Easy painted murals anyone can do –

Way back in the day, I made my money painting for people. Murals, fancy finishes – you name it.

My favorite thing by far was to turn a kid’s room into a magical place. The thing is, I can’t draw worth beans. But that never stopped me!

I used an image projector (not this one but similar in function) to get my pictures up on the wall. I’d draw them, then fill them in, much like coloring in a coloring book.

The projector thing has advantages and disadvantages, but it was definitely an easy way to get art onto the walls. And I did many projects with other people painting and I can assure you that part of the job was pretty easy too.

But – you don’t have to have even unfancy equipment like my projector to do a mural just as easily. There’s this company called Elephants On The Wall that has done it for you. It’s simple tracing and painting and there you go!

The kits come with the image to add, tracing paper, directions and a color guide. Now – you can pick your own colors, just as if you were tackling a coloring book page. In fact, you can see here from the two different Jack and Jill kits you can get that lots of color combinations can work. This is the exact same mural, just sold with a pastel color chart and a bright color chart.

They have tons of designs in lots of styles. Some are silhouette versions, some full color murals. Among my favorites, though, are the doorhuggers. These are designed to go up against a door frame, or sometimes all the way around the door. They take advantage of the door as an element in the design, like the bear using the frame as a scratching post below.

Overall, an easy-ish way to get just the right color and design you want for your child’s bedroom wall! Don’t believe me? Check out the video below to see how it’s really done.

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