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Barbie is so glamorous, isn’t she? Especially in these gorgeous fashion art prints.

And wouldn’t you know it? The price is pretty glamorous too!

These exclusive, limited edition prints come in two different framed options – silver at $150 and with a mat at $135 – or unframed for $99, all from PoshTots. And you can choose from Barbie in all sorts of couture from evening gown to daywear.

But for the price of just one of those, you could have an entire collection, easy peasy. That’s because the 2012 and 2013 versions of Barbie calendars are using this exact same artwork! Just rip up a calendar, frame in the images and you can have a similar look for way less. In fact, you can be pretty flexible in how use use them since you’ll only have invested a few dollars. Decoupage them on furniture, cut them into different shapes – it’s all up to you.

The 2012 mini wall calendar pictured to the right includes the dresses in the images above, plus others (some in the image here to the left). They come in at 7?x7?; not a standard frame size, so expect to get creative on how you display them. The 2013 Barbie wall calendar is using the exact same images, so you can get them in a larger, almost 12? square size now as well. Those would be more dramatic and possibly easier to find frames for.

You can see the mini calendar uses the Veronica print with Barbie in the elegant black evening gown for January. With nothing but the dress image as the top part of the month, it’s easy to use it as art. Best way to go about it would be to remove the staples from the entire calendar, then use a straight edge to cut the bottom edge of the image. This gives you the best possible piece of paper for framing.

I did find some interesting frames in sizes like 8?x8? and 12?x12?. Both would call for at least a small mat. Floating glass frames are also a good option if you can find the right shape. I found a set of 12 glass and metal clip frames in the 8? square size, so you could do the entire year.

(You can score the 2012 calendar over at for a great price while they last!)

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