What’s more dramatic in a living room than a stone wall backdrop? It’s amazing how something so hard and cold can translate into such a warm and inviting interior feature. Stone is a natural element possessing textures and colors that merge well with many design styles. A stone wall is a great choice for adding rugged good looks to a sleek, contemporary living room. It’s also a perfect match for a rustic gathering space. A stone wall adds movement to a room and is also a genius way to conceal damaged drywall or plaster surfaces.

Choose from stacked stone, whole slabs, river rock, fieldstone, ledgestone or brick to get just the look you want in your living room. Whichever you choose, architectural stone comes in a wide variety of organic shapes, surfaces and shades that will work with virtually any interior color palette. Or maybe you’ve uncovered a historic stone wall hiding beneath a layer of plaster. Exposed stone is a design statement that can stand on its own to create a look and textural feel unmatched by any other type of interior wall surface.

Now that we’ve peaked your interest, here’s an extensive gallery of living rooms featuring stunning stone walls. Each one is a unique work of art that will leave you breathless!

30 Gorgeous Living Rooms with Stone Walls 1

With the advent of ultra-thin stone veneer, it’s never been a better time to get the look of real stone in your living room. Covering a wall is a fairly straightforward DIY project that is easy on the eyes and the pocketbook. This fieldstone wall install spanned several weekends, but the results are worth the effort!

30 Gorgeous Living Rooms with Stone Walls 2

If you didn’t already know, here are some of the benefits of having a stone wall like this ledgestone example. It gives a space a natural look with its rich color variations and textures. It’s extremely durable and low maintenance. You can choose from a wide assortment of materials to suit any budget. Stone walls also provide extra insulation.

30 Gorgeous Living Rooms with Stone Walls 3

This living room is the perfect combination of traditional and modern. The colors and wall texture complement the classic furniture pieces and the neutral color palette. A mix of soft and hard surfaces gives this room an exciting look and feel.

30 Gorgeous Living Rooms with Stone Walls 4

The luminous limestone accent wall contrasts with the espresso plank flooring in this modern living room. The floor-to-ceiling stunner dominates. The homeowner chose an oversized white sectional and neutral rug to give the stone wall center stage.

30 Gorgeous Living Rooms with Stone Walls 5

A stone wall stretching to the peak of a cathedral ceiling is definitely eye-catching. Adding to the drama are white ceilings accented with dark wood beams. A sense of cohesiveness was created with a consistent color story.

30 Gorgeous Living Rooms with Stone Walls 6

The quintessential modern living room would be remiss without a dramatic solid slab fireplace. It is an excellent way to show off the natural color and movement of quarried stone. This modern stone surround is the focal point of a thoughtfully designed space.

30 Gorgeous Living Rooms with Stone Walls 7

In a living room with a masonry accent wall like old Chicago brick, it’s a good idea to bring in furnishings to continue the color palette. Reds, rusts and browns complement the brick and make the space feel warm and inviting.

30 Gorgeous Living Rooms with Stone Walls 8

Stone walls are the perfect material choice for a fireplace wall. This colorful river stone treatment spans the entire length of the wall, but only tops out at 5 feet. The long, low stone wall is a unique design element in this minimal living room.

30 Gorgeous Living Rooms with Stone Walls 9

You can maintain the wonderful texture of natural stone and defuse the color by painting it out in bright white. It still has the same visual impact, but now works with the other furnishings and
accessories in this stylish living room.

30 Gorgeous Living Rooms with Stone Walls 10

There’s no denying stone fireplaces enhance the appearance of a living room. If you love the Old World character of cobblestone, use it to frame out your fireplace wall. The smooth texture and varied shapes of the stone are a natural when paired with traditional or rustic furnishings.

30 Gorgeous Living Rooms with Stone Walls 11

A living room stone wall goes with almost any décor style if you choose the right material. In this space, the uniform look of brick looks great in this contemporary condo. An irregular-shaped stone wall would spoil the symmetry.

