20 Different Window Treatment Ideas

Windows make or break any space. However, the importance of window treatments is often neglected and overlooked by many. Truly, window covers can be decorative, functional, and strikes a balance between both, depending on the space and amount of light that space receives. Whether it is a full drape, simply covering, classic curtain, shutters, or roman shades, we have all the window treatment ideas that are sure to enhance and offer a better view of your home.

Although typical window covers can work for any window size or design, the most unique treatments are sure to captivate. Designs that utilize common materials in a very unexpected manner can make a great impact on the overall appeal and look of any room. Regardless of whether you are designing your window for privacy, or pure embellishment, you can consider these ideas. You may be surprised at what you can do!

Window Treatment Ideas – Rooms 

Great windows are important for any home, they add character and provide the needed all-natural lighting effect. Without the right window treatment, any room or space can appear bland and incomplete.

The Living Room  

In the living room, we often entertain our guests, we want to add a window treatment here because we have big pieces of furniture we want to be protected here from the harsh sunlight. You can choose solar or cellular shades as a perfect shield from direct sunlight. You can add roman shades on your stark bay windows. Over tall windows, you can find a shade and then overlay the same with long drapes to give reach and a more polished look. You can throw in some valance for a complete look. For your living room, you can add bold colors and designs, you can always design it in such a way that you want to live on it.

The Kitchen 

Kitchens are any homemakers’ hub, it is the heart of the house. No matter how much you want to gather them in another area, let’s say the dining room or patio, your family and guests always find their way to the kitchen because that’s where the cooking and endless fun moments happen. Besides, your kitchen is somehow similar to a lab. That’s where you experiment with different dishes and prepare a hearty meal for everyone.

Since your kitchen is prone to spillage and high moisture envelops the entire space, faux wood blinds are the ideal option because they will not dim or darken the room. They allow natural light inside the kitchen and they are resilient even for hell-raising chefs. On top of that, they are easy to clean.

Moreover, you also need to cover the windows in your stoves and sinks. We suggest a cordless shade in your kitchen. This is because long and dangling cords usually get stuck in your soup or disposal, which is not an ideal sight in your kitchen.

Lastly, if your kitchen happens to face the street, you can opt for shutters because they are cordless and they add amazing curb appeal to space.

The Bathroom 

Bathrooms offer us space for personal care, privacy, and comfort. We have to keep it stylish as well. One way of doing this is by adding a window treatment. There are three factors that you should follow to install an ideal window treatment in your bathroom: durability, privacy, and light control. It would make space feel airy, cool, and bright.

The Bedroom

Bedrooms are a haven for many of us. It is where we sleep, rest, and wake up every day. On top of everything, the first thing that you should consider when installing a window treatment in your room is privacy and how much light you want inside. If you are more of a heavy sleeper who doesn’t wake up until noon, a blackout shade is a great option. But if you are the type of person who wakes up with the sun and likes brightness in your space, day/night shades will give you a double benefit: light-filtering and room darkening. You can also opt for cellular shades because they offer a naturally soothing vibe with their soft light diffusion and fabric feature. They can adjust to any season and they have different patterns that will gently wake you up and calmly make you fall asleep.

Moreover, you can also add motorizations that automatically operates according to your preference. It maintains the serenity in your room and gives you that warm and cozy feel.

The Doors

Just like windows, there are also clear glass doors that need to be properly covered. However, they might be a little complicated because they serve as a functional part of a room and installing improper window treatment could hinder its functionality.

The idea behind window treatments for doors seems intimidating to some people. But it shouldn’t be because many options suit your style. You can go for the classic vertical blinds which you can pull out like a drape at the top of your window. If you want something that has a modern style, Panel Track blinds are an excellent alternative. It comes in different fabric patterns and colors, and you can even get it in woven woods. It smoothly slides on the track, giving your window clean and efficient clothing. For large glass doors, vertical cellular shades and hanging drapery work perfectly.

To guide you on how to properly design your windows, check out the different window treatments below that you can incorporate in any room in your house today.

1. Frosted Glass

Frosted glass windows give bathroom privacy without the need to use hanging curtains. It gives the room a clean and contemporary aesthetic feel.

20 Different Window Treatment Ideas 1

2. Double Up

If you already installed blinds in your windows and you wanted to customize it, you can add matching Roman shades. You can go for any color but green hue will sit well in your bedroom, adding a fresh pop of color.

20 Different Window Treatment Ideas 2


3. Full Floor-to-Ceiling Curtains

Who says dramatic curtains are out? For your master bedroom, you can add a flowing floor to ceiling curtain behind your headboard to provide a sense of wholeness and depth to the room. This will also bring out a classic ambiance.

20 Different Window Treatment Ideas 3


4. The Halfsies

For a visually fascinating fashion, hang your bathroom curtains at the middle of your window. This will guarantee that you have enough privacy for your business but it is also stylish-wise. This is the best option for those who wanted to add a unique touch to their bathroom.

20 Different Window Treatment Ideas 4


5. Tall Curtains

Ever since then, tall curtains have this reputation of creating an illusion of a larger room. You can do black walls and have contrasting light-colored drapes to soften the ambiance in your own space. No matter how you do it, you can never go wrong with tall curtains.

20 Different Window Treatment Ideas 5


6. Classic Shades

You can never go wrong with the classics, just like white curtains which offer an elegant touch to any room.

20 Different Window Treatment Ideas 6


7. Tassel Details

Tassels are fun details that make a simple curtain stand out. They have different textures, colors, and patterns, which can transform any plain clothing into a chic curtain.

20 Different Window Treatment Ideas 7


8. Open and Airy

For the dining area, openness is an essential consideration because it is where families usually get together. It should feel ethereal and romantic for dinner dates, and formal and air for dinner celebrations. You can use warm brown leathers and wood materials to give the space an airy and lightweight feel.

20 Different Window Treatment Ideas 8


9. Matching Wallpaper

Coordinate your wallpaper to your drapes for a seamless aesthetic. You can choose wallpapers and fabric drapes with fresh and vibrant hues to make the room feel lively. You can also add other elements such as a modern rug and side table to add a few contemporary elements in the room.

20 Different Window Treatment Ideas 9


10. Printed Roman Shades

If you have a plain wall and you wanted to spice it up, patterned Roman shade is the way to go. If you are still intimidated with bold choices, you can settle for muted colors.

20 Different Window Treatment Ideas 10


11. Curtains Everywhere

Hanging curtains and drapes in the canopy of your bedroom are the easiest way to achieve a comfortable space and a stylish one too. The key to this window treatment is to opt for neutral tones that are relaxing and soothing. Don’t go overboard with different patterns and shades because it might look like a hot mess. Stick to the neutrals and your fortress of comfort will do just fine.

20 Different Window Treatment Ideas 11


12. Dramatic Curtains

If you want to add a little bit of flair to your kitchen windows, why not go for flaming red drapes? It will add an elegant touch of drama that will surely complement the room. If you are worried because you have a limited kitchen space, go for a floor to ceiling curtain that is cinched right on the ground, they add depth and make space look bigger.

20 Different Window Treatment Ideas 12


13. Fancy Frames

A living room with fancy high rafters? Yes, please. Installing a frame in your windows and adding a beautiful drapery will draw attention from your guests. No worry because this bold choice won’t make the room look stuffy. Here’s a living room idea that you can try: blue and red drapes with red carpet and additional elements such as sofas and coffee table. This will tie the room together and harmoniously blend everything. The result is a formal, country, traditional, and casual abode all in one.

20 Different Window Treatment Ideas 13


14. Farmhouse Shutters

Farmhouse shutters will look great if you are planning to go for that shabby chic theme in your room. Aside from the stylishness it offers, farmhouse shutters also work great in inviting natural light fixtures. This will give you a room that’s bright and inviting. If you are up for some challenging work, you can create your farmhouse shutters since it is a fun DIY project too.

20 Different Window Treatment Ideas 14


15. Beyond the Windows

Did you ever think about curtains being placed somewhere else, aside from windows? Well, we did. You can create a small comfy nook by hanging long drapes in front of a window seat reading area. It might just be your new favorite spot in your house.

20 Different Window Treatment Ideas 15


16. Sheer White Curtains

If your space doesn’t have windows, create an open feel by placing sheer panels to let the light natural light flow in. You can even stretch it up to the ceiling.

20 Different Window Treatment Ideas 16


17. Rattan Blinds

Nothing screams natural light than rattan blinds. Install it in your bathroom and you will have a bright shower area with secured privacy. It is functional and stylish wrapped in one material.

20 Different Window Treatment Ideas 17


18. Colorful Trims

For those who wanted a bold color but don’t want to overdo it, choose a curtain with a neutral shade in the base and colorful trim. Or you can opt for a patterned base with neutral-toned trim. This window treatment is perfect for those who wanted to add a small detail of color to their space.

20 Different Window Treatment Ideas 18


19. Multi-Colored Curtains

To achieve a cozy and airy reading nook, try multi-colored curtains. It will give the space a mellow yet modern feel. You can also add little elements such as sheepskin throw pillows and metallic designs. And, if you wanted to prove a point, try adding a fun swing chair.

20 Different Window Treatment Ideas 19


20. Cohesive Patterns

Putting the same designs in a room surprisingly looks great. Try matching curtains, wallpaper, headboard, and bedding in your bedroom and add contrast by putting throw pillows of different styles. This is great for kid’s bedroom because it is a fun backdrop while they get a night of restful sleep or play with their toys.

20 Different Window Treatment Ideas 20


The Bottom Line

Beautiful complementing window treatments are specifically created to fit your needs, style, and window type. You also get to decide the price so it’s a personalized deal. Every window covering is precisely crafted in a work area to fit the request of the homeowner.

No matter what style of windows you have at home, this one of a kind window treatments will surely embellish all of them with style and add pizzazz to any space, plus it will complement any home.

Small and Simple Bathroom Ideas

Create a big impact in this smallest of rooms!

