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It’s easy when you do a sports-themed bedroom to just paint the walls blue and put some clouds. After all, most sports are played outdoors and it fits with the theme.

But I ran across a picture in the customer gallery over at the other day that had just the coolest wall. The kid had an Indianapolis Colts bedroom going on, but instead of painting the wall blue or white, it was painted to look like a football field. So something kind of like this:

Just a rough idea – my white lines are probably too thick – but you get the picture. He then had art and decals hung over it and it worked really well. (Sorry, I can’t put his picture here. Copyright and all that jazz, ya know.)

This is really one of the easiest kinds of paint jobs to do. Paint the wall white, measure out the yard markers and tape a straight line down. The paint everything green, pull off the paint and viola! Two tips here :

  1. When using tape to mark off stripes of any kind, there is a risk of seepage. The is when the paint doesn’t lay completely flat and the top coat – the green in this case – seeps under. You can fix that by painting over the tape with the basecoat color – the white here – then applying the top coat. That way, the white seeps under and you end up with a nice crisp line once the tape is removed. Very good idea if you have any kind of texture on the wall.
  2. The numbers could be done several different ways. You could get some number stickers and use them the same way as the straight tape – stick to wall, paint green over, remove sticker. You could also get white number stickers and just put them on after the green paint has dried. Or, you could try stenciling them on. I’d lean toward getting white numbers just because you’ll have to do the stencil several times to ensure a crisp white over the green.

What do you think? Something you’d try? Have another great football wall idea? Love to hear it!

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