Giant train posters make for life-size art –

I was scouting around for new train wall murals (check out the new ones I found, BTW) and ran across these awesome giant train posters I want to share with you.

These are huge, huge, huge photo images of various types of locomotives. Pretty cool, huh? I listed the sizes below with the name of the poster and they range all over the place, but big is the basic common factor.

The first six are called stand-up in the Amazon listing, but then say you can frame it and that it’s to decorate the wall. And that it comes in a tube via mail. So, ignore the stand-up part unless you want to try to make your own cardboard easel for them. I don’t think there’s anyway they’re actually stand-up.

The last one though – the BNSF orange engine – is definitely a stand-up. It comes folded up and ready for you to stand in the room right away.

Now – stand-ups are cool, but let’s face it. They’re kind of inconvenient in a bedroom. So it might be better that most of these are simple wall posters. Be prepared to stick them to the wall with poster tack or something similar. They might be easy to put in a frame, but I couldn’t find a single poster frame sized like these posters. I did find some 48?x60? poster frames, so you could trim a few down to fit and just accept the extra space for others. But framing is probably not the easiest option here.

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