Your bathroom is probably the smallest room in your house, but it does play an important role in your life. So why not make the most out of it! Whether you’re thinking of a redesign or remodel, open your mind to the possibilities of creating a big impact in this smallest of rooms!

If you are short on funds, save your money and make the most of your existing bathroom with a few clever design and storage tricks. We’ll show you what a coat of paint, new tile or updated fixtures can do to visually open up your tiny space.

Small and Simple Bathroom Ideas 21

Create a vanity that floats above the floor! A floating vanity will make your small bathroom appear more spacious and just feel visually lighter in weight. It is a design feature that will work in almost any bathroom redo. You’ll not only open up a confined space, you’ll feel less cluttered—which is always a good thing!

Small and Simple Bathroom Ideas 22

Make a big statement with red. In this tiny bathroom, red pops against the dark floor, white fixtures and gray painted walls. If you attempt this in your bathroom, remember these basic rules: make sure you have plenty of white for balance. Here, the long sink, toilet and accessories take some of the attention off the bright red tile. Choose mosaic red glass tile over larger size tile for more sparkle and interest.

Small and Simple Bathroom Ideas 23

Cool steel blue is the star of this trendy color palette. The dreamy blue emphasizes and complements the dark espresso cabinet and light brown hardwood floor. While darker colors can close a room in, this example does just the opposite. The bathroom appears larger, and at the same time, cozy and welcoming.

Small and Simple Bathroom Ideas 24

Using alternating horizontal rows of brown tile, a frameless mirror, and spot-on lighting makes this super small bathroom appear larger. The clean lines and sharp definition between colors gives the space a modern, masculine feel. The dividing wall between the vanity/toilet space and shower is a nice design feature to create a little privacy.

Small and Simple Bathroom Ideas 25

Small bathrooms are fun spaces to play with colors and patterns you would normally shy away from. In this bathroom, the homeowner pulled out all the stops. She went with red and gold floral wallpaper outlined in crisp, white crown molding. The gold leaf treatment on the ceiling was the perfect choice for this jewel box powder room. Boldly mixing metals, she painted the radiator in silver and added a coordinating mirror above the pedestal sink.

Small and Simple Bathroom Ideas 26

This teeny bathroom has everything you need in a very compact space. The modern sink and vanity occupy the corner next to the toilet. That area is surrounded with natural stone mosaic tile wainscoting. The half wall encloses the shower and the clear glass divider above keeps the room feeling open and airy.

Small and Simple Bathroom Ideas 27

The designer of this bathroom was unable to tear down walls to reconfigure the space, so he decided to make the best of a cramped situation. To make it seem roomier, off-white tile and the vanity mirror provide reflective surfaces. The glass-enclosed shower eliminates visual barriers and the rich wood and tile tones add warmth and help balance the space.

Small and Simple Bathroom Ideas 28

The combination of white and black in an undersized bathroom creates a true classic. The goal in this room was to give the room vintage appeal and keep it looking clean and uncluttered. White tile on the floor and walls did the trick. The only color in the space comes from the black tile band used to break up the white expanse.

Small and Simple Bathroom Ideas 29

If your bathroom is petite with unusual angles, you might feel more restricted than normal. While this floating vanity cabinet cuts down on valuable square footage, the fact that it is off the ground creates the illusion of additional floor space. Plus it adds lots of storage to this awkward room.

Small and Simple Bathroom Ideas 30

This gorgeous yet space-challenged guest bath is dressed in earthy tones and warm metallics. The custom cabinetry features a bronze-like finish and is topped with a natural stone tile counter surface. The copper vessel sink adds a touch of glamour, as does the circular wall art. Slate wainscoting and penny floor tile are the perfect complements to the space.

Small and Simple Bathroom Ideas 31

This narrow bathroom has plenty of style underfoot. Sometimes having a small bathroom works to your advantage. The lack of space is good news if you want to do something creative with your flooring. Even an expensive choice, like this designer mosaic tile, won’t put as big a dent in the wallet.

Small and Simple Bathroom Ideas 32

Designed for use in hotels, this vanity is an ideal choice for this diminutive bathroom. The natural stone counter mounts directly to the wall and features an integrated rod system along the front edge. This is perfect for a bathroom with limited wall space for mounting towel rods.

Small and Simple Bathroom Ideas 33

If you are faced with an extremely narrow bathroom space—with just enough room for a toilet and tub, just skip the shower door. In a tight space like this, go with a partial glass panel instead of a fully enclosed tub. The half panel will keep water from splashing onto the floor, will give you more elbow room, and make the room feel a little wider.

Small and Simple Bathroom Ideas 34

Replacing cabinetry, even in a dinky bath, can be a pricey project. Save money by doing what this homeowner did. Get your DIY on and update the space with paint. This basic vanity and mirror got a coat of vivid pumpkin paint to brighten up this dreary bathroom. Add new hardware and voila!

Small and Simple Bathroom Ideas 35

This may be counterintuitive, but taking big design risks in a small space makes sense. Not convinced? This black-and-white toile and striped wall treatment is just what this little powder room needed. Add some period lighting and black accessories and you have a great addition to a historic home.

Small and Simple Bathroom Ideas 36

Are you the couple who are convinced you need two sinks to keep your relationship afloat? Well, you may want to think again. This bathroom vanity space was just shy of being able to accommodate double sinks. The solution? A long trough sink. It was a fantastic and stylish compromise in this modestly sized, contemporary bathroom.

Small and Simple Bathroom Ideas 37

In homes with a limited footprint, every available square inch is important and that means bathrooms too. This bathroom may be long and narrow, but has just the right amount of space to house a full size washer and dryer on one end. So, the space officially became the master bath/laundry room. Generous overhead cabinets create storage for bathroom necessities and towels, as well as laundry supplies.

Small and Simple Bathroom Ideas 38

Standard bathtubs are about 5 feet long and 30 inches wide. Those dimensions just won’t work in a bathroom like this one. If you have a cramped bathroom and love to soak in the tub, don’t lose faith. Some manufacturers specialize in small tubs (check out European and Japanese companies). You’ll be able to find one that will fit your space and won’t have to do without!

Small and Simple Bathroom Ideas 39

This homeowner maximized storage and color in her bathroom with a custom designed shelving system that gives her vertical and horizontal storage for a host of bathroom goodies. Open shelves like these give you much more storage and gets everything up and off the floor.

Small and Simple Bathroom Ideas 40

This petite guest bathroom features white subway tile, Tiffany blue walls and a mix of vintage and rustic furniture pieces. Make your visitors feel at home by setting out soft white towels and toiletry items to ensure the will want for nothing. With amenities like this, they may never want to leave!

Small and Simple Bathroom Ideas 41

Should you put a pedestal sink in your bathroom? If you need extra storage space, this sink design won’t work. If you crave modern styling, traditional style pedestal sinks are not the best choice. Pedestal sinks are great for powder rooms or half baths that don’t see heavy use. They are a great alternative to space-hogging vanities and make it much easier to move around in close quarters.

Small and Simple Bathroom Ideas 42

If your little bathroom has blank white walls, why not consider a new paint color to open it up? Try colors like this robin’s egg blue or any other pastel. You could go with a dark color, but unless you choose carefully you might end up causing the room to feel even smaller than it actually is. In either case, tell a coherent color story to create an inviting space.

Small and Simple Bathroom Ideas 43

Even mid-size bathrooms can feel confining without enough light. Use a combination of mirrors, reflective surfaces, plus artificial and natural light. Mirrors will help the room feel more open. Shiny tile and glass shower enclosures have a similar effect. A combination of recessed and vanity lighting, along with a window or skylight will have the biggest positive impact on your less-than-ample bathroom.

Small and Simple Bathroom Ideas 44

Do you enjoy both baths and showers? A shower-tub combo is a space-saving idea for bathrooms with a limited footprint. A separate shower takes up floor valuable floor space in an already tight room. Consider using a shower curtain for your in-tub shower. You don’t have to worry about daily cleanup as with a sliding glass door, plus they’re a great way to add color and personality to the space.

Small and Simple Bathroom Ideas 45

This cramped, angled bathroom needs all the help it can get to look bigger. The window brings in light, but the glass shower wall really saves the day. It makes the room look much bigger by allowing your eye to travel uninterrupted, from one side of the room to the other.

Small and Simple Bathroom Ideas 46

While your small bathroom should be equipped with all the basics, there are elements that can be omitted to save space. It could mean things like additional towel racks, too many accessories or a vanity that’s too big. Try to cut your bathroom down to the essentials and you will have more room to breathe and move.

Small and Simple Bathroom Ideas 47

Thin vertical stripes, as in this cozy bathroom, add some pizzazz plus give the room the feeling of extra height. The brown and tan color palette looks lovely against the bright white fixtures and the coordinated floral accessories.

Small and Simple Bathroom Ideas 48

Although they’re used a lot in commercial applications, a wall-mounted sink gives a bathroom the feeling of greater circulation and frees up floor space. Try a wall-mounted sink in a traditional design like this one—you won’t be disappointed!

Small and Simple Bathroom Ideas 49

In a narrow bathroom like this one, there is no reason to use two smaller mirrors at the vanity. Expand the mirror across the entire wall. It will allow two people to use the space more efficiently and, as we always say, will give the illusion of more space.

Small and Simple Bathroom Ideas 50

These homeowners created more space and light in this bathroom by eliminating a storage closet along the back wall and adding recessed and vanity fixtures. So, what is our favorite detail in the room? The new skylight, of course!

Small and Simple Bathroom Ideas 51

This kids’ bathroom is a case in point for creating bold design in a tiny space. Every square inch of wall and floor space is covered in tile—and not even matching tile. The bright colors and patterns were selected by the little ones and do a fabulous job of detracting from the room’s limited dimensions.

Small and Simple Bathroom Ideas 52

Even a splash of color like this crimson shower curtain will add a huge dose of excitement to a small bathroom. The white tile and fixtures maximize light while the shower curtain creates a sense of drama. Keep the towels and accessories white. No more color is needed here.