30 Gorgeous Living Rooms with Stone Walls 12

Multi-color ledgestone runs from floor to ceiling in this living room. However, the wall is not actual stone, it’s a veneer product. If you plan on taking a stone fireplace wall all the way to the ceiling, consider using stone veneer—it’s much lighter and installs quicker than the real deal.

30 Gorgeous Living Rooms with Stone Walls 13

A rugged stone wall adds loads of character to this traditional living space. The dark gray slate is an ideal complement to the warm wood flooring, rich upholstery and gild wall frames. The look is elegant and quite befitting a sprawling country estate.

30 Gorgeous Living Rooms with Stone Walls 14

If you want to decorate an expansive wall area consider using large sections of stone. It will match the wall’s scale as well as create greater visual interest. In this living room, oversized sections of slate were installed and uplit to enhance the stone’s natural color.

30 Gorgeous Living Rooms with Stone Walls 15

When using a hard surfacing material like stone, don’t forget to warm up the space with color, upholstery, carpet and pillows. In this living room the designer used plush upholstery fabrics, an oversized wool area rug and an abundance of pillows to create a cozy atmosphere.

30 Gorgeous Living Rooms with Stone Walls 16

Sometimes stone surfaces can seem too hard in a casual space. In this inviting family room, the homeowner softened the look with a carved mantel, rich wood flooring, warm wall color and supple leather furniture. The wall of windows also helps to flood the room with light to keep the feeling cheerful and bright.

30 Gorgeous Living Rooms with Stone Walls 17

What makes a rustic vacation home so appealing? It’s all about the natural elements. Follow the example of this cozy living space by incorporating natural wood and stone in your living room design. The rugged exposed wood beams and stone accent wall translate into a “you’ll never want to leave” mountain retreat.

30 Gorgeous Living Rooms with Stone Walls 18

The natural stone wall in this living space makes it feel spa or resort-like. The furniture is comfortable and is upscale in its fabrics and finishes. The atmosphere is definitely conducive to rest and relaxation. Something we can all strive for in our own homes.

30 Gorgeous Living Rooms with Stone Walls 19

How heavenly is this newly remodeled country French farmhouse? The stars of this show are the 300-year-old stone walls and the rustic ceiling beams. The entire structure is authentic. The contemporary wood flooring, sconce lighting and the comfortable seating are the only modern touches in the romantic living space.

30 Gorgeous Living Rooms with Stone Walls 20

These interior walls could fool you into thinking this is a stone house. However, the home is new construction with drywall over stud framing. The stone is actually a limestone veneer that matches the stone accents on the exterior!

30 Gorgeous Living Rooms with Stone Walls 21

Proper lighting will further enhance your living room’s stone walls. Without illumination, the texture, color and beauty of the stone is lost. In this space a combination of an overhead fixture and wall scones give the stone walls the attention they deserve.

30 Gorgeous Living Rooms with Stone Walls 22

Dress up accent walls with stone or stone veneers. These columns and the feature wall would be all but invisible without it. The application of stone gives this living room warmth and character that painted wall surfaces just can’t match

30 Gorgeous Living Rooms with Stone Walls 23

In this high-rise living room, a dramatic stone fireplace design helps break up two banks of windows. The designer decided to give this floor-to-ceiling fireplace more prominence by using a chunky stacked stone effect.

30 Gorgeous Living Rooms with Stone Walls 24

This living room is cool, contemporary and sophisticated—perfect for entertaining or chilling out with family. The gorgeous limestone fireplace is the focal point, with a low tile hearth and super high wraparound mantel. The white mantel is the perfect complement to the stone and white elements throughout the space.

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30 Gorgeous Living Rooms with Stone Walls 25

If you are undecided about which stone to use, consider brick. Brick has been popular for decades and is featured in a variety of residential styles. In this contemporary living room brick is used to flank the fireplace and the niche above. The actual fireplace surround is exotic granite that coordinates with the brick.

30 Gorgeous Living Rooms with Stone Walls 26

Natural slate has always been a fashionable flooring choice, but it is also becoming a favorite for covering walls. The variations in the slate tile can add elegance to a living room. The good news is slate can be installed directly onto drywall using thinset and standard tile installation techniques.

