Create your own themed bedroom furniture –

I know – cute bedding, isn’t it? Only, ignore that for right now and check out the furniture in the back of the room instead.

Given that the bedding originally came from overseas, I’m sure there’s some company over there that makes this actual furniture. And if you can find it easily, great.

But you don’t have to go on a huge hunt to make your own cool furniture. All it takes is some nice flat fronts and a few decals. Really!

The key to this is the flat fronted furniture. Most decals aren’t designed to go over bumps and textures. And even if you have some flat places like on a raised panel door, the space is tiny and limited. Better the big flat spaces you can see on the wardrobe and dresser in the picture. Great places to find that kind of stuff would definitely be IKEA, although a lot of modern furniture will have that kind of look.

Then you just need some decals! Among the Pooh ones I’ve collected in the catalog are a few with several stickers meant to work together as a larger scene. Any of those would be great for a large empty space like a closet door or storage cabinet, while others could be placed on dresser drawers or lampshades. It’s a great way to get a custom furniture look without the mess of painting or the expense of buying theme specific furniture. Cute and easy!

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