30 Gorgeous Living Rooms with Stone Walls

What’s more dramatic in a living room than a stone wall backdrop? It’s amazing how something so hard and cold can translate into such a warm and inviting interior feature. Stone is a natural element possessing textures and colors that merge well with many design styles. A stone wall is a great choice for adding rugged good looks to a sleek, contemporary living room. It’s also a perfect match for a rustic gathering space. A stone wall adds movement to a room and is also a genius way to conceal damaged drywall or plaster surfaces.

Choose from stacked stone, whole slabs, river rock, fieldstone, ledgestone or brick to get just the look you want in your living room. Whichever you choose, architectural stone comes in a wide variety of organic shapes, surfaces and shades that will work with virtually any interior color palette. Or maybe you’ve uncovered a historic stone wall hiding beneath a layer of plaster. Exposed stone is a design statement that can stand on its own to create a look and textural feel unmatched by any other type of interior wall surface.

Now that we’ve peaked your interest, here’s an extensive gallery of living rooms featuring stunning stone walls. Each one is a unique work of art that will leave you breathless!

With the advent of ultra-thin stone veneer, it’s never been a better time to get the look of real stone in your living room. Covering a wall is a fairly straightforward DIY project that is easy on the eyes and the pocketbook. This fieldstone wall install spanned several weekends, but the results are worth the effort!

If you didn’t already know, here are some of the benefits of having a stone wall like this ledgestone example. It gives a space a natural look with its rich color variations and textures. It’s extremely durable and low maintenance. You can choose from a wide assortment of materials to suit any budget. Stone walls also provide extra insulation.

This living room is the perfect combination of traditional and modern. The colors and wall texture complement the classic furniture pieces and the neutral color palette. A mix of soft and hard surfaces gives this room an exciting look and feel.

The luminous limestone accent wall contrasts with the espresso plank flooring in this modern living room. The floor-to-ceiling stunner dominates. The homeowner chose an oversized white sectional and neutral rug to give the stone wall center stage.

A stone wall stretching to the peak of a cathedral ceiling is definitely eye-catching. Adding to the drama are white ceilings accented with dark wood beams. A sense of cohesiveness was created with a consistent color story.

The quintessential modern living room would be remiss without a dramatic solid slab fireplace. It is an excellent way to show off the natural color and movement of quarried stone. This modern stone surround is the focal point of a thoughtfully designed space.

In a living room with a masonry accent wall like old Chicago brick, it’s a good idea to bring in furnishings to continue the color palette. Reds, rusts and browns complement the brick and make the space feel warm and inviting.

Stone walls are the perfect material choice for a fireplace wall. This colorful river stone treatment spans the entire length of the wall, but only tops out at 5 feet. The long, low stone wall is a unique design element in this minimal living room.

You can maintain the wonderful texture of natural stone and defuse the color by painting it out in bright white. It still has the same visual impact, but now works with the other furnishings and
accessories in this stylish living room.

There’s no denying stone fireplaces enhance the appearance of a living room. If you love the Old World character of cobblestone, use it to frame out your fireplace wall. The smooth texture and varied shapes of the stone are a natural when paired with traditional or rustic furnishings.

A living room stone wall goes with almost any décor style if you choose the right material. In this space, the uniform look of brick looks great in this contemporary condo. An irregular-shaped stone wall would spoil the symmetry.

Multi-color ledgestone runs from floor to ceiling in this living room. However, the wall is not actual stone, it’s a veneer product. If you plan on taking a stone fireplace wall all the way to the ceiling, consider using stone veneer—it’s much lighter and installs quicker than the real deal.

A rugged stone wall adds loads of character to this traditional living space. The dark gray slate is an ideal complement to the warm wood flooring, rich upholstery and gild wall frames. The look is elegant and quite befitting a sprawling country estate.

If you want to decorate an expansive wall area consider using large sections of stone. It will match the wall’s scale as well as create greater visual interest. In this living room, oversized sections of slate were installed and uplit to enhance the stone’s natural color.

When using a hard surfacing material like stone, don’t forget to warm up the space with color, upholstery, carpet and pillows. In this living room the designer used plush upholstery fabrics, an oversized wool area rug and an abundance of pillows to create a cozy atmosphere.

Sometimes stone surfaces can seem too hard in a casual space. In this inviting family room, the homeowner softened the look with a carved mantel, rich wood flooring, warm wall color and supple leather furniture. The wall of windows also helps to flood the room with light to keep the feeling cheerful and bright.

What makes a rustic vacation home so appealing? It’s all about the natural elements. Follow the example of this cozy living space by incorporating natural wood and stone in your living room design. The rugged exposed wood beams and stone accent wall translate into a “you’ll never want to leave” mountain retreat.

The natural stone wall in this living space makes it feel spa or resort-like. The furniture is comfortable and is upscale in its fabrics and finishes. The atmosphere is definitely conducive to rest and relaxation. Something we can all strive for in our own homes.

How heavenly is this newly remodeled country French farmhouse? The stars of this show are the 300-year-old stone walls and the rustic ceiling beams. The entire structure is authentic. The contemporary wood flooring, sconce lighting and the comfortable seating are the only modern touches in the romantic living space.

These interior walls could fool you into thinking this is a stone house. However, the home is new construction with drywall over stud framing. The stone is actually a limestone veneer that matches the stone accents on the exterior!

Proper lighting will further enhance your living room’s stone walls. Without illumination, the texture, color and beauty of the stone is lost. In this space a combination of an overhead fixture and wall scones give the stone walls the attention they deserve.

Dress up accent walls with stone or stone veneers. These columns and the feature wall would be all but invisible without it. The application of stone gives this living room warmth and character that painted wall surfaces just can’t match

In this high-rise living room, a dramatic stone fireplace design helps break up two banks of windows. The designer decided to give this floor-to-ceiling fireplace more prominence by using a chunky stacked stone effect.

This living room is cool, contemporary and sophisticated—perfect for entertaining or chilling out with family. The gorgeous limestone fireplace is the focal point, with a low tile hearth and super high wraparound mantel. The white mantel is the perfect complement to the stone and white elements throughout the space.

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If you are undecided about which stone to use, consider brick. Brick has been popular for decades and is featured in a variety of residential styles. In this contemporary living room brick is used to flank the fireplace and the niche above. The actual fireplace surround is exotic granite that coordinates with the brick.

Natural slate has always been a fashionable flooring choice, but it is also becoming a favorite for covering walls. The variations in the slate tile can add elegance to a living room. The good news is slate can be installed directly onto drywall using thinset and standard tile installation techniques.

Having exposed stone or brick in your historic home or loft is like winning the lottery. Without much effort on your part, the place probably looks amazing. Exposed stone adds character and organic elegance to any living space. With a few stylish furniture pieces and lighting your room can take on almost any personality—from urban rustic to ultra modern to gritty industrial.

To create more visual interest and a timeworn look try exposing certain areas of genuine stone wall. Take a random approach so appears to be natural decomposition. Start where the wall meets the ceiling—it is typically the first area where plaster fails on aging walls.

For small spaces consider using stone on only a portion of a wall. Applying stone to an entire wall can be overpowering in a diminutive living space. This partial stone wall is just the right amount of texture and color for the small condo. It looks great and is much less expensive than a full wall installation.

Create additional texture and interest by incorporating a fun color into your focal wall. While a subdued color scheme would be beautiful, the addition of orange stones enhances the overall effect. It also makes easy work of selecting colors for the room.


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