10 Guest Bathroom Ideas

Bathrooms are one of the first things guests notice when they come over for a visit or a sleepover. Not all homes have a guest room with a private bathroom, so it’s most likely that the guest will have to use a common bathroom or a designated guest bath. What can be a little challenging is making this area look comfortable and welcoming, especially since it is usually smaller and rarely used. When expecting adult or even a child bathroom guest, prepare for it in advance by listing down a few ideas to make bathroom decorating easy, inexpensive, but thoroughly effective.

Here are 10 smart suggestions that won’t break the bank.


1. Make it look lived in

Bare walls and floors can make the bathroom look cold and impersonal. Unlike other bathrooms in the house which are used by members of the family, a guest bathroom needs a few personal touches to make it look lived in. Besides adding fresh bath and hand towels, you can also add a hair dryer, some shampoo, scented soaps, and other toiletries. Depending on how many guests are staying, make sure there are enough towels, toothbrushes and toilet paper for everyone to use.

10 Guest Bathroom Ideas 1

2. Make it inviting

Look at your personal bathroom and see what elements you can replicate on the guest bath. Do you like having a diffuser? candles? a choice of magazines or books so you can relax and be comfortable while doing your daily ablutions. Every little detail in the decoration of bathroom can help your guest feel more welcome regardless of how long or how short he will be staying.

10 Guest Bathroom Ideas 2


3. Check the lighting.

If the bathroom isn’t used regularly, you may need to check the lighting to see if it still works well. Replace the light bulbs if they look a little dim or if they’re still incandescent lights. Replacing the bathroom light with LED lights will make it brighter and cleaner looking. It also saves on electricity consumption.

10 Guest Bathroom Ideas 3


4. Update the fixtures

If your guest bathroom hasn’t been used in ages, you may need to update the fixtures since the faucets and shower heads may already look old and corroded. If you have guests staying for more than a week, it’s important to make sure that everything works – including the drains, the flush, the lights in the dresser, the electric outlets and so on. You can take a look at pinterest facebook for inspiration since a lot of people are into DIY projects lately.

10 Guest Bathroom Ideas 4

5. Make the bathroom safe

If you have elderly or older guests, securing the bathroom is a top priority. Safety handles and grips near the tub or bath area is one of the good tips to share for anyone having guests over. You don’t need to do a bathroom remodel to install grips and handle bars. They can be bought in any hardware store or home depot. They are easy on the budget and on the eyes too! You can buy them in silver, chrome, or other patterns and designs.

10 Guest Bathroom Ideas 5


6. Add color and details.

If you have an all white bathroom, you can add a colored shower curtain and bright mats on the floor for color contrast. For minimalist designs, you can add black curtains under a clear or transparent shower curtain for some character. This is ideal if you’re having difficulty decorating a guest room and bathroom occupied by a male guest.

10 Guest Bathroom Ideas 6

7. Decorate the bathroom vanity.

No bathroom design project will be complete without updating the vanity. When it comes to design ideas for bathrooms, the vanity is always a top choice. It is one of the focal points of the bathroom and it’s also one of the most used. If you have the luxury of time and a budget to spend, you can replace the sink or the faucet in the vanity. If not, a simple touch up paint job will do the trick. You can add borders, floral designs, or do quite the opposite. For a rustic bathroom design concept, you can strip down the paint in the vanity and other cabinets and let the natural wood show through.

10 Guest Bathroom Ideas 7


8. Mirrors for more space

Other decorating ideas include adding gilded mirrors or wood-framed mirrors inside the bathroom. Not only does it add light and give the illusion of more space, it also is functional. This decor for bathrooms can also be adapted for powder rooms in other areas of the house.

10 Guest Bathroom Ideas 8

9. Add art.

Paintings, pictures, or artworks are also great ideas for inexpensive decoration for bathroom. You don’t have to have expertise in interior design to pull this one off. Go with your personal taste and preference. If you like landscapes, nature shots, tourist attractions, or even still life images of food, people, or animals. They can be made from various materials – framed art, canvas prints, photographs, mosaics and so on. You can be as creative and as imaginative as possible.

10 Guest Bathroom Ideas 9

10. Make it white.

Yes, this may seem contradictory to the earlier tips and ideas we’ve shared, but adding more white elements is a good rule of thumb for bathrooms. For example, you can have colorful tiles and decor but be sure to keep the toilet and tub white. Alternatively, you can opt for white walls, tiles, and ceilings and choose to have everything else in bright shades or bold prints. White is an ideal color for bathrooms because it is clean and looks sanitary and hygienic.

10 Guest Bathroom Ideas 10


Lean to make smart and practical choices

Just like food finds and kitchen hacks, you can find more guest bathroom decor ideas or themes by going on pinterest facebook. You’ll find plenty of photos which you can use as a springboard for your ow designs. If the guest bedroom and guest bath will be used frequently afterwards, you can invest a bit of money to transform it to an ideal guest bedroom for both young and old. More than the just the bathroom, you can make adjustments on the bed, linens, closet space, carpets and even set up an extra space in the kitchen and dining area.

It’s better to prepare for the arrival of guests early rather than later. It’s embarrassing to host them on the couch and have them use the bathroom in the kitchen area because you’ve failed to prepare one for them. Plan ahead for extended vacations and be the best host you can ever be!



How to Choose the Best Paint for Your Bathroom

If the kitchen is referred to as the most populated space in the house, or the place where everyone gathers, the bathroom is the most used private space in every home. While one may share a bathroom with a spouse or sibling, it is ideally used in private.  Time alone in the bathroom is considered true personal time and is when an individual relaxes, decompresses, and is left to be with his thoughts.

Besides its functional purpose, bathrooms are also a great space to add your personal touches and preferences. If things are looking monotonous and boring, you can always touch it up with a fresh coat of paint. Painting a bathroom is a good DIY project and does not have to be expensive. If you’re doing a home makeover, you can also start working on the bathroom first and move on to other parts of the house slowly until you’re confident enough to tackle the larger rooms in  the house.

If you’re wondering what is the best paint for bathrooms, we’d like to offer some suggestions that can work whatever season and regardless of how small or large your bathrooms are.  Here are some paint colors you can play with.


How to Choose the Best Paint for Your Bathroom 11

Teal is a vivid and bright color that immediately adds personality to any bathroom. It gives a relaxed and laid back vibe because it is reminiscent of the ocean and the sky. This color is great for modern bathroom designs and work really well for solid-colored backsplashes and tiles pop. You can apply the color on the walls and ceiling and decorate with an aquatic or nautical theme for some fun.

Bold Black

How to Choose the Best Paint for Your Bathroom 12

Black is a dramatic color for bathrooms and it is also very masculine.  When combined with silver fixtures and accents it makes for a very elegant and sophisticated modern bathroom. Black walls and ceilings can also be paired with grey or black tiles.


How to Choose the Best Paint for Your Bathroom 13

Why be content with semi gloss paint when you can have metallic colors for your bathroom? This metallic offers a cool and modern feel to the space. The metallic sheen can constrast nicely with cool tone colors. For example, tiles and backsplashes in shades of blue and white, and silver fixtures. You can tie the look together with a floating countertop or bathroom sink and vanity.


How to Choose the Best Paint for Your Bathroom 14

Magenta is not a common paint for bathroom, but it can certainly make a difference in a girl’s bathroom or powder room. If you want to make the room feel feminine but fierce, magenta walls and ceilings can do the trick. You can decorate it with softer pinks and other pastel colors to balance the color combination. The trick to painting bathrooms is to always balance them with the fixtures used. For bold paint colors counteract them with pale pink or peach toilets, bath tubs and sinks.

Textured Blue

How to Choose the Best Paint for Your Bathroom 15

One of the best ways to add personality and character to bathroom walls is to paint them with textured paint finish. This means that the walls already have several coatings of plain paint color underneath. The final coat will be of a different texture and pattern to create a 3D appearance. This is better than adding wallpaper because paint for bathroom are more water and moisture resistant. Whereas wallpaper eventually crack and peel off over time.

Geometric Prints

How to Choose the Best Paint for Your Bathroom 16

If you want to add more challenge to your DIY project, try layering paint colors to create interesting geometric patterns.  What’s even more challenging is to use different paint colors to create the shapes. They do not have to be perfect, in fact you can ask your kids (if you already have them) to help along. It will create a great conversation piece and will also be a memorable experience for you. Don’t forget to take videos while repainting the bathroom walls for documentation!

Dandelion Yellow

How to Choose the Best Paint for Your Bathroom 17

Some painted bathrooms end up looking clinical and boring, so why not veer away from that and try a pretty shade of yellow paint color. You can use this on the bathroom ceiling and the doors to make the small space stand out. For contrast, apply white paint on the bathroom walls. If you want the best results, apply an initial coat of white paint as your base before you add brighter colors to your bathrooms.