30 Gorgeous Living Rooms with Stone Walls 27

Having exposed stone or brick in your historic home or loft is like winning the lottery. Without much effort on your part, the place probably looks amazing. Exposed stone adds character and organic elegance to any living space. With a few stylish furniture pieces and lighting your room can take on almost any personality—from urban rustic to ultra modern to gritty industrial.

30 Gorgeous Living Rooms with Stone Walls 28

To create more visual interest and a timeworn look try exposing certain areas of genuine stone wall. Take a random approach so appears to be natural decomposition. Start where the wall meets the ceiling—it is typically the first area where plaster fails on aging walls.

30 Gorgeous Living Rooms with Stone Walls 29

For small spaces consider using stone on only a portion of a wall. Applying stone to an entire wall can be overpowering in a diminutive living space. This partial stone wall is just the right amount of texture and color for the small condo. It looks great and is much less expensive than a full wall installation.

30 Gorgeous Living Rooms with Stone Walls 30

Create additional texture and interest by incorporating a fun color into your focal wall. While a subdued color scheme would be beautiful, the addition of orange stones enhances the overall effect. It also makes easy work of selecting colors for the room.

More related ideas:

Accent Wall Living Room – 11 best Samples

Accent walls living room, at first glance, to inspire, share and love colors, seem to be just another design element dependent on current trends view continue to decor the rooms with life. But this relatively a feature for interior walls stories, and the rooms whether you opt for paint, or even tiles, ties together color palettes, balances large windows, makes contemporary cozier and somehow brighter. They can act as an anchor in a wall otherwise blasé room, or add that little something extra decorative to make a well-designed space special with your family. Ask for media or you can put query using the newsletter for further guidelines on time.

The key to choosing the accent walls service or architecture DIY artwork of your entire house is to take tips looking and viewing closely and continually at the other finishes in the room: do they need something to counteract them? Bright color paint concept or textured with gallery fits the bill to decor with colors whether for rooms or walls. Or art, are they begging for a feature that ties them together and gives them weight? Remaining Darker shades and unexpected textures of walls provide a solution.

Adding Texture with Wallpaper

Accent Wall Living Room - 11 best Samples 31
Splendid projects and estate product decor with, charcoal jute-textured rustic pin and simple colors wall used to decor continually the interior room traditionally ground this light, airy space, creating a stylish frame around the television gallery and acting as an anchor for dusty blonde floors renovation outside garden and white-based sofa to make the perfect match for you.

Brightening Small Spaces

Accent Wall Living Room - 11 best Samples 32
This diluted DIY turquoise accent interior wall art tip continues to adds a lot of holding its own against stunning wood floors and modern furniture in the like farmhouse homes. The grouping of the sofa and stylish chairs favorite with headboards and curtains products creates a dramatic view of the frame-like contemporary effect around the interior wall, transforming an ‘accent’ into the star of the room for decor inspiration like media.

Getting Away with True Purple

Accent Wall Living Room - 11 best Samples 33
A creative purple accent eye-catching wall decor is easy enough to work around when the shade leans more amethyst or eggplant, but true purple can pose a design challenge for the interior pop walls. Here, splendid shared striped wood floors and gallery prevent the wall from continuing and overwhelming the room view a, while rest of white and gray color palette, large ottomans and a sectional bring balance without adding another starring element to the room.

Multidimensional Accent

Accent Wall Living Room - 11 best Samples 34
The creative patterns designer blond DIY wood architecture paneling project of wall and room including office with a decadent grain pattern gets a punch-up traditional inspiration with chartreuse stripes and yellow bars, livening up an otherwise all-white space including ceilings.

Accenting with Brick

Accent Wall Living Room - 11 best Samples 35
Brick/tile accent walls don’t have to be red. Here, a neutral taupe brickworks to add texture in the absence of carpet or grain-heavy wood floors with a yellowish chair, with fireplace and helps to give this otherwise large living room a more intimate and view with slight greenery.

