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Bedroom decor items do make really great gift ideas for kids. It can be something fun while actually being useful, as opposed to toys that are broken by Boxing Day or games that have already lost pieces or batteries.

But how to actually choose? After all, not only are there lots of different items that fall under the category of decor, but many, many, many different ways to design and interpret them.

Here are my three guidelines to help you out.

What They Like

This falls into the “know thy child” category and covers everything from their favorite color to their latest favorite band/movie/hero. Fortunately, once you narrow this down, it does get easier to choose the perfect gift.

Generally, the more toy-like the item, the better for a younger child. The more “grown-up” the item, the better for a tween or teen. (Although, let’s face it; everyone loves a good toy.)

If you’re going to try to go by some activity they’re involved in, it’s a good idea to know if that’s really how they want to be defined. My niece is a kick-butt volleyball player, but she really prefers to not get volleyball related stuff because there’s more to her than that. She loves volleyball, but she doesn’t love volleyball.

What They Need

Ah, let’s get practical, shall we? And of course, need is a rather loosely defined word at times.

With younger kids, this might be a good storage solution for books or toys. Or even a teaching time clock. Again, the closer you can get to it being a toy option, the happier they’ll be.

With an older child – especially a girl – there might a desire to redecorate and you can help cover part of their budget with your gift. Just make sure you’re really in on the decorating theme and scheme. I swear I look at my niece’s room and I could pick something that would work perfectly with what she already has, but it’s not quite right because inside her head looks completely different.

Boys in general are a little tougher here. A lot of times older ones don’t care much about “decorating” and younger ones want things that explode. Practical but fun will come if you go back to the first thing about knowing them, and then pairing it with what they need in their room.

What Mom Says

When all else fails, let mom or dad tell you what to do. (Assuming you aren’t mom or dad. In which case, you should have the first two options down perfectly.) They should have good grasp of not only what their child likes, but also what would be pretty useful. Or what they’d like their kid to get!

Feel free to take their guidance and tweak it to your own gift-giving tastes. Some people never like to give toys, some like to give money, some want to find just the perfect thing.

So, what say you? What other things to keep in mind when buying decor as a gift for a kid?

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