Harry Potter Wall Decals –

Harry Potter Wall Decals

Images from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and previous movies are a great addition to a bedroom wall. And they’re easy to get with these great wall decals. I love how you can see how the actors have changed over the years as they’ve issued new graphics with different movies.

Check out the cool options related to the latest movie. Tattered flags and banners from the final battle at the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows as well as actor shots in street garb ready to do battle.

Harry Potter Wall Decals

Harry Potter Giant Wall Decal
$36.49 at RoomMates
Assembled design 28? x 50.25?
11 decals total

Ron Weasley Wall Decals

Ron Giant Wall Decal
$23.49 at RoomMates
Assembled Ron 21.5? x 50.25?
9 decals total

Harry Potter Movie Graphics

Various images based on the movies

Harry Potter Wall Decals
$14.49 at RoomMates
Decals range from 1? x 3? to 6? x 13?
30 decals total

Hogwarts Decals

House crests and the sorting hat

Hogwarts Crest Giant Wall Decals
$18.49 at RoomMates
Large crests measure 17? x 22?
5 decals total
One crest for Hogwarts, the other for Gryffindor

Custom Sorting Hat Wall Decals

Custom Sorting Hat
Come in several sizes and colors
Choose your house, customize with your name

Hogwarts Wall Mural

This is so cool because it is Hogwarts, but it’s still generic enough it could be used as a castle image for a knight or princess theme.

Harry Potter) XL Wallpaper Mural
$160 at RoomMates
6? x 10.5? – good size for over a chair rail
Comes as seven panels, applied like wallpaper

Harry Potter Wall Quote Decals

There are several styles of each quote at times. I’ve picked the one I liked best to show here. All are available at Amazon and come in different sizes and your choice of tons of colors.

Harry Potter Wall Quote – Believing in yourself

Harry Potter Wall Quote – Our choices

Harry Potter Wall Quote – Up to no good

Harry Potter Wall Quote – In our dreams

Harry Potter Wall Quote – Adventure

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