Dusty Blue

Accent Wall Living Room - 11 best Samples 36
Combining or remodeling white color painting of floors to looks exactly natural with white furniture could decor continually and easily making eye contact to look the room a bit too futuristic containing fireplace, but the soft blue accent wall brings the space back down to earth.

Classic Wallpaper

Accent Wall Living Room - 11 best Samples 37
Wallpaper of walls for the house goes in and out of style, but always check for a beautiful room spin on the accent interior wall typically done with painted colors fun and cabinets with some storage. This classic pattern acts by architects as a bridge between the shabby chic sofa, 70s style shag rug, and modern coffee table.

Accenting in Bright Spaces

Accent Wall Living Room - 11 best Samples 38
An accent wall doesn’t have to be the only pick strong geometric stand feature in the room. Here, the architect makes black and gray colors to remodel pops against stylish red contrast walls. On their own, both styles would work as an accent; but together, they create a bold statement.

Grounding Airy Rooms

Accent Wall Living Room - 11 best Samples 39
Floor to the ceiling or single windows are often a plus in the world of shop patterned design, but they can make a living room, which should at least somewhat homey chalkboard and office, with absolutely no need of fireplace and cleaning. A matte black accent wall prevents this, tying the color palette together while adding a cozy element.

Creating Separation

Accent Wall Living Room - 11 best Samples 40
Accent walls do much more than add a strong stand lovely geometric design element to an interior room. Here, the suede-like dark gray separates an open concept space, making the living room tucked away rather than exposed.

Stone Inlay

Accent Wall Living Room - 11 best Samples 41
A Houzz wall cutout advice begs for built-ins interior bedrooms, as just paint could make a change for the offices as well to space empty with green and grey. Here, the use of tiles rather than standard mural paint beefs it up without clutter with no fireplace, adding dimension and a strong focal point.

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Colorful living room-45 best Samples

Colorful living room with splashes of lively color to decor that will make an inspiration to set the excitement meter on high! Why not have fun with color by way of fabrics, wall paint or paper, accessories, and rugs. While colorful doesn’t have to be a “go bold or go home” proposition, using pleasing color combinations will energize your space and translate into happy guests and good times.

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Don’t follow Steps outside your comfort zone and go beyond neutral. It’s really much easier to introduce color into your Colorful living room than you might think. Start by choosing or search a show-stopping wall color or wallpaper. Use small doses of services that same color in upholstery fabrics and pillows. Incorporate complementary or analogous colors into other furnishings and accessories to add to the mix. Heck, you can even create a colorful living room using a monochromatic color scheme.

We’ve pulled together a plethora of way hip and fabulous ideas to create your own colorful living room. There is a lot to choose from, so take your time and have fun scrolling through these lively rooms. As you go, pick your favorites and save them to your design inspiration file. Considered images are available on Pinterest by a search. Then you’ll be ready to decorate like a pro!

Colorful living room-45 best Samples 42

The inspiration color palette in this living room decorated with shades of yellow, turquoise, red and light blue. The complementary colors and traditional furniture style work together to create a cohesive, fresh look. Look at the image for demonstration purposes.

Colorful living room-45 best Samples 43

The inspiration walls in this room are decorated or painted a soulful teal blue that is repeated in the flooring by way of an ombre-effect carpet that cozies up this living space with absolutely no need for fireplace. Grass green and gold elements help balance the palette, while pops of royal blue, aqua, and yellow make the room sing. Look at the image for demonstration purposes.

Colorful living room-45 best Samples 44

The vivid orange subscribe view may be associated with tropical environs, but the inspiration color can also be used to simply brighten a blah space. In this living room, a casual gray sofa becomes the perfect foil for various shades of the citrus-y color. The serape-inspired area rug ups the color quotient and ties the entire space together. Look at the image for demonstration purposes.

Colorful living room-45 best Samples 45

Create a lively space view by painting the walls a vibrant shade. This living room pairs red and gray to create a high-energy, masculine room. For a similar yet softer look, substitute rose and silver. Look at the image for demonstration purposes.