Hot, Hot Red

How to Choose the Best Paint for Your Bathroom 18

Red is also not a common color for bathrooms, but you can use it as an interior paint color or as an interesting color for your tiles or flooring. Do-it-yourselfers will be surprised to see that there varying shades of red paint can make a bathroom more interesting and personal.  You can use a different type of paint for the ceiling and the walls. For example, have one in semi gloss, and one in matte or a more subdued hue. This will work well with all-white ceramic fixtures.

Sage Green

How to Choose the Best Paint for Your Bathroom 19

Soothing shades of green work well in the kitchen, but it also evokes a relaxing mood or ambience in bathrooms. Find a type of paint that is available in different gradients and paint the bathrooms with several shades of green. You can try a lighter shade at the walls or ceilings and darker ones on the floor or the wall accents.


How to Choose the Best Paint for Your Bathroom 20

You can prevent having a monochromatic bathroom by paint the walls orange. How light or how dark depends on the available paint color, but you can have this specially prepared for you at any reputable supply store. You can even choose one that’s mildew resistant or odor free if you have kids or adults living with you who are sensitive to paint smells. Use bright bathroom paint on doors, cabinets, and near the vanity. Add small potted plants or succulents to complete the garden look and feel of these paint colors.

At the end of the day, you will still decide what theme or bathroom painting color scheme will work best for you. For the busy homeowners, you can order the best paint online. You can find a wide selection of bathroom paints which are available in different gradients and sizes – so you don’t have to buy a while lot of paint colors for such a small space.

Don’t hesitate to ask your vendor or supplier about the type of paint they carry in their stores.

10 Master Bathroom Ideas For 2019

We know you wanted stylish bathtubs, sinks, showers, vanities, and other bathroom amenities. Don’t worry because we got every master bathroom ideas you need. If you want some inspiration on how you can put together a chic, vintage, industrial, or contemporary bathroom, we have designer bathroom ideas. Read along to find out the hottest master bathrooms this 2019:

1. Floating Vanities

10 Master Bathroom Ideas For 2019 21

Who would’ve thought that floating vanities would be a trend this year? Before, this piece of furniture was considered too modern. However, it took some time before designers upgraded to it and altered its style. This is a source of inspiration for a white master bathroom. Beautiful wooden floating vanity inside the master bathroom will give you that minimal and clean finish. They will make your bathroom look airy which is a nice feeling especially if you are preparing for the day or retreating for the night. Perfect for a minimalist black and white bathroom. It is a clean design, and it would not look out of place with food bedside the lavatory. Plus, they are extremely easy to clean, even if it is a white bathroom. So, give yourself a favor and install one of these in your master bathroom ideas.

2. Rounded Rectangle Vanity Mirrors

10 Master Bathroom Ideas For 2019 22

The rounded rectangle will take over master bathroom ideas this year and we are feeling it. Though the huge circular mirror never goes out of style, it’s time to upgrade your bathroom and give way to this rustic yet dreamy mirror master bathroom design. It is a perfect combination of a strong yet luxurious feel. On top of that, it is compact and it sits well in any part of your master bathroom. It has its source in art decor influences, especially if it has an all-white bezel or frame. And, if you are asking for a medicine cabinet or any other traditional touch, you decide whether it is still a trend to store things behind the mirror and if it fits your master bathroom ideas.

3. Wall-Mounted Toilets

10 Master Bathroom Ideas For 2019 23

First, there’s floating vanity and now the floating toilet? 2019 ideas master has a lot of unique and exciting master bathroom ideas. Wall-mounted toilets used to be in ultra-modern residential areas but times have changed and all we see is this master bathroom design essential dominating 2019. This is just one of the design ideas for bathrooms we didn’t expect we would see in our homes and we can’t blame ourselves. This bathroom fixture works well with ultra modern freestanding bathtub ideas. This year is becoming more inclined to Bauhaus influences as a source of inspiration, everything is modern now, in black and white and that includes our toilet.

4. Console Sink Vanities

10 Master Bathroom Ideas For 2019 24

An ideas master knows these vanities in your main bathroom are out there, but the design pays off. This gorgeous vanity is almost like a freestanding unit. It is the right way to add detail to your traditional bathroom. Its structure is supported with a leg but it is still open and well-lit. You can have a Scandanavian, Bauhaus, or Art Deco inspiration as a source for master bathroom ideas, and you would find white console sinks. A white porcelain console works wonders in the master bathroom. This is the perfect addition to your master bathroom, but make sure you don’t have a lot of products since this is a no-storage vanity. You also have to take care of the bathroom flooring. This is the perfect place to start your day or do your bedtime routine at night. No matter what bathroom master style you have in mind, there are a lot of interior design ideas coming in this year so you’ll surely find one that will fit your bathroom theme.

5. Side Mounted Faucets

10 Master Bathroom Ideas For 2019 25

Whether we like it or not, the side-mounted faucet is here and we kind of love it. It’s not only a cool addition to your master bathroom, it is also an ultimate space saver for those that have narrow sinks. An ideas master would find this quaint but workable. This standard take on a beautiful bathroom fixture is bound for lots of great things and we can’t wait to see how people will patronize it. This is a classic for master bathrooms and would go well with a chandelier. Though it looks controversial, there’s nothing wrong with trying out weirdly-designed fixtures and other strange master bathroom ideas. Who knows, this might be a source to provide others with bathroom inspirations and other decor ideas for your guests.

6. Floor-to-Ceiling Shower Glass Enclosure

10 Master Bathroom Ideas For 2019 26

Floor-to-Ceiling Shower Glass is one of the 2019 master bathroom ideas we are very excited about. If you are into drama and impeccable design and bathrooms inspiration, then you need to remodel your master bathroom with this in mind. This is something that you will see in master bathrooms and you need to incorporate it in your own comfortable space. This is usually custom-made and we can’t get enough of its aesthetic feel. It shows a lot of real estate. White walls or marble and shale walls would work fine with these master bathroom ideas. Worth the hype! Stop worrying about that small bathroom you have at home, one way to make it look super tall and big is by building a custom-made floor-to-ceiling shower enclosure. Even if your bathroom is not that spacious, it would make the master bathroom look high-flying and picture-perfect.

7. No Shower Dam

10 Master Bathroom Ideas For 2019 27

Make way because the seamless and dam-less showers are here for your master bathroom needs. It is neat, spacious, and very stylish. It works white walls and black flooring. We are not asking you to skip your dam right away but if you are one of those who like to incorporate modern bathroom ideas, why not give this a try? This look is somewhat similar to those master bathrooms you see in mountain houses. So, if you want to remodel your bathroom and make it look like you are always on one of those mountain vacations, why not? This design screams effortless and chic. However, you might want to focus on the construction as well. The floor of the shower has to slope down towards the linear drain, so the water won’t pool in your main bathroom area. Make sure you have a pretty good construction plan to go with these ideas. When doing this, new ideas master planning goes beyond the fixtures. Remember, the that less mess results in less stress.

8. Long Skinny Tiles

10 Master Bathroom Ideas For 2019 28

Another sought after trend this 2019 is the long skinny tiles. This works better with black tiles, rather than a bathroom white with traditional ideas. Though it was just introduced by the end of last year, it became the top bathroom trend among decor ideas this year. Remember the double-stacked staggered? Skinny tile is like a sister to that traditional subway tile. Both tile designs are incredible but the latest one is more refined and fresh. It looks cooler compared to other classic tiles in the market. If 2018 was all about the tile stacking in various sizes and shapes, 2019 is the year of slender and long tiles master bathroom ideas. With this being said, I think the only skinny legends we will praise this year are the skinny tiles in our master bathroom.

9. Using Marble as Art

10 Master Bathroom Ideas For 2019 29

Marble will make a comeback this 2019. Way back the 90s, marbles were utilized in the stone art world and design. Marble tables, kitchen island, and tiles are also sought after before. But now, it came back and it made its way to the bathroom which proves how versatile this material is. Mimicking an abstract design, think about marble as an art installation in your bath. Way to put two and two together right? This makes a lot of sense for any ideas master. Marble is an aesthetically pleasing feature in your bathroom but it also cost a lot in your budget. But if you crave stylish designs for your master bathroom ideas and you wanted to spend a little bit more than your budget, marble is a good investment. Marble is a traditional building material for bathrooms. It usually goes well with a chandelier, but check the marble color or striations, to see if that combination works in the bathroom. Source your ideas for marble in classical Italian architecture. You don’t need a lot of complicated elements to incorporate in this material, the marble itself is modish enough. If you are into minimal bathroom design designs and ideas but you want everything to be flawless, don’t be afraid to try out the latest marble trend this 2019.

10. Polished Nickel

10 Master Bathroom Ideas For 2019 30

Time to wave goodbye to the lustreless brass we used to love and welcome clean and polished nickel to your modern bathroom. We are not claiming that brass is out because we still can’t imagine this industry without that material. However, we are saying that 2019 is going to be the year for a glossy and satin nickel. What’s attractive about this piece of master bathroom design is it has a warmer shade compared to chrome. It will look high-end and classy in your bath which is what this year is all about: modern and luxurious. This is the most popular material used by experts in making master bathrooms in Portland. Silver-toned nickel blends well with fixtures since the color is a little muted. Brass is a bold choice and it also goes well with polished nickel, a combination that’s widely anticipated by designers. It also works well with traditional white tiled bathrooms. We think this trend is more about collaboration than taking over. Polished nickel is here to enhance and add a touch of elegance to any master bathroom space. If you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom, this material is perfect because it goes well with any space that’s already built-in your bath.

