White Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Nothing beats the simple and clean look of a white bedroom.

Nothing beats the simple and clean look of a white bedroom. While White Bedroom Decorating Ideas are a solid foundation for almost any color scheme, we’re taking it all the way from floor to ceiling and wall to wall. The challenge is to keep it from looking empty and cold.

White is a positive color known for purity and perfection. Whether you lean toward romantic, modern, boho or vintage style, white is the perfect choice to create a stylish master bedroom. Doing white the right way will have you floating on cloud nine at the end of a stressful day.

To avoid the clinical look, use a grounding color such as grey or black in the room. A mix of white and off-white in a variety of luscious textures will transform a plain white space into a warm and inviting sanctuary. This fabulous gallery of white master bedrooms will help you create a chic retreat to call your very own.

Bright and Trendy

White Bedroom Decorating Ideas 1

Crisp white walls and curtains look neat and straightforward in this sunny, city master bedroom. The snow-white surfaces bounce light all around the space, emphasizing the lofty architecture. Simple white bedding, furniture and accessories reinforce the look. The natural tones in the area rug help to warm the room

Layered Look

White Bedroom Decorating Ideas 2

While large in size, this white master manages to retain a cozy feel by layering textures and shades of white. The soft tan headboard and drapes give the space a cocoon-like feel. The white shag rug, silk comforter and crisp, cotton sheets add luxury and comfort.

Shades of White

White Bedroom Decorating Ideas 3

White doesn’t necessarily mean cold and stark. In fact, the range of white colors for a master bedroom will make your decision-making process quite difficult. Depending on the nuance, white can take on completely different looks. In this bedroom, all the fabrics and furnishings have warm undertones, giving the space a luxurious feel.

Notable Accents

White Bedroom Decorating Ideas 4

For a stylish look, adding texture and pattern to a white master bedroom will take it from dull to dramatic. Louvered window shutters add a sense of pattern to the billowy curtains. Custom wire pendants give the space an industrial look. The wood beams highlighting the headboard wall add a touch of nature to the all-white room.

Clean and Comfortable

White Bedroom Decorating Ideas 5

This understated master bedroom has become the homeowner’s favorite spot to hide from the day’s distractions and stresses. Cool white walls, the beautiful, upholstered leather bed and the charcoal cashmere throw create the perfect spot for total rest and relaxation.

Seaside Serenity

White Bedroom Decorating Ideas 6

When used with purpose, white becomes a key element of a master bedroom’s design. This designer highlights the room’s adjoining sea view by leaving the wall of windows unadorned and creating a sense of privacy with wispy, white bed curtains.

Rustic Elegance

White Bedroom Decorating Ideas 7

White bedding and a modern, integrated headboard create quite the juxtaposition in this log cabin master bedroom. An elegant chandelier, soft curtains and a comfy shag carpet bring luxury to this North woods getaway.

Artfully Inspired

White Bedroom Decorating Ideas 8

Get decorating inspiration from art. In this master everything is white, short of the owner’s collection of modern paintings that grace the headboard wall. These statement pieces add a jolt of black to arrest the eye and create a focal point.

Tonal Touches

White Bedroom Decorating Ideas 9

It’s counterintuitive, but one of the best ways to draw attention to architectural elements is painting them all in white and adding subtle touches of color around the room. This tone-on-tone master bedroom is soft, warm and romantic thanks to the addition of creamy touches like the bench, lamps and bedside tabletops.

Taking in the View

White Bedroom Decorating Ideas 10

A wall of windows wraps this penthouse master bedroom, giving it personality and style. Really, the only other thing the space needed was a statement bed to complete the design. The simple lines and reflect the room’s contemporary style and clean look.

Natural Selection

White Bedroom Decorating Ideas 11

Natural wood paneling gives this white master bedroom a rugged feel that looks stylish but can be too harsh if not done properly. In this case, some of the boards were visually lightened with a whitewash of glaze and paint.

Playing Up Assets

White Bedroom Decorating Ideas 12

Use white to highlight your bedroom’s greatest assets. In this master space, the designer focused on the architectural headboard wall with bands of subtle backlighting. Other sources of lighting, like the bedside lamps, wall sconce and modern pendant add visual warmth to the other white furnishings.

Blank Gallery

White Bedroom Decorating Ideas 13

In this minimal, white master bedroom, the owner created a gallery-like wall with two oversized blank canvases. They’re absolutely perfect placed against the painted brick wall. The carefully selected furnishings like the platform bed, industrial floor lamps and spool side table keep things interesting and real.

Bedroom Closet Combo

White Bedroom Decorating Ideas 14

This combination master bedroom and dressing room is a dream come true. This luxe look was created by using a monochrome palette consisting of white walls, an overstuffed bedframe, a white leather bench and artwork with a bold splash of color.

Antique White

White Bedroom Decorating Ideas 15

Create a distinctly feminine vibe with a white-on-white color scheme. This spacious master bedroom features sheer, flowing curtains, Irish linen bedding, antique white furniture and romantic wall sconces that are period to the home.

Subtle Contrasts

White Bedroom Decorating Ideas 16

A great way to showcase a white master bedroom is to emphasize contrasts. This prevents your white bedroom from looked washed out and lifeless. The warm wood flooring, wardrobe and pivoting door to the en-suite give the space a rustic, cottage-inspired feel. The tufted natural linen headboard provides another layer of texture and color.

Happy Space

White Bedroom Decorating Ideas 17

White is the perfect color to expand the look of a cramped space. In this tiny master bedroom, bright white walls, furniture and accessories reflect natural light, making the entire room feel much more open and spacious. The dresser mirror and mercury glass lamps add a reflective quality that also makes the space feel larger.

Royal Quarters

White Bedroom Decorating Ideas 18

This master bedroom in creamy white is definitely suited for royalty. Make your bedroom extra relaxing by layering varying shades of white. In this space, different tones from cream to almost butter yellow mix to create an opulent retreat fit for a queen.

Contemporary Silhouette

White Bedroom Decorating Ideas 19

Tailored upholstery in rich black leather and sumptuous white bed linens create a contemporary look in this predominately white bedroom. Swirling twin chandeliers and a massive floor mirror were added to give the space an artistic vibe.

Farmhouse Simplicity

White Bedroom Decorating Ideas 20

The master bedroom in this renovated farmhouse combines clean white walls, beautiful bedding and pale accent colors to freshen up the once drab space. The owner used elements like a crystal chandelier, antique furnishings and lime washed wood flooring to add interest and texture.

Monochrome Tips

White Bedroom Decorating Ideas 21

If you’ve ever tried it, you know a white color palette can be tricky to pull off. With a few smart tips you can make it work in your master bedroom. Keep the majority of the room the same shade. Use subtle variations of white to add depth. Inject texture with bedding, rugs and window treatments. Mirrored pieces can also be used to break up the white expanses without interfering with the neutral palette.

White and Wood

White Bedroom Decorating Ideas 22

You don’t have to spend a fortune to add beautiful wood tones to your white master bedroom. In this example, the homeowner chose faux bois wallpaper to create a dramatic headboard wall. The unfinished wood side table was a bargain from IKEA and the wood flooring is actually vinyl plank flooring that looks just like the real thing.

Wall Detail

White Bedroom Decorating Ideas 23

White is a classic palette for any master bedroom, but using it throughout the room can make it feel cold and impersonal. This savvy designer chose a fluffy shag rug, a huge mirror and luxurious curtains and bed linens to combat the white-out look. The wall shelves are another smart detail to create additional storage and break up the white wall.

Sunny Personality

White Bedroom Decorating Ideas 24

This gorgeous master bedroom perched high above the treetops is decked out in white, but incorporates a variety of furnishings to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The windows flood the room with natural light and the various wood tones and the graphic artwork give the room a personal touch.

Open Spaces

White Bedroom Decorating Ideas 25

There’s nothing more daunting than decorating a massive master bedroom in white. This space could have been an epic fail, but the designer knew just what to do. To perk up the white box, he designed floor-to-ceiling wood paneled closets on either side of a massive mirror. The shot of color breaks up the space and gives it a chic and contemporary air.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms

Give the master bedroom prominence it deserves.

Step inside the private sanctuary of the master bedroom. It’s a place disconnected from the outside world. The master bedroom is a sensual retreat designed to pamper and delight. Unfortunately, it is the one room that most homeowners leave until the very last to decorate. Give it the prominence it deserves. You are worth the effort.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 26

A luxury master bedroom can mean anything from ornate and sumptuous to sleek and minimal. However, it should have a touch of sophistication, comfortable furnishings and an unforgettable presence. A space you’ll look forward to coming home to every day.

If you think all master bedrooms are created equal, think again. Check out our gallery of the most luxurious, desirable and over-the-top designs ever imagined. Each of these master bedrooms reflects diverse personal tastes, styles and individual lifestyles. What they all share is a sense of solitude and serenity—a place to nurture the mind, body and spirit.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 27

Reach for sky in this midtown master bedroom. The platform bed and integrated nightstands are designed to lay low so they don’t interfere with the focal point of the room—the expansive view. The teak construction is gorgeous and certainly worth mentioning as is the solid stone accent wall and double drum pendant light.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 28

Consider purchasing artwork created by local artists to make your master bedroom truly personal. The low headboard lets this one-of-a-kind coastal triptic shine. This seaside condo suite reflects the homeowner’s taste with its sleek lines, minimal furnishings and wild zebra rug.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 29

This master works with a tried and true color palette of brown, blue and tan. The room is divided into two distinct spaces for sleeping and relaxing. The dark plank flooring grounds the space. The homeowner wanted this to be a kid-free, parent-only zone. We think the designer knocked this one out of the park!

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 30

Nothing says luxury more than cushy, fluffy, comfortable bedding. Purchase the best, plushest comforter you can afford and add scads of overstuffed pillows. There’s just something about lots of overfilled pillows—and spring for down instead of poly fill. It will give your master bedroom a sumptuous hotel feel.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 31

Add a pendant light fixture or chandelier to create an instant sense of luxury in your master bedroom. The hanging fixture should be a statement piece and coordinate with the other design elements in the room. The good news is, it doesn’t have to cost fortune—many retailers have economical options that look like a million!

