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Finding Disney Princess items for a girl’s bedroom isn’t that hard. Tons of frilly pink things featuring Cinderella, Belle, Aurora and Snow White, usually. But … what if your little girl is a big fan of just one specific princess? Be it Cinderella, Belle, Aurora, Snow White, Ariel, Jasmine, Tiana, Rapunzel … you get the picture.

This isn’t the most difficult thing to deliver on, although they don’t make it easy for you with bedding sets for individual princesses. (Other than Tiana and Rapunzel, but that’s just because they’re the newest ones.) Actually, there are still ones for Belle and Ariel floating around and I occasionally see one with Snow White and the dwarves over on eBay. But generally, out of luck.

So here’s what we’ll do. We’ll be combining what we know about decorating with what we know about our specific princess and develop a theme from there. Ready?

This step is easy since Disney has pretty much developed a specific color scheme for each princess, usually based on her ball gown. (Except for Ariel. She’s always still a mermaid. What gives with that?)

  • Cinderella – Baby blue
  • Belle – Yellow
  • Aurora – Light and dark pink
  • Snow White – Primary colors: yellow, red, blue
  • Ariel – Purple and turquoise (although, it could be a shade of teal; hard to tell)
  • Jasmine – Turquoise
  • Tiana – Lavender and mint (light purple and light green). Caveat: her ballgown in the movie is blue, but all the products have her in green. I don’t get it either.
  • Rapunzel – Light and medium violet

Once you have the main color, it’s easily applied to one or both of the two big pieces of your room – bed and walls. You could go with a solid comforter in the main color and neutral walls or reverse it with a neutral bedspread and the main color on the walls. Or use two shades of the same color (like light and dark turquoise). Check out the Caribbean Coolers line at Target for some good solid options. They also have a nice white eyelet comforter that would be a cute neutral.

Conveniently, just knowing what colors to use takes care of the two biggest layers of the room. Yea!

This is where it gets easier and harder. There are throw pillows for individual princesses, blankets you can drape on the end of the bed, artwork, figurines, wall graphics. You can see where I’m going with this. I definitely suggest at least one item that goes on the bed itself – plush doll, throw pillow, blanket – that makes the theme obvious.

Think through the elements involved with each princess as well. Examples: For Cinderella, there’s her carriage and the castle. For Ariel, underwater scenes. For Tiana, frogs. You can look for these items to sprinkle in the room as well.

Really, that’s all there is to developing a bedroom theme for a single Disney princess. Love to hear your ideas and thoughts as well!

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