Small and Simple Bathroom Ideas 53

The homeowners have a contemporary house with modern touches. So, for this guest bathroom they wanted to keep things simple and stylish. They gutted the room and replaced the dated fixtures with sleek colors, finishes and furnishings keeping in line with their design vision. The angled vanity with open shelving maximizes space and looks fantastic.

Small and Simple Bathroom Ideas 54

Sometimes a powder room seems more like an afterthought. This one definitely hits the mark with its design savvy and style. Given only a minimal footprint to work with, the homeowner purchased a stylish vanity and mirror to serve as the focal point. It can be seen from down the hall, so she wanted it to make a statement. Subtle paint, simple art and an ornate chandelier give this miniscule room personality plus.

Small and Simple Bathroom Ideas 55

Metal accents transform this white bathroom into a chic little retreat. This master bathroom may be smaller than most, but it makes the most of its limited space by using fixtures in scale with the room and contrasting materials. The dark metal vanity, trashcan and eclectic mirror stand out in the all white space. What could have been boring is now very stylish.

Small and Simple Bathroom Ideas 56

Details like tile flooring can take a little bathroom to a completely new level. This vintage-inspired hexagonal mosaic tile is a colorful choice for floors, walls or both. When laying tile you need to plan logical places where the tile stops and starts. If there is not a natural break, feel free to take the tile right up the wall!

Small and Simple Bathroom Ideas 57

If you are not a big fan of luxuriating in a tub, there’s really no sense to include one in your bathroom design. Use the space for an walk-in shower for two. This one is positioned in the corner to take up less space. The end result is a layout that’s functional and uncluttered.

Small and Simple Bathroom Ideas 58

This vintage powder room design makes good use of existing fixtures. The corner sink, toilet, medicine cabinet and light fixture were already there. The homeowner added the beadboard wainscoting and beefed up the molding around the window. The woodwork was painted white and bright aqua was used on the upper third of the wall to reinforce the home’s coastal design aesthetic.

Bathrooms With Frameless Shower Doors

If you’ve been saving up for a bathroom renovation, you have a lot of decisions to make, namely which type of shower door to install. One of the most popular choices of homeowners is the frameless glass shower door. This minimal design will add a modern, spa-like touch to any bathroom.

You can find off-the-shelf frameless models, but if your shower is an irregular size or odd configuration, a custom model will provide the flexibility you need to accommodate the space. Frameless shower doors are also more attractive, less bulky and easier to clean than the metal frame variety.

Now that we’ve sold you on frameless shower doors, it’s time to check out these amazing examples and decide which one you love the most!

Step Right In

Bathrooms With Frameless Shower Doors 59
This shower door opens from the end with a slight step up and over the curb. Natural colors and neutral limestone keep the palette light and bright. The shower is positioned at the end of the space allowing for plenty of room for a larger shower. The homeowners chose special glass with a subtle tint to give the room a hint of color.

Spacious Look

Bathrooms With Frameless Shower Doors 60
Custom mosaic tile on the shower’s back wall draws your eye in as soon as you enter the bathroom. Enclosed by a frameless glass door, this moderately sized but functional shower seems plenty big.


Bathrooms With Frameless Shower Doors 61
It’s the details that make this shower a conversation piece. The intricately designed tile pattern creates a visually stunning mosaic on the floor, walls and beyond. To keep the space from looking too dizzying, the homeowners opted for tiles of the same color. The frameless shower door and walls allow you to experience the full effect.

Light and Airy Feel

Bathrooms With Frameless Shower Doors 62
When it comes to frameless showers, never design a curb on an angle. This applies to virtually any standard or custom angle door openings. A frameless shower door can swing freely in and out only if you create a perfect 90-degree angle at the junction of the wall and door.

Tub To Shower Conversion

Bathrooms With Frameless Shower Doors 63
This clear, frameless shower door gives the occupants an open view of the space that used to be the tub. It also allows both artificial and natural light to illuminate the shower preventing it from feeling cave-like. In a smaller space like this, it is best to use the same tile from the floor onto the shower walls to create continuity and give it a larger presence.

Shower and Tub Design

Bathrooms With Frameless Shower Doors 64
The tile in this bathroom is repeated on the shower wall and ceiling. The frameless glass enclosure is outfitted with wall-mounted showerheads and integrated bench seating that blends seamlessly into the tub design.

Shower With Partial Wall

Bathrooms With Frameless Shower Doors 65
A partial wall in this shower offers a sense of enclosure, while the frameless glass walls and door give the shower a light and airy feel. Tumbled marble tile on the walls and a mosaic grid pattern on the floor provide contrast while using the same material.

Frosted Shower Glass

Frosted glass is both functional and stylish in a frameless shower. A frosted finish provides privacy without blocking natural light. The shower’s curb mimics the wood base molding in the rest of the space.

Etched Glass Detail

Bathrooms With Frameless Shower Doors 66
Frosted glass doors are beautiful but can give the shower a closed off feeling. Etched glass panels enhance the open design and provide a decorative touch. The homeowners chose an grid pattern on the frameless wall panel and door of their shower to create visual interest and to prevent accidents.

Double Glass Enclosures

Bathrooms With Frameless Shower Doors 67
This remodeled bathroom has an odd configuration, but the designer worked around the unconventional layout by creating symmetrical frameless glass enclosures that flank the vanity; one for the shower and one for the water closet. This way, no plumbing modifications were required.

Shower With a View

Bathrooms With Frameless Shower Doors 68
In this bathroom, the frameless shower is located near exterior French doors. Since there are no window coverings in the room, the owners decided to use a piece of technology to provide privacy. The glass walls and door of the shower are filled with a material that creates a frosted effect with the flip of a switch.

Shower-Steam Combo

Bathrooms With Frameless Shower Doors 69
The walls and doors of this shower extend all the way to the ceiling, allowing the space to function as a therapeutic steam shower. The frameless enclosure doesn’t interfere with the room’s design keeping it open and unobstructed.

Contemporary Styling

Bathrooms With Frameless Shower Doors 70
After creating a resort-quality master bedroom, the homeowners knew the en suite bathroom was not far behind in the renovation plan. They chose a frameless look to take full advantage of the striking tile work. Striated field wall tile contrasts the river rock mosaic.

Virtually Invisible

Bathrooms With Frameless Shower Doors 71
In this virtually invisible shower, frameless wall panels and doors are ideal for showcasing unusual tile and adding a sense of space to an otherwise cramped bath. They also enhance contemporary design elements like this floating vanity and porcelain vessel sinks.

Indoor-Outdoor Frameless Shower

Bathrooms With Frameless Shower Doors 72
While this shower may look like it is outdoors, it’s actually part of an open concept bedroom with a floor-to-ceiling glass wall adjacent to a private courtyard. Since privacy is not an issue, the homeowners decided they wanted to take advantage of the view while showering in the frameless enclosure.

Shower Without a Door

Bathrooms With Frameless Shower Doors 73
This stunning shower has a few standout features including the obvious lack of a door. The frameless shower is separated from the rest of the bathroom by a single glass panel. The shower maintains it seamless appearance with its curb-less design.

Beautiful and Safe

Bathrooms With Frameless Shower Doors 74
Subtle design elements make this frameless shower so special. Its pale green spa glass creates a soothing environment for bathers. The textured ramp from the shower door to the tub area prevents falls on slick floors.

Bathroom Vanities With Double Sinks

A double sink vanity is really something you need in your life. Bathroom vanities with double sinks offer a number of benefits – not only aesthetic, but also practical and financial in nature.

Double sinks create a highly efficient space. Consider busy mornings with you’re both trying to get ready at the same time. Two sinks gives you plenty of space without bumping into each other. You’ll also gain additional storage. Imagine having all that extra counter space and under cabinet storage.

Not only will your quality of life improve, your bank account will too. A double bathroom vanity in the master increases your home’s resale value and the odds of it selling quicker. So, with all that in mind, take a look at our 35 favorite bathroom vanities with double sinks. We guarantee you’ll find a design that’s perfect for your bathroom.

Pedestal Sinks With Storage

Bathroom Vanities With Double Sinks 75
OMG. Here’s the best solution for pedestal sink storage we’ve ever seen! The homeowner installed three freestanding cabinets in between the two pedestal sinks, creating countertops for toiletries and 12 drawers for tons of storage.

Ivory and Ebony

Bathroom Vanities With Double Sinks 76
Incredible mirror image double sinks grace adjacent spaces of this master bathroom. The designer created a positive-negative effect by using contrasting pieces in black and white. The physical partition gives each person their own distinct space.

Red and White Delight

Bathroom Vanities With Double Sinks 77
A modern take on northern European style features a double vanity and furnishings with clean lines and lots of personality. The addition of a red block wall, quartz countertops and fiberglass accent chair turns traditional Nordic design on its ear.

Dreaming of Deco

Bathroom Vanities With Double Sinks 78
Ultra fancy digs require an ultra fancy bathroom. This 1920s Parisian Art Deco design in black and white takes the cake. Two perfectly round basins are dropped into a custom created vanity topped with black granite. The space looks like it’s straight out of a vintage black-and-white movie.

Teak Double Vanity

Bathroom Vanities With Double Sinks 79
This simple teak vanity was crafted out of reclaimed lumber, as was the tub wall. The exquisite white porcelain sinks create the perfect balance and coordinate beautifully with the companion tub and sparce furnishings in the space.

Seaside Palette

Bathroom Vanities With Double Sinks 80
Close your eyes and imagine the sound of the waves lapping against the shoreline. Now open them. This bathroom is reminds us of a walk on the beach. The aqua glass vanity and stainless double sinks have a distinctly coastal feel when paired with beech cabinetry and sandy beige walls.

Separate But Equal

Bathroom Vanities With Double Sinks 81
There will be no squabbling over who gets which end of this vanity since both sides are identical same. The great thing about this space is the degree of separation and the sense of connection. Each person feels they have their own personal space yet they can discuss the day’s plans while getting ready in the morning.