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 32

Architectural details abound in this South Carolina carriage house. From the built-in window seat to exposed brick that’s well over a century old, this master bedroom exudes southern charm. Throw in a few contemporary design elements like the black bedside chandeliers, platform bed and newly reupholstered antique chair and you’ve got a truly unique and luxurious haven.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 33

Here’s an upscale take on dude ranch sleeping quarters. This master bedroom exudes far more elegance than any bunkhouses we’ve ever seen! The metal garden tables used for nightstands are the perfect complement to the ornately carved antique bed featring the finest of linens. The colors in the room reflect the great American West. Our favorite piece has to be the bench covered in cowhide—it gives the room a fun, cowboy feel.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 34

This master bedroom feels just like a luxurious hotel suite. The relaxing seating area is the perfect spot to enjoy a glass of wine as the sun dips below the horizon. The sleeping area features a roomy king bed with super soft linen sheets and duvet cover. The tonal color palette is as comfortable as the furnishings themselves.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 35

The headboard, bedding, floors and ceiling are done in a creamy neutral hue to establish a serious, masculine feel that’s reinforced by dark wood paneling, furniture and accessories. Recessed lights add dimension to the luxurious master.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 36

Here is an extremely subdued take on traditional Moorish design. The master bedroom features a wall that divides the room and serves as the headboard. The cutout or pass-through is draped in ethereal silk in the colors of the sand. Hand hammered metal sconces flank the bed. The bed itself is impeccable in its simplicity. White bed linens create a cool respite from the desert heat. The richly colored pillows and silk bed runner provide subtle color.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 37

This warm, wood-paneled master bedroom is an artful blend of traditional and modern furnishings. The skillful mixing of the items creates an eclectic look that reads luxurious. The faded stripe duvet and decorative pillows give this impressive suite a cozy cabin feel.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 38

We have found a master bedroom for the ages! These rooms comprise a small portion of an extensive master bedroom suite. Classic and refined, the color palette doesn’t shout, it whispers, “Come in and relax. It’s the perfect afternoon for a nap.” And who could argue? Take a nap, read a book and while away the day without ever leaving the bedroom.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 39

Don’t be afraid of brown in the bedroom. The right shade of this rich, decadent color can work fabulously as a color for your walls, bedding or accessories. In this master bedroom, the elegant satin duvet and pillows create a beautiful ground for the crisp white sheets and tufted wingback headboard. As long as your room is bright enough, brown can actually lift the mood in a room rather than bringing it down.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 40

This floor plan works perfectly for the lucky owner of this master bedroom suite. The space includes a four-poster bed and side tables. The fireplace is the focal point. Custom cabinetry is in the adjacent dressing room eliminates the need for any other furniture in the sleeping quarters. Stunning confetti-colored carpet plays well with the begonia comforter and artwork. Recessed cans in the tray ceiling add plenty of general and task lighting.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 41

Jump into a sumptuously dressed bed, and you’ll be living in the lap of luxury. The bedding in this master bedroom is the perfect example. It is used just like a painter would add color to a canvas. The linens coordinate with the curtains and other soft furnishings in the room. It is a neutral color scheme that works beautifully in the space.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 42

Inspired by her client’s heritage, this designer created a Parisian artist’s loft in a downtown warehouse. This master bedroom design incorporates unfinished floor planks, exposed brick walls and support beams. A metal French canopy bed takes center stage in the space, giving the loft space a feminine feel.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 43

This master suite is all about the glam. The fabrics, wall color and lighting in the room were chosen to reflect and bounce light around the room. A custom bed frame features linen fabric with metallic threads. The chandelier and companion table lamps shimmer in the afternoon sun and cast a glow onto the glazed taupe wall paint.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 44

For a touch of drama, this homeowner used various intensities of black and gray in fabrics as well as in the rug, headboard, feature wall and accessories. Subtle differences in pattern and texture bring contemporary elements to what would be considered classic interior design.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 45

This master bedroom may be narrow but it packs a big design punch. The draperies and sheers are motorized allowing for room darkening at night and privacy during the day. The bed with built-in nightstands and wardrobes are the only furnishings in the space. Soft white upholstery and quilted bedding pops against the dark stained flooring. A lacy drum pedant lights the room and repeats the color of the window treatments.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 46

Master bedrooms with plenty of space can easily accommodate a desk or vanity area. This charming design places the desk opposite the bed and centers the TV directly above. A bedroom can easily handle practical elements while still maintaining an elegant feel.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 47

Use color to create consistency when using disparate types of furnishings in a master bedroom. The chocolate brown bed frame, nightstand and ceiling beams give the room a pulled together look. A neutral color palette further unites the space. The warm nutmeg wall color and abstract artwork lends a luxurious touch.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 48

Art deco luxury meets modern technology in this environmentally friendly master bedroom. Practical attributes like energy savings and a reduced carbon footprint blend harmoniously with luxurious furnishings like the chic upholstered headboard and blond maple nightstands. Throw in sumptuous organic bedding and you have a match made in heaven.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 49

Indoor-outdoor living is the main goal in this tropical retirement condo. This residence, set on a nature preserve, is designed to make the most of the natural surroundings. Oversized sliding doors span the bedroom and patio and, during the hottest months, open to cooling trade winds.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 50

Most luxury master bedrooms have a statement piece of some kind. A dark wood bed, ornate dresser, gorgeous silk curtains or, in this case, an oversized paneled fireplace wall complete with flat screen television. It commands attention and says someone really important lives here!

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 51

Soft and elegant, this master bedroom has a timeless style with its comforting shades of rust, brown, taupe, sage and white. Luxury is evident in the antique four-poster bed and luscious white cotton comforter and bed curtains. Also present is an upholstered bench anchoring the foot of the bed. Simple art and antique lamps round out the decorative touches.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 52

One of the easiest ways to take your master bedroom from “comfortable” to downright “incredible” is to add plants. Live flowers, potted plants of all sizes, and trees will transition your space into the luxury category.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 53

This home situated in the Bavarian forest has gorgeous view, but none compare with those from the master bedroom. The ultra-modern space features low profile furnishings in white and ebony tones, which are purposely in stark contrast to the verdant blanket of fir and spruce trees just outside the massive window.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 54

What could be better than a master bedroom on a luxury yacht? Nothing we can think of! The luxurious master cabin of this Italian super yacht is nothing short of amazing. From the antique Persian rugs to the impressive wood paneling and built-ins, this bedroom is as large or even larger than most of its landlubbing counterparts.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 55

Bright, warm tangerine in the bed covers and accessories really pop against gray walls and white trim in this bold master bedroom. The ornately patterned wallpaper, raw wood floors and tufted velvet headboard strike just the right balance of luxury and rusticity in this apartment in the countryside.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 56

Gray is perfect for a classic master bedroom. This sexy space proves that neutrals don’t have to be boring. The room’s unbeatable combination of subtle variations of gray is done through a very tight palette. The room succeeds in creating a masculine library-like retreat. It is not cool, it’s cozy and envelops you in luxury and keeps things interesting. It’s an ingenius use of monochromes.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 26

This master bedroom is big on style and offers plenty of room for total relaxation. It features the utmost in opulence and modern convenience. From the gorgeous 150-year-old walnut flooring to the early American furnishings and exquisite bedding and textiles, this master bedroom is awash in luxurious touches.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 58

Our featured master suite has a mix of traditional and contemporary furnishings and takes inspiration from a Zen garden. The furniture sources are mixed—some are antique, others constructed of reclaimed wood and the rest of a local manufacturer that promotes responsible environmental practices. The flooring is a sustainable bamboo that holds up just as well as the toughest hardwoods.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 59

Weathered pine plank floors with a coat of white paint pay homage to coastal living in this rustic-modern beachside master. White-washed brick walls transition to walls of glass showcasing the stunning aqua sea and powdery white sand beach. Nothing else matters except the simple platform bed in this white-on-white-on-white masterpiece.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 60

In this beautifully decorated master bedroom, the designer chose the duvet cover, pillows, tapestry and rug with a variety of pattern and color, layering them to look as though they were collected over time from exotic locales. Set against the backdrop of the antique wooden bed, chest and nightstand, they look right at home.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 61

One way to create an expensive-looking master bedroom is to keep furnishings to a minimum. There’s nothing luxurious about clutter, so maintain calm with a clear floor free of books, cords and small furniture pieces. Same goes for the walls—less is more. The lighting is all the adornment needed.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 62

This casual yet luxurious master bedroom is worlds away—literally and figuratively. It is located on a former sugar cane plantation on an island in the Caribbean. The designer wanted the suite to reflect the area’s British Colonial roots. The dark mahogany four-poster bed, gauzy curtains and natural fiber rug all play into the illusion.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 63

Live like a royal in this ornately decorated master bedroom the just screams luxury. Gilt moldings, hand-carved furniture and intricate wall detail add to the room’s elaborate furnishings. Not surprisingly, the design was based on a French palace dating back to the reign of Louis XVI.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 64

The graphic black-and-white pillows and area rug make an extra bold statement in this tranquil white master bedroom. A luxurious white, pinch-pleated coverlet adds another layer of texture to the space that definitely leans toward modern. Horizontal wall stripes in black and gray add fun dimension to the design.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 65

Heirloom furniture anchors this master bedroom. The owner’s oversized armoire and side tables are definitely the stars of this room. When it came to dressing the bed, she started with solid linens to coordinate with the upholstered headboard. The subtle print of duvet cover fabric was the perfect choice to round out the buttery yellow space.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 66

A serene color scheme of white and black sets a restful mood in this urban loft bedroom. The paneled headboard picks up the geometry of the floor tiles. Base lighting surrounds the platform bed and integrated nightstands, eliminating the need for lamps in this master suite.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 67

Rich colors and plush carpet underfoot make this master bedroom the ideal place to get away and live in the lap of luxury. The bed and sofa are positioned to take advantage of an amazing mountain view just beyond a pair of French doors.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 68

The juxtaposition of the sleek bed against the curved, stacked stone wall gives this bedroom a rustic modern feel. The melding of the two establishes the luxe tone in the room. The space needs no pattern thanks to the organic wall texture.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 69

The homeowner created what he likes to call a “handsome master bedroom”. It has a distinctive gentlemanly-world traveler vibe with faded linen window panels, white walls and furniture, dark brown accents and a trio of sketches purchased while traveling through the Italian countryside. Luxury linens and a soft wool rug add to the space’s exceptional personality.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 70

With its tone-on-tone color scheme, white furnishings and accessories, this elegant master bedroom has a distinctly urban and masculine feel. The marble floor and headboard wall reinforce the tonal design direction. Chocolate brown bedding and an amethyst throw give the eye a place to rest in this sea of neutrals.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 71

The highlight of this room is the crackling fireplace and tray ceiling detail. The brilliant persimmon and white bed linens are grounded with soft neutrals throughout the bedroom. While the shocks of bright color and pattern are in direct contrast with the traditional furniture and artwork, everything works together.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 72

Gray and gold team up in this master suite, keeping the space restful yet current. The patterned wallpaper and curtains add a feminine touch, while the gray of the bed, bed linens and wing back chair take things in a decidedly masculine direction.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 73

Sumptuous fabrics in earth tones set the stage in this penthouse master suite with 180-degree views. The entire apartment is laid out to take advantage of the round building and the bedroom is no exception. The drop ceiling detail mimics the curve of the window wall. The furniture and bed are dressed in earthy velour. Plush wall-to-wall carpet continues the soft and luxurious feel.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 74

The master bedroom in this Tokyo penthouse is a tribute to luxury with a modern twist. The subdued space presents the perfect backdrop for urban living. Native wood and bamboo surfaces along with touches of Japanese motifs and furnishings give the room a sense of place without being too traditional.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 75

This light-drenched master suite with its iron canopied bed, comfy seating area and thoughtful accessories make the space a true retreat. A built-in bookcase, luxurious bed linens and mocha-latte color scheme are a deliberate reference to the homeowner’s love of coffee and literature.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 76

Keeping most everything white and beige gives this master bedroom a simple, versatile feel. Placing artwork in the lighted niche above the bed provides additional interest and creates a focal point in this clean, minimal bedroom.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 77

The master bedroom wing of this New Zealand home has an expansive balcony, massive walk-in closet, a shower that opens onto a Zen garden and a private yoga studio. The furnishings were kept deliberately modest. The designer didn’t want to compete with the breathtaking water view.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 78

The designer of this master bedroom relied on a gender-neutral palette of natural wood tones, deep brown and crisp whites. He grounded the space with a California king bed dressed in white with espresso accents. Mid century modern side tables and lamps further the androgynous direction of the space.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 79

Gold accents are echoed throughout this master bedroom by way of the Greek key pillow shams, bedside pendants and accent pieces. Even the bands of indirect ceiling lighting pick up the gold color. The white palette is the perfect foil for these tasteful touches of grandeur.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 80

Pale blue and chocolate brown are the perfect pairing for this updated Craftsman master. If you want to recreate this look, stay away from baby blue and opt for one that has hints of gray for more depth. The contemporary ceiling fixture and tufted headboard add a hip touch to the traditional space.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 81

This is the best Napa has to offer. A well-appointed master bedroom suite features a comfortable leather headboard and bedframe, reclaimed wide-plank flooring, plush bedding and indoor/outdoor living spaces to take in the rolling hills of wine country.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 82

The headboard in this luxury bedroom backs up to floor-to-ceiling windows providing an unobstructed panoramic view. The custom upholstered bed and frame are done in platinum leather that blends in with the silver gray oak flooring. A pair of low side tables holds matching sculptural lamps.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 83

An antique paneled door found in a nearby cottage inspired the designer of this master suite. He used the same type of raised panels as wainscoting around the perimeter of the room and to define the cozy, built-in window seat.

