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Ha! Say that three times fast, right? Clock docks, clock docks, clock docks. (Dang. I can’t even type it three times fast!)

Back to the subject at hand … . I’ve been poking around for some decor items related to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Skylanders and discovered some cute themed iPod clock docks. (I know, cute does not go with those two particular themes. Whatever.) There’s basically two styles, designs, brands that come in kids themes. That’s not to say there aren’t more that aren’t novelty styles or would work in a kid’s room. In fact, by the time you get to the clock, you might not want to include something theme specific. Lasts longer that way.

But if you do, here’s what you can find out there. The first line is from iHome – which makes tons of different iPod decor items – and they’ve hooked up with Disney, so you can get their dock in Minnie, Mickey, Kermit, Perry Platypus and Jack Skellington (Nightmare Before Christmas) designs. (Really surprised they didn’t do the princesses and Cars as well.) Oh, and listed separately there’s one for Iron Man, so maybe we’ll start getting a few of these in Marvel characters as well.

There’s a dual alarm – great for two kids – and wake and sleep mode that plays the iPod while charging it. The dynamic speaker doesn’t get the greatest ratings from people who have this model, but that’s kind of to be expected with something considered a kid’s toy almost. In fact, based on the reviews, kids as young as four can operate this with ease.

The second set of docks comes from Activision, which looks to have paired up with Nickelodeon, Mattel and Warner Brothers given the designs available there. You can choose from Batman, Skylanders, Monster High, SpongeBob or TMNT, all in bright colors with a large design wrapped around the front. Feel like there’s more design image available in this one, but I’m not sure as much function. There aren’t a lot of reviews for this model, and the one negative one, frankly, looks to possibly be a user issue rather than the clock. Still, as with any item like this, you should probably be thinking you are buying for the design more than a great piece of electronics.

I’ve got all of these linked to Amazon, which has by far the best price I found for them. (Sears had them listed at three times as much. Ouch!)

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