Colorful living room-45 best Samples 46

Aqua blue and inspiration orange silk pillows contrast quite well with the rust accent wall and warm oak flooring to create a relaxing, contemporary living room. The dark brown tables and seagrass area rug add interest and texture to this pleasing color palette. Look at the image for demonstration purposes.

Colorful living room-45 best Samples 47

This designers electric palette injects lots of bright fuchsias to add zing, while the warm orange gives the space a rich, organic feel with the decor. Our designer used retro furniture to give the vignette a quirky, Boho quality. Look at the image for demonstration purposes.

Colorful living room-45 best Samples 48

This easy happy architectural color palette uses a number of different shades set against a white background to add excitement to space. The rainbow of colors in deeper shades keeps the room from looking too juvenile. Look at the image for demonstration purposes.

Colorful living room-45 best Samples 49

Neutral paint is the perfect backdrop for a living room. Add some inspiration accent pieces and accessories in bright hues to achieve an appealing look at a renovation of celebrity places. In this space, the designer used gray and orange to create a lively yet casual feel. Look at the image for demonstration purposes.

Colorful living room-45 best Samples 50

This living room was designed and decorated with comfort and fun in mind. Primary shades of red, yellow and blue are paired with a rust area rug. What’s even more unexpected is the addition of mint green on the walls. In a room punctuated with bold blocks of color, the homeowner calmed things down with neutral curtains, food recipies and seating. Look at the image for demonstration purposes.

Colorful living room-45 best Samples 51

This traditional inspiration living room corner is a celebration of blue. Sky blue is used on the walls to decor and envelop the room. A steely blue velvet sofa adorned with a collection of celebrity gorgeous silk pillows and similarly hued accessories create an inviting, monochromatic masterpiece on a renovation. Look at the image for demonstration purposes.

Colorful living room-45 best Samples 52

Orange is a definite stand out in this minimal living room. The saturated color doesn’t overwhelm thanks to natural elements like stone veneer and tan floor tiles. Brown accents help tone down the orange and punctuate the space in the form of pillows, picture frames, and decorative accessories. Look at the image for demonstration purposes.

Colorful living room-45 best Samples 53

Warm-up your living room with red. This space is layered in various tones that complement the oversized red sectional. White, blue, gray and natural wood combine to create a friendly and comfortable space. Look at the image for demonstration purposes.

Colorful living room-45 best Samples 54

Your living color palette can be inspired by anything, including your love of the tropics. These vibrant island shades create a palette that brings back memories of summer nights sipping mojitos and perfecting your salsa moves. Look at the image for demonstration purposes.

Colorful living room-45 best Samples 55

Have fun with color in a creamy neutral interior. Aqua details take this living room from blah to brilliant. Yellow accents are introduced through pillows and accessories to decor the room like golden light. The pale blue accent wall makes the room feel youthful and modern. Look at the image for demonstration purposes.

Colorful living room-45 best Samples 56

This designer makeover a corner of the living room employs pleasing shades of yellow and orange with chic, on renovation and taking the space in a traditional direction. The floral wallpaper, antique desk/table, and gold masks point to the room’s classic design elements and amiable demeanor with flexible cleaning.

Colorful living room-45 best Samples 57

The designer of the space-filling it with a mix of strong and chic colors to create an unexpected color palette. Burgundy stripes and leaf green paint pop right off the walls. The gray sectional serves as an unlikely neutral in this urban living room. Look at the image for demonstration purposes.

Colorful living room-45 best Samples 58

Earthy colors make an impact in this Moroccan living room. Walls are dressed in pale terra cotta and accented with a spectacular wall grille. The traditional seating area is dressed with cushions in shades of warm gold, rust and brown. The black-and-white geometric floor tile draws the eye in and anchors the space. Look at the image for demonstration purposes.

Colorful living room-45 best Samples 59

Play detective and uncover unique palettes by playing with DIY and colorful accessories in your living room. Here, the homeowner went with a vibrant sea blue and added small touches of chartreuse. The color combination was inspired by a piece of hand-dyed sari silk from Nepal. Look at the image for demonstration purposes.