58 Magnificent Master Bedrooms 84

This master bedroom is a dramatic respite from daily life. The black-and white palette looks brilliant against silver accents that emphasize geometric repetition. It is an ideal space to curl up with an old movie and imagine you’re a film noir femme fatale.

41 Fantastic Red and Black Bedrooms

Red and black are the perfect antidote for a neutral, bland bedroom.

While a red and black bedroom might sound like a Gothic nightmare, there are so many wonderful incarnations of this bold color combination that you’ll fall in love with this dreamy duo just like we did! Put red and black together and it could create a totally contemporary bedroom for a teen. On the other hand, pair a black toile print with pops of red, and you have the makings of a romantic boudoir.

Red and black are both powerful colors, so using them in a bedroom can be a challenge. Large doses of black can come across of imposing and depressing. Using dynamic red with a heavy hand can defeat the purpose of a restful room. When taken in smaller doses as secondary or accent colors, red and black can add a sense of sophistication and drama to your sleeping quarters.

Your bedroom is a space where you spend a great deal of time. It is your sanctuary and the colors you choose should be a reflection of your personality. If you are looking for a color scheme that is slightly out of the ordinary and a bit on the mysterious side, consider red and black as the perfect antidote for a neutral, bland bedroom. So, if you’re smitten with the pairing of these two colors, you are in for a real treat. We have a veritable smorgasbord of black and red bedrooms to tickle your fancy!

41 Fantastic Red and Black Bedrooms 85

This quirky bedroom flaunts convention and takes lots of design risks. These homeowners embraced the red and black color scheme wholeheartedly by painting one entire wall red and another black. The extreme wall colors are tempered by bright natural light streaming in through the wall of windows. What could have been an unfortunate design choice turned into a brilliantly beautiful focal point.

41 Fantastic Red and Black Bedrooms 86

Here’s how to experiment with red and black in the bedroom. Weave red elements into a space with white walls and furniture. Add red touches via decorative accessories, pillows and pieces of bedding. Ground the black accents in the room by installing a gray carpet—it will physically warm up the space and provide another layer of color and texture.

41 Fantastic Red and Black Bedrooms 87

Create a red and black look that is sleek and dramatic with a high-impact ceiling effect and sculptural lighting. In this bedroom, the designer went with an edgy Asian feel incorporating natural elements along with punches of red and black. The soft wall color and white sheepskin area rug provide a neutral setting for the graphic elements.

41 Fantastic Red and Black Bedrooms 88

The combination red and black modular furniture adds visual interest and energy to this bedroom. If you can’t find pieces in these colors, check out discount and thrift stores as well as yard sales to create your own red and black furniture. A light sanding and spray paint will give you a similar look for less.

41 Fantastic Red and Black Bedrooms 89

How do you create a red and black environment if you are starting with a black and white bedroom? It’s easy! Black and white are considered neutral colors and are readily accepting of red. Use as little or as much red as you can handle—just remember it’s a bold color that can energize a room. Using red and black with white keeps things light and casual.

41 Fantastic Red and Black Bedrooms 90

A red wall definitely makes a statement and immediately catches the eye. Its warmth enhances the bedroom, but its liveliness probably needs a little toning down if you are after a good night’s sleep. Bring in a black bed and accent chair and neutral flooring to counteract the vivid hue.

41 Fantastic Red and Black Bedrooms 91

How do you choose decorative accent pillows for a red and black bedroom? There are a couple different schools of thought. It’s kind of like, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” You can start with red and black throw pillows like these and let them serve as design inspiration for the rest of the room. Or, you can leave the pillows until last using the other elements of the room as inspiration.

41 Fantastic Red and Black Bedrooms 92

Pairing red and black together will give you optimum visual contrast in a bedroom. Red lamps perched on black nightstands or red pillows nestled on an all-black bed will appear much more vivid. Off white walls and natural wood flooring keep the room from feeling too weighed down,

41 Fantastic Red and Black Bedrooms 93

Black paint can be just the right addition to a bedroom—even for a teenager. Follow the lead of this homeowner and use chalkboard paint on the upper half of the wall. The black wall, when combined with red and white graphic prints, furniture and fun accessories, gives the room a bright and modern look.

41 Fantastic Red and Black Bedrooms 94

A mix of graphic patterns with a simple red and black palette gives this traditional space an updated edge. The headboard screen and artwork impart a bit of Asian flair to a simple cottage bedroom.

41 Fantastic Red and Black Bedrooms 95

Although we hear this a lot in interior design speak, it’s really the case as far as this color combination is concerned. Red really pops when used with black! To reinforce this color scheme in the bedroom, look for a combination of red and black solids and patterns on soft goods like area rugs, curtains and pillows.

41 Fantastic Red and Black Bedrooms 96

When decorating a child’s bedroom with red and black, take them with you when you go shopping so they can participate in the design process. Though you may not realize it, even young ones have a developing sense of style. They don’t need to be in on the furniture choices, but giving them a say in bedding will make everyone happy.

41 Fantastic Red and Black Bedrooms 97

This bedroom is a very loose yet effective interpretation of the red and black color palette. The simple and sleek furniture is actually in a dark chocolate finish rather than black and the only red in the space is the artwork above the headboard.

41 Fantastic Red and Black Bedrooms 98

In a richly-hued room like this one, you can actually get a “cooling” effect from black. The deep red walls in this bedroom are extremely spicy—something was needed to turn down the heat. The designer chose a black headboard and bed frame, black vertical wall stripes and hints of black in the bedding to tame the red.

41 Fantastic Red and Black Bedrooms 99

As with color, you can experiment with different fabrics to play up your red and black bedroom. Here we’ve combined a sumptuous ink black velour headboard and duvet cover with luminous red quilted pillows in Shantung silk. The two textural fabrics complement each other just as the red complements the black.

41 Fantastic Red and Black Bedrooms 100

Bring a timeless look to your red and black bedroom with a classic menswear twist. The charcoal gray flannel upholstered headboard is reminiscent of a business suit. The ivory cashmere blanket could be interpreted as a sweater vest. White cotton bedding is the Oxford shirt and the red bedside vases represent a dapper bowtie. The look is crisp, sophisticated and refined.

41 Fantastic Red and Black Bedrooms 101

Decorating with a strong pattern can be tricky in a red and black bedroom because it can be too distracting. Stick with an uncomplicated comforter pattern like this tree branch design and keep the other fabrics solid.

41 Fantastic Red and Black Bedrooms 102

The combination of red and black works well as an accent or can be used as an overall design theme of a bedroom. This open and airy modern bedroom is very relaxing, but has graphic impact that draws you in. The striped headboard effect and black-and-white photography adds excitement without overpowering the space.

41 Fantastic Red and Black Bedrooms 103

In this red and black bedroom, the designer maintains her clients’ request for privacy with a combination of gorgeous silk curtains and dove gray sheers. The white walls and dark espresso accents add sharp contrast. The look is elegant, clean and unfussy.

41 Fantastic Red and Black Bedrooms 104

This fresh, feminine contemporary bedroom has been achieved by using red and black to their best advantage. The red bedding takes precedence over everything else in the space. The painted wall niches are an unusual touch that emphasizes the flirty color scheme.

41 Fantastic Red and Black Bedrooms 105

Red and black is a modern, stylish and sophisticated color combination when offset with gray of silver. In this guest bedroom, the upholstered gray wall behind the beds and the semi-gloss black walls create a space that feels very hip and futuristic.

41 Fantastic Red and Black Bedrooms 106

Don’t forget to consider your flooring choices when designing a red and black bedroom. If you have pets or kids you might opt for a darker gray carpet to conceal dirt and stains—it also creates a pleasing background for red and black. If your floors are hard surface tile or wood, soften the look with an area rug in a bold red and black geometric that ties in with the other room elements.

41 Fantastic Red and Black Bedrooms 107

Please the winter sports enthusiast in the family with a rustic bedroom decked out in a red and black color scheme. Choose cozy wool and flannel fabrics with a snowflake motif. Add other accessories that reflect a love for activities such as sledding, ice skating and snowshoeing.

41 Fantastic Red and Black Bedrooms 108

A wall of bamboo shades and Shoji screen ceiling effect lend warmth and textural interest to this red and black bedroom. The space also feels as if it has elements of the California Craftsman movement, which was heavily influenced by Asian design.

41 Fantastic Red and Black Bedrooms 109

Even if you have a limited budget, you can put together a chic red and black bedroom. Use existing white walls as your background. Find a thrift store headboard and spray paint it black. Dress the bed with a fluffy tone-on-tone white stripe duvet. Use plain white pillowcases instead of shams. Add pops of color with red throw pillows from a big box discounter and place an inexpensive black throw along the foot of the bed for emphasis.

41 Fantastic Red and Black Bedrooms 110

This bedroom proves there are different shades of black. The black used on the feature wall is a velvety black with just a hint of red, which gives it a magical quality. Choose a paint finish with a low luster like satin or eggshell. The effect makes it the perfect backdrop for the white leather headboard.

41 Fantastic Red and Black Bedrooms 111

If you don’t like the feel of bright red with black, soften the intensity by using rose or marsala instead. It is not as jarring and has more of a feminine quality than fire engine red. Scared to paint or paper the walls in red and black? Try temporary wall decals—they’re fun and when you tire of them, they come right off with no damage left behind.

41 Fantastic Red and Black Bedrooms 112

In a shared child’s room it is wise to increase usable space by choosing bunk beds. These were hand-me-downs from grandma and were definitely showed their age. A coat of white paint gave them an updated look that works perfectly in the red-and-black themed bedroom.

41 Fantastic Red and Black Bedrooms 113

Use white mats and black frames to highlight red wall art. This graphic punch was easy to accomplish with a trio of craft store frames, white butcher paper as matting and red construction paper as the “art” itself. The cost-effective treatment creates a striking red and black accent wall behind the bed.

41 Fantastic Red and Black Bedrooms 114

For an utterly contemporary or urban vibe, go all the way with your bedroom walls in midnight black or deep charcoal gray. If you’re afraid of the dark, paint one accent wall and make the others a light gray.

41 Fantastic Red and Black Bedrooms 115

Here’s a modern neutral room with colorful accents. The classic red and black bedroom palette is achieved with lacquered red nightstands and a black platform bed—they give the peaceful space a touch of joie de vivre and contemporary character.

41 Fantastic Red and Black Bedrooms 116

A coat of glossy red or black paint can take an otherwise boring furniture piece to sexy new heights. This bed frame and nightstand set was originally a light oak stain. The piece was treated to a super high gloss black finish in an auto body shop. It looks incredible against the red feature wall!

41 Fantastic Red and Black Bedrooms 117

Red and black is a great color combination when you want to inject personality into any space, particularly a bedroom. Here, smudged gray and black canvases in a variety of sizes obscure the headboard wall. This is a genius way to give the illusion of wall color without painting the wall itself. Two red pillows give the room a sense of drama.

41 Fantastic Red and Black Bedrooms 118

To keep your red and black color scheme upbeat, pick a couple of colors to balance the intensity. Shades of white, tan or light gray work well with red. A charcoal or dark blue could be a good companion for black. Or you can mix it up for a look that’s classically casual.

41 Fantastic Red and Black Bedrooms 119

A stage-like platform adds modern luxury to this red and black bedroom. The layered paint treatment on the headboard wall and accents of red and black contribute to its stylish design. Not surprisingly, this color combination is used most frequently in modern and contemporary spaces.

