Modern Dining Room Decorating Ideas

The dining room is one of the house’s most important rooms; a room where gadgets and technologies don’t exist and family comes together to eat and catch up on each other’s days. Designing your dining room is fun and entertaining. You can create an elegant Modern Dining room even if your home has a casual style.  However, it can be a bit tricky to achieve an effective design of the dining room. Carefully consider different pieces of furniture and what works best for your needs. Elegance has just as much to do with attitude as it does with dining room ideas. Don’t make the mistake and confuse elegance with formality. When looking for ideas to decorate the dining room, remember that with too much stuff you do not want to overload this refined space.

When looking for ideas to decorate the dining room, remember that with too much stuff you do not want to overload this refined space. Your dining room doesn’t have to resemble a stuffy old restaurant to be elegant. Just try to find furnishings with an upscale and luxurious look and feel. If you’re still not sure about it, take a peek at these stunning dining room ideas to get you headed in the right design direction!

This commanding dining room features teal blue on the walls, painted hutch and upholstery. The white chairs contrast with the saturated blue and lend a traditional feel to the space. The cove ceiling detail and chandelier reinforce the elegance that is evident throughout the house.

Clean white walls and airy curtain panels are perfect for this transitional dining room that features a view to the lake. The look is grounded by the dark dining table and built-in sideboard. Two oversized industrial pendants illuminate the long table with seating for eight. Accents include bright green pops of color from the potted plants in the space.

White molding and sparkling accents keep this neutral dining room from appearing too washed out. A delicate crystal chandelier lights the table and the silver mirror above the console adds a touch of glam to the space. The luscious coppery curtain panels add a layer of rich color and texture.

A massive cast stone fireplace anchors the Old World dining room, giving it the feel of a Spanish castle. The oval dining table in burl wood can seat six guests comfortably. The antique wrought iron chandelier is a fitting fixture to light the romantic space.

Brown wainscoting against white walls provides a nice contrast for this open plan dining space. The upholstered chairs add a contemporary touch to the room. The trio of large lanterns suspended from an ironwork grille creates a striking focal point of the dining room.

This desert estate features an unusual dining room. When you’re decorating a dining space that is open to the outside, concentrate on capturing light and shadow and pay attention to architectural details. Displaying decorative accessories in the open bar shelving personalizes the space. Upholstered chairs add texture along with the tumbled marbled flooring.

Stick to robust neutrals and bring in subtle pattern to keep your dining room from feeling weak. Stay away from florals or you’ll run the risk of overwhelming the soft palette. Handsome gold tone-on-tone striped upholstery is the perfect way to balance the colors in this space.

This home and its dining room suffer from wanderlust. The layout is quite confusing, with many corridors, rooms, corners and stairs. The homeowner had trouble making sense of the flow, so she painted this entire level in a monochromatic apricot palette. She took a chance with the approach and it worked—the color gave the odd layout and elegant dining area a stately and cohesive feel.

A pedestal table is draped in fine linen. Seven sleek upholstered chairs create a contemporary vignette inside this transitional dining space. Draperies accentuate the view to the atrium. The dark hardwood floor, sparkling modern chandelier and shimmering gold walls add glamour to the traditional architecture.

This dining room showcases a soft, neutral color palette with traditional touches that emphasize the historical details and architecture in the space. The grand table is perfect for formal fundraising dinners and board meetings orchestrated by its philanthropic owner.

Traditional and antique pieces, like these Louis-style chairs, can make a room feel intimidating when grouped together as a collection. But this dining room manages to maintain a fresh appearance by incorporating neutrals such as whites, creams and light gold to keep the look from becoming overwhelming and dated.

A touch of pattern in any dining room can help brighten the space—along with the help of a wall of windows! The geometric patterns on the light upholstery and large-scale area rug give the room an almost modern edge. The simple LED pendants are a simple yet impactful element in the room’s design.

This modern dining room opens to the kitchen on the on side and the living area on the other end. The spacious room with a commanding view risked looking far too open. Painting the adjacent wall black and adding a dark gray area rug added contrast and helped create a more intimate space. The black-and-white drum pendants and bright white chairs add personality and visual interest.

The dining table and chairs in this classic dining room are deep chocolate brown as is the buffet placed against the sandy beige walls. The dark furniture stands in contrast to the light floors, woven grass placemats, and crisp white dinnerware and linens. The look blends with the connecting living area and is an ideal complement to the traditional New England architecture of the home.

For those of us with a contemporary aesthetic, white is a good choice for walls, upholstery and accessories. Limit the use of accessories and color in the space to keep things neat and tidy. This dining room relies heavily on simple lines and design elements. The blue area rug and carved wood mirror are the exceptions to the rule—and they take this space from casual to elegant.

Double chandeliers provide plenty of light to this ornate dining room. The painted cove ceiling is further accentuated with white molding. The grand dining table and chairs dominate the space. However, multiple wall mirrors help expand the room’s narrow appearance.