Double Sink in Tight Space

Bathroom Vanities With Double Sinks 82
Bathroom vanities with double sinks aren’t just for expansive master bathrooms. Even small ones can handle two sinks. This bathroom has all the trappings of its large space counterparts. Stylish vessel sinks delineate the diminutive space as do the separate mirrors and under cabinet storage.

Modern Stair Step Design

Bathroom Vanities With Double Sinks 83
A stair step waterfall vanity is a prominent design element in this bedroom/bathroom combination. Modern fixtures and basins are front and center in this serene open concept master suite. We really love this space except for one thing: The freestanding double vanity has no mirror. We just can’t handle that.

Luxurious Dual Sinks

Bathroom Vanities With Double Sinks 84
Most tract home bathrooms today are boring and void of personality. This new construction stunner makes all the others seem downright shabby. Its dual vanities feature high-end custom materials and details reminiscent of a luxury hotel. Top-of-the-line sinks and fixtures make what would be another cookie cutter home, an exception to the rule.

Natural Wood Detail

Bathroom Vanities With Double Sinks 85
Natural wood houses the undermount sinks in this contemporary bathroom. The wood encasements are installed in a black laminated vanity creating a contrast between organic and manmade materials. The counter-to-ceiling strips of mirror further highlight the striking design.

Tubular Vanity Design

Bathroom Vanities With Double Sinks 86
One might refer to this bathroom design as “tubular, man.” The round double sinks sit atop a tube-shaped pedestals wrapped in leather. The custom design matches the freestanding tub and gives the room warm, industrial appeal.

Corner Configuration

Bathroom Vanities With Double Sinks 87
The walk-in shower and tub take up space on either side of the vanity limiting the amount of room for double sinks. Wisely, the designer opted for a corner unit giving each person counter space with shared and separate storage. The integrated countertop and sink configuration looks seamless and makes cleanup quick and easy.

Split Vanities

Bathroom Vanities With Double Sinks 88
Instead of having completely separate bathrooms, these homeowners decided they could coexist in the same room providing their vanities and sinks were placed on opposite walls. The wife’s side has the lion’s share of counter space with its sink and built-in dressing table. However, don’t feel too sorry for hubby. He has his own sink plus plenty of storage for toiletries, towels and the like.

Sleek and Sophisticated

Bathroom Vanities With Double Sinks 89
Sleek and simple sophistication is the driving design force in this striking master bath. Dual rectangular ceramic undermount sinks look super sharp when paired with brown quartz counters and backsplash.

Uptown Chic

Bathroom Vanities With Double Sinks 90
It’s no surprise that a couple of fashion industry execs reside here given the expansive dressing room. While their true love lies with apparel and accessories, they wanted the double sink vanity to garner equal attention. Rectangular vessel sinks in white echo the clean look of the quartz countertops, custom cabinets and mirrors.

Plenty of Room for Two

Bathroom Vanities With Double Sinks 91
This home is shared by two lifelong friends. Their classic Hollywood Hills abode had one bathroom and no logical location for another. So, they took the second bedroom and added it to the original bathroom creating a supersized bathroom for two. The space consists of split vanities, double sinks, a freestanding tub and enclosed shower.

Masculine Master Vanity

Bathroom Vanities With Double Sinks 92
A man most likely lives here. The wall-to-wall rich wood paneling might be your first guess but the double sink vanity design is another clue. Typically, men don’t need as much counter space as women and this one has very little. The integrated trough sink design seals the deal with its decidedly masculine look.

Birch and Quartz Combo

Bathroom Vanities With Double Sinks 93
Popular style abounds in this concise and organized 1970s bathroom. The use of light wood tones and countertops reflects the home’s vintage and ties in with the updated tile flooring. The vanity and double sink design are original to the home and extremely desirable.

Endless Marble

Bathroom Vanities With Double Sinks 94
Twin onyx sink basins punctuate a sea of swirling and undulating marble. The expansive countertop was designed by the original owner and retained by the current residents. They just couldn’t bear to disturb the room’s continuity and visual flow.

Traditional Detail

Bathroom Vanities With Double Sinks 95
These double sinks are housed in vanities designed to look like old dressers or sideboards. The custom pieces are finished in an antique cream paint technique to give them a sense of history.

Double Sinks on the High Seas

Bathroom Vanities With Double Sinks 96
Thinking about a cruise on the Mediterranean? This Italian yacht has everything you’ll need for a luxurious voyage. The handcrafted double vanity features matching oval sinks with 24-carat gold-plated fixtures to create a lavish bathroom retreat if you’re among the lucky few.

Perfect Symmetry

Bathroom Vanities With Double Sinks 97
Double sinks in snug quarters require a lot of planning to accommodate a busy couple. This modern bathroom uses the design principle of symmetry to help create a sense of equal distribution of weight and visual order.

Don’t Take It for Granite

This immaculate master bathroom uses a combination of reflective and matte finishes to showcase the pristine drop in sinks. Shimmering chevron wall coverings contrast beautifully with the thick natural stone slab vanity countertops.

Minimal Contempo

Bathroom Vanities With Double Sinks 98
Sometimes less is more when creating a double sink arrangement in a contemporary bathroom. Chunky round vessel sinks sit atop a rich wood veneer vanity. Straightforward fixtures and minimal adornment give the space a relaxing feel.

Cantilevered Sink Base

Bathroom Vanities With Double Sinks 99
The designer wanted to highlight this gorgeous ebony plank flooring by installing a white floating vanity. Delicate, handcrafted porcelain bowls adorn the sleek Scandinavian piece. The straight run of the plank flooring coupled with the clean lines of the vanity play up the bathroom’s corridor design.

Classical Beauty

Bathroom Vanities With Double Sinks 100
Classical touches make this Upper East Side bathroom a place you would like to stay awhile. Creamy quartz countertops and classic white cabinetry complement the dual glass basins, which look just like magical sea glass found on the beach.

Exotic Wood Sinks

Bathroom Vanities With Double Sinks 101
Teak is prominently featured in this Thai-inspired vanity area. From the reclaimed wood countertop, to the artisan vessel sinks and asymmetrical mirror frames, the look is both exotic and timeless.

Cozy Dual Sinks

Bathroom Vanities With Double Sinks 102
The owners of this sailboat had limited space to contend with but managed to squeeze in a bathroom with two sinks. A carpenter friend constructed the single-piece vanity and mirror surround to fit the precise dimensions of this tricky angle. We consider it a work of art.

Sculptural Basins Sans Vanity

Bathroom Vanities With Double Sinks 103
Floor-height double sinks eliminate the need for a conventional vanity in this Euro-inspired bathroom. One floating shelf accommodates toiletries while the mirror lifts to reveal a spacious medicine cabinet for additional storage.

Unusual Vessels

Bathroom Vanities With Double Sinks 104
This bathroom has a minimal vibe that appeals to our sense of style. The vanity topped with two tall cylindrical sinks is certainly nice to gaze upon but isn’t the height of practicality. You may want to think about substituting a shorter sink design if you plan to recreate the look.

Commercial Fixtures at Home

Bathroom Vanities With Double Sinks 105
It’s always fun to think outside the box when creating a distinctive bathroom. Black-and-white ceramic tile is a whimsical element but the sinks are the real stars of this show. The homeowners opted for commercial sinks and mounted them directly to the wall. The tiled ledge serves as their vanity.

Cutting-Edge Design

Bathroom Vanities With Double Sinks 106
This single base unit with a trough sink is the perfect substitute for a double vanity in a Mid-Century home. If you are looking for a retro vanity for your bathroom, this reproduction piece might just be the one. It shows great restraint while, at the same time, creating stylish flair.

His and Hers Luxury

Bathroom Vanities With Double Sinks 107
Marble, gilt and crystal are the hallmarks of opulence and this bathroom has it all. Add to that a matching marble wall mounted vanity and double vessel sinks designed by a famous French sculptor and you can say you’ve seen heaven.

All the Angles

Bathroom Vanities With Double Sinks 108
This bathroom covers all the angles. From its custom curved vanity lighting to its dual triangular sinks, obviously shape plays a big role in the space. Throw in a few rectangles, squares and circles and you’ve got a real lesson in geometry.

Half Bathroom Ideas

We all have a particular name for it. Some call it guest bath, others refer to it as a powder room but we call it a half bathroom. Whatever the case, half baths can pack a huge amount of punch into a small space if done right.

Half bathrooms consist of a toilet and sink. Period. They’re typically situated on the main floor near the front door and adjacent to the living area. Believe it or not, this small room can convert wasted space into usable real estate and increase your home’s value. If you have a ho-hum half bathroom that’s putting a crimp in your style, we’ve got 29 gorgeous idea-packed examples to make your tiny loo the most stylish room of the house!

Country Cache

Half Bathroom Ideas 109
Pick a bold wall treatment for your country powder room. A bright shade of red will energize the space. Off-white trim creates a contrast and gives the room a professional finish. Balance a bright color with wall trim for a unique wainscoting effect.

Seamless Integration

Half Bathroom Ideas 110
If you’re thinking about a half bath remodel, consider contemporary replacements for your toilet and vanity. Create a seamless look by taking neutral stone tile from floor to ceiling. Use large field tile for an elegant, sophisticated look.

Tailored Palette

Half Bathroom Ideas 111
Rich colors and graphic patterns create beauty in a half bath without making it feel claustrophobic. This high-contrast combo of cocoa brown and white gives an otherwise boring powder room a tailored touch. Add a vintage black and white tile design for extra impact.

Half Bath Jewel Box

Half Bathroom Ideas 112
This gem of a half bathroom gets its gleam from sparkling crystal sconces, a copper leaf porthole window and matching base molding. The designer found the perfect vanity and mirror to complete the look.

Metal and Wood

Half Bathroom Ideas 113
In this tranquil setting, bamboo flooring, bi-color wood paneling, a teak vanity and chunky vessel sink add spa-style luxury you and your guests will enjoy every day. All the wood surfaces are treated to resist moisture and prevent mildew.