41 Fantastic Red and Black Bedrooms 120

An upholstered headboard in gray velvet coupled with black and white patterned bed linens add elegance to this bedroom. A single red rose pillow and subtle lighting add to the romantic ambience in the space.

41 Fantastic Red and Black Bedrooms 121

The intensity of a red and black bedroom can be soothed with the addition of light companion colors. In this room, white is introduced in the bedding and molding. Painting the walls a soft, butter yellow helps to quiet the “noisy” colors in the space.

41 Fantastic Red and Black Bedrooms 122

This transitional bedroom gets very little natural light during the day, making white the ideal backdrop to showcase various shades of red and black. Crisp white walls create the perfect contrast for this color scheme that suits bedrooms of a single style or combination of styles.

41 Fantastic Red and Black Bedrooms 123

A white room with hints of red and black is a bright and cheerful place to spend time. It is perfect for a diva of any age. Paint your walls white and keep the main furniture pieces white as well. Create movement and interest by adding in splashes of red and black through accessories, bedding and flooring.

41 Fantastic Red and Black Bedrooms 124

Rock the Casbah—or at least rock your bedroom with red and black Moroccan touches. In this space, it is represented in the stylized Arabesque cutout on the headboard wall. The space feels modern with a traditional twist—however, the neutral flooring and bright red splashes take the space into edgier territory.

41 Fantastic Red and Black Bedrooms 125

It is true that dark and saturated colors can cause spaces to close in, so think about room size when introducing colors like red and black. If you’re one who wouldn’t consider putting red or black on the walls, go with light gray and use punches of red and black in artwork, furniture and accessories. The large print above the headboard does the trick in this small bedroom.

34 Best Bedroom Colors

There are two main schools of thought when choosing a bedroom color: warm or cool. In art and interior design, it is said warm colors, such as red and yellow, advance, which tends to create a feeling of movement and energy. Cool colors like green and blue, on the other hand, recede, resulting in a more soothing environment.

To help you select the best bedroom color for you, it’s worth researching those that not only suit your personality, but also improve your quality of life. According to a study conducted by UK-based hotel chain Travelodge, the color you choose for your bedroom directly impacts your sleep, mood and activities.

For instance, people with blue bedrooms get the most sleep per night and wake up feeling the happiest. Romance abounds in caramel-colored bedrooms. Grey bedrooms encourage online shopping, while neutral tones promote working in bed.

Let us show how color can revive both you and your bedroom. We’ve included a gallery of perennial favorites, current trends and those you’ll see popping up in the near future.

Splash of Turquoise

34 Best Bedroom Colors 126
Energetic turquoise feels right at home in a contemporary bedroom setting. It may be bright but you can soften the look with simple designer tricks like adding texture and depth via bedding, rugs and upholstery.

Retro Look

34 Best Bedroom Colors 127
Mustard yellow has gone in and out of favor over the years. With the popularity of 60s and 70s interior design, it is back in style. Its bold nature might seem a bit much for this master bedroom but tempering it with a soft grey helps create a warm and stylish space.

Posh Purple

34 Best Bedroom Colors 128
Purple in the bedroom is a bit like pink—it can read very juvenile if not done correctly. To ensure a grown-up environment, pair purple with grey and warm wood tones. Purple also shines when combined with silver accents.

Soothing Sanctuary

34 Best Bedroom Colors 129
Transform your bedroom into a spa-like retreat by using a soothing palette of neutrals. Here, A taupe feature wall and soft white accents give the space a calming feel. The upholstered bed and luxurious bedding add to the tranquil mood.

Adding Greenery

34 Best Bedroom Colors 130
This bedroom proves you don’t need plants to create a nature-lover’s paradise. The grassy green paint color is just the right touch to give this space an organic, outdoorsy vibe. Rough-hewn floors and raw wood furniture make you feel you’re out in the country.

Orange is the New Pink

34 Best Bedroom Colors 131
Pink has been the go-to color for little girls’ bedrooms for decades. It’s still used but now we’re seeing it more as an accent color. This room relies heavily on shades of orange, giving it the same youthful vibrancy as the old standby pink.

Earthy Feel

34 Best Bedroom Colors 132
Earth tones are a popular choice for small bedrooms. These warm colors create a warm, inviting environment—a great place to curl up with a book and cup of tea. This space is as cozy as a big hug thanks to the use of sage green, burnt sienna, soft gold and warm rust.

Shocking Shade

34 Best Bedroom Colors 133
What could be more invigorating on a cold, winter morning than waking up to this bright bedroom? Modern bedrooms can handle vivid colors like this saturated saffron yellow. The homeowner wanted big impact and designer delivered with a floor-to-ceiling homage to the rising sun.

Pops of Raspberry

34 Best Bedroom Colors 134
Here’s an easy and inexpensive way to introduce color to a feminine bedroom without going overboard. The yummy raspberry red wall and bedding liven up this bland space. The addition of fun floral accents on the wall and curtains give it that “designer” touch.

Peachy Design

34 Best Bedroom Colors 135
Soft peach was on trend during the 1980s. This seaside bedroom takes that color and turns up the intensity level to create a transitional guest bedroom with zing. The saturated accent wall was the jumping off point for the coral patterned bedding and creamy accents.

Hot Cocoa

34 Best Bedroom Colors 136
Touches of cocoa in the headboard, pillows and rug create a warm and inviting sleeping space. The creamy white bedding with its brown accents act to cozy-up the room even more. Throw in cinnamon on the accent wall and curtains and you have the perfect spot to nap away the afternoon.

Midas Touch

34 Best Bedroom Colors 137
The designer of this master bedroom stunner embraces both soft gold and graphic patterns to create an elegant boudoir. The subtle gold used throughout works just like a neutral in the space. The only difference is it reads much warmer than traditional neutrals.

Beautiful Beige

34 Best Bedroom Colors 138
While beige is thought of as a traditional color, you can find it sleek modern spaces and funky bohemian bedroom thanks to its renewed reputation among designers. This warm beige paired with coordinating colors like grey and yellow make for a classic combination. Bright white trim keeps it all snappy.

Back to the Future

34 Best Bedroom Colors 139
In the master bedroom, a client’s much-loved duvet was the starting point for this combination of chocolate brown and gold. This retro color combination is coming back in a big way. It just takes the right room and accessories to pull it off.

Rose-Colored Room

34 Best Bedroom Colors 140
The bedroom of this budding young art student hints to her love of color. Normally, it’s best to keep the walls white in a girl’s bedroom to make it easier to keep up with her changing tastes. However, this creative one wanted to use rose on the walls to create a backdrop for her original paintings.

Black is Beautiful

34 Best Bedroom Colors 141
This bedroom is an example of what you can do with dark painted walls. The apartment owner wanted an unconventional look and the designer surprised her with pure black. The matte finish emphasizes the depth of color and the white and silver accents bring it to life.

Relaxing Mix

34 Best Bedroom Colors 142
The taupe walls in this delightful space work with the snowy white and grey, creating a bedroom with an incredible sense of style. The colors complement each other beautifully and maintain a relaxing vibe. We love the room’s subtle contrasts and timeless feel.

Eggplant Anyone?

34 Best Bedroom Colors 143
Aubergine is actually considered a super rich purple, but in this case it comes across as almost dark brown. It’s a color that adds an intensity that’s unequaled in the design world. The deep purple wallpaper on the headboard wall sets the tone for the space and works amazingly well with the jewel tone pillows and upholstered bench.

Red for Bed

34 Best Bedroom Colors 144
Saturated colors in a small room can detract from its limited dimensions. Sticking with a color like red will make your bedroom feel warm and cozy. It’s a color that will never goes out of style. Keep it simple by painting an accent wall. Decorate with red bedding and small accessories, keeping the rest of the space neutral.

Lavender Fields

34 Best Bedroom Colors 145
In this bedroom, the homeowner wanted to be reminded of her summers in the south of France biking through lavender fields. The color is as calming as the fragrance, so it works perfectly for a bedroom. While pastels can look a bit babyish, the choice of furnishings in this room keeps the color very classy and sophisticated.

Citrus Wow

34 Best Bedroom Colors 146
Lime green is a hot color these days. If you want to use it in your bedroom, add white to neutralize the color’s energizing effects as was done here. The lime green wainscoting effect, comforter and decorative accessories create the perfect balance with the white furnishings in the room. Or tone it down even more by introducing black and blue as accent colors.

Subtle Orange Retreat

34 Best Bedroom Colors 147
This lovely design is a great example of how to create an orange bedroom that doesn’t overwhelm. The design combines dark brown, white and a single shade of burnt orange to round out the space.

Restful Slumber

34 Best Bedroom Colors 148
The designer of the simple guest room used cheerful shades of yellow and touches of blue to work with the architecture of this 1940s California coastal cottage. In addition to looking very beachy, the color yellow (believe it or not) is one of the best colors to promote a good night’s sleep.

Classic Beauty

34 Best Bedroom Colors 149
Purple is one of the most perfect colors in the spectrum because it contains equal parts of red and blue, making it the ideal combination of warm and cool tones. It is a color that denotes wealth and stature and graces the main feature wall in this classic bedroom.

Pale Perfection

34 Best Bedroom Colors 150
White never goes out of style. This master bedroom’s delicate pale palette incorporates different textures to give the space a sense of excitement. From the frayed edge duvet, flokati rug and picture frame molding, this white bedroom is anything but bland.

Boho Basics

34 Best Bedroom Colors 151
Typically bohemian style is a mix of exotic and vintage with a hefty dose of rich color. But this bedroom is a bit different than most. The soft coral wall color manages to create a sense of drama and at the same time remains subdued by using neutral accent colors.

Navy Blue Tips

34 Best Bedroom Colors 152
Paint a single wall in a deep navy shade for color that won’t consume the entire room. Choose a soft grey, cream or white for the other walls and ceiling. Navy blue paired with grey, white and yellow creates a stylish contrast that exudes cool in a modern space.

Graphic Calm

34 Best Bedroom Colors 153
The graphic combo of black and white can work as a room’s accent colors or it can be the overall design theme. This open bedroom has a very soothing feel even with these polar opposite colors are vying for attention. The reason it’s so calming here is the preponderance of white in the space.

Monochrome Model

34 Best Bedroom Colors 154
In this Connecticut model home bedroom, the walls are painted in a sophisticated pastel blue and furnished in monochromatic tones. You can’t go wrong with tone-on-tone. The look is totally upmarket and timeless.

Silvery Nights

34 Best Bedroom Colors 155
A cool, collected mood reigns in this Chicago bedroom with its soft silvery colors and white birch floors. To give it a sophisticated feel, the designer did the curtains, walls, rug and duvet in monochrome greys. Touches of white lighten the mood and create a hotel-like feel.

A Little Shabby and Chic

34 Best Bedroom Colors 156
This shabby chic bedroom starts with a blank canvas of white walls, curtains and flooring. Pastel colors complete the look of this once wildly popular style. The color palette consists of the classics—cream, yellow, pink, green, and blue.

Serene Green

34 Best Bedroom Colors 157
Leaf green paired with white and wood tones to give this bedroom a fresh look. When small touches of yellow and blue are introduced, the room feels like spring all year-round.

Grey, Meet Orange

34 Best Bedroom Colors 158
Orange and grey make a great pairing for bedrooms. You can use grey as your base color with orange accents, like in this bedroom, or the just the opposite. Either way, the combination works well, especially in a modern or contemporary space. You can also adjust the intensity of the colors to keep it subdued or up the drama.

Updated Pink

34 Best Bedroom Colors 159
Tween girls will always love pink, but bubblegum may not be the shade they’re looking for these days. If your fashionista is shopping for a more mature version of pink, try a rich salmon hue instead. Classic furniture and sophisticated touches will prevent it from looking overly young.

20 Red Bedrooms

Red is the color of passion and glamour. Some might say a little goes a long way when using red in the bedroom, but we say bring it on! While red is a bold choice for a space used primarily for rest and rejuvenation, it is also the color of romance—so what better place to use red than the boudoir?

