develop a bedroom decorating plan from a room you like

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Over on Pinterest, you can find numerous boards filled of pictures of kids bedrooms. Elegant, eclectic, eco – just about any style you can think of. (Pottery Barn rooms like the one in the picture are common selections.)

But while it’s easy to be “ooh, I like that” and pin like made, how do you take those ideas and turn them into a cool room and not just eye candy on your computer? When you look at a gorgeous design done by a decorator, it can be a bit overwhelming tackling it yourself. So let’s break it down.

Step One: Figure out what it is you really like about the room you’re drooling over.

Sounds simple, right? But a lot of times, we just think – oooo – but don’t know why. So spend a little time analyzing the picture you’re wanting to copy to pinpoint what appeals to you. The color scheme? The general style or theme? The layout? The decor touches?

Make a list, including all the details you can about the feature. If it’s the color, what are the colors used? Get specific, as in seafoam green, not just green. The more specific you are, the easier it will be to copy.

This becomes your priority list, the things that you have to have in order to get the look you want. The closer you can get, the better.

Step Two: Fill out the other layers.

There are six layers to a bedroom – bedding, furniture, floors, walls, lighting and decor. At least one of those is probably your priority piece(s) after analyzing the room. Time to fill out the other layers.

Make a list of everything in the room in each layer to get an inventory. Now it’s time to decide which pieces are necessary to create the look, which can be tweaked. If there’s a splash of yellow in a pillow, maybe you could do it as a lamp. If the art is vintage black and white photos, maybe you can substitute your own shots.

These pieces provide texture and help support the theme you’re going for. They just don’t have to be exactly like what you see in the picture.

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