Asian Flair

Half Bathroom Ideas 114
The homeowners wanted their half bathroom to exude Asian flair on a fairly tight budget. They found the Bombay chest at an estate sale for a steal and the designer wallpaper on closeout for $15 per roll. The wallpaper drove the overall design but the dainty figurine on the vanity brought it all together.

Tropical Twist

Half Bathroom Ideas 115
An easy way to take your tropical half bath to the next level is by incorporating the right accessories. Choose luxurious hand towels, unique lighting, a large mirror and a bright bouquet of flowers. Your guests will thank you.

Rich Detail

Half Bathroom Ideas 116
The solid marble countertop of this antique dresser-turned vanity gives the room weight. The rich Venetian plaster wall technique adds Old World charm along with the delightful sconces and ornate mirror.

Elegant Touches

Half Bathroom Ideas 117
A combination of glass mosaic tile, wallpaper and a rope border add texture and depth to this half bathroom. The unexpected addition of a glass pedestal sink means the homeowners don’t take themselves too seriously.

Green Powder Room

Half Bathroom Ideas 118
Use earth friendly materials for minimal impact on the environment and high impact in your home. This half bath is just off the front door to greet guests with a mix of warm color and interesting texture. The reclaimed wood paneling and flooring are finished with a non-toxic, low-VOC sealer.

Victorian Beauty

Half Bathroom Ideas 119
Here’s how to use wallpaper in a half bathroom. Depending on the size of the room, you may only need a couple of rolls. That way you can maximize style on a minimized budget. Bold patterns and vibrant colors make it a statement space.

Metallic Accents

Half Bathroom Ideas 120
Metal, wood and stone are strong elements that work together beautifully in a small space. The organic blend adds warmth, texture and sense of significance to a tiny half bath. Keep walls and flooring neutral to allow the natural materials to take center stage.

Toile de Jouy

Half Bathroom Ideas 121
Some of us like to keep things simple. Small-scale elements like the toilet and pedestal sink are a great solution for a tiny half bath like this one. The homeowners wanted to use a combination of black-and-white toile with a coordinating stripe to play off the room’s limited dimensions.

Interesting Contrasts

Half Bathroom Ideas 122
The stonework vanity, floors and walls contrast with the smooth white surface of the European style toilet. This powder room lends itself to drama with a capital D. It’s all about sculptural elements, texture and natural materials adding depth and dimension to the small space.

Camp Cabin Inspiration

Half Bathroom Ideas 123
One way to connect a half bath to your home’s architecture is to create a theme. This cottage is in Martha’s Vineyard, so the obvious design choices are white beadboard wainscoting, a vintage style toilet and corner sink, antique hardware and beachy accessories.

Mirrors to Fool the Eye

Half Bathroom Ideas 124
Install a large mirror around the sink and toilet to enhance the impressive marble tile and visually expand the space. This is an super sneaky design trick if your powder room is lacking a window. The mirror reflects light and makes the space feel larger than it actually is.

Understated Elegance

Half Bathroom Ideas 125
This petite vanity features a porcelain enameled cast-iron basin and cherry wood base. A mahogany mirror and glittery chandelier give the small room a reflective quality. The elegant yet minimal furnishings prevent the space from looking cluttered and enhance its visual appeal.

Modular Components

Half Bathroom Ideas 126
When a room is this tiny, anything to free up space is key. In this example, mounting the vanity on the wall frees up floor space. Using a pocket door instead of a standard door that swings into the room eliminates the need for door clearance.

Band of Stripes

Half Bathroom Ideas 127
This half bath has such a tiny footprint, adding a bit of extravagance goes a long way. A band of striped mosaic tile runs completely around the room from floor to ceiling in this contemporary space. Its bright serape-like colors give the room a big dose of style and fun.

Pop Goes the Color

Half Bathroom Ideas 128
Repetition of color and shape will make your little half bath design look pulled together. This room is covered in floor to ceiling tile in an unenticing khaki. The introduction of intense color by way of bright orange tile squares takes the design from bland to beautiful.

Recycle Furniture Pieces

Half Bathroom Ideas 129
Using freestanding furniture makes a small bathroom feel like a decorated room rather than a utilitarian space. Look for inexpensive pieces at garage sales or recycle furniture you already have in your home. This diminutive vanity was created by repurposing an old Queen Anne table and topping it with a countertop-basin combination.

Drapery Drama

Half Bathroom Ideas 130
Subtle wallpaper in a neutral shade adds warmth, character and dimension to this tiny guest bath located right off the foyer. The reproduction vintage faucet and marble countertop enhance the look of the painted dresser/vanity. The sumptuous velvet drapery creates drama and privacy.

Custom Woodwork

Half Bathroom Ideas 131
Such a small footprint makes it super easy to curate the space. Inject personality by layering in understated details. The handcrafted vanity is a true work of art. The clear vessel sink, candles, mirror and sconces help keep the room open and airy while letting the one-of-a-kind vanity shine.

Statement Mirror

Half Bathroom Ideas 132
Don’t forget about a mirror and lighting in your half bath. Matching sconces hung on either side of a Venetian mirror add sparkle like a pair of earrings. The mirror and sconces accessorize the space and enhance the design.

Clean Lines and Modern Fixtures

Half Bathroom Ideas 133
The hammered pewter sink plays off the color of the wall and floor tiles. Its smoothness and round shape against the hard, angular surfaces creates contrast and gives the eye a place to rest.

Vintage Space Savers

Half Bathroom Ideas 134
This retro powder room has some great space-saving features. Wall-mounted accessories like the soap and glass holders make them the perfect solution in a limited space. The small footprint of a pedestal sink makes it a smart design choice.

Nature’s Textures

Half Bathroom Ideas 135
In this Chicago bungalow’s half bath, the bamboo vanity blends perfectly with the stacked stone veneer backsplash. The white vessel sink, bamboo mirror frame and oak flooring bring the natural design full circle, giving the room Prairie Style with a contemporary twist.

Focal Point

Half Bathroom Ideas 136
Vessel basins make a great alternative to traditional drop-ins and under mount sinks. The dimensions must be carefully planned or your vanity might be too high to accommodate the bowl. They’re difficult to keep clean, so using them in a room where they get less use makes good sense.

Coastal Hues

Half Bathroom Ideas 137
Everything in this half bath is in perfect proportion to the room. The homeowners kept the fixtures and furniture smaller in scale and the number of pieces to a minimum. In addition, they used nautical blue beadboard paneling to create a delightful coastal feel.

10 Bathroom Mirror Ideas

The perfect bathroom mirror is the finishing touch to any bathroom.  Tiles and fixtures are of obvious importance to any bathroom design, but they are only secondary elements. The most magical items you can have in the bathroom are mirror and lighting.

Vanity mirrors can be super simple or basic, but it really doesn’t have to be so plain. You will also need a cabinet for storage, and those things have less stylistic choices. But with mirrors, there is a world of possibilities. This is where you can express your personal taste and choices.

If your vanity looks a little lackluster, it might be the best time for you to look for some new bathroom mirror ideas.  There are bathroom mirrors for every style and design. Whether you have a contemporary, sleek, elegant or traditional bathroom theme, you can find the bathroom mirror that suits you perfectly. Here are some of the bathroom mirror ideas for you to decide on the perfect piece to add sparkle to your morning or evening routine.

Here are 10 Bathroom Mirror Ideas to spruce up your bathroom

1. Double Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Double Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Photo by Swabdesign_official on Unsplash

For double vanity, a double mirror can be a top design choice. This will involve a pair of exactly the same size and shape of mirrors that will be hung above each sink. This will add symmetry and style to an otherwise bland wall. You may also hang two mirrors over a long single sink to for a more stylish impact without overdoing the mirror thing.

2. Mirror for A Wall

10 Bathroom Mirror Ideas 138

Photo by Vecislavas Popa from Pexels

If you can’t decide on the size, frame or shape of your bathroom mirror ideas, why not go for a whole wall of a mirror instead? You can opt to place a wall-sized mirror for your vanity and you will also have a bathroom that feels bigger and better despite its small size. The wall mirror does not have to be floor to ceiling, instead it can be placed wall to wall. It can occupy one or two walls, from waist high or even chest high up to the ceiling.

3. Large Round Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Large Round Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Photo by Christa Grover from Pexels

Large round bathroom mirror ideas are not new, but it is still a very popular option. It is a classic choice for most bathrooms because of its ability to soften sharp angles, especially in contemporary spaces. For bathrooms with double vanity sinks, it can be challenging to place a regular sized mirror, but a large round mirror can do the trick. If you happen to have a single vessel sink, then it’s even better to have a round mirror. One tip from the designer is to place it off-center to have a new spin on the usual. For those with geometric shaped tiles, the round mirror provides a counterpoint which breaks the pattern. This in turn lets the eye focus on the mirror with the geometric patterned tiles fading to the background.

4. Gilded Mirrors

Round Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Photo by Aa Dil from Pexels

Gilded framed mirrors provide a silvery sparkle to your mirrored surfaces. These golden elements also provide warmth and elegance to the most casual bathrooms. This bathroom mirror idea is a great choice if your bathroom has an overall light-colored theme. The gilded mirror is not a simple thing to mount fronting the sink. However, if there is enough space in the bathroom, it can be used to great effect.

5. Sculptural Framed Mirrors

10 Bathroom Mirror Ideas 139

Photo by Aa Dil from Pexels

Those who want to achieve something really unique for their bathroom design can choose sculptural frames or unusually shaped frames. This will make the bathroom mirror the focal point in the room. These unique statement pieces will also work as an alternative to your pricey art pieces which you cannot display in the bathroom. Sculptured mirrors are generational and in today’s post modern interior design it is the thematic opposite of minimalist furniture. This makes it stand out more than it should be.

6. Antique Bathroom Mirrors

10 Bathroom Mirror Ideas 140

Photo by julie aagaard from Pexels

The mirror is just one of the things that look better when they age. If you want something that is unique, classy and one of a kind bathroom mirror, skip the factory-produced piece and scour vintage shops instead. You can find a beautiful antique piece that is full of charm, history and some pretty imperfections that give the mirror its unique character. Even if it was not a wall mirror, but a standing full-length mirror, it would still have a place in the modern bathroom.

