your dream bathroom, think in terms of “bigger is better”. Double sinks are an absolute must (unless you have a space issue). A large freestanding tub can serve as a focal point and an all-glass shower can emphasize an open design. Think about creating a separate water closet for privacy.

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Modern Luxurious Master Bathrooms 215

The master bathroom in this Florida vacation home features a resin bathtub and custom fittings. The walls are covered in color-coordinated mosaic glass tiles from floor to ceiling. The wavy wall art is the homeowner’s design and the classic crystal chandelier keeps this space from becoming overly trendy.

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Modern Luxurious Master Bathrooms 216

The walls of this master on-suite are painted in ordinary white makeover. The flooring is a tumbled marble tile renovation. This bathroom still life stars a one-of-a-kind antique clawfoot tub imported from France. The uniqueness is in the tub’s finish. It is plated in 18-karat gold and features a brushed finish. The tub feels both regal and flamboyant—it’s a show-stopper!

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Modern Luxurious Master Bathrooms 217

This beachfront beauty in Brazil is designed to maximize the views in every room. The bathroom is certainly no exception. The unobtrusive sunken tub is surrounded by native koa. The only other features in the space are the floating vanity and white leather ottoman. What else would you need?

Modern Luxurious Master Bathrooms 218

The little things make a difference—, especially in an extravagant bathroom. Consider using locally crafted soaps, wooden vessels, bath oils, and candles to dress up space and enhance the mood. These natural treasures are all organic and created by artisans who practice a sustainable lifestyle and business model. You will be contributing to the local economy and creating a luxurious space as well.

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Modern Luxurious Master Bathrooms 219

Although this bathroom has a decidedly modern look, its roots are in Indonesia. The homeowners decided to design the bath that reminded them of the outdoor showers they enjoyed during their recent holiday. The natural color scheme was inspired by the local hardwood and beach sand. The custom light fixtures are designs based on those found at the island resort they called home for a month.

Modern Luxurious Master Bathrooms 220

Your bathroom is more than a place to bathe. It is a sanctuary to soothe the mind and relax the body. Today’s lavish bathrooms feature everything from furniture pieces like table and televisions to fireplaces and mini-bars. This bathroom is designed for lounging, primping, and bathing.

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Modern Luxurious Master Bathrooms 221

Sense and sensibility is the theme of this sophisticated powder room. It is situated right next to the upstairs media room and entertaining deck. The vanity is constructed of a walnut counter topped with glass and cantilevered from the marble wall panel. Space below features open shelving for storage.

Modern Luxurious Master Bathrooms 222

This ornate tile floor has a hot secret to share. Heated flooring is just one of the pampering features in this grand master suite. Two-tone marble walls create an unusual wainscoting effect with cabinets. The sculptural vessel basin and vanity with smoked glass panels further enhance the room’s elegance with easy cleaning.

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Modern Luxurious Master Bathrooms 223

The main house of this Kentucky horse property dates back to the 18th century. The bathroom design fits in perfectly with the home’s lineage and architecture. The antique white custom cabinetry is repeated throughout the residence. The freestanding slipper tub is a modern take on a vintage design with cabinets. The traditional space has a historic feel with the subdued colors, period fixtures, and stone flooring.

Modern Luxurious Master Bathrooms 224

You don’t need airline tickets to escape the rat race. Take a trip to the tropics in your very own bathroom retreat. The French doors leading to the patio and garden bring nature into the spa-like space. The natural wood, subdued lighting, and minimal design make for a relaxing time away from daily stresses.

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Modern Luxurious Master Bathrooms 225

The bathroom in this Los Angeles Spanish revival looks nothing like the rest of the spaces in the home. The designer went with sleek art deco lines and colors for this dazzling shower stall. Include elements e.g. Black tile, glass, and steel set against peach marble make this the focal point of the master suite.

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Modern Luxurious Master Bathrooms 226

Variations in the veining of the Carrara marble floor and countertops create visual interest and Old World elegance in this luxury bathroom. The black painted trim and wainscoting in the tub room give the traditional space a contemporary twist view hotel.

Modern Luxurious Master Bathrooms 227

The window remodels alongside the jetted tub offers stunning ocean views straight through to the bedroom. The split vanity is a great feature for busy couples—no bumping into each other when getting ready in the morning. The dark stained cabinetry provides lots of storage and complements the white tile and surfacing materials. Globe pendants light the space and give it a retro feel.

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Modern Luxurious Master Bathrooms 228

A glass wall separates the deep resin soaking tub from the living room in this urban apartment allowing for unobstructed views of the city. When the homeowner requires privacy, the smart glass wall goes from transparent to opaque with the flip of a switch.

Modern Luxurious Master Bathrooms 229

This special trends of chandelier gift doubles as an overhead tub filler for the freestanding bronze and cast iron bathtub. Insulated cellular window shades help keep this incredible bathroom warm during the winter and shield the room from the intense summer sun. White towels add a bright touch to the moody bathroom in houses.

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Modern Luxurious Master Bathrooms 230

Incredible trends of wood floors and a curved front shower transformed this plain bathroom into a spa-like escape. The flat-screen television adds an entertaining touch to the bathroom. The LED stair lights provide soft illumination and also perform a practical function.

Modern Luxurious Master Bathrooms 231

Heated floors are the ultimate remodel in a bathroom. There’s nothing like stepping onto a toasty tile floor after a shower or bath. The economical radiant heat mats under this bathroom floor can be fitted for rooms of any size or shape.

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