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So many themes for kids bedrooms could be built around unthemed bedding. And since it’s for kids, primary colors tend to abound.

Which has always left me a little flummoxed as to why it was so danged hard to find primary colored bedding to use for kids. Think about it – red, yellow and blue works for Sesame Street as well as Bob the Builder. It can be the basis of an airplane theme as well as a ladybug bedroom. And if you find the right bedding set, it can transition well from young child to teen.

So I love this set I just stumbled across recently over at Linens ‘N Things. (Why don’t we have one of these around here any more? Only online for me!) I was actually trying to find a quilt that looked like Maisey’s (more to come) when I found it. It has the red, yellow and blue that are just perfect with a bit of white thrown in to keep it light. Stripes are a nice gender neutral pattern, so it works for both sexes. Pair it with bright flowers for her or vintage airplanes for him and you’re good to go!

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