These are the top 10 master bathroom trend this 2019. You might notice that we have a mix of new and old bathroom designs. You can source your master bathroom ideas from whatever inspires you, including architecture, the kitchen design, sunshine through the windows, or even food. Some of our predictions already dominated in the past but managed to snag a place as one of the stylish trends this year. But, we also welcome new and fresh designs that will surely make a statement in any bathroom. If you are planning to remodel your master bathroom, you have a lot of options that you can choose from. You can upgrade your vanity, toilet, faucet, tile work, your entire shower space and the rest of your bathroom. It all depends on your bathroom style and liking. What we love about bathroom design is it is always changing and enhancing, always adding new ways to spice up the look of any bathroom, so take advantage of that.

If you have other trends that you think could be a hit this 2019, let us know in the comment section down below and don’t forget to tell us which bathroom ideas you like the most.

10 Rustic Living Room Ideas

Looking for living room ideas? Rustic is the way to go. The rustic theme for home interiors is a classic that will never go out of style–and for good reason! Out of all possible themes and designs, the rustic theme is the coziest, most inviting, and warmest. It’s also elegant yet accessible, stunning yet homey. What more can you ask for in a living room? You’ll love entertaining and kicking back and relaxing in your very own rustic living room.

You can achieve this very distinct look using furniture and accessories from many different price points. Only your budget, and your imagination will limit your interior design vision. Whether your space or your budget is big or small, you can have a stunning rustic living room.

Just check out Pinterest and other sites where people share photos! You won’t find a shortage of stunning country living room ideas. Rustic design is actually very easy to achieve for your living room, if you adhere to some key principles. Stick to a neutral palette of taupes, browns, white, and creams. Incorporate nature into your interior design by using plants, animal inspired furniture and decor ideas, and designs inspired by the landscape. This includes stone or wood furniture or accessories. You can DIY your rustic decor, scour through estate sales or vintage shops, or check out popular home and living stores.

If you’re flirting with the idea of adopting this  gorgeous, traditional look for your living room, we’ve collected 10 rustic living room ideas, country inspired interior design, and that you will love. We included rustic living room ideas you can do yourself or ready made pieces.


1. Mason Jars

Easy-peasy and inexpensive, the simple mason jar is usually found in stylish kitchen cupboards and pantries, but this versatile decor that is also a mainstay in a rustic or country style living room. Use it as a vase, a light fixture, a terrarium with stones, a lamp stand, and many more.  Paint it white or other neutral colors or leave it as is. It will look great in your rustic living room either way.



2. Stone Fireplace

Nothing says “rustic” better than a stunning stone fireplace. If you’re remodelling your living room, add a fireplace with a rustic design on the top of the list for your contractors. Can you imagine spending your nights getting warm and toasty in front of the fire? If you’re  lucky enough to already have an amazing stone fireplace in your living room, make the most of it with the right rustic style accessories, such as a floating shelf made of wood, a country wreath you can easily DIY, and vintage candlesticks or candelabras.

Get inspired by these real-life small kitchen design ideas. You'll be motivated to remodel or redecorate your own kitchen with these ideas. . #kitchenideasealingopeninghours


3. Driftwood Furniture

A dramatic and stunning driftwood is a worthy centrepiece in your rustic living room. Be it a coffee table or a lamp stand.  Especially if it’s a big piece, it’s good to keep the rest of the living room furniture and accents clean and simple. That way, your room will remain elegant. Interior design principles will tell you that restraint is important when designing a living room with a distinct theme.

New Coffee Table Ideas #diycoffeetables


4. Distressed Wood Accents

If your space is small and your budget limited, opt for inexpensive, store-bought rustic living room ideas. This includes trays, candles, wreaths, picture frames, and art pieces for your walls. For instance, distressed wood accents. You can find photo frames or mirror frames with this design. You can also have it custom made, better yet, you can do it yourself. There are many video tutorials that will teach you how to sand wooden furniture to give them a distressed or a well-loved and well-worn look. You can make a chest, a magazine rack, or a coffee table or side table using faux distressed wood.

Family Wooden Sign- Rustic Home Decor- Farmhouse Decor- Wood Sign- Fixer Upper Wall Decor- Distress


5. Pallet Furniture

As you can probably tell by now, wood is a key element in a rustic living room. But hard wood furniture and pieces can be expensive and hard to come by. Faux distressed wood accessories can look tacky if you don’t choose carefully. Enter pallet furniture. It’s inexpensive and stunning. It will fit perfectly in your rustic living room. You can paint it white or leave it with its natural finish. Coated with the appropriate varnish to make them sturdier.

6. Leather Sofa

Leather sofas are stunning and versatile. They will fit right into any interior design theme, including for a rustic living room or a country style design. Add a cozy throw and plush pillows to make your sleek leather sofa more inviting. If you don’t want a sofa, a leather love seat or a cozy leather chair will also work.

Recent rustic living room with fireplace only in homesable design

7. Cozy Area Rugs

A great area rug can bring a rustic living room together. Rugs made from natural fibers will fit right in. Throw a faux animal skin accent for a stunning and truly rustic touch. It will instantly elevate your rustic living room. You can also find a lot of vintage animal skin accents in thrift shops that will look stunning for the floor or two hang on the wall.


8. Wagon Wheel Chandelier

Lighting and lighting fixtures can make or break your rustic living room design. Choose an appropriate light fixture that’s functional but keeps to the theme. The wagon wheel chandelier is a perfect choice. It adds drama and authenticity to your rustic interiors. You will love looking up the ceiling to this beauty. It comes in different sizes to fit any living room size. You can buy one ready made, have one customized, or upcycle an authentic wagon wheel for this.

Lacey 30" Wide Round Black Chandelier

9. Basket and Wicker Accessories

For truly inexpensive rustic living room ideas, go for basket accessories, such as a wicker tray for your center table, basket pots holders for your plants, and raffia wooden balls. You can make them yourself from materials readily available in craft stores, or you can purchase them ready made.

60+ Simple Farmhouse Entryway Decorating Ideas #farmhouse #farmhousestyle #farmhousedecor #decorating #decoratingideas

10. Exposed Wooden Beams

Exposed wooden beams do a lot for any room. It can add height, depth, or warmth. Some living rooms are lucky enough to have exposed beams while others opt to install faux beams. They are not necessary for structure or engineering-wise, but they sure look stunning! For a truly rustic living room, leave the exposed wooden beams unpainted.


Those mentioned above are only ten among many rustic living room ideas. For more rustic decor ideas and inspiration, check design blogs, Pinterest, and DIY sites where craft-loving people share stunning photos their creations with a step by step guide of how to recreate them. The very best rustic designs or rustic style accessories that you can easily create on your own, armed only with  glue gun and some ingenuity.

Remember to choose one visual focal point, such as a stone fireplace or a large chandelier, and build the design elements around it for a rustic living room that’s on theme but tasteful. This theme is appropriate for any house and any location, whether you live in a log cabin in the mountains or a high rise apartment in the middle of a concrete jungle. Your rustic living room will feel cozy and warm, and it’s destined to be your favorite room in your house.

15 Mens Bedroom Ideas

Men deserve pretty things, too! Some of them may seem like they couldn’t care less about decor or interior design, but they will surely appreciate a well thought out design, a design that is not only visually appealing, but also takes into account their personal style and interests. We’ve collected 15 men’s bedroom ideas and decorating ideas that any man will love.

1. Different Shades of Grey

Grey is a gorgeous, sophisticated gender-neutral color. It’s cool to the eye and relaxing, perfect shade for a room that should be all about respite and slumber. But a grey motif for a woman’s bedroom will look very different from a grey motif for men’s bedroom. For men’s bedroom It will look cool, industrial looking , and extremely masculine. Make sure to choose bedroom furniture in similar shades or as close to each other as possible for a bedroom style that’s cohesive, sophisticated, and something any guy will be proud to show off. Some silver, white, and black accessories will make for great additions in this modern bedroom look.

Masculine Bedroom Design Ideas-41-1 Kindesign


2. Toys for the Big Boys

Some men never outgrow their boyhood heroes and instead grow up to be serious collectors of toys and action figures. They invest a lot of time and money for their hobby and collections. It’s only fitting that it gets a special place in their bedroom. One of the most popular bedroom ideas for men is to turn a section to a shrine to their beloved collectible toys. Think glass cases, stands, and special lighting to better show off their collection. Far from being juvenile and tacky, when the interior design is done right, it’s going to look impressive, elegant, and museum worthy. It’s the perfect bachelor’s pad bedroom.

