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It’s inevitable that your child is going to want to do their room in their favorite cartoon character at some point. Whether Dora or Spongebob or Tinkerbell – you know it’s coming. And if you have no problem changing the room every time their favorite changes, then … OK. Good on you.

But if you want to try to build a base they can grow with, think about starting with good basics. Like solid colored bedding in a basic color. Something they can accessorize in different ways. For example, a hot pink bedspread will take them from Dora to Barbie to a teen room. (Provided it hasn’t gotten magic markered or food stains along the way, of course.) Even something as neutral as a soft green can work with just about any girl bedroom theme.

For a boy room, definitely think in terms of primary colors. Until they become a teen and want black. But almost any boy bedroom theme is going to work with a blue or red bedspread. Think superheroes.

Once you have the building block of solid color bedding, you can build around it with wall decals, posters, rugs and other accessories for their favorite characters.

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