Little Golden Books make their decor debut

I love books. And there is a lot of choice if you want to work a character or theme from a book into your child’s nursery.

But until now, unless you were clever with a paintbrush or took the time to make a clock out of an actual book, you were out of luck if you wanted to bring in the Poky Little Puppy or Saggy Baggy Elephant as part of the nursery decor. But The Land of Nod has released a line of Little Golden Books decor and crib bedding featuring the illustrations by the renowned Gustaf Tenggren to give you a base to work from.

My favorites at this point at the cute little canvas banners pictured below. They’re just $29 each and feature Shy Little Kitten, Saggy Baggy Elephant and Tawny Scrawny Lion. Poky Little Puppy shows up on some other items, and the kitten and lion are also available in bedding.

Each of the banners has a unique shape and comes ready to hang with wood rod and jute hanging core. The images are printed, but they do have some embroidery details as well.

Little Golden Books Kitten Wall Banner

Little Golden Books Lion Wall Banner

Little Golden Books Elephant Wall Banner

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