Read More About Amazing Mancaves DIY #mancavemiranda #mancavebarberbp #classymancave


3. Wooden Accents

Wood, specifically wooden bedroom fixtures such as panelling, flooring, and bed frame and is earthy and elegant, perfect for a masculine bedroom. Wood is best varnished or coated but in its natural shade, without any paint on top. It’s also extremely versatile and can suit any kind of of bedroom designs or themes. It will look good in a modern bedroom, a rustic country bedroom, and a minimalist bedroom.


4. Black and White Monochromatic

Stumped for men’s bedroom ideas? Go back to the classics. Black and white is always elegant, especially for a masculine bedroom. It’s also very easy to create. You won’t have trouble looking for designs, bedding, and furniture in black or white. Black and white spaces are relaxing to look at, on top of being aesthetically pleasing.

I Thought Black and White Bedrooms Were Boring But These 7 Proved Me Wrong


5. Blue Monochromatic

Blue is a traditional color for men’s bedroom. Ditch the baby blues and the robin’s egg of babyhood. This interior design is not for a nursery but for an adult men’s bedroom. We suggest opting for a striking and sophisticated cobalt or navy for the walls. Those colors are colors of luxury and masculinity. Blue is also very relaxing and a blue monochromatic bedroom will be an inviting and relaxing space to go home to. Choose among the many shades of blue to accessorize your bedroom.

31+ Awesome Details Bedroom Amazing Decoration That You Will Love It #awesomebedroom #bedroomdesign #bedroomideas ~ Gorgeous House


6. Wall Murals

If you don’t fancy a wallpaper for mens bedroom, consider a wall mural instead. For maximum impact, go for a large scale landscape design. We love this impressive interior design for bachelor pad bedrooms. You don’t need a bed frame with this on your wall. You can keep the rest of your furniture and bedroom accessories simple and small. Anyone will surely love waking up to a large work of art. For the artistic and the creative, your entire wall is your canvas. For those who are not, you can always commission an artist to paint a mural on your bedroom wall. The price will depend entirely on the skill level and prestige of your chosen artist.

translation missing: hk.style.walls-flooring.eclectic Walls & flooring by Creativespace


7. Copper Accents

Copper is warm but modern, traditional but sleek. Copper accents on men’s bedroom spells luxury and good taste. Your copper accent can be as big as a bed frame or as small as lamp. Your bedding can even have some metallic trim. There’s something about copper that’s masculine yet elegant and refined.

15 Mens Bedroom Ideas 31


8. Art Everywhere

Here are some decorating ideas or bedroom design ideas for the art inclined man. Line your bedroom walls with artworks, your favorite prints, and photographs. Keep the frames sleek and simple so it doesn’t detract from what’s inside. But don’t just limit yourself to framed art. Cool sculptures will likewise look amazing in your room. Make sure the size of your art work is proportional to the size of your bedroom.



9. Polished Concrete

Polished concrete walls and flooring is stylish for any room, but especially for men’s bedroom. It’s elegant yet tough. Cool but also homey. Best of all, it is easy to clean. This is one of the most popular designs right now. You’ll see it everywhere, in homes and in commercial spaces. It looks stunning and it’s very low-maintenance.

Le béton ciré et une décoration minimaliste sont les clés de la réussite d'une chambre hispter au style industriel loft.


10. Masculine Rustic

When one hears rustic, it is easy to associate it with homey kitchens and pantries, or living rooms with lovely wreaths and scented candles, but the rustic theme also works for men’s bedroom, white a slightly different interpretation. The principles are still the same, stick to neutral bedroom colors for the walls, bedroom furniture, and bedding. Make use of wood elements. Opt for a platform bed made of pallet wood with a natural finish and choose upcycled bedroom furniture, such as crates for tables and pipes for shelves. Check out design sites for more decorating ideas and rustic bedroom design ideas.

Slaapkamer industrieel , #bedroom #bed #industrial #industrialdesign #design #wood #pallet #palletbed


11. All About Entertainment

For some guys, their dream bedroom is basically a fully equipped entertainment center which includes a big screen TV right in front of their platform bed where they can watch movies or play video games, a surround sound speaker system, and ample storage and display for all their electronics. Do not DIY this if you’re not an expert on wiring and electronics, as it might become a fire hazard. It’s best to leave wiring to professionals. A plush lazy boy and a mini fridge stocked with their favorite snacks and beverages are a sweet addition to this room.

Fascinating wood paneling canada to refresh your home - craftIdea.org


12. Dramatic Lighting

Male bedroom ideas are not all about furniture, or bedroom colors. Think out of the box! Some men will appreciate a bit of drama in their life, especially if it is a luxury lighting fixture that will immediately elevate the look of their bedroom. This is especially important for a bachelor pad bedroom. This cool pin lights that mimic the night sky, an industrial-inspired chandelier, a sculptural lamp, or LED strips to illuminate the underside of a platform bed. How’s that for men’s bedroom ideas? This doesn’t have to be expensive to install either. Anyone handy with wires can easily DIY nice lighting.

29 Men's Bedroom Ideas - Masculine Interior Design Inspiration #mensbedroomideas #bedroominteriordesign #masculinebedroomideas | gratitude41117.com


13. Display Your Kicks

Sneakers is a very common obsession for men. A lot of the serious sneaker collectors have expensive and rare pairs that they wouldn’t dare wear. It is enough that they own such coveted piece of art. For such a man, they need the appropriate space to store and display their collection. Their bedroom is the perfect place. In lieu of other mens bedroom accessories that will go unappreciated, show off their sneaker collection instead with custom shelves or a glass cabinet. What sneaker collector wouldn’t enjoy seeing his collection upon waking up and before going to sleep?

Sneakerhead. Macho Moda - Blog de Moda Masculina: DECORAÇÃO SNEAKERHEAD: Ideias de Quartos para quem é Fanático por Sneakers, Decoração Masculina, Decoração Quarto Masculino, Decoração Sneakerhead, Decoração de Sneakers, Tênis em Decoração, Decoração com Tênis. #DecoraçãoQuartoIdeias


14. Leather

Smooth, supple, and luxurious leather in black or brown is a mainstay in men’s bedroom. It’s also pretty versatile, style-wise. It will go well in a modern design or a traditional design. In fact, it will give the room an old world gentleman charm and a sophistication befitting James Bond himself. Opt for a great tuft leather headboard with a platform bed, a sleek bench, or a functional swivel chair. Genuine leather is not cheap, but it’s an investment worth making. Keep it clean and polish when necessary to make the most out of this luxury piece. If you’re going for synthetic leather, take extra care to prevent peeling and other possible damages.

I got: INDUSTRIAL! What Decorating Style Are You?


15. Ultra Minimalist

For bedroom ideas for men, you can’t go wrong with going minimalist. Clean, sleek, and free of clutter, it’s a modern bedroom guys will want to retire to after a tiring day. If you’re wondering how to achieve this look for a man who is not a minimalist when it comes to his possessions, the answer is storage. Smart storage, and lots of it, can help keep a room clean and hide any possible eyesores such as boxes of random stuff, an overflowing closet, or a cluttered bookcase. For the accessories, choose only what is absolutely necessary. For the bedding, choose clean lines and solid tones, skip prints and ruffles.

53+ Awesome Super Inspirational Minimalist Interior Designs #interiordesign #interiordesignideas #interiordesignboards

There are many more possible mens bedroom ideas, but there 15 are our current favorites. You can achieve these looks easily. When considering bedroom ideas for men, don’t limit yourself by the traditional designs. Let your imagination run wild. After all, the bedroom is a place for dreams.

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts

We give you the blog posts of 2015 that have captivated our collective decorating hearts and minds.

If you’re obsessed with interior design and home decorating like we are, you probably have several daily reads that inspire you to new heights. These talented influencers may even shape your personal design aesthetic and purchasing decisions. At the very least they’ve sparked your imagination and given you courage to take on a room makeover.

The creative minds behind interior design blogs invite us into their world on a daily basis with posts that offer up new and exciting ideas expressed through incredible images, clever DIY projects and unique design perspectives. Problem is, at the end of the year it’s difficult to remember which were your favorites.

To that end, we’ve put together a list of the most memorable interior design and decorating posts of the year. That way, you’ll have the best of the best right here in one place to reference as often as you like. So, in no particular order, we give you the blog posts of 2015 that have captivated our collective decorating hearts and minds.

1. How to Decorate Around a TV – Simply Grove

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 32

Kirsten tackles one of the most confounding decorating dilemmas facing interior design professionals and novices alike. Flat screen TVs are out there and in your face, but she’s sourced decorating ideas that will blow your mind and solve what could be considered your biggest design challenge ever! If you need more help, Kirsten followed up this post with a part deux a few weeks later.

2. Mobilia Amsterdam – Binti Home Blog

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 33

How would you like to take a stroll through one of the premiere modern home furnishings stores on earth? We’ve never been to a Mobilia, so we were really excited when Souraya featured the Amsterdam location in a July post. The Canadian retailer carries the finest interior and furniture brands, which is apparent by the photos. Loving the peach color palette throughout.

