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Not so much an inspiration board today as a collection of ideas around a certain type of kid. You know the one – always with a book in hand, sneaking off to a corner to escape into the action elsewhere.

This all started when I ran across the bed, which includes a reading light. Love that idea and the height of the headboard makes it a nice dramatic piece as well. There are other headboards with lights included and you can certainly make one yourself (even if it’s just to drill a hole for a plug to go through). Because any reader will tell you that a critical item is a good light. (A flashlight under the covers will do in a pinch, however.)

Which got me thinking about other furniture and decor items that would be essential in a room for a reader. Good lighting is obvious, but a good place to sit is as well. I’ve included a bean bag, as well as a chair shaped bean bag seat (which comes in a less girly pattern too!), but also a sheepskin rug. If you’ve never been on one – ooh, so comfy. As long as it’s a real one, they make super comfy ways to sit on the floor to read. Add to that good places to store books – from shelfs to a book basket that can sit by their seating for holding their current reading material. I’ve tossed in some reading oriented decor as well, from the book clock to some cool wall art.

  1. Liam Wooden Bed
  2. Ace Bayou Medium Chenille Lounger Bean Bag Chair
  3. Beanbag Sofa-style Chair
  4. Way Basics Design A Cube Bookcase
  5. Romanoff Book Basket
  6. Umbra Conceal “L” Floating Bookshelf
  7. Genuine Sheepskin Rug Single Pelt Natural White Fur
  8. Go Away I’m Reading sign
  9. I Can Go Anywhere art print
  10. In The Library by Tatsuro Kiuchi
  11. Something Borrowed art print
  12. Turn it off, Read a Book Fine Art Print
  13. Book Clock
  14. Crossword Puzzle Table Lamp by Lamp-In-A-Box

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