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When you start with bedding this colorful, there are just so many ways you can go. One would be to pick one main color from the bedding and do everything in the room in that color and white. Obviously, not my idea of fun. Instead I went totally eclectic, choosing items using all four of the colors to add color to the room.

I actually like this color scheme and room best with white around the bottom and pink above the chair rail area. The white lower down allows all the colors to really pop, while the bright color up top brings some happy. It also keeps the major amounts of color I have going here from being a wee bit too overwhelming. I choose a white bed and white furniture definitely makes a great option here. (Just couldn’t resist the lime green desk, though!) You could go with a different color on the top half of the walls; the principles are the same. Anything like artwork or a wall clock or tall furniture should avoid the pink colors to keep from blending in with the wall, but do allow for a few pink accents near the floor.

It’s summer, so I went with BEHR Ultra Watermelon Pink, although a darker or lighter pink would work as well given the various shades in the duvet.

  1. Sunshine Day Duvet Cover
  2. Mix and Match Writing Desk
  3. Chloe & Conner White Headboard
  4. Ruffled Blue Aubra Pouf Ottoman
  5. Lite Source LS-22110H/PINK Karsten Desk Lamp
  6. Red Orange Chinese/Japanese Paper Lantern
  7. Tiris White Rug
  8. Pillows – id COLORS Decorative CanCan Pillow Purple and Brentwood Kids Poodle Body Pillow, Turquoise
  9. Woven Cable Stool
  10. Wire Trashcan
  11. Art – One Step at a Time Wood Sign and Stay Curious Wood Sign
  12. Glass Fish Bowl
  13. id COLORS Alarm Clock with Twin Bells Green
  14. Design Ideas Garland, Glass Bottles

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