3. Dramatic Kitchen Makeover Reveal~Before and After – The Yellow Cape Cod

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 34
If you love huge kitchen makeovers, this post will certainly get your creative juices flowing. Sarah Macklem transforms what was once a kitschy, retro kitchen into a traditionally designed, state-of-the-art food prep, dining and living space all rolled into one. This is a fabulous before and after gallery!

4. The Best of Barstools – The English Room

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 35

Charleston, South Carolina interior designer Holly Hollingsworth Phillips gets on the right track when it comes to selecting the perfect barstool. She shows us a variety of styles and price points, making it easy to find one that works in your home and with your budget.

5. 5 Things Every Well-Designed Room Needs – Lark & Linen

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 36

Lark & Linen is the brainchild of Jacquelyn Clark and she always comes through with invaluable blog posts like this one. If you are embarking on a room decorating project, this post is the next best thing to taking an interior design class! It’s chock-full of images and great info about design principles, elements and accessories that are must-haves for any space.

6. Ways to Use Corrugated Metal in Interior Design – Mountain Modern Life

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 37

Katie and Eric have a rustic-modern design sensibility and hatch some really creative ideas—for example the brilliant use of corrugated sheet metal INSIDE the home! Once relegated to roofing and siding for out buildings, this sustainable material can now take center stage in any room of the house. Our creative duo shows us how to do it with style.

7. Which Decor Type are You? – Happy Interior Blog

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 38

Igor created his blog to make us all happy about our interiors and our lives. Earlier this year he devised eight categories of decor personae based on how each one would style a simple bookshelf. If you’re not sure where you fall design-wise, this is a great way to delve into your true design personality. Check out this nifty little exercise and see which one resonates with you.

8. 5 Ways to Love the Home You Have – Stone Gable

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 39

We have to tip our hat to Yvonne for this feel-good post. The one negative about following interior design and decorating blogs is that we sometimes get down on our own house because it doesn’t live up to the perfection we see online. From finding inspiration within to refusing to compare our home to others, she gives us a new perspective on our digs and grants us permission to love our home the way it is.

9. Modern Farmhouse – Desire to Inspire

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 40

A Canadian and an Aussie (Kim and Jo to you) give us a wide-ranging look at the world of interior design from two completely different points of view. Jo’s post on farmhouse modern style caught our eye and made us feel utterly blissful. This home is a symphony of neutrals featuring mid century modern touches juxtaposed against rustic architecture. To us, the look is the epitome of 2015.

10. Living Through a Major Construction or Remodeling Project – Home Bunch

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 41

Luciane is the founder and editor of this highly informational interior design blog. We can’t get enough of her posts—especially the one about surviving a major home renovation. She’s got great insight and it sounds like she’s experienced the horrors and gratification that are part of a minor or major reno. It contains great advice for anyone considering a remodel of any scale. This one is a keeper.

11. Loft Living Room & Entryway Makeover Reveal! – Vintage Revivals

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 42

Mandi is fearless when it comes to tackling any home decor related DIY project. We appreciate her “love your guts” motto and the fact that she shares her disasters as well as her triumphs. Our favorite reveal from this year features the latest incarnation of her living room and entry. We were with her every step of the way as she and Court installed the brick veneer. Spoiler alert? No, you’ll have to see it for yourself!

12. A Library in the Dining Room – Tiffany Leigh Interior Design

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 43

Tiffany must have read our mind. How many of you have dreamed of having a library in the house? What better space to transform than a dining room? It’s rarely used and contains a large table for reading and wall space for bookcases. Lets face it, many of our homes are space-challenged so creating a multi-use room is brilliant. This little post is full of big inspiration.

13. Make White Walls Work for You – Homedit

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 44

Stefan and his group of talented contributors seem to have a knack for identifying upcoming trends. This post about white walls was published 10 months before three major paint manufacturers named white as their color of the year for 2016. Are the writers at Homedit psychic? Possibly. More likely they’re just in tune with what’s popular in interior design. Whichever the case, this post will turn your white wall frown upside down!

14. Top 15 Contemporary Staircase Designs – Patricia Gray Interior Design

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 45

Patricia’s an award winning interior designer and fine artist from Vancouver who really knows her stuff. In this blog post she takes us on a whirlwind tour of some of the most remarkable staircases we’ve ever seen. Curves and straight lines and angles, oh my! There’s nothing pedestrian about these flights of stairs. In fact, they’re more like flights of fancy!

15. Monochrome with Wood and Green Plants – Decordots

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 46

There’s no denying Scandinavian style is white hot in Estonia thanks to Anu. She captures the spirit of the Nordic design aesthetic with her visually pleasing blog posts. Her stark palette is captivating and the minimal vibe is addictive. This post is a tranquil black-and-white still life of her living room punctuated by the greenery of delicate potted plants. Stunning.

16. Popcorn Ceilings and How We Fake Planked Them – Nesting Place

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 47

This fix is simply incredible! Popcorn ceilings are the bane of existence for homeowners. Unless you’re doing a full-on renovation, popcorn removal is a messy undertaking that frankly send chills up our spine. The Nester has found a way to camouflage the offending ceiling texture without the muss and fuss. How? One word—luan. Enough said. We’re giddy!

17. Midcentury masterpiece 1955 time capsule “tile house” in Minneapolis – Retro Renovation

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 48

If you appreciate mid century architecture and design AND have a secret love affair with tile, you’ll be in retro heaven when you see Pam’s post from September! She refers to this Minneapolis house as a “time capsule” masterpiece that is “mind-blowing exquisite”. The tile work is beyond compare—and it’s no wonder—the designers of the home owned their own tile company. Need we say more?

18. Inspiration #418 – Blood and Champagne

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 49

Thomas Murphy’s image galleries are inspirational—hence the titles. It’s really hard to say which of his “inspiration” posts we liked best this year. #418 really grabbed our attention. From patchwork dining chairs and hypnotic tile patterns to cage lighting and smooth concrete surfaces, we are enthralled with the hodgepodge of design elements captured in this single post.

19. Using (or Not Using) Wood Flooring in Kitchens – Little Green Notebook

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 50

Jenny has a dilemma—whether to use wood flooring in two kitchen remodels. We agree, the warm look of wood is wonderful underfoot, but tile is probably more practical. Don’t know if you’ll reach a definitive decision after checking out her post, but the images she shares offer up a wealth of fabulous options whichever direction you go. What say you—wood or tile?

20. 15 Adorable Sea Themed Kids Room Ideas – Amazing Interior Design

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 51

We want to let you know up front these are not your ordinary run-of-the-mill kids rooms. Not that we would expect anything ordinary from Fiyaa. This post is peppered with nautical themes and crazy underwater scenes that could be right out of a Disney movie. These magical rooms are spaces where children can get lost for hours in imaginary play—how great is that, Mom?

21. Beautiful Dark Colored Walls – Coco Lapine Design

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 52

You wonder why Sarah’s blog posts look so…European. She’s a Belgian designer living in Berlin, which might explain things. Her gallery of dark wall colors speaks to us on so many levels. The play of dark and light, depth and subtle drama is truly enchanting. Her choices never cease to amaze. Spend time with Sarah—you won’t be sorry.

22. One Room Challenge Final Reveal – Because It’s Awesome

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 53

We’re big fans of the One Room Challenge, and BIA rose to the occasion with great aplomb! The ORC is a biannual event wherein bloggers are invited to take on the challenge of redesigning a single room. This post is BIA’s Spring 2015 reveal. Her ordinary kitchen was transformed with a delightful mix of traditional and mid century elements that work together splendidly to create a homey, transitional space.

23. My Ideal Workspace – Lottilou

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 54

Lottilou has a distinct bohemian design personality with a twist of eco-anthropology. With that said, she wows us with images that reflect her personal style, sometimes creating visuals of her dream house, mood boards and wishlists to die for. This time, she takes us into her ideal home workspace through a series of images. Each one looks to be extremely inviting, stylish and functional.

24. Latest Home Interior Trends 2015 – Love Chic Living

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 55

We get such a kick out of posts that deal with trends for the year. Jen put together a smashing list of what she determined to be the hot picks of 2015. We’ve seen all of her predictions come to pass on the pages of magazines and in home furnishing stores—with the exception of paint-dipped art. Maybe we’re just not hanging out in the right places. No doubt some of these will be trending in 2016 as well, so you’d better check it out!

25. Home Tour from Utah Valley Parade of Homes – Favorite Paint Colors

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 56

Showhouses are a fantastic way to experience a variety of interior design styles and the latest in color palettes, surfaces, furniture and accessories. However, Kristin has a different focus when she takes on a home tour. She identifies and describes the paints she encounters—which makes perfect sense when you realize the entire motivation for her blog is to share her love of paint colors. This post is a super resource if you’re considering a change in interior paint or you’re simply a color junkie!