7. Colorful Bathroom Mirrors

10 Bathroom Mirror Ideas 141

Photo by julie aagaard from Pexels

Using a colorful mirror frame is a creative way of adding a pop of color to your bathroom. Most homeowners prefer neutral colors as their overall theme. Thus, playing with vibrant hues and using creatively shaped frames gives your bathroom a fun and whimsical feel. Adding color beyond white, warm white and cool bluish light is not an easy feat. Tread carefully in using colors with mirrors. The mirror should fit in with the bathroom theme. In addition, the color might be a little off and not show proper skin tones.

8. Minimalist Mirror Design

10 Bathroom Mirror Ideas 142

Photo by Vecislavas Popa from Pexels

Contemporary minimalist bathroom design will surely want something that will go well with the streamlined and sleek design. Choose a mirror with a basic shape. Go for a frameless or a slim border to achieve that minimalist look.

9. Triptych Bathroom Mirror

A triptych mirror will give your bathroom the kind of Old Hollywood dressing room style. This can be placed above the sink or over a nicely done vanity with a vintage table.

10. Multi-Mirrored Bathroom

10 Bathroom Mirror Ideas 143

For larger and spacious bathrooms, homeowners can place a large mirror in the center of the vanity wall and place paned mirrors on both sides.  Several mirrors placed strategically will make the place feel bigger without sidetracking from the real functions of the mirror.

How to Decorate a Bathroom Mirror

If you can’t decide on a frame and bathroom mirror style, you can easily work up something to decorate the bathroom mirror according to your tastes and with your labor of love.

You can look up Pinterest or websites for DIY efforts on decorating the bathroom mirror. Depending on the kind of theme you want to achieve, you can use some of the most unusual suggestions for creating borders like cork, branches, twigs, seashells, and ropes.

There are also ready-made bathroom mirrors that you can purchase from a home center or from a vintage store. Some homeowners would have their mirrors customized to achieve the kind of decor and ambiance they want for their bathroom.

Is a Large Bathroom Mirror Out of Style?

Using a large bathroom mirror is one of the top style options for many homes. It can easily transform the bathroom into something elegant and spacious despite the limited floor space. It reflects the surroundings thus giving the illusion of more space.

A large bathroom mirror is often rectangular and can run the whole width of the vanity. Some also experiment with a large round mirror although other shapes like oval and square are also ideal.

Are Beveled Mirrors in Style?

10 Bathroom Mirror Ideas 144

Photo by Aa Dil from Pexels

Amongst frameless mirror styles, the beveled mirror is one of the most stylistic options. This kind of mirror has cut edges and polished to a specific angle to come up with a sleek framed look. Beveled style mirrors have thinner glass around the edges while the middle part has kept its thickness. The mirror’s bevel angles work as a prism which refracts light and creates a rainbow of colors.

Where to Buy Bathroom Mirrors?

There are several places to consider when planning to purchase a new bathroom mirror. You can check out local home depot stores and shops to look for the mirror you want to have in your bathroom. Some search around thrift and vintage stores too. If you are not convinced of those you found in your locality, it might be best to check out online stores too. There are unlimited options when you search for bathroom mirrors online.  Find the best deals offered like free delivery and installation so you will not have any issues at all.

Modern Bathroom Ideas

Create a private retreat that’s as gorgeous as it is functional.

You’ve been thinking about giving your bathroom a major revamp for a long time. Now you finally have the funds and time to tackle the project—just don’t fall into this old familiar trap.

In our opinion, homeowners don’t take enough chances when it comes to bathroom design and ideas. Sure, bathrooms are utilitarian. Maybe that’s why many prefer to play it safe with boring fixtures and accessories. While that might be good advice if you’re trying to sell your home, it’s more fun to shake things up by giving the space a fresh new look and personality.

Start by identifying which materials, colors, and finishes are hot among designers and bathroom fixture manufacturers. Or, you can just grab a cup of coffee and check out our amazing gallery—we’ve made it our mission to share the best in bathroom design to help you create a private retreat that’s as gorgeous as it is functional.

Modern Bathroom Ideas 145

The love affair with freestanding bathtubs is reaching a fever pitch. And why not? They’re incredible sculptural elements that exude a sense of calm and relaxation no standard shower or tub can match. We want our bathroom to be the ultimate in decadence. The freestanding bathtub fulfills that fantasy.

Modern Bathroom Ideas 146

When choosing a bathroom vanity or sink surround, consider the finish. Whether you’re looking at a single vessel style or long, double-sink configuration, the easy choice is white cabinetry. White cabinets are the perfect choice for white tile and basic fixtures. If you’re more adventurous, consider a natural hardwood that stands up to humidity, like beautiful teak.

Modern Bathroom Ideas 147

Mix things up with your hard surfaces. Think about using a combination of whites, beiges and grays in the same space. Also vary the shapes of tile you use in the room. Try a tumbled marble on the floor in an offset pattern consisting of squares and rectangles. Add interest in the shower with a mosaic border. Create an easy-to-clean backsplash with solid surface quartz or granite.

Modern Bathroom Ideas 148

Lighting is a critical element in any bathroom. It can make or break the design and your morning routine. Poor lighting choices make it difficult to pluck, shave, apply makeup and style your hair. You need a combination of bright task lighting for personal grooming and soft accent lighting to create a soothing atmosphere for evening bath time.

Modern Bathroom Ideas 149

Don’t overlook faucets, showerheads and cabinet hardware. They are the jewelry for your bathroom. If you walk in to your local home improvement center or bath showroom, you’ll likely be overwhelmed by the myriad of choices available. Bathroom fixtures come in a wide variety of styles and finishes to match any bathroom design. Take your time and give these accessories serious thought.

Modern Bathroom Ideas 150

Is bigger always better? As far as showers go, the answer is yes! Expansive walk-in showers with glass walls or shower rooms closed off from the rest of the space are quite popular among homeowners. Dual showerheads and multi-head shower systems are the way to go in a big shower. You can even transform your shower into a steam room.

Modern Bathroom Ideas 151

Tired of too much tile? Add color and warmth through paint and cabinetry. In areas located away from water, use drywall and a coordinating paint color to create a stylish and sophisticated space. Bring in stain-grade cabinetry to create depth and dimension. The wall color and cabinetry in this bathroom blend well with the natural stone flooring.

Modern Bathroom Ideas 152

Create contrast and visual interest by using warm, natural tile with rich, dark woods. This dark cherry vanity and mirror combo works with the earthy tones of the tile and accent banding in the bath enclosure and backsplash.

Modern Bathroom Ideas 153

Wall colors can affect the mood of your bathroom. Consider soft blues, greens and neutral colors to create a serene, spa-like environment. Conversely, reds and yellows will up the excitement and get you energized and ready to start the day.

Modern Bathroom Ideas 154

Make your bathing area warm and welcoming by looking to nature for inspiration. Start simply by bringing in organic materials like natural wood and stone. Here, this nature-inspired bath features natural stone flooring and walls, a wood vanity and a wood-look tile bathtub surround.

Modern Bathroom Ideas 155

For this stunner, the designer went to the extremes with technology. He chose heated flooring, a steam shower and a fancy toilet featuring a bidet, self-clean settings and a bidet. Large square tiles cover the floors and walls, creating a continuous surface. Sparkling glass vessel sinks rest on the cantilevered stone vanity.

Modern Bathroom Ideas 156

Plants in the bathroom are back. They’re great because they love moisture and act as a natural air purifier. A variety of succulents or air plants on ledges create interesting movement, but a plant wall or vertical garden like this give a fresh alternative to grandma’s trailing ivy plants.

Modern Bathroom Ideas 157

If you are on the verge of remodeling your bathroom, you need to determine your priorities regarding design and function. If you want a functional space that gets the job done and gets you out the door, this bathroom may not be for you. On the other hand, if you are all about relaxing and self-indulgence, this fabulous soaking tub is ideal.

Modern Bathroom Ideas 158

Having a difficult time finding a bathroom vanity to your liking? Consider using a furniture piece instead. You can purchase a new or vintage dresser or chest and make a few minor modifications to add loads of character to the space.

Modern Bathroom Ideas 159

If you’re in a colorful mood, add it with tile on the walls. This bathroom features floor-to-ceiling natural stone tile in dramatic shades of greens, grays and tans. The tile even carries over to the tub surround, giving the room a cohesive and embracing feel.

Modern Bathroom Ideas 160

The owner of this bathroom will never complain about not having enough storage. This custom cabinetry has ample storage for linens and toiletries and looks très elegante to boot! The soft white finish matches the wall color perfectly and complements the granite countertop and herringbone tile backsplash.

Modern Bathroom Ideas 161

In this stylish bathroom, the contractor used different varieties of marble throughout the space to create an eye-catching design. Here’s a neat tip if you are using a single type of marble: make sure the veining pattern in the marble matches as you move from floor to tub or wall to create a seamless look.

Modern Bathroom Ideas 162

Playing with pattern is a fun way to break up a monochromatic bathroom. This space is done in various shades of tan. Creating a horizontal stripe effect in the shower and a grid pattern the floor breaks up the space and creates visual interest without injecting additional color.

Modern Bathroom Ideas 163

Conventional basin and shower fixtures may become a thing of the past. New innovations will help conserve and customize water delivery in the bathroom. Smart faucets can mix and control several water sources and digital touch screen shower settings give the operator the ability to monitor amount of flow and water temperature. These advances will revolutionize the way we bathe.

Modern Bathroom Ideas 164

Homeowners are looking for custom vanities and basins to suit their individual personalities and needs. This vanity area features a floating concrete countertop stained in a lovely raw sienna and topped with an ultra-modern bubble vessel basin in bright white.

Modern Bathroom Ideas 165

While an all white bathroom looks spacious, clean and bright, some of us prefer vivid colors. This bathroom has a funky, contemporary vibe and uses four different hues of tile to tell an entertaining color story. The strip of patchwork mosaic tiles runs along the floor and right up the wall, picking up all the other colors in the space.

