Girl Bedroom Ideas: Strawberry Shortcake Theme

Yea – we want you to love our character. Boo – we don’t make much other than toys. Which leaves a parent in a bind for how to give their child the bedroom of their dreams. Happens all the time. Today, we’re tackling Strawberry Shortcake for a girl’s bedroom theme.

Two words to remember with Strawberry Shortcake – pink and sweet. Her color scheme has changed over the years to definitely be all about the pink now. Toss in some spring green and there’s your color scheme. The big challenge with this bedroom theme – other than the decided lack of Strawberry Shortcake items – is to not overwhelm with the pink. I started with pink bedding (isn’t it awesome?) but tossed in some green as well.

I like the white blanket to break up the pink bed and would definitely pair all this with white furniture. But add the green knobs! And the green bean bag? It’s a stuffed animal storage bag, actually, perfect for the kind of girl who would love this theme. If you’re handy with the sewing machine, there are some lovely fleece, flannel and cotton fabrics available as well to use to add some more Strawberry Shortcake touches.

(Check out the actual Strawberry Shortcake bedding and decor items I’ve found.)

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