Colorful living room-45 best Samples 60

Colorful doesn’t necessarily mean bright. Create a statement living room with rich, saturated colors like the jewel tones of the space. Keep things from looking too dark by using a light wall color and area rug with a cream background. Look at the image for demonstration purposes.

Colorful living room-45 best Samples 61

A neutral sofa DIY trend in this living room is topped with pillows in saturated colors reflecting the hues of the bold abstract painting. The primary colors are repeated in fun and funky pendant lights. They emphasize the color palette and unify the space.

Colorful living room-45 best Samples 62

Luscious touches of denim blue chenille trends grace the sofa and accessories of this contemporary living room remodel. Dashes of complementary orange and tan adorn throw pillows, artwork and the dried flower arrangement to give this space an autumnal feel.

Colorful living room-45 best Samples 63

Spice up a neutral room with gold, eggplant and a variety of warm tones. This living room seating area has been transformed into an inviting space with rich splashes of color and cabinets, taking it from lackluster to luscious.

Colorful living room-45 best Samples 64

A palette of rich jewel tones and exquisite textiles makes this living room feel instantly inviting and cozy without seeming stuffy. The Old World vibe is enhanced by the furniture selection and carefully chosen accessories.

Colorful living room-45 best Samples 65

Stick with a consistent color story if you are prone to mixing patterns and remodel with cabinets. This living room unifies the various patterns by keeping them in the red family. Expanses of solid colors elements—gray, natural, white and brown—anchor space and help neutralize the patterns. Look at the image for demonstration purposes.

Colorful living room-45 best Samples 66

When creating a colorful living room, it’s best to find an inspiration color to use as a starting point for your design. Here a fabulous mid-century chair has been reupholstered in exquisite aqua velour. Its companion pillow is a tobacco and teal Fortuny silk look-alike. The possibilities are endless with these colors as your muse.

Colorful living room-45 best Samples 67

Give tradition a fun twist and fill your living room with furniture classics in colorful hues. Follow this room’s lead and fill the space with refreshing blues and greens reminiscent of the south of France.

Colorful living room-45 best Samples 68

Petite floral prints and bold plaids are fanciful touches that give this space an approachable feel. The seemingly disparate colors and patterns all work in tandem to create a cheerful coastal living room.

Colorful living room-45 best Samples 69

Lively faucet colors breathe life into this basement-level living room. The brightness of orange and elements of a gold color-blocked shoji screen, denim sofa, and merlot accent wall and throw pillows more than compensate for the lack of windows. Look at the image for demonstration purposes.Colorful living room-45 best Samples 70

Get crazy and mix in a variety of different colors like a hotel for a young and dynamic look. As you set out to shop for décor, focus on split complementary colors to guide your selections. Also, throw in a fun pattern like the cowhide rug for a touch of the unpredictable. Look at the image for demonstration purposes and tips.

Colorful living room-45 best Samples 71

Aim for modern glamour by using a regal shade of purple with gifts. Pair it with snow-white leather to give the space that old Hollywood aura. Touches of gold in the artwork add a surprising touch to the seating area.

Colorful living room-45 best Samples 72

Beautiful shades of lavender and buttery yellow pop in this sophisticated Los Angeles living room. Use hits of an unusual color and classic furnishings to create a bright and stylish space that will appeal to everyone.

Colorful living room-45 best Samples 73

The homeowner wanted to create a fun, casual living room for the entire family to enjoy. She pulled out her daughter’s paint box for inspiration. Primary colors play with turquoise, lime, gray, teal, black and orange in this cheerful space with gifts. White is the canvas for this living room’s bright hues.

Colorful living room-45 best Samples 74

A muted color scheme of brown, black and cream is paired with contemporary furnishings for a living room that is au courant. The light walls and area rug are grounded by a brown sofa and black-and-white accent chair with gallery. The colorful pillows and artwork add just the right pops of color to liven up space.

Colorful living room-45 best Samples 75

Bright orange upholstery and multihued floor vases seem perfectly at home in this industrial loft living space. The bright colors literally pop against the whitewashed concrete wall surfaces and highly polished floor. Look at the image for demonstration purposes and tips.