26. 25 Ways to Restyle Your Home – The Inspired Room

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 57

We’ve been following Melissa for a few years and never tire of her advice, personal home tours and DIY projects. This gem of a post has enough suggestions to fill a book! This list shares 25 easy restyling tips, making it possible to freshen up rooms without spending a fortune. Number 25 is our favorite. See what you think!

27. A Stylish Home with Retro Details – Homesick

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 58

Mette shows us an understated yet stylish home with incredible retro details. We adore the eat-in kitchen with the bare particleboard paneled wall! From the original wood flooring to the crown molding detail, everything about this home is perfection. Vintage furniture pieces and curated accessories add to the minimal and simplistic style.

28. Re-Love Project…Before and After – The Painted Hive

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 59

This has to be one of our favorite step-by-step furniture transformations. Nobody can upcycle like Kristine. She takes an ugly duckling white melamine cabinet and turns it into a beautiful mid century modern swan for the Re-Love Project. If you have a little woodworking know-how, you too can re-imagine a thrift store castaway into a fabulous focal point for your home.

29. Summer Tour of Homes 2015 – Rooms for Rent Blog

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 60

Bre keeps it real with a lens trained on her renovated 1846 farmhouse. Are you desperate for inspiration and looking for ideas galore? Please do yourself a favor and stop by this blog post. Every room in the house is decorated down to the smallest impeccable detail. Bre even provides a list of sources by room so you can recreate the look in your own home. If she’d let us, we’d move in tomorrow!

30. Target Dorm Decor Essentials – Thou Swell

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 61

Kevin, the creator of this blog, is a young college student—so who better to do a post about dorm decor? Mind you, we’re not overly fond of sponsored blog posts, but this one is a great tutorial for dorm room newbies on a budget. It’s obvious Kevin has his finger on the pulse of interior design and decor. We love his suggestions, stylish selections and spot on color palettes.

31. Is Gray Here to Stay? – Provident Home Design

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 62

No, we’re not talking about the weather. Tamara bravely takes on one of the most asked interior design questions of the year. We’re not going to give this one away, so you’ll just have to read the entire post. We will tell you we’re kind of disappointed and pleased at the same time, if that helps at all!

32. Scandinavian Home in Biarritz with a Bohemian Touch – L’Essenziale

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 63

We’ve always dreamed of visiting Biarritz so when we spotted this post by Anna, we just had to pause and take it all in. This is not your typical Scandinavian style home—it’s got the white and neutrals, but there’s something else afoot—a kind of rough around the edges feel and vintage off-kilter quality. We think you’ll dig it too.

33. Making Small Rooms Look Larger – Emerald Interior Design

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 64

This post shares wonderful ideas that were once the deep dark secrets of interior designers. For those who are space challenged, these tips will truly change your lives for the better! When you’re in the midst of trying to solve a spatial dilemma, it’s often difficult to come up with an easy solution. Karen’s common sense suggestions will leave you scratching your head and wondering, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

34. It Was an Old Railway Depot – Planete Deco

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 65

Lilly Rose introduces us to a grand dame that was once a railroad depot, but has been magically transformed into a country home full of character and history. She describes the renovated building as “a soul between a New York loft and a Créole ranch”. We’re smitten with the brick and metalwork. You’ll be too.

35. Storage Beds: Innovation and Customization – Home Trotter

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 66

Michela at Home-Trotter offers up the best in Italian design. Here in the States we just don’t have many options when it comes to stylish storage beds. Obviously, Italy is way ahead of the game. Check these out—you’ll be blown away! And don’t let the language barrier scare you away—just use Google translate like we do!

36. Go Tropical with Fresh Prints – Angelica Angeli

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 67

Tropical prints were one of the big trends of the year and that’s why we’ve included this beautiful post from Angelica. Whether you want edgy or exotic, she’s featured wallpaper, textiles and live plants that are easy to incorporate into your home. We have a feeling this trend will be around for a while, so it’s probably smart to click on the link.

37. Eloquence: Swedish Antiques – Velvet and Linen

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 68

Brooke of Patina Farm shares one of her preferred places for client shopping excursions. If you can’t make it to their store in Culver City, you have to take a moment to gaze upon the dreamy eye candy she’s put together for you. For fans of Gustavian design—you’ll go absolutely crazy for Eloquence.

38. How to Make Fabulous DIY Curtains from Sheets – Homeagination

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 69

Linda, a seasoned interiors writer and enthusiastic design aficionado, shares her super easy tutorial for making inexpensive and stylish curtains from ordinary bed sheets. Whether you sew or not, you can create fabulous designer curtain panels that coordinate with your bedding—because they are bedding!

39. Simple, Yet Beautiful Christmas Decorating Ideas – My Scandinavian Home

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 70

The title of this post says it all. These decorating ideas take their cue from the peaceful, snow covered Nordic landscape. Less is more in this version of holiday style—which we totally identify with. Simple stars, white candles, minimal wreaths and an unadorned fir create the perfect holiday card for you.

40. Collier Hills Before and After Makeover – BluLabel Bungalow

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 71

We’d love to see more of Erika’s makeovers. In fact, we think she should have her own TV show. It’s hard to pick the one we like best, but we think the Collier Hills living room is a standout. The mix of pattern and subtle color looks so darned sophisticated and is light years ahead of the “before” images.

41. The BHG Innovation Home is Out! – Lauren Liess

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 72

Lauren is such a gifted designer. She decorated the Better Homes and Gardens Innovation Home and shows it off for us in this popular post from September. The residence is a brilliant convergence of the latest in technology and interior design. She deftly weaves blues throughout the home to create a cohesive and casual look.

42. Homes: Porn for Modernist Architecture Geeks – Your Home is Lovely

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 73

Kate gives us a look at her kitchen and the kitchen of her dreams in a Span house. Don’t know what a Span house is? Well, we’re not going to tell you—you’ll have to check out her post. You’ll not only learn something new, you’ll get an up close and personal look at a British mid century modern dwelling.

43. Round Bistro Table with Concrete Top – Knock off Decor

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 74

Are you sick and tired of seeing inflated home furnishing prices? These posts are a treasure trove of ideas that replicate high-end items for a fraction of the cost. The original round bistro table from Pottery Barn was $624 USD before it was discontinued. You can build the smaller version for under $30!

44. 7 Kitchen Trends to Consider for Your Next Renovations – Savvy Home Blog

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 75

Gabrielle is a decor and lifestyle doyenne who will never steer you wrong. Take kitchen renovation trends for example—she’s got it down to an art! If you choose one or more of these ideas for your upcoming remodel, you’ll have a timeless look that will work for years to come. Just think Shaker style cabinets.

45. Inspiration for Fall Decorating – World of Interiors

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 76

Husband and wife interior design team Sabine and Peter don’t post very often, but when they do…wow! The colors and textures in their fall inspiration post are, well, nothing less than inspirational. Accessories, artwork, upholstery and furniture are so simple and elegant—very European country.

46. A Semicircular Apartment with Modern Design – Design Shell

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 77

We’ve dealt with some unusual decorating challenges over the years, but we’ve never tackled anything like this. Daniela takes us on a tour of an apartment in a mid century building in San Francisco that just so happens to be semicircular. Curved windows and walls abound—even in the master bathroom! Pop by to see how the designer ultimately solved the geometry problem.

47. Bedroom Inspiration | Ebony Walls – Marcus Design

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 78

Nancy is crushing on deep, ebony bedroom walls. This post has attracted a great deal of attention, so she’s not the only one out there that craves a dark and cozy sanctuary. We have to admit it looks awfully chic and has a comforting cocoon-like feel. You really need to see it and then you can answer our question: Would you paint the crown molding to match the walls or leave it white? Hmmm…

48. Statement Making Range Hoods – Design Chic

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 79

If you’ve ever lived in a cookie cutter apartment, it’s doubtful you considered range hoods as a design statement. In most cases, they’re a utilitarian eyesore rather than a thing of beauty. Mother-daughter bloggers and online retailers Beth and Kristy are here to change your mind in this post brimming with gorgeous, yes we said gorgeous, range hoods for your kitchen.

49. Before and After: Client Freakin Fabulous – Amber Interiors

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 80

It appears Amber somehow found the coolest clients ever. After seeing the befores and afters in this post, we can see why they might be giddy about her work. The entire house was transformed from super traditional to a hipster’s dream. You may not be in the market for a total renovation, but you can steal a few killer ideas from this post to update a room or two.

50. One House’s Décor in 1999, 2008 and 2015 – Cote de Texas

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 81

Thank you, Joni for taking us on an interior design trip in your time machine. It’s fascinating to see the design evolution of the same house over the years. We like all of the incarnations, but are especially fond of the current aesthetic. The contemporary interpretation is soft, casual and unfussy—just the way we like things. However, if someone offered one of the earlier versions of the house, we’d surely take it!

51. Boho Kitchen Reveal: The Whole Enchilada – The Jungalow

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 82

Every wondered what a Boho kitchen looks like? Justine would love to show you. From emerald glass subway tiles to copper accents, this kitchen has it all going on. We won’t even mention how we’re hyperventilating over the amazing floor tiles. It’s just something you have to see to believe!