Modern Bathroom Ideas 166

Here, the homeowner wanted to use recycled, sustainable and reclaimed materials in the bathroom (and throughout the home). The tiles were made from recycled glass and the cabinetry is eco-friendly lyptus treated with a zero VOC stain in dark chocolate.

Modern Bathroom Ideas 167

While a bathroom of neutrals can be soothing to the soul, a color palette featuring black, brown and tan can be relaxing and invigorating at the same time. These floor-to-ceiling tiles create horizontal bands of alternating color to provide a fresh look and pizzazz to this modern vanity area.

Modern Bathroom Ideas 168

Gray is a popular color for every room of the house and it looks like it is here to stay. If you’re scared gray will make your bathroom look flat and uninteresting, punch it up with warm wood tones and pops of white fixtures and wall art.

Modern Bathroom Ideas 169

Cut down on clutter by creating smart storage in the bathroom. Here, everything is in easy reach thanks to the under counter baskets and built-in storage tower with open shelving. To give this neutral space a little zing, the owner used white towels and accessories to provide visual punch. The open shelves are great for housing everything from candles, a mirror and toiletries.

Modern Bathroom Ideas 170

Visual cues can be used to physically separate space. For example, color and a half wall separate these two vanities. The vanities are not mirror images of each other. They are a positive and negative of the same space.

Modern Bathroom Ideas 171

Unconventional use of tile is becoming more and more prevalent in bathroom design. Take the surround for this claw foot tub. Instead of doing a half wall of tile, the designer used the floor tile and took it all the way up the wall in the tub nook. And rather than using larger tile, she opted for small mosaic glass tile for a big impact.

Modern Bathroom Ideas 172

When you think of a spot for rest and rejuvenation, soft color typically come to mind. The same effect can be created with darker, moody colors and the result is every bit as impressive. The dark brown marble wall creates drama without overpowering the space. The remainder of the walls are done in large white subway tiles in a grid pattern, giving the space a sleek, modern look.

Modern Bathroom Ideas 173

Designers are into creating bathrooms that integrate into the home’s overall design. So your downstairs powder room will look like an extension of your living area more than a bathroom. Incorporating elements like freestanding bathtubs, unusual fixtures and pieces that look more like furniture will help you achieve the look.

Modern Bathroom Ideas 174

Deck out your bathroom in wood paneling. No, not that dreadful paneling in the basement of your childhood home. Think about real wood, contemporary lines and warm color. This bathroom features wood flooring, cabinets and a matching veneer on the walls. The backsplash and water closet wall are done in a stone treatment. Very masculine and sexy.

Modern Bathroom Ideas 175

We love sunken tubs, if they’re done right—and this one certainly gets an A+ for effort! This bathroom contains some of our favorite materials—natural stone, steel, glass and bright white ceramic fixtures. We also like the gray color palette and wood tub surround. The floor-to-ceiling windows give the sunken tub a dramatic backdrop and create fabulous scale.

Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Create the perfect lighting balance in your bathroom.

Unlike other rooms of the house, Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas can be difficult with regard to lighting design. Just like your kitchen, the bathroom needs adequate task lighting to perform daily grooming routines. If you end up with soft lighting, you won’t be able to see to shave or apply makeup. If the light is too bright it will create glare making it equally difficult to see. What can you do?

Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas 176

We have good news for you. Selecting light fixtures for your vanity and secondary areas of the bathroom is not as tricky as you might think. You can maintain the perfect lighting balance and still create a stylish and soothing environment. Take a look at this fabulous inspiration gallery of bathroom lighting ideas to help you choose the right combination.

Cue the Footlights

Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas 177
Most bathroom lighting is designed to function at eye level but sometimes you need light a little lower. If you enjoy an evening soak in the tub, soft floor level lighting creates a relaxing mood and also serves to safely light your way during nightly bathroom trips.

Chandelier Stunner

Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas 178
This bathroom gets a big dose of glamour from an oh-so-chic contemporary chandelier installed above a luxurious tub. If you love this look, you need to make sure your local building code allows for a hanging fixture above a tub and, if so, at what height.

Out of This World

Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas 179
Rounded shapes and a futuristic lighting package give this bathroom an ultramodern appearance. Recessed mini cans line the arch over the vanity and follow the curve of the drop ceiling above the shower and tub areas. The globe pendant over the tub creates the focal point of the space.

Page From History

Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas 180
Sometimes bathrooms are designed to honor the period and architecture of the residences where they reside. While this bathroom is equipped with modern conveniences, the chandelier and candle wall sconces stay true to this historic home’s classic Georgian character.

A Shower Reimagined

Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas 181
On rare occasion, you’ll find a bathroom with a tub and no shower. These homeowners wanted to fill that void with an art installation. The custom, floor-to-ceiling chandelier features blown glass drops to give the illusion of falling water.

Contemporary Radiance

Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas 182
There’s nothing ordinary about the master bathroom in this penthouse condo. The windows, tub and flooring are nothing short of amazing. Throw in the lighting and you have sheer perfection. The single pendant above the tub gives the room warmth and the quirky exposed bulb pendants over the vanity provide plenty of task lighting.

Functional Lighting

Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas 183
Bathroom lighting can be both practical and beautiful. The homeowner was concerned this space lacked storage, so his contractor added a niche for a wall of shelves. Lighting to the rescue–it creates a mood, showcases the exotic Wenge shelves and makes it easy to find bath supplies.

Multiple Light Sources

Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas 184
No one says you have to rely completely on artificial light sources in a bathroom. In fact, natural daylight is perfect for makeup application. According to lighting designers, the ideal lighting combination for a bathroom includes ambient (natural), general (overhead) and task (vanity lighting).

Mid-Century Mood

Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas 185
This Mid-Century home in La Jolla, California desperately needed bathroom lighting to coordinate with the stunning vanity, mirrors and wall treatment. A single bar fixture between the sink areas and two simple orb pendants provide ample light and just the right touch of mod.

Deep Purple Pendant

Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas 186
With purple accent tile on the floor and wall, this design-savvy homeowner decided the recessed ceiling was crying out for color and a one-of-a-kind light fixture. A coat of paint and purple glass pendant saved the day.

Spa Appeal

Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas 187
If you had a bathroom like this, what kind of lighting would you use? A band of subtle lighting around the tray ceiling is be perfect to create a relaxing environment. Underwater spa lights set the mood while pin and sauna fixtures add practical illumination.

Easy Being Green

Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas 188
There’s nothing like a time-out in a relaxing soaker tub to cap off the end of a stressful day. To make things even better, here’s a special lighting touch to help melt the tension away. This chromatherapy tub and recessed ceiling fixtures emit a series of calming colors to help your mind and body unwind as you enjoy a soothing bath.

Exotic Light Shower

Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas 189
Welcome to the jungle in this fanciful bathroom complete with a teak tub, bamboo and overhead lighting that mimics rain showers. Ribbons of water seem to magically flow from the ceiling. Actually it is an optical illusion created by tiny pinholes around the perimeter of the ceiling fixtures.

Illuminated Stone Columns

Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas 190
A jetted spa tub takes center stage in this striking bathroom. Wooden stairs and decking give the space an organic feel along with touches granite mosaic tile and rough stone accents. Four illuminated stacked stone columns line one side of the Jacuzzi tub creating an impressive play of light and shadow.

Warm Color, Light and Movement

Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas 191
Natural stone slab walls and flooring give this contemporary master bathroom a sense of warmth, color and movement. Cool white plumbing fixtures were used to create contrast against the warm gold surfaces. Strategically positioned LED lights to take the space to a new heights, enhancing the stone’s multicolored striations

Spotlight on the Tub

Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas 192
This area features one element and one element only – the tub. The vanity, shower and water closet are situated on the other side of the partition. Adjustable floodlights illuminate the oversized cast iron bathtub and stone accent wall. A circular window adds natural light and depth to the space.

Beam Me Up Scotty

Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas 193
Laser-like beams of light illuminate the vanity as well as the tub/shower combo. The band of lighting around the vanity mirror is lit from behind, while the ceiling and wall beam emanates from an LED fixture in the ceiling.

Moroccan Vibe

Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas 194
This authentic Moroccan bathroom is outfitted with a mix of contemporary and antique light fixtures. The modern candlestick sconces feature crisp white linen shades. The pewter chandelier was wired for electricity and graces the center of the room.

Ambient Light Is Best

Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas 195
To help create an energy efficient home, double windows were placed in the master bathroom to flood the space with natural light. The windows provide enough light during the day, eliminating the need for vanity and overhead lights, thus saving money on electricity.

Golden Glow

Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas 196
Soapstone walls in deep charcoal are given a pop of color thanks to a custom lighted wall. Sheets of a mica-like stone substance are backlit with rope lighting and give off a warm and inviting glow. A complement of recessed fixtures rounds out the lighting scheme.

Matching Light Package

Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas 197
When the homeowner was planning her master bathroom, she took a leap of faith and purchased lighting before anything else. Lucky for her, the matching light fixtures work perfectly in the space and suit the bath’s transitional style.

Custom Vanity Design

Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas 198
An artist and furniture designer created the scalloped edge vanity and the unique lighting strip above. The fixture is nothing more than a deconstructed track light kit and a wood plank suspended from wiring but it looks like a million dollars.

Bright LED Bathroom

Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas 199
This homeowner and professional makeup artist wanted a space for classes, presentations and to experiment with new techniques. The room has no access to windows, so she opted for LED fixtures that come amazingly close to recreating natural light. The lighted mirror, recessed pucks and rectangular ceiling panel do the trick without heating up the room.

Coffered Ceiling Effect

Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas 200
Identical side-by-side spaces house the water closet and vanity of the master bathroom. Each space has recessed ceiling panels but feature distinctly different lighting effects. The left side is outfitted with recessed halogen fixtures and indirect lighting around the perimeter of the space. The other side has spots above the vanity and lighting tape inside the recessed panel.