Colorful living room-45 best Samples 76

This project of wild color palette uses orangey-rust to help ground the space, the gift houses while the neon citrus green ramps up the energy. In case you didn’t recognize it, this is an update of the classic pink and green color palette ads and photos.

Colorful living room-45 best Samples 77

Kick up the interest in a plain room with strategically placed color. The adventurous color on the sofas could be overwhelming, but when paired with neutral hues and natural wood tones they help create a colorfully casual space.

Colorful living room-45 best Samples 78

Even though black and blue are on the same end of the color spectrum, they can really work well when teamed up to create a modern living space with a gallery. This cheery blue looks great with the black of the area rug and pillows. Beige seating helps neutralize the blue and keeps the palette in balance.

Colorful living room-45 best Samples 79

Cover an entire wall in an ornately patterned wallpaper to add movement to your living room. This gold tone-on-tone damask works brilliantly well with all the other colors in the seating area. It adds visual interest and warmth to space.

Colorful living room-45 best Samples 80

What’s the secret to viewing the products using a fiery orange in the living room? Envelop the room in white to keep the intense hue in check. The white walls, furniture, and floors tame the bright color advertisement. Look at the image for demonstration purposes.

Colorful living room-45 best Samples 81

A mix of similar shades is an imaginative way to create a room’s advertisement color scheme. Colorful shades of burnt orange and citrus are deftly layered together for a lively combo that was inspired by the artwork on the far wall. Look at the image for demonstration purposes and tips.

Colorful living room-45 best Samples 82

Here’s a great idea where the advertisement of color and pattern are concerned–keep them contained to specific spaces. Here stripes, florals, and polka dots all live harmoniously on this modern sectional. Limiting them to one area will keep both the color and pattern from overtaking the room.

Colorful living room-45 best Samples 83

Mixing navy blue, dark brown and gold may seem a bit dark for a living room, but the color palette works amazingly well when white is introduced to the mix. The walls are painted in a chalk white and the pale ivory sofa pulls the brightness through space.

Colorful living room-45 best Samples 84

Grays and chic silver cool accents give this living room a modern and sophisticated air. Everything from the advertisement of paint color to the accessories read ultra-cool. The addition of warm colors in the artwork and throw pillows keep the space from feeling too cold.

Colorful living room-45 best Samples 85

The classic black-and-white color palette gets a new twist when purple is added to the equation. The accent wall was painted a flat black to set off white and black furnishings in a bold way. Purple accents in accessories and artwork add interest and verve to the room.

Colorful living room-45 best Samples 86

If you love changing up your living room décor, why not update it just like you would your seasonal wardrobe and make it more cool. This neutral space is a blank canvas for adding splashes of color—go with pastels for spring and summer, and warmer hues for fall and winter.

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Living Rooms With Stairs

Present-day homes need not have living rooms that are closed off and separate from the rest of the home. Today’s living rooms are open to all parts of the house, including the foyer and its staircase.

The combination of foyer and living room make for a truly welcoming entry. These living rooms are, truly, a step above.

Sleek and Clean

Living Rooms With Stairs 87
The sleek cable stair railing system lends a sleek, modern vibe to this white room. The use of pale blond wood for the floors and stair treads lend a sense of warmth to an overall modern, sterile space. The pops of red, though minimal, pop against the white walls.

Lit Up

Living Rooms With Stairs 88
This room proves that beige doesn’t have to be boring. The use of beige for the wall treatments, furnishings and floor covering works to create a space that is both modern and serene. The lights positioned at each stair tread lend artificial light that ensures a stylish, and safe, trip up the stairs at night.

Step Down into Style

Living Rooms With Stairs 89
If you’re wondering how to get to a living room that is both comfortable and chic, it’s just three steps down. Check out the matching sofa and armchair, both of whose arms reference 1920s style. The use of light gray for the wall color, rug and fireplace surround make this space feel a calm retreat.

Grand Entrance

Living Rooms With Stairs 90
Behold this staircase, not only does it feature floating stairs but the staircase arches toward the second floor. The second floor mezzanine opens to the first floor to create a space that is awe-inspiring and glamorous.