Nothing adds warmth to a dining room like a fireplace. This cozy dining features a round table, which is best for a room with limited square footage. The soft gray walls and chamois upholstery create an incomparable color combination for this space.

A view to the courtyard gives this contemporary dining room an indoor-outdoor vibe. Organic elements, like the substantial cypress table, stone wall and natural stone flooring give the space an almost exotic feel when combined with the orchids and the globetrotting owner’s art and artifacts.

This cozy yet elaborate dining space manages to squeeze a lot into a relatively small footprint. While most would advise against this type of cramped furniture layout, it seems to work for the space. The homeowner of this New York City apartment was not able to change the room’s configuration, so he just decided to go with it and use existing furnishings. Less pattern and color would lessen the visual weight.

This airy dining room includes lots of storage in the way of built-in lacquered shelving on the side wall flanking the fireplace. Accessories, color and simple furniture pieces contribute to the contemporary Asian feel of the attractive dining space. The benches at the table are a smart addition that allows more seating.

If you have your heart set on bold color, we say go for it, but remember to keep competing colors to a minimum. This dining room comes close to crossing that line. The yummy red and black striped chairs are divine. We can even handle the pale yellow table runner. However, the ornate bronze drapery panels are too heavy in color and pattern.

Simple décor, minimal color and fabulous furnishings allow the stunning vineyard views to be the star of the show in this dining room. The designer deftly crafted a space to impress with peacock blue walls, table linens, beige velvet upholstery and an area rug that incorporates all the colors in the space.

This traditional dining room features a custom wood dining table with intricate carved details and matching dining chairs covered in exquisite designer fabric. The colors in the upholstery coordinate with the antique area rug, wall tapestry and painting. The wall color warms the space, as does the subdued lighting.

This is the quintessential traditional, formal dining room. The space avoids being staid and predictable with the use of vibrant lemon yellow on the Venetian plaster walls and a softer shade on the chairs. The color contrasts beautifully with the warm tones of the table and huge china cabinet.

Old World charm is present in every element of this Tuscan-inspired dining room. The rich colors of the earth are evident in the gorgeous tile flooring, walls, and furniture pieces in the space. The iron chandelier and accents bring the look home for this Italophile. There’s no denying this gorgeous room reflects true Mediterranean charm.

This tasteful dining room design relies heavily on the furniture to make this space as functional as it is good-looking. The amazing side chairs are upholstered in a combination of white and saddle color leather. The head wingback chairs are done in burnt orange chenille. The buffet and console tables echo the traditional styling and color of the mahogany dining table.

This dreamy natural dining space is just steps away from the living area and kitchen, but it still manages to take center stage. The organic theme starts with modern lines of the rush chairs and moves onto the lacquered cork placemats and twine wrapped vases. The iridescent, dried silver dollar branches offer a delicate and fitting accent to the contemporary tablescape.

The designer of this transitional dining room makes the most of its space by placing the hutch against the half wallpapered in a medallion print. The two wall colors give the room depth and dimension, while the floor mirror creates a sense of space. The chalkboards on the wall allow the chef to display the daily menu for guests to show off their creativity.

Soft neutrals and deep wood tones create an understated and timeless air in this traditional dining room. The chandelier and secondary lighting subtly illuminate the space and the well-chosen accessories complement and enhance the room’s restrained color palette.

Crushed velvet dining chairs add a glamorous feel to this contemporary dining room. The frosted floor-to-ceiling mirror with its abstract design, not to mention the upholstered silk and wood wall panels send this look right over the top.

This dining room features a blend of vintage style and contemporary elegance. The homeowner was inspired by the Art Deco mosaic flooring. Curvy upholstered chairs echo the round table and help ground the lively space. Gold walls and floor tile add glitz, as does the low console with its chrome base and hardware.

Soothing sage is the predominant color in this traditional and very formal dining room. The green ceiling and elegant chandelier add character and visually lower the high ceiling. Floor-length curtains are embellished with trim and feature elaborate swags, jabots and bishop’s sleeve detailing.

Louis chairs with an open back design feel completely at home in this dining room with a distinctly European flair. The chandelier and matching sconces light up the room and enhance the two-tone paint treatment. The expansive area rug softens the floor and adds unexpected color to the thoughtful decorating scheme.

This charming Palm Beach dining room is small in size but big in personality. All about entertaining, this elegant room plays up the contrasts between black and white—the owner’s favorite color combo. Reflective buffet fronts and the large mirror above the fireplace act as additional windows to bounce light and expand the walls.

Elegance in this modern mountain getaway is expressed through the use of unique textures and vivid color. Within its dining room, stacked stone, an antler chandelier, and craftsman-inspired accents set the tone. A collection of mismatched chairs highlights the clean lines of the rustic table. Oranges, grays and browns punctuate the space.


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