The color red can also be intense and emotional. It is known to increase energy levels and elevate blood pressure. For those very reasons, designers often shy away from using it on large expanses of walls. Don’t let that stop you, though. If red is your favorite color, there are ways to incorporate big doses of it without overdoing.

We think red a fabulous addition to a bedroom if your existing color scheme is predominately neutral or features colors that complement red tones. While using red as your main color is a fantastic idea, it takes a little finesse to make it work. Lucky for you, we have a gallery beautiful images to share that illustrate the right way to do red in the bedroom!

Rich and Exotic

20 Red Bedrooms 160
Red doesn’t necessarily have to be bright and modern. Different shades can be used with a variety of styles, making it much more versatile than you might realize. The rich red and purple hues in this exotic bedroom really stand out against the neutral walls and flooring.

Above It All

20 Red Bedrooms 161
If floor-to-ceiling red sounds like design overkill, try using large-scale red accents that don’t overpower a space but still add excitement. Here, the red bedding makes perfect sense when paired with the red ceiling detail. Not too much–just enough color.

Love to the Rescue

20 Red Bedrooms 162
Instead of just painting the headboard wall red, the owner of this Manhattan apartment played up the expansive space by hanging red wallpaper featuring black pinstripe detailing. The white upholstered bed, flooring and bedside table take some of the intense heat off the massive pop of crimson.

Classic Details

20 Red Bedrooms 163
When taking on a shade like red in the bedroom, the key is to neutralize it by bringing in classic white accents. The white pintuck comforter and bedside lamps offset the stimulating shade, creating a cozy and restful retreat.

Drama Well Played

20 Red Bedrooms 164
A red bedroom accent wall makes a dramatic visual statement in a sleek, modern space. A great way to add sophistication to a red bedroom is to incorporate touches of black and grey. A dark color is the perfect foil for energetic red.

Warm Wood Tones

20 Red Bedrooms 165
In this red guest room, the owner opted for wood furniture to give the space a timeless feel. Warm wood tones play nicely with red as well as the blue-gray walls. Dark wood adds to the rich color palette where lighter wood tones would just wash out.

Pops of Red

20 Red Bedrooms 166
A white and light grey color palette is the height of elegance for a bedroom, but sometimes you just need to shake things up. Red is the perfect addition to give a subdued space a sense of fun. This bold pop of red in the bedding creates and instant focal point and really wakes up the room.

Perfect Pairing

20 Red Bedrooms 167
To give a red bedroom a modern vibe, choose black furniture and accents. The combination of red and black is sophisticated yet playful at the same time. The pairing takes us back to the 1980s—a decade that’s becoming extremely popular in the design world.

Stately Room

20 Red Bedrooms 168
One designer trick is to use intense color to highlight interesting elements in a bedroom. In this stately space, the high ceiling looks even more impressive covered in red jacquard fabric. The eye-catching treatment not only coordinates with the bedding, it literally makes the room.

Animal Magnetism

20 Red Bedrooms 169
Red is a color that can take a simple bedroom and give it a completely new personality. The zebra print bedspread against the red walls is a brilliant stroke of design in what was once a very plain-Jane space.

Tastefully Done

20 Red Bedrooms 170
Red can be one of those colors that can overwhelm a space. Often, designers take the “less is more” route when dealing with this assertive hue. In this bedroom, the red accent wall shines from behind the cabinetry and wall shelving and plays beautifully with the comforter and red accents in the room.

Wild and Crazy

20 Red Bedrooms 171
This bedroom design relies heavily on shock value. Instead of painting the walls red, the designer went for glossy red flooring and items that repeat the fire engine hue. The white walls even pick up a hint of color from the daring red floor.

Center Stage

20 Red Bedrooms 172
A luscious burgundy red was used in conjunction with sumptuous bedding and upscale elements to give this bedroom a dramatic feel. The velvet floor-to-ceiling curtains add to its theatrical appearance.

Red Gallery Wall

20 Red Bedrooms 173
Red walls work just as well in small bedrooms—maybe even better than in large spaces. In this guest room, the red wall is the perfect substitute for a headboard and is a striking backdrop for framed artwork.

Traditional Color Options

20 Red Bedrooms 174
Just like almost any other color, there are myriad shades of red from which to choose for your bedroom. If you love traditional or antique furnishings, try a number of reds before you settle. In this room, the owner went with a combination of true orange-red on the bed and deep red for accessories.

Red and White Delight

20 Red Bedrooms 175
If you have your heart set on decorating your modern bedroom with red, choose a shade that speaks to you. The cranberry chosen for the penthouse suite is sophisticated and contemporary. The space maintains its modern and bright feel with a big dose of white accents.

Down Home Feel

20 Red Bedrooms 176
This boy’s attic bedroom has a homespun, cottage feel. If you’re intimidated by red, consider a toned down version. Barn red is the perfect color for a historic home like this one. The patchwork bedding, lamp and painted furniture all feature the same shade and it works beautifully.

Colorblock Bedroom

20 Red Bedrooms 177
Bright red is ideal for a contemporary space. But if you want to incorporate other colors, considering pairing it with white, black and, in this case, deep violet. Although red is a dominant color, combining it with another strong shade results in a well-balanced look. If the two colors are similar, like red and purple—the results are stunning.

Romantic Getaway

20 Red Bedrooms 178
Everyone knows red is the color of romance. In this cozy, ultra modern bedroom, crimson red is the star of the show. To keep things from feeling too dark and closed in, the space features white walls and plenty of light.

Child’s Play

20 Red Bedrooms 179
Ideal for sleepovers or when the grandchildren come for a visit, this kid’s bedroom is fun and whimsical with its bunk beds and bold red bedding and curtains. The color scheme is a bright and cheerful alternative to traditional primary colors.

38 Black and White Bedrooms

We often see the timeless pairing of black and white in other rooms of the house but it is also the perfect choice for a bedroom. Whether you choose black and white stripe curtain panels, a graphic rug, abstract bedding or dramatic artwork, this classic color combination will create a stylish look that will last for years to come.

Black and white is a striking, dramatic and highly versatile choice for decorating your bedroom. From classic to funky design, black and white will take your bedroom from everyday to designer-worthy. The best thing about a black and white bedroom is its transformative nature. With the simple addition or change of an accent color, you can completely change the mood and personality of the space.

When used together, these contrasting colors will make a definitive statement in your bedroom. Browse our gallery to see black and white stylishly combined in 38 individual bedrooms.

Adding Character

38 Black and White Bedrooms 180
Breathe life into a boring white bedroom by introducing simple black accents. The addition of the headboard, throw and rug gives this formerly nondescript room loads of style and character.

Mix of Styles

38 Black and White Bedrooms 181
An exotic black-and-white feature wall adds movement to this transitional bedroom. Modern touches like the platform bed and accent chair contrast nicely with the traditional silhouette of the black floor lamp. We love the combination of styles.

Dorm Room Ideas

38 Black and White Bedrooms 182
Nothing is more depressing than an unadorned dorm room. You can easily transform your white space with a few well chosen black-and-white accessories. A stylish industrial task lamp and inexpensive bed-in-a-bag ensemble make this a great place to study and chill for the rest of the semester.

Updated Traditional

38 Black and White Bedrooms 183
This bedroom shines with a mix of graphic patterns in an uncomplicated black-and-white palette. The traditional space is updated with a few contemporary pieces and patterns without taking away from the room’s classic style. High contrast equals high impact in this cottage space.

Scandinavian Simplicity

38 Black and White Bedrooms 184
There’s something fascinating about the subtle use of black and white in this bedroom. The basic furnishings and simple patterns make it interesting while the straightforward Nordic design keeps it clean and unpretentious.

Drama Alert

38 Black and White Bedrooms 185
This black-and-white bedroom is quite theatrical. The black wall paired with oversized art, ebony floor and black bedding would normally be a big downer. However, in this space, the mood was lifted with white walls, which creates a real sense of drama.

Edited Zen

38 Black and White Bedrooms 186
There’s something to be said for prudent editing of a space. It’s amazing what a bedroom can do without. In this black-and-white Zen room, the headboard, accent table and black canvas create negative space in this white room. That negative space becomes the room’s key design element.

Private Retreat

38 Black and White Bedrooms 187
This bedroom looks like a comfortable place to get away from life’s daily stresses. The well-appointed space makes you want to linger for a while. The personal touches, clever lighting and black accents enhance the look of this chic design.

Bold Backdrop

38 Black and White Bedrooms 188
Working with black and white in a room gives you license to make bold design statements. This sculptural headboard wall is as graphic as it gets. It would overwhelm any other room. It is the perfect focal point combined with the bedroom’s clean lines and minimal furnishings.

Mix and Match

38 Black and White Bedrooms 189
Black and white really comes into its own when you introduce different shapes to the space. The plain nature of this palette lends itself to experimenting with form—like the repeated rectangles and circles in this contemporary bedroom.

Black Wall

38 Black and White Bedrooms 190
A black wall in a white bedroom can seem more than a little intimidating. Avoid this pitfall by mixing it with tons of white in a variety of textures. The painted brick, fluffy white bedding and tufted chair take some of the visual emphasis off the black headboard wall.

En Suite Design

38 Black and White Bedrooms 191
This master suite reads airy and bright. The furnishings, accessories and use of black and white are the perfect blend of design elements. However, the real showstopper in the space is the fabulous, furry black chandelier.

Create Impact

38 Black and White Bedrooms 192
To create a bedroom that’s both stylish and tasteful, use striking elements—like this upholstered headboard and sculptural lighting. The designer went with shiny chrome light fixtures and silk fabrics to complement the graphic black-and-white palette.

Stripe a Wall

38 Black and White Bedrooms 193
The handsome combination of black and white works in this modest bedroom. For a bit of added fun, the homeowner painted bold, horizontal black-and-white stripes on the wall behind the bed. A glazing technique was used to add a little glamour.

Skandi Design

38 Black and White Bedrooms 194
No one can breathe life into a white room like Scandinavians. This fabulous bedroom is where simplicity, minimalism and functionality intersect. The metal four-poster, white bed curtains, wall mural and black-and-white striped quilt make this space something special.

Smart Study Space

38 Black and White Bedrooms 195
The black used on the walls in this child’s room is actually chalkboard paint, which has a distinctive look. The matte finish dusted in chalk residue creates a totally unique effect. The chalkboard technique is a great backdrop for the black-and-white accents and touches of crimson.

Glam to the Max

38 Black and White Bedrooms 196
The designer worked wonders in this diminutive guest room using a glamorous black-and-white palette to replicate deco design from the 1930s. He built a custom twin bed that can be used as a chaise during the day and for sleeping at night.

Check-in Time

38 Black and White Bedrooms 197
This Balinese hotel teams black and white with luxurious fabrics to create an ultra-hip guest suite. While the overall design is quite tailored and crisp, the indirect lighting keeps the space feeling serene.

Fancy Furnishings

38 Black and White Bedrooms 198
To pull off a black-and-white formal look, one needs to keep clutter and other furnishings to an absolute minimum. The half-round French bedside table and nickel lamp are two small pieces that let the grand bed take center stage. The highly ornate, black tufted bed is accessorized with a white fur throw and leather rag rug.

Museum Elements

38 Black and White Bedrooms 199
This black-and-white bedroom is a veritable gallery. The homeowner wanted to play with repetition and rhythm to create a masterpiece of his own. The series of square paintings running across the back wall reinforce repetition of shape and images themselves create visual rhythm.

Historic Contrasts

38 Black and White Bedrooms 200
Black is expertly paired with elegant white to create a contemporary feel in this notable Boston mansion. The modern furnishings create design magic when played against the historic molding, ornate fireplace and intricate plaster detail.