Spiral and a View

Living Rooms With Stairs 91
When your living room has a wall of windows that reveal such a serene scene, you don’t need a lot of furnishings or other decorative elements. The spiral staircase is a work of art as is the tan sectional.

White and Contemporary

This open tread staircase leads to a living space that is sparsely furnished with a modern sectional and sleek coffee table. Minimal use of decorative accessories make the room feel clean and spacious.

Family Friendly

This living room, open to the dining area and kitchen, is the ideal place for family gatherings. The sisal rug ideally complements the gray couch. The use of yellows and greens in the decorative elements and wall treatments creates a space that is warm and inviting.

Luxurious Log Home

Living Rooms With Stairs 92
Rustic touches abound in this log home. Not only are the walls and ceilings made of logs, but the staircase is as well. The chandelier made of antlers and leather furnishings make this home the epitome of ‘rustic chic.’

Custom Railing

Living Rooms With Stairs 93
Check out this two-story living room, complete with a mezzanine. The stairway’s custom wrought iron railing continues onto the mezzanine and adds a sense of drama. Details, such as the custom-made insets for the artwork and high-end chandelier, set this room apart from the others.

Simple and Understated

Living Rooms With Stairs 94
Classic details shine in this older living room. Furnishings are kept simple and don’t detract from the staircase’s arched details and exposed wood ceiling. Other classic touches, such as the furnishings and terra cotta tile, shine.

Open and Contemporary

Living Rooms With Stairs 95
The glass stair railing and open treads keep this staircase feeling fresh and modern. Simple, sleek furnishings and the corner fireplace continue the clean, contemporary feel. The large window, free of any decoration or window treatments, allows you to soak in the beauty of the natural world.

Interesting Details

Living Rooms With Stairs 96
This open concept space features a kitchen as well as dining and living spaces. However, these separate spaces all feel cohesive. Details, such as beige furnishings and the stone tiles that flank the side of the staircase as well as the front of the kitchen island, create unity.

Modern and Sleek

Living Rooms With Stairs 97
Gray walls and black furnishings complement the sleek metal staircase of this modern loft. A granite fireplace surround lends subtle glamor while the remainder of the space feels appropriate for a young singleton.

Open and Gorgeous

Living Rooms With Stairs 98
Ahh, this space is gorgeous. The dramatic staircase leads from the well-appointed and welcoming living room to the second floor hallway and loft space. Note how the finish of the exposed ceiling complements the kitchen cabinets. Stunning!

Floating Staircase

Living Rooms With Stairs 99
Okay, this is how to do sleek and contemporary. The floating staircase paired with the glass railing is stunning. Plus, the gray sectional with chaise is the ideal spot to watch a movie on the flat screen.

Lofty Ideals

Living Rooms With Stairs 100
This room is simple and comfortable. The staircase is simple, yet dramatic with its custom railing. Plus, the cream colored sectional looks like the ideal place to read a book under the natural light of the skylight. Additionally, the rattan ottoman is makes a sweet seat for a little one at the coffee table.

Power of Illusion

Living Rooms With Stairs 101
Behold the use of ship stairs to make the best use of space in this lofty space. The loft area resembles a ladder in that there are gaps between the treads. However, glass under the treads ensures no one will fall through.

Light and Dark

Living Rooms With Stairs 102
The dark throw pillows against the white couches beautifully mirror the white staircase with dark stair treads. This use of contrasts results in a living room that is comfortable and chic. The flokati rug lends warmth underfoot and amplifies the chic factor.

Set in Stone

Living Rooms With Stairs 103
This cavernous space is anything but cold and impersonal. Artful touches abound in this room, from the spiral staircase to the ultra-modern fireplace. The true stars of the room, though, are the stone walls. However, the charming wooden beams are pretty cool too.

Luxurious Leather

Living Rooms With Stairs 104
This living room is the ideal place to spend an evening, or even, a stay-cation. Watch the latest rental from the comfort of the leather sectional or play a game of cards at the game table. Should you require a refreshment, just head to the fully stocked bar.