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I have totally become a Phineas and Ferb fan of late. What’s not to love? Smart kids, huge adventures, positive attitudes, enthusiastic outlooks – these are great role models in my book.

They aren’t ordinary kids, so of course, they don’t have an ordinary bedroom. Not even close. We don’t see it very often because they’re usually hanging in the backyard. Well, when they aren’t looking for Frankenstein’s brain or fighting a mummy. The first time I saw the bedroom, I just squealed. It’s fun,creative and just plain different. Huh. Sounds like Phineas and Ferb. Ha!

So, you could have a Phineas and Ferb bedroom that has bedding and decor that features the characters (and Perry, of course) or you could have Phineas and Ferb’s bedroom. Cool.

Let’s walk through what it would take to have such a thing.


Before we start, are you sure you want to copy this bedroom? It’s a celebration of unique personalities, varied interests and creative thinking. Copying it seems like a shame. Maybe you could copy the spirit of the room instead?

Looking around their room, you see several examples of the unexpected. Phineas sleeps in a raft and an oil drum serves as Ferb’s nightstand. What could you use in a way different from what it was meant for?

The Room

We’ll start from the outside and work our way in. Which means walls, ceilings and floor to start. And those are actually the easiest parts.

The walls of the room are blue. Just blue. All the same. No big deal there.

The floor is wood. Again, nothing out of the ordinary.

The ceiling is painted like the sky – light blue with clouds. This is pretty easy to do, especially if you’re ok with cartoony, fluffy clouds. Just paint the ceiling blue, then draw on your fluffy clouds. (Note, if you have a popcorn ceiling, you might consider scraping off the popcorn. Least fun surface ever to paint.) You can use some white chalk to draw the clouds to get them the size and shape you want, then fill them in with white paint.

Instead of painting the clouds, you could use cloud wall decals on the blue paint. (Make sure you let the paint cure for a month before you stick on the decals.) If you’re really ambitious, you could use a sky wallpaper on the ceiling, but you are far braver than me if you go that route!

In the middle of the ceiling, the boys have a big yellow light fixture that mimics the sun.


There is just so, so, so much to see on this side of the room. And I’d wonder just how he managed to do it except that we are talking about Phineas here.

Let’s see what we’ve got going here on his side of the room. The bed is the focal point, in fact it would be the standout piece if it wasn’t for everything else in the room. Still, this is a cool idea for a bed. Phineas has a yellow raft with an aquarium headboard and blue bedding. Simple genius really, but still not necessarily easy to do. I’ve hunted all over looking for a raft that would work for putting a mattress in. Once you get that, the rest is easy.

Bed – yellow raft, aquarium headboard, blue bedding

Now, the decor around the room gets rather crazy and random. So this is definitely where you could start to put more of your own personal stamp. Near the bed, he has a giant gnome, purple bean bag chair and a totem pole. There’s a table-style desk with an orange desk chair and hanging on the wall is a skull with big horns and a butterfly net. There’s a tall thin purple dresser and the other side of the bed, a trunk serves as nightstand with a black alarm clock.

All of these are possible to find, but again, you could come up with your own crazy collection of items based on your own summer vacation adventures.

  • yellow raft
  • blue bedding
  • totem pole
  • giant gnome
  • purple bean bag chair
  • table desk
  • orange desk chair
  • skull with big horns
  • aquarium headboard
  • butterfly net
  • trunk nightstand
  • black alarm clock with red numbers
  • tall thin purple dresser


After being on Phineas’ side of the room, some parts of Ferb’s look a little boring. His bed is just a plain old regular brown bed with a bookshelf headboard. Simple enough to find one of those. The purple and pink bedding – that might be harder to convince a boy to have though!

Looking around Ferb’s side of the room, we find a large version of the Easter Island heads, red bookcases and a drafting table for a desk. It looks like he’s scored a red London phone box and randomly decorating things are a purple pennant, red hardhat and huge wall calendar. His nightstand is an oil drum with a bookshelf cutout into the bottom part. Sitting on top is a purple lantern and a molecule model.

Looking around the room, we do see the basics of a kids room. Bed, nightstand, dresser, desk. Check. But the interpretation of those pieces is unique. Add to those interesting mementos from their summer adventures and there you have it.

My advice for mimicking the room? Find interesting interpretations of the basic furniture pieces and make sure nothing matches. Then start adding in things based on your child’s interest. And it doesn’t have to be the normal thing you might find in a bedroom – when’s the last time you saw a giant lawn gnome in a bedroom? Make a list of interests or trips or adventures or memories to use. Then pick one interesting thing from each to add to the room. You’ll have it covered in no time!

  • bookcase headboard
  • purple/pink bedding
  • easter island head (what are those called?)
  • red bookcases
  • purple pennant
  • red hardhat
  • drafting table
  • huge calendar on wall/ceiling – looks like those desk pad types
  • oil drum nightstand – cutout with books in it
  • purple lantern
  • molecule model
  • red London phone box

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