Debunking Myths

38 Black and White Bedrooms 201
One of the biggest myths in interior design is that black walls will make a room look smaller. This bedroom proves the theory wrong. The dramatic effect of the black walls actually makes the space feel larger because it removes the angles in the room. Much like gazing at the night sky, it appear limitless.

Uniting Styles

38 Black and White Bedrooms 202
Modern and elegant come together in this bedroom full of contemporary touches and high contrast. A variety of unexpected design twists like the subtle black-and-white wallpaper pattern, the white leather headboard, molded plastic chairs and black cashmere bedding create a veritable collage for the senses.

Graphic Influences

38 Black and White Bedrooms 203
While this high-rise master suite might look simple, it feels very complex with graphic influences from floor to ceiling. The black-and-white abstract floral rug grounds the space and creates an instant focal point. The towering striped walls are another standout along with the decorative pillows and subtle bedspread design.

Trad Trends

38 Black and White Bedrooms 204
This bold black-and-white pinstripe wallpaper turns a normal bedroom with traditional elements into an eye-catching statement. The adjacent walls are painted in chalk white, setting off the stunning black Egyptian cotton bed linens. The overall look has a masculine, inviting feel.

Pattern Play

38 Black and White Bedrooms 205
Decorating with strong patterns in a room can be a little tricky because they can easily overpower the space. If you stick with a simple black-and-white color scheme the effect isn’t quite as distracting. In fact, using several black-and-white patterns in a room can be very pleasing.

Keep It Simple

38 Black and White Bedrooms 206
Silk bedding in white give this simple bedroom a boutique hotel feel. Subtle black accessories add visual interest and sophistication. In this case, they theory of “less is more” works when you’re trying to create a relaxing environment.

Add an Accent

38 Black and White Bedrooms 207
Don’t let anyone tell you accent walls are passé. In fact, they’re very trendy—like this black onyx bedroom wall. Don’t be afraid of dark color. When it’s combined with white and just the right furnishings and accessories, the look exudes contemporary confidence.

Dotted Swiss

38 Black and White Bedrooms 208
Nothing punctuates this bright, white Zürich bedroom like neat polka dots. The orderly black design on the duvet and shams adds an elegant feel to the bedroom with minimal furnishings.

Kid’s Room

38 Black and White Bedrooms 209
Black and white can be a playful combination. Believe it or not, it’s a great choice for a kid’s bedroom. It creates the ideal background for toys, books and colorful artwork. Here, the homeowner chose a mix of black-and-white bedding patterns to create a lively space for the young one.

Clean and Simple

38 Black and White Bedrooms 210
This modern adaptation of a four-poster bed adds a classic feel to this clean and simple bedroom. The main elements are white and wood. It’s the black bed frame, pendant lighting and accessories that really add character.

Damask Explosion

38 Black and White Bedrooms 211
An explosion of black-and-white damask bedding takes this bedroom from plain to perfect. The white walls and black furniture pieces allow the patterns to become focal point of the room.

Elegance Defined

38 Black and White Bedrooms 212
Black and white conveys a sense of elegance in a way that other colors can’t duplicate. In this extravagant bedroom, the large-scale pattern on the walls, white accents and the black velvet headboard and bench are the true definition of elegance.

Bachelor Pad

38 Black and White Bedrooms 213
An expanse of white paint and a wall of curtains provide the perfect setting for his white platform bed and mirrored nightstands. Black drum pendant lampshades pop against the walls. Fresh, white bed linens with black accents are just what this owner wanted to create an ultra hip, minimal bachelor pad.

Iron Accents

38 Black and White Bedrooms 214
Wrought iron furniture is the perfect companion for this transitional black-and-white bedroom. To keep the look of the room light and bright, the designer tried to keep contrasts as delicate as possible rather than using huge blocks of color. The pretty floral bedding adds interest without feeling too heavy.

Gloss Effects

38 Black and White Bedrooms 215
A coat of glossy white paint can take estate sale finds from frumpy to fabulous. In this bedroom, the homeowner took old, mismatched bedroom furniture pieces and transformed them into a trendy lacquered-look set. She reupholstered the headboard in a traditional black-and-white print that looks great with the bold wallpaper treatment.

Mixing Prints

38 Black and White Bedrooms 216
Mixing prints is extremely popular in the world of fashion and interior design. The look definitely takes practice to perfect, but when it works the results are fantastic. If you’re struggling with the trend, begin with black and white—it sure works in this stylish bedroom.

Artistic Inspiration

38 Black and White Bedrooms 217
This black-and-white bedroom resembles a modern art installation. The look is fresh and uninhibited. Artwork is paired with sculptural forms, solid colors and modern furnishings. The inspired design fits this loft-style bedroom like a glove.

White Bathroom Ideas

An all-white color palette seems simple enough, but keeping it from looking cold and sterile takes a bit of finesse. Mixing different shades of white, adding a few neutral elements or even pops of color, and playing with different textures livens up this monotone design.

With a bit of planning and some creativity, you can craft any style that strikes your fancy, from clean modernity to an elegant escape.

Cohesive Design Choices

White Bathroom Ideas 218
The sinks, tub, toilet, and bidet share similar shapes, lending a crisp uniformity to this large, bright white bathroom. Flecks of gray in the tile and counter add a sliver of depth to prevent the room from jarring the eye.

Balance White with Texture

White Bathroom Ideas 219
All white everywhere easily looks frigid, but the mix of textures, from the fuzzy bathmat to the subway tile, adds interest without color.

Inviting Yet Crisp

White Bathroom Ideas 220
Floor to ceiling windows play up the white palette in this space, keeping it bright and inviting. The unexpected trio of vases lend a purely decorative touch to a room that typically only features functional items.

All-White Doesn’t Have to be All Modern

White Bathroom Ideas 221
All-white bathrooms often lean toward a more modern look, but marble tilework running from the floor up to the ceiling keeps the design feeling regal and traditional.

A Vintage Look for a Small Space

White Bathroom Ideas 222
White is the perfect color choice for small spaces, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Distressed bronze hardware, furniture repurposed as a sink, and a chandelier impart a whimsical air, while cleverly placed plants give a hint of color.

Clean, Bright Lines

White Bathroom Ideas 223
A modern vanity and tub complement floor to ceiling windows and a slick, glossy tile floor to create a contemporary spin on the all-white bathroom look.

Balancing White with Beige

White Bathroom Ideas 224
Textured beige tiles running three-quarters of the way up the wall don’t interfere with the monotone palette; instead, they offer a grounding design element that makes the mostly white space feel even brighter.

Bring Balance with Flooring

White Bathroom Ideas 225
A soft, super light driftwood stain on wood flooring keeps this all-white bathroom from looking too bright, while a mix of textiles (fluttery sheers and thick, plush towels) tempers any residual crispness to create a soft-focus for a color palette that all too often reads cold.

Warming Up White

White Bathroom Ideas 226
An in-floor fire pit literally and figuratively warms up the room, while ample curved edges and decadent lace curtains keep things indulgent and welcoming.

Bringing the Outside In

White Bathroom Ideas 227
Neutral dark wood floors and a dramatic stone accent wall add texture and a Zen-like quality, while the sparing use of plants incorporate a hint of color to round out the space.

All White with a Bit of Color

White Bathroom Ideas 228
Bright white gets a creative edge with ample greenery in textured basket planters and a head-turning mosaic tile tube that appears to float in the room.

Pairing White with Taupe

White Bathroom Ideas 229
Multiple wood tones and a few pops of gray-leaning taupe blend beautifully with bright white walls, a glossy white tub, and fluffy white bath mats. Sometimes, “mostly white” fits the bill best.

Pops of Blue

White Bathroom Ideas 230
Nearly every finish in this space is glossy and white, including the cabinets. A deep blue inlay in the tile adds a pop of color that reflects off the white surfaces, adding depth to the space while still maintaining a pristine overall look.

Classic and Clean

White Bathroom Ideas 231
Throw in a very sparing amount of beige and yellow elements in an otherwise white bathroom to add a touch of warmth without actually making the room feel “colorful.”

Woodwork for Days

White Bathroom Ideas 232
Stunning custom cabinetry and crown molding add complexity, while a healthy mix of natural and artificial lighting keep areas bright where needed, like over the vanity, yet allow a few shadows to creep in for a cozy element.

Accenting with Architecture

White Bathroom Ideas 233
A wrap-around built-in vanity in a rich driftwood tone brings equilibrium to the rest of this white space beautifully. Throw in a smattering of black accents, and you have a well-rounded design scheme.

White Luxury

White Bathroom Ideas 234
A custom tub surround coordinates with elegant cabinetry and lavish marble tile work, while the massive glass shower enclosure bounces light around the room.

Stun with Natural Light

White Bathroom Ideas 235
Artificial lighting is made virtually obsolete with massive windows and a bright white color palette. Textured flooring creates a beautiful foundation for the otherwise clean lines of the space.

Feels Like Floating

White Bathroom Ideas 236
A floating vanity, modern medicine cabinet, and massive window create visual interest in an otherwise sparse space. A subtle tint to the glass tub balances the feature against the picture-like view.

A Cottage Look

White Bathroom Ideas 237
Slightly warmer shades of white pair with built-ins to make this relatively small bathroom feel at once homey and light.

Mixing Whites

White Bathroom Ideas 238
An assortment of blue- and yellow-based whites is the perfect way to achieve an all-white look without starkness. Throw in polished fixtures, frameless mirrors, and espresso shades, and you have a vibrant design that doesn’t feel cluttered.

Wood as a Neutral

White Bathroom Ideas 239
When it comes to color palettes, especially the monotone all-white, wood acts as a buffer that doesn’t challenge the shades chosen; instead, it enhances them. Here, bleached floors coordinate beautifully with the all-white bathroom, while a show-stopping warm wood surround adds vibrancy.

Adding Separation Without Busy-ness

White Bathroom Ideas 240
Crisp white and off white pair up to create a clean, simple bathroom, while the space’s architecture turns the tub into a haven perfect for long soaks.

Chic Modern

White Bathroom Ideas 241
Raw wood marries bright white and vibrant greenery to create a magazine-worthy bathroom that balances today’s aesthetic with a midcentury modern feel.

Texture Abounds

White Bathroom Ideas 242
Wood paneling, painted beams, and a neutral stone tile bring this white bathroom to life. A crystal clear shower stall maintains a straight line of sight through the space, playing up the size, while massive windows keep everything bright and cheerful.

Beautiful Bedrooms

There are those mornings when waking up is hard to do. However, the key to a successful morning may just be waking up in a beautiful bedroom. These bedrooms are serene retreats where one can only have sweet dreams and peaceful mornings.


Beautiful Bedrooms 243
These homeowners know how to use a small touch of black-and-white to make a big impact. The boldly patterned black-and-white bedspread with matching pillows make a dramatic impact and instantly become the room’s focal point. The matching table lamps with acrylic bases provide style without much visual distraction.

Charming Cabin

Beautiful Bedrooms 244
Whoa, look at this bedroom’s gabled ceiling makes for the perfect retreat. The sleigh bed, outfitted with floral bedding, looks like the ideal place to read a book or simply look out the charming windows. The flokati rug adds texture and warmth.

French Influenced

Beautiful Bedrooms 245
Oui, oui. This bedroom is oozing with French influences. The ornate details on the furnishings, the abundance of gold trim and intricately patterned wood floor make this room fit for a queen.

Calming Retreat

Beautiful Bedrooms 246
This bedroom has a lot of details, but all work together beautifully. Tones of gold, brown, black and gray can be found in the artwork, rug, curtains, bedding and furnishings. The use of cream for the duvet cover and sofa at the end of the bed create continuity.

Embellished Elegance

Beautiful Bedrooms 247
This bedroom is a feast for the eyes. Look at the many patterns and textures featured in the bedding choices or the intricately patterned Oriental rug under the bed. The overstuffed armchair with matching ottoman is the perfect place to sip a cup of coffee and enjoy the view offered by that gorgeous arched window.

