Incredible Hulk Bedding –

Incredible Hulk Bedding

You might not like him when he’s angry …

He’s huge, he’s mean and he’s green. The Incredible Hulk is one super hero you don’t want to trifle with. But he makes for a great bedroom theme for your boy. (I know my nephew would have loved it when he was younger and obsessed with super heroes.)

Unfortunately, bedding just for our green friend is a

little harder impossible to find compared to other superheroes, but I’m making it easier for you by bringing everything I find into one place. Since the focus here is on Hulk, I’ve included only pieces that feature him, although he’s definitely a large (ha!) part of the design in styles for The Avengers and Marvel in general.

Sadly, none of the Hulk specific pieces of bedding are around anymore. Sigh. there are a couple of new blankets, though if you want to go with green and purple and add those.

Alternatives for Incredible Hulk Bedding

Well, I wanted to score some fabric for you to use to make your own bedding, but no dice. You can find a few things with all the Marvel characters together, but nothing for the Hulk on his own. Sigh.

So I went looking for some other alternatives for you. I tried to find good green and purple choices. I tried to find a good green pattern. I tried all kinds of things. Struck out all over the place. Bah. I did find one duvet in the perfect shades of green, purple and black, but it’s a scene of a metro station, which makes no sense at all in a Hulk setting.

DENY Designs Stacey Schultz Circle World Green Duvet Cover
Twin-king sizes

DENY Designs Madart Richness Of Color Green Duvet Cover
Twin-king sizes

Hulk Blankets and Pillows

If you do go with some non-themed bedding, you could try bringing Hulk in with pillows or a blanket. Also tough to find, I’m afraid.

Marvel Avengers Hulk Pillowtime Pal

The Hulk Black and White and Green Fleece Throw Blanket

Officially Licensed Marvel Comic Book Themed Fleece Throw Blankets (Hulk Smash)

The Incredible Hulk 13-Inch Decorative Pillow

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