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Sports is a fairly common theme for a kid’s bedroom, and you can find a ton of bedding options out there that feature a variety of games. But it never ceases to amaze me how difficult it is to find bedding devoted to one sport exclusively. Not sure what’s up with that!

So I was excited to see the new line of sports bedding from The Land of Nod, each set focused on a different sport – football, baseball, basketball and soccer. The quilts feature the different fields of play while the sheet set are a repeat of the ball used. And they coordinate style-wise so you can keep your soccer player and baseball player happy in the same room.

All the pieces are made of 100% cotton and the quilts reverse to a solid color, giving them a longer life should you decide to redecorate.

Nod Football Bedding – Quilt and Sheets

Nod Baseball Bedding – Quilt and Sheets

Nod Basketball Bedding – Quilt and Sheets

Nod Soccer Bedding – Quilt and Sheets

The only challenge here would be if you’re trying to then outfit the rest of the room in a specific team color. And really, I think the blue in the baseball set would be the only real obstacle. For most others, black and gray blend in just fine and no one expects the football field to match the team colors.

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