Luxurious Lighting

Beautiful Bedrooms 248
Whoa, check out the matching light fixtures. The fixtures make a dramatic impact and help create the room’s regal decorating scheme. Other features that aid to the scheme a success are the artwork, gold-trimmed bed and luxurious bedding.

Charming Respite

Beautiful Bedrooms 249
Ahhh, this looks like the ideal place to spend a lazy day in bed. The wrought iron bed frame has timeless appeal and the white bedding maintains the classic look. The true beauty of the bed is the canopy with the linen curtains which can be untied when privacy is needed.

Contemporary Bedroom

Beautiful Bedrooms 250
Several distinct decorating elements work together to make this room pop. The exposed brick wall that has been painted white plays off the wallpapered accent wall quite nicely. The lime green bedding pops against all the white and, finally, the contemporary light fixture is beautiful to look at while you’re slowly falling asleep.

Rustic and Sweet

Beautiful Bedrooms 251
This bedroom is ideal for a farmhouse guest room or for a young single woman. Country touches, such as the ticking stripe pillows, oval framed mirror and vintage bench make this room a charming retreat. The chenille blanket is the quintessential country finishing touch.


This lodge-inspired bedroom is awash in beautiful details. The paneled walls, leather armchair and kilim pillows make this bedroom feel like it’s part of a hunting lodge. The matching table lamps and bedside cabinets create symmetry and continuity.

Beauty Exposed

Beautiful Bedrooms 252
This daring homeowner has exposed details others often leave concealed. The exposed brick wall paired with the exposed cement creates a dramatic bohemian feel. The bold blue and orange bedding continue the bohemian feel.

Simple and Refined

Beautiful Bedrooms 253
This master retreat is a simple, refined getaway. The walls are painted a soothing shade of gold, with subtle hints of gold, and the rattan hamper provides storage and texture. The choice to leave the home’s original pendant light fixture was a wise one, for the fixture lends elegance to the room.

Hints of Green

Beautiful Bedrooms 254
These homeowners use hints of green to make a dramatic impact. The green lampshades pair with the one green throw pillow while the green tipped curtains play off the green bordered rug. Other details, such as the tufted bedspring and oversized bolster pillow, make this room a serene retreat.

Bold and Brown

Beautiful Bedrooms 255
The bold use of dark brown is what makes this bedroom work. The brown armchairs and brown bedding both play off the same bold dark brown tone of the accent wall. The light brown walls and carpet create a cohesive feel. Nature-influenced elements, such as the faux ivy and the floral patterned pillows, play off the many shades of brown.

Unexpected Accent Piece

This bedroom has, for the most part, a clean, modern decorating scheme. The decorative elements are minimal and basic, a white bed frame with only a headboard and one lone black bureau. It’s because of the minimal use of decorative elements that the rustic bedside table with the distressed finish stands out and commands visual attention.

Luxurious Retreat

Beautiful Bedrooms 256
This bedroom is a work of art. The large armoire matches the bed frame and the twin sconces lend light and style. The wallpapered accent wall is art and its colors are beautifully reflected in the bedding colors.

A Hunter’s Bedroom

Beautiful Bedrooms 257
This bedroom looks like it could be the private retreat of a famed hunter. The exposed stone wall lends rustic appeal and the antler chandelier lends elegance to the rustic space. The floor rug made out of animal hide completes the hunter vibe.

Contemporary Chambers

Beautiful Bedrooms 258
This bedroom is replete with simple, modern decorative touches. The perfectly made bed features just enough bed and throw pillows to look like a showpiece. The exposed wooden beams highlight the coffered ceiling. The true highlight of the room is the split painting, two halves of the same painting in adjoining frames.

Romantic Retreat

Beautiful Bedrooms 259
Behold this romantic retreat. The layers of light, lacy window treatments let light in and charmingly complement the white fluffy bed linens. The tone on tone wallpaper makes an impact but nowhere as big an impact as the crystal chandelier.

Grey Bedrooms

Grey is the new, trendy neutral and is the perfect fit for a bedroom. Depending on its undertones, this unassuming color can appear warm or cool, creating a relaxed foundation for virtually any decorating style.

A mere five years ago, grey bedrooms were not even on the mainstream design radar. Neutrals consisted of taupe, beige, tan and off-white. Fast forward a couple of years and grey has taken over as the go-to neutral for walls, bedding, flooring and window treatments.

The newer shades of grey add a sense of class to bedrooms that plain old charcoal grey just couldn’t achieve. Not only has grey matured into a major design force on its own, the color is versatile enough to easily play well with almost every color in the spectrum. That alone makes grey the new favorite among interior designers and retailers.

In this incredible gallery you’ll see grey popping up in bedrooms that range from glam to eclectic. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect shade of grey to create a bedroom you’ll love for years to come.

Grey Mix

Grey Bedrooms 260
When cool grey meets graphic black and white, the result is a bedroom that is both eye-catching and fun. It doesn’t take a lot of black and white to make an impact. In this bedroom a few curated pieces like the pillow shams, rugs and accent table add just enough interest to light up the dark.

Cozy Warmth

Grey Bedrooms 261
We all know earth tones are great for creating a warm and comfy bedroom, but grey has entered the arena and is becoming the go-to color for creating soothing retreats. In this bedroom several shades of grey make the space feel welcoming, private and serene.

Nature Calls

Grey Bedrooms 262
This bedroom has views to a gorgeous garden, so the designer decided to go with a simple grey and white floral palette to emphasize the room’s relationship with nature. Just like nature, there’s a balance between the warm and cool tones inside the bedroom. The soft grey and white create a pleasing space that plays off the garden views beyond.

Deep and Dramatic

Grey Bedrooms 263
Grey is a dark and a very dramatic choice for this high-rise bedroom suite. To keep things from feeling gloomy, it helps to have a large window in the room to let the sun pour in. Add white bed linens to also help brighten the space—they’ll look clean and crisp against the dark bedding and furniture.

Nordic Grey

Grey Bedrooms 264
It all depends on the intensity of the grey as to whether your bedroom looks subtle and sophisticated or bright and cheerful. Because grey can read so many different ways, some people use it as an accent in a white bedroom, like this one. The Scandinavian-inspired space reads clean and simple with just the right touch of grey.

Patterns Galore

Grey Bedrooms 265
This room shows you how to have fun with grey. Loads of patterns show off the mischievous side of this typically serious color. The charcoal grey pattern on the walls and curtains and the soft grey on the bed create a nice contrast, visual interest and a whole lot of whimsy.

Contemporary Elegance

Grey Bedrooms 266
A sleek grey bedroom does not have to be boring. This room’s marbled wall color and area rug get warmed up by the use of rich wood tones. White bedding and flooring round out this pleasingly contemporary palette.

Split Personality

Grey Bedrooms 267
The designer decorated this lake house in modern traditional style. In the formal master bedroom, dove grey linen graces the bed, while graphite silk drapery panels frame the windows. The clean lines of the furniture, the variegated shag rug and funky lamps take this moody grey space from traditional to trendy.

Gender-Neutral Retreat

Grey Bedrooms 268
This bedroom is proof that grey is probably one of the most versatile colors around. It features a soothing palette of tone-on-tone grey. The design succeeds in creating a masculine and feminine blend that suits both homeowners.

Chic Details

Grey Bedrooms 269
If you love a neutral color palette, consider easy peasy grey for your bedroom. Grey is perfect for creating a chic new look in a boring and drab space. This predominately grey palette is highlighted by a cool, graphic wallpaper pattern, chrome pendants and white trim.

Color Pairings

Grey Bedrooms 270
Grey is featured virtually everywhere in design these days, but the grey you choose for your own bedroom relies on the other colors you’ll be using in the space. In this modern LA condo, a steely grey works perfectly with the deep shades of blue in the rug. The neutral grey background allows the blue to pop.

Dark and Cozy

Grey Bedrooms 271
Wallpaper feature walls look fantastic in bedrooms, especially on the wall behind the bed. The birch tree pattern against the dark grey gives the space a delicate and tranquil feel. The look continues with iron grey paint and bedding with white accents. Wrap the entire room in dark grey—why fight it?

Tween Times

Grey Bedrooms 272
Choosing colors for a teenage boy isn’t the easiest of tasks. Neither is designing a room that will take him through high school and beyond. Blue is too predictable, while grey adds a masculine feel that works for any age.

Grey Gallery

Grey Bedrooms 273
In this sleek, grey bedroom the owner’s preference was to display gallery-quality art on the soft pewter headboard wall. Cool grey is a great backdrop for everything from bold abstracts to traditional compositions, allowing this artwork to direct the room’s design and color palette.

Silvery Dreams

Grey Bedrooms 274
A cool sophistication permeates this small bedroom, with its silvery color palette and dark accents. To enhance the silver effect, the designer chose shimmery grey charmeuse curtains and an icy slate satin matelasse quilt and headboard.

Classic Good Looks

Grey Bedrooms 275
Grey and white makes a clean, classic and peaceful combination for a master bedroom. Although, if not executed carefully, it can end up being a bit tedious. This spacious room shows the right way to keep with subtle palette on track. Pattern and texture are key: The white textured headboard wall and the graphic area rug carry the monochrome color scheme through the space.

Easy Design

Grey Bedrooms 276
Sometimes, creating the perfect bedroom design is as easy as selecting the perfect paint color. In this home, the owner achieved her calming, minimal space with walls covered in grey cloud. Simple furnishings and touches of grey bedding complete the space.

Dark and Handsome

Grey Bedrooms 277
Dark grey walls are the ticket to instant elegance for your bedroom. This one definitely has an edge with its fireplace and gorgeous wood floors, but any room will benefit from a coat of dark grey with a hint of sheen. It’s the perfect contrast for a room with white trim and accessories. You can also offset the dark hue with sparkling fixtures like the sconces and chandelier.

Work/Sleep Space

Grey Bedrooms 278
Grey takes this combination dual purpose space to the next level by showcasing the room’s artistic shelving and modern furniture pieces. A medium grey like this won’t compete with the other subtle colors in the space, but provides enough emphasis to make the wall system pop.

Glamour Shot

Grey Bedrooms 279
Grey plays several roles in this glamorous bedroom, from the deep masculine charcoal accent walls and bedspread to the shimmering effect of the reflective silver wall and ceiling treatment. This grey room exemplifies elegance and seduction at the same time.

Color Boost

Grey Bedrooms 280
To add excitement a grey room, throw in a touch or two of vivacious red. A couple of pillows and accent chairs are plenty to up the fun quotient in this teen’s eclectic bedroom.

Tonal Luxury

Grey Bedrooms 281
This luxurious bedroom is a work of monochromatic perfection. When you decorate with shades of a single color, it is crucial to add loads of texture, which this bedroom has in spades. Wood, glass, metal and sumptuous fabrics add character and personality keeping it out of the doldrums.

Formal Features

Grey Bedrooms 282
The curving lines of classic furnishings are tastefully highlighted by the room’s Coventry grey walls. More than a half dozen related hues fill in the space from bedding to the drapery panels. A range of grey creates the formal feel for this grand bedroom.

Quirky, Stylish Bedroom

Grey Bedrooms 283
Multiple shades of warm grey mix beautifully with cream, white and taupe to create a space that makes one feel right at home. This world traveler wanted a peaceful and welcoming space. The monochromatic neutrals are the perfect choice to achieve that end.

Light and Bright

Grey Bedrooms 284
Prevent a light grey space from feeling to cold and barren by playing up elements like texture and pattern. Tonal bedrooms require more visual interest to develop character. In this bedroom, both texture and pattern were realized by introducing the shaggy rug and installing unfinished shiplap wall paneling.

