Ideas for using chalkboards in a kids bedroom

It’s got to be that it’s time for school to start soon. But I have chalkboards on the brain lately.

A friend of mine had a chalkboard across one end of her bedroom as a child. (She’s a really young friend.) It was a great way to provide creative space for her without taking up floor room. In my painting business, I did a custom child’s table with a chalkboard top that was totally cute and functional.

So how could you add a chalkboard to your child’s bedroom easily? If it’s a small room, you might not want a dedicated easel taking up floor space. Which takes us to vertical and horizontal surfaces and three different ways to do it.

Paint it

Like the examples I mentioned at the beginning, you can use chalkboard paint on just about any surface. (I remember my dad painting plywood to make chalkboards back when I was a kid, so this isn’t a new idea.)

Great places for applying are a low section of the wall or on a flat piece of furniture. Just keep in mind (since these won’t be moveable) to put the paint in places where your child can easily reach. I just ran across the line of FolkArt chalkboard paints, which come in all kinds of colors to make it easier to coordinate with your child’s room. Or look into tintable dhalkboard paint to get the exact right color you want.

Stick it

Easier and less messy would be looking into the myriad of chalkboard wall decals available, like the chalkboard truck in the picture.

Wall decals are easy to apply and remove, so there’s less commitment. And they come in all kinds of shapes like elephants and puzzle pieces and well, square, even. Most of the time they come in black, although I’ve found a few that have a choice of purple, pink or blue. Or ones like the truck where you have a choice of 14 colors for the non-chalkboard parts.

Oh – and I love this, but they’ve come out with chalkboard contact paper in a six-foot roll. I’m not sure how well it would work on a wall, but it would be an easy and inexpensive way to put a chalkboard on a smooth furniture surface.

Note that you do need a smooth surface for decals. If you have rough textured walls, head back up to the paint idea. You can paint an elephant, right?

Buy it

Last option would be to just buy a chalkboard, just not an easel style. You can get furniture with chalkboard sections already included, like the kids storage unit with chalkboard pictured here. Just a great way to do double duty.

It’s less interesting and cool, but there are options for getting framed chalkboards to hang on the wall. Some of these have the advantage of a tray for chalk and eraser and certainly great flexibility to move around the room as needed.

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