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I happen to be one of those people blessed to live near an IKEA. Super cool and super fun to go, just avoid the weekends if you can. Trust me. Given the way the store is laid out, it is easy to get stuck behind slow people who keep you from your goal. No ducking down another aisle to get around them.

But, if you aren’t near an IKEA, I discovered recently that some of their stuff ends up on Amazon as well. Good to know!

I discovered this when I stumbled across this cool purple zipper rug. Just screams to me that it wants to be in some teenage girl’s room. It’s fun and whimsical, unrelated to any specific kind of theme and just perfect as a result. Oh, and it also comes in gray, so that one can work with other color schemes as well.

Beyond those two, I also picked out a few that were bright and colorful and just plain fun. No real theme needed to use them in a room, but do take care with your colors to get them working together.

Ikea Vannerna Dragkedja Rug, Low Pile, Lilac

Ikea Vannerna Dragkedja Rug, Low Pile, Black


IKEA – TORVA Rug, low pile, green

IKEA – HOPPLEK Rug, low pile, multicolor

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