The Great Outdoors

Grey Bedrooms 285
Part of this grey bedroom’s color palette is the verdant view from the floor-to-ceiling windows. The two colors together convey a sense of health and well being, making grey the ideal choice for the bedroom. If you don’t have the real deal right outside, incorporate touches of green inside your space to create the same tranquil effect.

Creating Mood

Grey Bedrooms 286
Grey can affect your mood and energy level. It is a soothing, tranquil color, making it a great choice for the bedroom. For those with hectic lives and work schedules, it’s doubly important to create a relaxing atmosphere to nourish your soul at the end of each day.

Strong Elements

Grey Bedrooms 287
In a guest bedroom with a number of strong architectural elements, it is best to keep the palette limited to textured neutrals as in this grey bedroom. Normally a combination of a tray ceiling, crown molding and wall detail would overwhelm a tiny space, but the muted grey colors and textures work to counteract those hard lines.

Simple and Small Bedroom Ideas

A small bedroom need not be a boring bedroom.

A Simple and Small Bedroom Ideas bedroom can present homeowners with a unique set of design challenges. Cramped quarters, if not designed properly, can give a bedroom a messy, chaotic and claustrophobic feeling—not very conducive to getting a restful night’s sleep. A small bedroom with an awkward and sloppy design can even negatively affect your love life.

Believe it or not, it is quite simple to make the most of a small bedroom by using a combination of proper space planning, color, lighting, and furnishings. Remember, a small bedroom need not be a boring bedroom.

Simple and Small Bedroom Ideas 288

If your furnishings and belongings don’t fit in the room, it probably means you don’t need them. That is a good philosophy to live by when your small bedroom has limited storage and floor space. Try thinking within the confines of your space and create storage where there was none—like the long floating cabinet running along the head of the twin beds.

Simple and Small Bedroom Ideas 289

Even small rooms can handle big impact like an attention-grabbing focal point that brings the elements of the room together and establishes order. Often the focal point is the head of the bed, which can be amplified with an artful arrangement of pillows in varying heights and colors. In this small bedroom, the homeowner gave the wall extra importance by using a combination of stripes and a coordinating orange color.

Simple and Small Bedroom Ideas 290

An oversized mirror reflects light around the room, making the space appear larger. The horizontal mirror above the headboard adds depth and dimension, and in some cases can even make the wall appear to recede.

Simple and Small Bedroom Ideas 291

Adding a few other small pieces in the room can trick the eye into thinking your tiny bedroom is larger than its actual dimensions. The use of a twin bed placed up against the wall frees up floor space for the desk and small lamp table. The furniture in this room is lightweight and leggy, so it doesn’t occupy as much visual space.

Simple and Small Bedroom Ideas 292

Use one bold element to fill your small bedroom to the brim with character and style. This carved white headboard creates plenty of interest on its own. Pair it with the blue and white floral wallpaper, and it gives the room personality-plus! Continue the theme by using decorative pillows in a companion print.

Simple and Small Bedroom Ideas 293

Niche shelving is sometimes too shallow to be useful for storage, but these niche shelves are the perfect size to house bedside items in this small bedroom. To keep surface clutter down to a minimum, consider using baskets or coordinating cloth boxes to corral smaller items.

Simple and Small Bedroom Ideas 294

A great way to handle space issues in a small bedroom is to create the illusion of depth. Paint one wall—preferably the headboard wall—a dark color to visually push the wall back, making it look much larger. Crisp white walls and neutral striped bedding add a striking contrast to this bedroom’s navy blue wall. The dark nightstands reinforce the wall color.

Simple and Small Bedroom Ideas 295

Here are some great ideas to make your small bedroom really special. Choose your favorite colors for walls and bedding like this symphony of purple. A combination of purple paint, wallpaper and duvet cozy up the space. Add interesting lighting like the sconces and table lamps. Include a statement headboard—the integrated headboard and side tables look fab, but the upholstered panels above really complete the space.

Simple and Small Bedroom Ideas 296

Ahoy matey! This nautical bedroom is the most efficient use of space we’ve seen in a long time. Within a very limited footprint, the designer managed to squeeze in four bunk bed, plenty of cabinet storage and two shelves.
The window opens up the room, giving it a light and airy feel.

Simple and Small Bedroom Ideas 297

The focal point in this room is the bed itself. It may seem contrary to logic, but using a big bed in a small bedroom can actually make it seem bigger because of its horizontal lines in the space. In this example, the far side of the room has floor to ceiling windows creating a sense of space. When combined with the clean, low lines of the other furnishings, the room actually feels expansive.

Simple and Small Bedroom Ideas 298

Don’t think your tiny bedroom is destined to be boring. Painting a small bedroom in a cheery color creates big impact. Use a three-tone palette, like the green, gold and white in this room. Furnish it with clever bedside storage pieces and use metallic accents like the lamps, an alarm clock and picture frame. A few coordinating accessories like pillow shams and a throw are the coup de grâce.

Simple and Small Bedroom Ideas 299

Most small, older homes lack decent storage space. That’s why you need to be smart when looking for furniture pieces that provide ample storage in a compact space. In this small bedroom, the slim profile four-drawer dresser is perfect for folded clothing and even bed linens. The wardrobe, while narrow, is tall enough to accommodate a two-tiered hanging system to double storage space.

Simple and Small Bedroom Ideas 300

In extremely small bedrooms, place large furnishings around the perimeter of the room to avoid encroaching on floor space. A nifty was to achieve the look is to find pieces that match the wall color so they fade into the background. And by all means, keep accessories to a minimum!

Simple and Small Bedroom Ideas 301

This small bedroom borrows from hotel design. Hotels make the most of everything in a room including mirrors. The mirrored vertical wardrobe gives the space a sense of height. The corner vanity can be seen from almost every vantage point. It reflects light from the window on the opposite side, giving the room a sense of depth it would not have otherwise.

Simple and Small Bedroom Ideas 302

This small bedroom has an open and tranquil feel, thanks to the minimal furniture, neutral color palette and lack of clutter. The homeowner knew she needed to find one art piece to create impact, rather than filling up the walls with smaller art. The curly iron votive holder creates the illusion of a headboard and picks up the tones of the accessories on the corner wicker chest.

Simple and Small Bedroom Ideas 303

We know you might be tempted to buy the largest bed possible so you won’t have worry about putting anything else in the room. But doing that in a small bedroom can result in a closed in feel. This bedroom features a small-scale iron bed with a headboard and footboard you can see through. Instead of making the room feel congested, it literally opens up the space.

Simple and Small Bedroom Ideas 304

In this small bedroom, the owners capitalized on the architecture of the window by using it as the room’s focal point. Conventional wisdom has always told us to position a bed against a solid wall, rather than in front of a window to avoid blocking light and views. But in a small bedroom, that’s difficult to do and we think it’s fun to break the rules once and a while!

Simple and Small Bedroom Ideas 305

Any kind of storage in a small bedroom can maximize efficiency and take full advantage of every square inch of space. All it takes is one little spot to open things up and add to the room’s function. The nightstand in this bedroom offers surface area and open storage below for books or other small items.

Simple and Small Bedroom Ideas 306

Become a magician and create the illusion of space in your small bedroom. Use color on all four walls and limit colors everywhere else. The warm gold on the walls becomes the perfect backdrop for the pair of floral paintings. The puffy white comforter gives the room a sense of airiness, making the room feel larger.

Simple and Small Bedroom Ideas 307

This integrated headboard/focal wall is a custom look we just can’t get enough of. In a small bedroom with limited space, a mix of built-in storage could be the answer to all your problems. The combination of open and closed storage cuts down on clutter and displays a minimum of accessories. Painting the wall in a warm but neutral color lightens the whole space giving it a sophisticated touch. Great for OCD types like us!

Simple and Small Bedroom Ideas 308

A limited (or in this case, lack of) a color palette also creates a sense of space and tranquility in a small bedroom. Color translates to visual noise and can be disturbing to some personality types. If you use the same neutral or pastel hues on walls, bedding and furnishings, your room will look larger. We promise!

Simple and Small Bedroom Ideas 309

On the other hand, you might fancy a dark and cozy space in which to hibernate. Make your small bedroom dramatic by injecting rich, saturated colors. Bring in subdued lighting and install window sheers in complementary earth tones to add a warm glow to the room.

Simple and Small Bedroom Ideas 310

Consider using beadboard in your country, rustic or traditional retreat. In this small bedroom, the homeowner installed white beadboard paneling as wainscoting around the perimeter of the room. The effect adds texture and contrast to the attic room, as well as creating a sense of space by forcing the eye to move around the room.

Simple and Small Bedroom Ideas 311

White-finished furniture and light wood tones will visually expand a small bedroom. A monochromatic design where every surface is a light, similar color—like in this petite bedroom—allows one element to blend into the other tricking you into thinking you’re viewing everything as one large space.

Simple and Small Bedroom Ideas 312

If you have a piece of fabric that you want to show off, try using it as a wall hanging. It’s a wonderful way to enhance the drama of your small bedroom. In this space, a large panel of vintage Irish linen serves as an eye-catching backdrop against the coppery headboard wall.

Simple and Small Bedroom Ideas 313

Everyone knows that wearing vertical stripes makes you look taller. Well, it works the same for a small bedroom. Use stripes to draw the eye toward the ceiling and give the impression of more space. As you can see, wide vertical stripes in this bedroom do the trick.

Simple and Small Bedroom Ideas 314

The designer/owner of this bedroom wanted created a spacious, soft and serene haven. She works with color all day, every day and wanted to give her mind and eyes a rest. She used a light peach paint on the walls and layered the room with luxurious fabrics in rich, neutral colors. She also added a massive mirror on one wall to visually double the small bedroom’s footprint.

Simple and Small Bedroom Ideas 315

This small bedroom makes the most of color and texture to create a grand presence. The classic velvet and wood upholstered headboard really pops against the mossy green wall. A side chair and combination desk-nightstand complete the space without overwhelming.

Simple and Small Bedroom Ideas 316

Let’s help this small bedroom. The angled ceiling of the attic bedroom adds height, but the space still feels a bit confined. Reversing the two-tone paint effect would help, as well as adding floating shelves and bedside tables. Retire the graphic bedding and replace it with a sumptuous white duvet cover and pile of fluffy white bed pillows. A low dresser and small chair in white could be added later.

Simple and Small Bedroom Ideas 317

Create a focal point to divert your attention from cramped bedroom dimensions. This homemade headboard is strong but not overpowering. The tall, upholstered piece is framed in crown molding. It is the perfect spot for a splash of rich color by way of decorative pillows.

Simple and Small Bedroom Ideas 318

Use white on the walls and bed to make your tiny room grow in stature. Gauzy parachute bedding and a faux fur throw take this small bedroom from ordinary to extraordinary. The marble topped nightstands give plenty of surface space without taking up visual space. Shiny mercury glass lamps and silver accessories brighten the room.

Simple and Small Bedroom Ideas 319

Sleigh beds are classic in design—defined by the gentle curve of the headboard and footboard. This stylish leather version is no exception. However, in this small guest bedroom, it completely overpowers the space. We need do eliminate this bulky beast and replace it with a headboard-only option. Save massive furniture pieces like this sleigh bed, for the master bedroom.

Simple and Small Bedroom Ideas 320

Here comes the sun! Embracing natural light will improve your mood and that of your small bedroom. The play of light and shadow uplifts the space and creates subtle contrast and depth. You can still use window coverings to enhance its style. Layer your windows with sheer panels and light-blocking shades for evening privacy, then throw open the curtains during the day.

Simple and Small Bedroom Ideas 321

When it comes to color in an attic bedroom with pitched dormer walls, it is best to stay with a simple and neutral color palette. In this small bedroom, the homeowner went with a color scheme of tan and black to keep things clean and simple. The bright white ceiling expands the space along with the generous amount of natural light streaming in from the windows.