Decorative Tile Lighting

Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas 201
A custom mosaic tile design follows the curvature of the freestanding tub creating the statement piece in this elegant spa bathroom. While recessed LED lights give the space the general illumination it needs, rope lighting was installed to enhance the room’s center of attention.

Walk In Shower Ideas

Walk-in showers offer easy clean up and, most importantly, easy style.

Walk-in showers offer easy clean up and, most importantly, easy style. The showers’ large glass doors are far easier to clean than sliding glass doors.

Walk-in showers are also an easy way to lend sophistication to any bathroom, just pair the large glass doors with tile walls. These features definitely shower a bathroom with style.

Spacious and Stylish

Walk In Shower Ideas 202
This bathroom is as large as it is stylish. The soaking tub, strategically placed in the corner by the windows, allows you to soak in the views as you bathe. Double sinks and water closet lend utility. The glass block tiles of the shower let in light, but also lend privacy.

Classic and Clean

Walk In Shower Ideas 203
This bathroom serves up classic and clean style. The shower’s large glass doors showcase the shower’s white subway tile which is an ideal complement to the white and black honeycomb floor tile. The white wainscot continues the classic theme while the predominately black clawfoot tub adds an unexpected pop of color.

Simply Stunning

Walk In Shower Ideas 204
Wow. Behold a masterful work with various bathroom tiles. The walk-in shower, complete with matching tile seat, pairs beautifully with the tile backsplash. Special touches, such as the elegant double sinks and the gorgeous grain of the wood cabinets, make this bathroom extraordinary.

Beautiful Options

Walk In Shower Ideas 205
This spacious bathroom offers your choice of cleaning methods, soaking tub or walk-in shower. Dark bronze fixtures lend a pop of color against the tan walls and sandy beige tile walls. White moulding offers simple sophistication to an elegant space.

Unique Features

Walk In Shower Ideas 206
Behold this unique shower which is, bravely, positioned in the middle of the bathroom. Glass walls on either side of the shower do make the bathroom seem bigger, but privacy could be an issue. The wall-mounted mirror, however, makes a shave in the shower easier than ever.

Shower in Luxury

Walk In Shower Ideas 207
Red marble takes center stage in this bathroom. The spacious walk-in shower even offers a seat, made of the same red marble as the walls, for those in need. Behold the use of unique red marble for the adjoining soaking tub, gorgeous!

Modern and Airy

Walk In Shower Ideas 208
This modern bathroom just shines. A large spacious walk-in shower with an over sized showerhead oozes with luxury. Plus, look at all the storage compartments in the adjoining closet. Easy access to a closet with copious amounts of storage space, makes getting ready in the morning a breeze.

Light and Bright

Walk In Shower Ideas 209
This spacious bathroom is flooded with natural light from the windows and skylight. The use of white marble tile beautifully enhances the room’s light and airy feel. The homeowners’ lack of decorative objects makes this bathroom feel calming and spa-like.

Luxurious Details

Walk In Shower Ideas 210
No luxurious detail was overlooked in this bathroom. The walk-in shower features a standard showerhead as well as a rainfall showerhead while the soaking tub is sleek and elegant. The sandy tan walls make the space feel calming, but the dark brown vanity and cabinet lend an appreciated pop of color.

Magnificent Marble

Walk In Shower Ideas 211
Marble makes this bathroom feel glamorous. It’s hard to choose whether to relax in the jetted soaking tub or refresh in the walk-in shower, complete with multiple showerheads. The corner table is the ideal place to apply makeup or finish getting ready for the day.

Tile Show

Walk In Shower Ideas 212
This remodeled bathroom shows you how to incorporate a new feature, such as the walk-in shower, into an older home. The large walk-in shower is the focus of this bathroom and blends seamlessly with the space. The tan shower tiles complement the blue walls and the rug unifies the entire space.

Traditional with a touch of Glamor

Walk In Shower Ideas 213
This bathroom successfully merges the traditional with the glamorous. The marble floor is beautiful as is the large walk-in shower with rainfall showerhead and built-in radio speaker. The classic white clawfoot tub anchors the room and keeps it from being too over-the-top.

Minimal and Beautiful

Walk In Shower Ideas 214
Step into style in this stylish walk-in shower. Dual showerheads allow for two to shower at the same time while the single piece of glass prevents water from splashing into the bathroom. The heated towel rack not only warms your towels as it warms the bathroom.

Seeing Red

Walk In Shower Ideas 215
This bathroom is full of charming details. The dark red walls make the white fixtures and bead board pop while the black-and-white tile floor oozes with vintage charm. The large Oriental-inspired rug ties the room together.

Soothing in Blue

Walk In Shower Ideas 216
The homeowners expertly integrated light colored subway tile with dark wood cabinetry and this results in a bathroom with a sense of duality. One side, with the soaking tub and glass enclosed walk-in shower is light and bright while the other side, with the cabinetry, is dark and traditional. The black-and-white tile floor unites the two, seemingly disparate, areas.

Handpainted Treasure

Walk In Shower Ideas 217
Wow, this bathroom is exquisite. Beige tiles pair nicely with the white fixtures and the glass enclosed walk-in shower is spacious and spa-like. However, it’s the hand-painted arches and mural that really make you step back and say ‘wow.’

Details, Details

Walk In Shower Ideas 218
This spacious master bathroom doesn’t skimp on the details. The skylight is perfectly positioned over the soaking tub and the walk-in shower features two showerheads and a tiled sitting bench. Tan tiles and beige walls are anything but boring, they work together to make the room feel serene and calm.

Modern and Antique Clawfoot Tub Bathroom Ideas

Add a touch of luxury to your bathroom.

Clawfoot Tub Bathroom Ideas had its heyday during the late 19th century, appearing in the rich’s bathrooms in droves while being a prized possession for the average Joe in a house and for good reason – even then, the bathroom look was dramatic, especially for a piece that was double pretty utilitarian in the recent past.

Today’s time, Modern styles and Antique Clawfoot Tub Bathroom Ideas are the right decor amount of vintage bling to nearly any style counter bathroom, but looks especially beautiful with natural woods, calming color schemes, and a little bit of glamour and sparkle bathroom. A quick tip for the bathroom tub: remember – the tub’s fittings should fit the age and style of the tub first, rather than the vanity’s faucets. It’s better for those two to be mismatched than for the bathroom tub’s hardware to look out of place on the tub.

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Part Cabin, Part Vintage

Modern and Antique Clawfoot Tub Bathroom Ideas 219
A double bright white bathroom clawfoot tub looks right inspiration at home against raw pine woodwork floor, while the neutral taupe wall color decor and ties everything together without detracting from the bathroom tub in a house.

Balancing an Eye-catching Vanity

Modern and Antique Clawfoot Tub Bathroom Ideas 220
The custom vanity DIY in this light bathroom could easily take center feet stage, but by encircling the bathroom clawfoot tub with a sumptuous shower curtain the latter gains a bit of visual weight, holding its own against the rock star across the floor in the bathroom.

Shades of Blue

Modern and Antique Clawfoot Tub Bathroom Ideas 221
The key to incorporating a painted tub into your bathroom is to not try to match the wall or furniture colors to the clawfoot bathroom tubs. Instead, work with various shades of double blue tile – they don’t have to match, they just have to coordinate with the floor of the bathroom.

Play Up the Vintage Vibe

Modern and Antique Clawfoot Tub Bathroom Ideas 222
Technically, a DIY bathroom clawfoot tub works anywhere, but a periwinkle shade on the walls, rose blossom embossed mirrors and mini floor tiles have just the right amount of inspiration and vintage flair to make the tub look right at home.

Tucking it Away

Modern and Antique Clawfoot Tub Bathroom Ideas 223
Positioned in an alcove in front of windows, a bathroom clawfoot feet easy tub becomes more than just a pretty but functional piece – it transforms into an oasis with beautiful tiles.

Black and White Done Right

Modern and Antique Clawfoot Tub Bathroom Ideas 224
A bathroom clawfoot tub always counter draws the eye, and the black and white shades of this one tie the look of the rest of the room together, complete with a coordinating vanity and bathroom flooring with tiles.

Make an Escape

Modern and Antique Clawfoot Tub Bathroom Ideas 225
Thick drapery drops from the ceiling and puddles on the wood floor with copper touch, creating a frame around this regal bathroom clawfoot tub with tiles and coordinating mosaic accent on the wall.

Mixing Wood Tones

Modern and Antique Clawfoot Tub Bathroom Ideas 226
Three different shades of wood keep the eye moving in this lightroom, adding balance instead of focusing exclusively on the bathroom clawfoot tub including the tiles. Brass hardware incorporates a pop of sparkle, while muted green paint is a soothing element.

A Classic Combination

Modern and Antique Clawfoot Tub Bathroom Ideas 227
Brushed gray and white diagonal floors and a vintage steam heater blend beautifully with this classic bathroom clawfoot tub. A slightly distressed dresser adds storage and texture to the bathroom, melding form with function effortlessly.

Glitz and Glamour

Modern and Antique Clawfoot Tub Bathroom Ideas 228
Sheer shower curtains, an antiqued silver mirror, and elaborate chandelier hold their own against this bathroom clawfoot tub with polished metal fittings. And the red ribbon tying back the curtain? That’s the kind of touch that elevates a space in the bathroom.

Treat Bathroom Fixtures Like Furniture

Modern and Antique Clawfoot Tub Bathroom Ideas 229
A sure-fire way to add drama to bathroom space: angle the tub instead of running it parallel to the wall. While this isn’t the most resourceful use of space with water image, this room is plenty big enough to accommodate the choice. Meanwhile, the mix of warm woods and cool paint add a modern touch that complements the antique bathroom clawfoot tub.

It Doesn’t Have to Be Glitzy

Modern and Antique Clawfoot Tub Bathroom Ideas 230
This toned down room makes the bathroom clawfoot tub, which tends to scream ‘luxurious’, look like a basic fixture; albeit, a variety of beautiful one. Creamy paint, a vintage vanity, and wood paneling look right at home with the room’s star.