52. Accessorizing Bookshelves with Natural Elements – McGrath II

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 83

Accessorizing floor–to-ceiling bookshelves can be a daunting task even for design professionals like Suzanne and Lauren. Let’s throw another wrench into the works and say you have to style a massive bookcase using natural elements. Yikes! Thankfully this post includes a detailed sketch on where and how to place everything plus their suggestions for natural elements. Ready, set, accessorize!

53. Round Top Antiques Week Fall 2015 – Becki Griffin’s Curious Details

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 84

If you’ve never been to Round Rock for Market Days, you better pull on your cowboy boots and head on down. It’s one of the largest antique markets in the region where you can pick up anything from vintage neon signs and cool furniture to architectural salvage and one-of-a-kind accessories. Becki’s post gives you a tour of several of her favorite vendors. If that doesn’t motivate you to make the trip to Texas Hill country, nothing will!

54. Home of Anne Kleinbloesem – Bloesemliving

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 85

In this selected post, Irene takes us through the Eindhoven residence of Anne Kleinbloesem. Her rooms have a clean and minimal sensibility while retaining the cozy vibe of an older home. Each room has its own unique personality but manages to create a cohesive whole. You’d expect nothing less from an interior designer’s home.

55. Tiled Kitchens – The Perfect Bath

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 86

We’re having a kitchen tile moment. We’re not talking about puny tiled backsplashes. We mean massive—expansive tiled walls from countertop to ceiling and in some cases, floor to ceiling. Barbara’s post discusses the latest kitchen tile trend that is taking the design world by storm. Are you fearless enough to commit to kitchen wall tile rather than paint?

56. Leopard is a Neutral – Hunted Interior

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 87

We’ve been staunch supporters of leopard over the years. So let’s all jump for joy over Kristin’s post that categorically states that leopard is a neutral. We always knew this in our hearts, but encountered more push back than acceptance. Anyway, to prove her point Kristin uses her go-to leopard fabric and subtle accessories to style her living room.

57. Quick Bedroom Makeover – A Merry Mishap

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 88

Quick and easy makeovers are the best and this post fits the bill. Jennifer puts together a down and dirty redo that consists of bedding, minimal accessories, lighting, an area rug and a couple of plants. For such a small investment, the impact is bigger than life. This is the perfect makeover for apartments or dorm rooms.

58. Fall House Tour – The Wicker House

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 89

We love it when bloggers open their homes to readers. It makes the online relationship a bit more personal. After all, the home is a window into the soul. Emily takes a breather before the holidays to give us a look at her home. As we toured the rooms, we recognized all the unforgettable projects she’s highlighted over the last 12 months.

59. Simple Ideas to Add Beautiful Art to the Kitchen – Like Modern

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 90

One room we might skimp on or even forego using artwork in is the kitchen. Unless you have huge expanses of bare walls, it’s probably the last thing on your mind after you’ve spent months selecting appliances, cabinetry, flooring and countertops, etc. This post will show you how and where to tastefully display art in the heart of your home. There are even a couple of tricks we hadn’t thought of!

60. DIY Herringbone Wall – City Farmhouse

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 91

We’ve seen a number of these herringbone tutorials online, but Jen’s is the tops as far as we’re concerned. We find the neutral color scheme makes the wall technique look more like expensive wallpaper than a DIY project. This is a trendy look that is perfect for any focal wall. And as Jen pointed out, it’s easy to paint over it when you’re ready for a change—sure beats removing wallpaper!

61. Ready for our bathroom transformation? – The Niche Home

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 92

We’re so pleased to see a bathroom transformation for a change. Seems as though everyone’s into kitchens this year. Camille transformed a blah yet roomy bathroom with as she described it, “a shower that screamed YMCA circa 1982”. From the jade penny tile to the mid century credenza, the look is au courant. Our crush? The retro sconces and use of brass fixtures.

62. Upcycling Your Staircase – Room Envy

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 93

A staircase is not the first thing you would consider upcycling. Rachel says it’s about time we include our stairs as part of home makeover projects. She shares a simple shabby chic DIY for stair treads and risers. And it doesn’t stop there—click on the house to home link in the post for more fun ideas!

63. 10 Beautiful Rooms…Clouds – Mad About the House

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 94

We’ve got our head in the clouds and so should you thanks to Kate’s post about cloud motifs in the home. These clouds won’t get you wet—if anything, they’ll give you the warm fuzzies. There’s just something about clouds as ornamentation. Clouds on wallpaper, painted directly onto walls and framed as art—all heavenly additions to any room.

64. How to Select Fabrics: Four Important Tips – Classic Casual Home

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 95

When decorating a room, does the thought of picking fabrics send you into an anxiety attack? Mary Ann says to chill and follow her tips to make fabric selections easy peasy lemon squeezy. Fabric selection is her favorite part of a decorating project, so who better to learn from. It just takes a little thought and answers to a couple of questions and you’ll conquer your fabric fears!

65. Some Recent Work (And Some Client Love) – Simple Lovely

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 96

A nexus of natural elements and organic shapes brings Joselyn and her favorite clients together. She had them hooked with the mood board. Nothing makes a designer happier than finding out a client shares their design aesthetic. The look she created for them is understated and effortless—the perfect reflection of her clients’ tastes…and her own.

66. Adding Shelves in Bathroom Cabinets – Gray House Studio

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 97

Happiness is the theme of this DIY post that turns bathroom chaos into an organized dream. Brent and Courtney take a few hours to add a shelves to an under sink bathroom cabinet. You know the ones—just one big opening with the drainage pipe dominating the space. With a little skill and effort they managed to reconfigure the cabinet to its maximum storage capacity.

67. How’s That Holding Up? – Inspired by Charm

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 98

Michael provides a great service to his readers with a post that lets us know how some of the furnishings he’s purchased over the years are holding up. These are not discontinued items—they’re all still available for purchase online and in-store. So take a look and get his impartial opinion of these popular furniture pieces from well-known retailers.

68. The Barn Room Dressed for Summer – For the Love of a House

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 99

The summer romance of her New Hampshire barn room comes to life with Joan’s pictorial post. The shiplap paneled space features soft neutrals, rustic touches, exquisite lighting, comfortable seating and inspiring artwork. This casual and perfectly appointed space gets our seal of approval for the ultimate summer room.

69. The Loft Amsterdam | Winter Edition – Vosgesparis

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 100

The star of this post is a loft situated in an old vaudeville theater located in Amsterdam’s city center. The conservatory-style windows provide a view of the canal and light up the 26-foot high ceilings. The cavernous space feels surprisingly warm and cozy even in winter. Loft #2, as it is known, is impeccably styled and serves as a periodic conceptual pop-up shop as part of The Playing Circle.

70. Decorate a Wall with Pictures – Home Shabby Home

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 101

Wall decoration fascinates Mara. In this post she conducts a mini class that demonstrates how to display a range of artwork in any space. She focuses on gallery-style arrangements over sofas, desks and beds that completely change the look of a room. You don’t need to be fluent in Italian to get the drift of this post. Her photo gallery tells the story.

71. Accent Wall Inspiration – Coco + Kelly

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 102

Cassandra is a darling of the home decor/lifestyle blog genre. Her post about accent wall colors struck a chord with us because it’s something everyone can do and doesn’t cost a fortune. Paint provides instant gratification and is utterly transformative. Her choice of images showcases a variety of beautiful colors that create emphasis without overwhelming the spaces.

72. To Tuft or Not To Tuft – Color Outside the Lines

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 103

This is a fantastic example of what you can accomplish even if you live in a rental. Artie is one clever decorator who transformed a dark and dingy apartment into a magazine-worthy home. His design sense is impeccable. His post gave us a wealth of wonderful decorating ideas. Whether you rent or own, you’ll thank us for this one.

73. The Way We Live: A Haverhill Mansion – Cocoon Home

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 104

Debra is a designer who loves texture, botanicals and mixed patterns. So it’s no wonder this home of an old Massachusetts friend appeals to her. The mansion skillfully weaves history with heirlooms and creativity to provide an unexpected twist on New England tradition. The eclectic and welcoming environment is definitely worth a click and a tour.

74. 6 Must-Have Picture Hangers for Art and Wall Decor – Teal and Lime

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 105

This may not bring about world peace, but Jackie certainly rocked our world with this post. How many times have you attempted to hang art and decorative items only to end up with a bunch of nail holes in the drywall? Worry no more. Jackie has selected 6 hangers that will change your life for the better. We’ve personally used two of her choices and can vouch for their performance and ease of use.

75. Style Advice – Make an Entrance – Home Styling

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 106

Ana is a former TV producer, decorator and blogger from Portugal. We think her gallery of foyers is an indispensable resource to help you create a welcoming and sophisticated introduction to your home. Remember, your front entry forms the first impression of your home to guests, so it’s critical to get things off to a good start. From gorgeous wall coverings to elegant console tables she leaves nothing to chance.

