Living Rooms With Stairs

Present-day homes need not have living rooms that are closed off and separate from the rest of the home. Today’s living rooms are open to all parts of the house, including the foyer and its staircase.

The combination of foyer and living room make for a truly welcoming entry. These living rooms are, truly, a step above.

Sleek and Clean

The sleek cable stair railing system lends a sleek, modern vibe to this white room. The use of pale blond wood for the floors and stair treads lend a sense of warmth to an overall modern, sterile space. The pops of red, though minimal, pop against the white walls.

Lit Up

This room proves that beige doesn’t have to be boring. The use of beige for the wall treatments, furnishings and floor covering works to create a space that is both modern and serene. The lights positioned at each stair tread lend artificial light that ensures a stylish, and safe, trip up the stairs at night.

Step Down into Style

If you’re wondering how to get to a living room that is both comfortable and chic, it’s just three steps down. Check out the matching sofa and armchair, both of whose arms reference 1920s style. The use of light gray for the wall color, rug and fireplace surround make this space feel a calm retreat.

Grand Entrance

Behold this staircase, not only does it feature floating stairs but the staircase arches toward the second floor. The second floor mezzanine opens to the first floor to create a space that is awe-inspiring and glamorous.

Spiral and a View

When your living room has a wall of windows that reveal such a serene scene, you don’t need a lot of furnishings or other decorative elements. The spiral staircase is a work of art as is the tan sectional.

White and Contemporary

This open tread staircase leads to a living space that is sparsely furnished with a modern sectional and sleek coffee table. Minimal use of decorative accessories make the room feel clean and spacious.

Family Friendly

This living room, open to the dining area and kitchen, is the ideal place for family gatherings. The sisal rug ideally complements the gray couch. The use of yellows and greens in the decorative elements and wall treatments creates a space that is warm and inviting.

Luxurious Log Home

Rustic touches abound in this log home. Not only are the walls and ceilings made of logs, but the staircase is as well. The chandelier made of antlers and leather furnishings make this home the epitome of ‘rustic chic.’

Custom Railing

Check out this two-story living room, complete with a mezzanine. The stairway’s custom wrought iron railing continues onto the mezzanine and adds a sense of drama. Details, such as the custom-made insets for the artwork and high-end chandelier, set this room apart from the others.

Simple and Understated

Classic details shine in this older living room. Furnishings are kept simple and don’t detract from the staircase’s arched details and exposed wood ceiling. Other classic touches, such as the furnishings and terra cotta tile, shine.

Open and Contemporary

The glass stair railing and open treads keep this staircase feeling fresh and modern. Simple, sleek furnishings and the corner fireplace continue the clean, contemporary feel. The large window, free of any decoration or window treatments, allows you to soak in the beauty of the natural world.

Interesting Details

This open concept space features a kitchen as well as dining and living spaces. However, these separate spaces all feel cohesive. Details, such as beige furnishings and the stone tiles that flank the side of the staircase as well as the front of the kitchen island, create unity.

Modern and Sleek

Gray walls and black furnishings complement the sleek metal staircase of this modern loft. A granite fireplace surround lends subtle glamor while the remainder of the space feels appropriate for a young singleton.

Open and Gorgeous

Ahh, this space is gorgeous. The dramatic staircase leads from the well-appointed and welcoming living room to the second floor hallway and loft space. Note how the finish of the exposed ceiling complements the kitchen cabinets. Stunning!

Floating Staircase

Okay, this is how to do sleek and contemporary. The floating staircase paired with the glass railing is stunning. Plus, the gray sectional with chaise is the ideal spot to watch a movie on the flat screen.

Lofty Ideals

This room is simple and comfortable. The staircase is simple, yet dramatic with its custom railing. Plus, the cream colored sectional looks like the ideal place to read a book under the natural light of the skylight. Additionally, the rattan ottoman is makes a sweet seat for a little one at the coffee table.

Power of Illusion

Behold the use of ship stairs to make the best use of space in this lofty space. The loft area resembles a ladder in that there are gaps between the treads. However, glass under the treads ensures no one will fall through.

Light and Dark

The dark throw pillows against the white couches beautifully mirror the white staircase with dark stair treads. This use of contrasts results in a living room that is comfortable and chic. The flokati rug lends warmth underfoot and amplifies the chic factor.

Set in Stone

This cavernous space is anything but cold and impersonal. Artful touches abound in this room, from the spiral staircase to the ultra-modern fireplace. The true stars of the room, though, are the stone walls. However, the charming wooden beams are pretty cool too.

Luxurious Leather

This living room is the ideal place to spend an evening, or even, a stay-cation. Watch the latest rental from the comfort of the leather sectional or play a game of cards at the game table. Should you require a refreshment, just head to the fully stocked bar.


Stefanie is the owner of Interior Charm . A self-proclaimed interior design junkie, she is all about helping people make their homes beautiful