Farm Wall Decals –

Farm Wall Decals

Here a cow, there a chick, here a pig, there a horse. Before you know it, you’ll have more farm than Old MacDonald! Bring the walls of your child’s room to life with great graphics featuring all their country animal friends as well as tractors, barns and more. It’s the easiest way to decorate a room, for sure!

Most of the images I’ve found here include a collection of barnyard animals, typically a horse, a cow, a pig, some chickens and sheep. There are also several that are just one animal, but you can get others that coordinate in the same art style. A few of the collections also include pieces of a barnyard scene like the barn and fencing and grass. I like those better with the smaller stickers because it makes for a cohesive picture.

You’ll also have a choice about picking styles that are very cartoony – like the cow in the picture here, part of the Funberry Farms kit – and perfectly appropriate for a nursery over more modern graphical styles. (Unless you know of a place that truly has paisley pigs?) Not many are photorealistic or drawn in a realistic manner at all until you get to the murals. Several of the ones I’ve chosen are large photos taken of fields of wheat or barns at sunset.

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Farm Wall Decals With Country Charm

Bright graphics with tons of character

This is where more of the cartoony styles lie. For the most part, you still find the animals in their life-appropriate colors, so they work in a general farm scene. Consider painting the walls with a blue sky behind them or even green on the bottom and blue on the top with the animals along the line in the middle.

You’ll note the graphics from Your Deco Shop can be purchased separately or four of them come in a set together. That might be your best value if those are the animals you want. Keep in mind they also come in a range of sizes so you can do a small set and put them all together in one location in the room or bigger sizes that go one per wall.

Happi Barnyard Decals
$14.49 at RoomMates
Sizes range from 1.75? x 0.75? to 9? x 8.75?
42 stickers total, include small pieces of grass and clouds

Gem’s Friends Farm Decals
$14.49 at RoomMates
There’s even a little girl and a donkey in this set
28 stickers total

Sweetums Signatures Farm Scene Printed Wall Decals

Modern Styled Animal Designs

I would seriously love to see a blue argyle sheep. That would be awesome. But not to be, except in these designs. These are great in a room where you want to use non-themed bedding of a certain color but still incorporate a farm theme in.

Addison the Horse Sticker
$29.99 at WallStickerShop
Cool pink and green argyle horse

Dakota the Cow Sticker
$29.99 at WallStickerShop
Red cow with blue and yellow dots

Betty the Lamb Sticker
$29.99 at WallStickerShop
Blue patterned sheep

Scarlet the Pig Sticker
$29.99 at WallStickerShop
Wait, a pink pig? Oh, pink with tons of flowers!

Wall Pops Farm Fence
Modern design fence that goes with the animals above

Pop and Lolli Cutesy Characters Fashion Farm Gang Stickers
$217.00 at WallStickerShop
There are a few “normal” looking animals here, but the gingham cow and argyle sheep are not among them
Also includes a scarecrow, windmill and several corn stalks

Farm Wall Borders

Some of these borders are cute designs that coordinate with bedding sets. Most are just nice repeating patterns of scenes that bring the theme into the room without overwhelming it.

Daisy’s Farm Wall Border

Country Farm Baby Wall Border by Olive Kids
7.75 in. x 5 yds. Pre-Pasted
Not peel-and-stick

Farm Wall Mural Scenes

Typically a full scene with animals

Farm Animals Pre-pasted Mural
Goes on like wallpaper rather than peel-and-stick

Storybook Farm
Prices start at $145 at MagicMurals
Three sizes to choose from or make it custom sized

Farm Family
Prices start at $188 at MagicMurals
Three sizes to choose from or make it custom sized

Autumn Hillside Landscape
Prices start at $150 at MagicMurals
Three sizes to choose from or make it custom sized

Red Barn in Indiana
Prices start at $150 at MagicMurals
Three sizes to choose from or make it custom sized

American Countryside
Prices start at $150 at MagicMurals
Three sizes to choose from or make it custom sized

Indiana Countryside
Prices start at $150 at MagicMurals
Three sizes to choose from or make it custom sized

Customized Farm Wall Murals

These come from Murals Your Way and are customizable in several different ways. They’ll add your child’s name to the mural, add or remove sections to make it the exact size you need and even change some of the colors on some. Pretty cool. These are a few of the farm designs they carry. Prices start at around $200 and go up depending on the size, material and amount of customization.

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