76. Coastal Style Blog – House of Turquoise

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 107

Yes Erin, we are drooling because we adore the color turquoise and coastal style as much as you. In this mesmerizing post, she gives us a sneak peak into Coastal Style, a home, fashion and lifestyle blog by Australian interior designer Melissah. The images of her turquoise-filled beach house fit right into Erin’s niche. It’s a look that’s forever summer and drop dead gorgeous.

77. An Architect’s Attic Apartment with Custom Furniture – Home Designing

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 108

This apartment is loft living at its finest. It could be anywhere in the world, but just so happens to be located in Sophia, Bulgaria. An architect and interior designer pair put their mark on the small and inviting space. The historical nature of the building gives the apartment much of its rugged yet sophisticated personality.

78. Laura’s Living Room: Ikea Billy Bookshelves Hack – The Makerista

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 109

OMG, this is the most brilliant hack we’ve seen in recent memory! Gwen, with the help of her client’s carpenter friend, took basic old Billy bookcases from IKEA and transformed them into an elegant built-in bookcase wall complete with a rolling library ladder. Swooning. Over. This. Hack.

79. Megan Czaj’s Oblio stool is designed for people who can’t sit still – Confessions of a Design Geek

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 110

Are you a kinesthete? In other words, are you one of people who need to be in constant motion in order to be productive? If so, or if you’re just geeky about cutting-edge furniture design, you will go nuts over the stool that helps keep you moving while seated. Kate introduces us to this amazingly simple design that might just take the office furniture world by storm.

80. DC Design House 2015 – My Notting Hill

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 111

Sit back, relax and let Michelle guide you on the ultimate interior design tour though the annual DC Design House in McLean, Virginia. The home is a new build that captures the spirit of an old American farmhouse replete with contemporary finishes and decor. We like to call these “idea homes” because they provide tons of inspiration and motivation to make changes in our homes. We bet you’ll be planning a few changes of your own by the time you scroll through the gallery.

81. 4 Interior Design Trends for 2016 – Thrifty Home

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 112

Becky pulled out her crystal ball to share what’s new on the interior design front for next year. This is a great little post and just enough to whet our appetite. Now we’re anxious to find out what other trends are on the horizon for 2016. You’ll seem like a real visionary by using these ideas in your home right now—remember, there’s no time like the present!

82. Flashback Friday: Boiling the Paint off Door Hardware – Brooklyn Limestone

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 113

Here’s a fabulous DIY project from the past that Stefanie reposted this year. If you have inherited or purchased antique door hardware that is crusted with age and layers of stubborn paint, this tutorial will make quick work of removing all the gunk and grime. She said it’s one of her first posts and apologizes for the bad photography and formatting. We think it’s easy to follow and looks great!

83. The Folding Game – The Designer Pad

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 114

You know what comes to mind when you think about folding tables and chairs? Institutional eyesores that are common at business meetings and the occasional wedding reception. Why can’t someone create stylish folding furniture? They’re here and now and resemble beautiful origami crafted from wood, plastics and aluminum. Eduardo gives us a taste of these unique, elegant and functional designs in this featured post.

84. Kate McHugh’s Earthy, Modern Silver Lake Home – Old Brand New

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 115

Dabito is a Renaissance man and cultural influencer in the world of design. His blog and lifestyle melds old with new which is why he caught our eye. This particular post is what we think epitomizes his design philosophy. Interior designer McHugh’s home combines vintage and a hint of glam. Dabito describes it as “stories told in the union of old and new.”

85. A Unique and Fresh Copenhagen Residence – Nordic Design

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 116

Scandinavian design is extremely popular and has captured our heart, but it can tend to be a bit boring in its monochrome blandness. Catherine shares this fabulously unique Nordic home styled by the multifaceted design firm, Spatial Code. What makes this one so unique? One word: color.

86. A Tiny House in Indiana – House*Tweaking

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 117

Blog creator Dana admits to being “slightly obsessed” with tiny houses. What a coincidence? We are too! These diminutive homes have everything one needs, but on a really small scale. They’re a fraction of the price of a conventional home and will cost even less if you take it off-grid. The featured couple and their tiny home success story may be the impetus you need to downsize and join the movement!

87. Working Your Styling Skills Outside – Abigail Ahern

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 118

London-based interior designer, Abigail Ahern has made a mark for herself by pushing “the boundaries to totally reinvent spaces” and to inspire others to create their perfect home. She’s obsessed with interiors and that includes bringing the best of the indoors out. This idea-packed post shows you how she styles outdoor spaces with the same elements you’d use inside your home. Complete with yummy images and descriptions.

88. Casa Zinc: Reclaimed Hotel Design – COCOCOZY

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 119

Coco takes us to a magical boutique hotel in La Barra, Uruguay totally constructed and decorated with found objects collected over a 30-year period. One of our writers lived near La Barra for several years but sadly never made it to Casa Zinc for a visit. Both you and she will be enchanted by its vintage charm and welcoming appeal. We would love to have a house just like it!

89. A Classic Hamptons House on Further Lake Farm – Hooked on Houses

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 120

If you’re hooked on touring houses of the famous and the ordinary then Julia’s blog will fulfill your desires. This popular post whisks us off to a traditional shingled house in the Hamptons. Some may consider it a farmhouse, but once you see it, the word estate might be a better description for the 17,000 square foot home built on 5.8 acres in East Hampton, New York.

90. White and Gray Wall Mural – A Perfect Gray

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 121

This is a quirky little post that shows us the same wall mural installed five different ways. The etched landscape from Anthropologie has a vintage quality and would make an artistic statement in any room. We challenge you to choose the one you like best and find the perfect spot to hang this handsome mural in your home.

91. It’s Hip to Hang: Bedside Lighting – Design Lovers Blog

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 122

Everyone’s been crushing on pendant lighting this year. Why not free up the space on your nightstands and create a hip vibe with trendy pendants? Jill offers up a number of creative pendant ideas that convey vintage, industrial, boho, traditional, country and modern style. Whichever one you choose, these pendants will light your bedside in style.

92. Master Bath Reveal – Amy Meier Design

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 123

Imagine the ideal his and hers bathroom. What does it consist of? Amy takes us into a master bathroom she completed for her lucky clients. This bath is nothing short of amazing with cabochon flooring, a custom iron shower enclosure, salvaged marble and dreamy alabaster globe pendant lighting. The outcome is a traditional space that is the perfect blend of masculine and feminine.

93. The Klein’s First Home + Before Photos – Oh, I Design

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 124

Jessica came up with a genius idea that could help us all when moving into a new home. She took pictures of each room and made notations right on the photos of all the intended changes such as backsplash, paint, flooring, appliances, fixtures and window coverings. This post is a game changer that will make your move, renovations and decorating go much smoother.

94. Juliette – Leibal

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 125

After spending a few minutes looking through Leo’s posts you’ve probably figured out he’s crazy about minimalism in architecture, interiors, furniture and products. He features the Juliette house as another example of modern simplicity. The Montreal residence was constructed around an 1880 building. Little of the original structure is visible from the interior—except perhaps for the masonry wall in the stairwell.

95. 16 Kitchens with Black Kitchen Cabinets Done 16 Different Ways – Sarah Sarna Home Decor

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 126

You would have to be totally fearless to install black cabinets in a kitchen. As Sarah says, “A black kitchen is not for the faint of heart or the design novice.” But we have to admit they’re beyond fantastic. Let’s not think about the greasy fingerprints or scuff marks. Just enjoy this post filled with the most gorgeous black kitchens you’ll ever see!

96. A Gracious Houston Home – La Dolce Vita

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 127

Houston designer Paloma Contreras takes us on a whirlwind tour of a stylish Woodlands home tastefully appointed by her close friend Brian Fontenot. The architecture and interior design looks as though it should reside in an older, more refined neighborhood in the city rather than the suburbs of Houston. Paloma describes it as fresh, timeless and elegant. We concur.

97. This Teenager’s Room Has Built-in Bed and Storage for Almost Everything – The Contemporist

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 128

This room is the dream of every parent who is raising a teenager. Most teen rooms are a dumping ground for almost everything. It’s virtually impossible to get them to put their belongings away…unless they have a super cool space like this one with a built-in bed and storage everywhere.

98. Blue and White with Elissa Cullman, Victoria Hagan, Andrew Brown, J+G Design, Rollins Ingram and Ralph Lauren – The Pink Pagoda

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 129

Blue and white is considered a classic combination for the home. It can express elegance, a casual vibe or even a playful air. Use a little or a lot to express your design personality. Something as simple as blue glassware in a white kitchen can create a fresh and carefree look. TPP’s post shares a gallery of rooms and vignettes by top designers to get you into the blue-and-white mood.

99. 20 Quirky Floor Poufs – Message Note

99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating Blog Posts 130

Get your floor pouf love on by checking out Ksena’s post that features 20 of the funkiest on the planet! Whether you choose a pouf for the kids, pets or adult seating, you’ll get a kick out of her whimsical and upscale selections. We want them all!