Modern Master Bathrooms

A master bathroom should be an escape from the rest of the house.

A master bathroom should be an escape from the rest of the house, but all too often it becomes the last room to receive a makeover; after all, only the owners tend to venture inside (barring any prying guests).

You’ll notice a common theme in all of these spaces: custom cabinetry works beautifully in any size room, balancing larger spaces and making those on the smaller side seem inviting; living and bedroom furniture easily look at home in the bathroom; and a healthy mix of different types of lighting, from skylights and windows to recessed lights and chandeliers, keeps even the richest color pallets from feeling overwhelming.

Regal Neutrals

Modern Master Bathrooms 1
Warm taupe walls paired with a crisp white ceiling highlight the room’s architectural features, while rich warm wood cabinets act as an anchor in an otherwise airy space, working to balance the massive tub.

Grecian Drama

Modern Master Bathrooms 2
Hand-painted sky details on the ceiling and airy drapery push the elegant tub to the forefront of this bathroom. Using downlights over the vanity in lieu of wall-mounted fixtures avoids overloading the room with eye-catching features, so that those included (like the stunning detail around the shower door) shine.

Unexpected Pieces

Modern Master Bathrooms 3
Using light fixtures and living room-style furniture in a bathroom transforms an oft-utilitarian space into a luxurious escape. Chandeliers and sconces move out of the dining room to replace standard vanity lighting, while a repurposed console table transforms into a one-of-a-kind vanity.

Modern Without the Chill

Modern Master Bathrooms 4
This spaces balances classic features like a bay window and stone counters with slick, glossy floor tiles and a glass shower to add a modern edge that doesn’t feel sterile or sharp. Although the natural light here is astonishing, ample task lighting ensures that the beautiful space is simultaneously functional.

A Mossy Oasis

Modern Master Bathrooms 5
Mossy green pairs beautifully with shades of gray and white to create a spa-like space begging you to take a long bath and spend hours pampering yourself. Gold hardware adds a touch of unexpected warmth to balance the wall of mirrors and marble floors.

Warmth Without Yellow

Modern Master Bathrooms 6
Beige tones can make a space feel a bit unkempt, but sticking closer to the neutral side strikes the perfect balance between warmth and boring. An intricate chandelier plays off the glass shower enclosure and satin finish of the painted vanity cabinets to add a touch of sparkle, while the use of four separate types of tile keep the space interesting yet not overly busy.

A Modern Take on Brown

Modern Master Bathrooms 7
Brown tones tend to illicit 90s nostalgia, but the eclectic mix of finishes in this bathroom, from the one-of-a-kind stone counters to the delicious soaker tub with a slopped back, pair up with ample natural light to create a space that’s rich yet current.

An Extension of the Bedroom

Modern Master Bathrooms 8
Custom furniture-style cabinetry offers the perfect amount of elegance to hold its own against graceful marble flooring. A chandelier over the tub and a huge area rug in place of individual bath mats makes this master bathroom feel like a part of the bedroom instead of a completely separate space.

A Careful Balance for Columns

Modern Master Bathrooms 9
Rich wood cabinetry balances white tiles, a massive glass shower enclosure, and regal columns surrounding a step-up bathtub, an architectural feature that easily makes a room feel lopsided. Ample recessed lighting keeps the space bright and cheerful without overwhelming with an elaborate fixture.

Framing a Standout Tub

Modern Master Bathrooms 10
Take the concept of dual vanities to a new level with matching pieces framing a gorgeous soaker tub. The upper cabinetry not only provides more storage, but prevents the vanities from feeling ‘lost’ in this huge master bathroom, creating the perfect foundation for a stunning cove ceiling.

Art-Like Tilework

Modern Master Bathrooms 11
There’s nothing quite like a master bathroom with a fireplace. Elegant tile work creates a frame around the tub and firebox. When flanked by matching vanity spaces, the entire ‘unit’ becomes one show-stopping piece.

Working with Available Lighting

Modern Master Bathrooms 12
An area rug adds texture and dimension to this space, while a large soaker tub tucked away in an alcove creates a true spa-like escape. What this space lacks in natural lighting it makes up for with strategically placed fixtures and a crystal-clear glass shower enclosure that amplifies the light that is available.

Private Spaces in a Shared Bathroom

Modern Master Bathrooms 13
Dual vanities take on an air of privacy with upper cabinetry separating the two ‘work stations’. Reflective shelving placed close to the ceiling amplifies the delicate vanity lights’ output, while the black metal frame around the shower enclosure ties together the rest of the room’s fixtures.

Windows to Frame a Space

Modern Master Bathrooms 14
Here, the tub takes center stage with stunning windows, a frame of columns, and a regal step-up arrangement. A slipcover over a basic chair adds warmth to the room, playing off the traditional look of the cabinetry.

Traditional Woods Marry Elegant Architecture

Modern Master Bathrooms 15
A room this size lends itself beautifully to full walls of cabinets and a bathtub fit for a king. The rich wood tones and brushed nickel fixtures pair handsomely with taupe tiles, keeping the space simultaneously grounded yet bright.

Making Room for a Dream Tub

Modern Master Bathrooms 16
Proof that a huge tub can work in even small-ish master bathrooms, a beautiful blend of varying shades of white keeps the room feeling open and big, despite the real estate lost to the spa-inspired tub.

Blending Three Show-Stopping Features

Modern Master Bathrooms 17
The huge shower (complete with an overhead spray), antique tub, and massive dual vanity could easily overwhelm each other. But the glass enclosure, alcove for the tub, and relatively simply cabinetry allow these three beauties to complement each other rather than duke it out for your attention.

A Cozy Escape

Modern Master Bathrooms 18
Warm wood cabinetry finished to match the space’s trim work plays beautifully against the stone tiles and antique bronze fixtures. The natural light from the sky lights and windows reflect off of the massive shared vanity mirror, while strategically placed light fixtures eliminate any shadows to create an inviting space.