Modern Dining Room Ideas

Dining rooms should be pleasant, comfortable and welcoming. It’s a place to get together, dine, meet friends, and spend time together with your family. The idea of designing modern dining homes is functional and efficient as they are beautiful and stylish. But not all modern dining rooms are cold and impersonal. While they can feel rather austere, adding splashes of color, pattern and light can go a long way toward warming up the space. For instance, popular styles such as organic modern blend natural elements with geometric shapes and innovative materials to create a welcoming environment.

Modern dining room design is not limited to one particular style. Fortunately, there are a variety of options to choose from when decorating your dining room. Whether you prefer the homespun charm of modern country, the clean lines of urban industrial or the retro feel of mid-century, you’re sure to find the perfect version to suit your personality and lifestyle.

If you think it’s a fun idea to fill rooms with the latest trends in home decor, Then you’re on the right track. That’s because there’s space in the dining rooms for everything you love. Tables and chairs are just the beginning of fun — credenzas, carpets, lighting even wallpaper and art — all have a role to play in creating a perfect dining room for a casual dinner or a magazine spread.  Take a look at this fabulous image gallery as we gathered loads of modern dining room ideas and inspiration.

Modern design is not limited to one particular style. Fortunately, there are a variety of options to choose from when decorating your dining room. Whether you prefer the homespun charm of modern country, the clean lines of urban industrial or the retro feel of mid-century, you’re sure to find the perfect version to suit your personality and lifestyle. Take a look at this fabulous image gallery for loads of modern dining room ideas and inspiration.

Mixed Materials

You’re keen on the idea of metal. You enjoy the wood. Finally, when it comes to dining room projects, you don’t have to choose one. The days are gone when all the pieces in dining rooms materials matched. Mixing materials often makes a mix of styles and eras — something that is frequently put to very good use by professional interior designers. We now know that the mixing of materials, colors and texture raises the style of a space and creates a fresh effect. One of the latest trends and a great way to mix things up in a modern dining room is to pair delicate elements with substantial pieces. Use natural materials and colors inspired by nature to create a balanced space in our furniture. The neutral paint color and bare walls give the room an open feel. The dark wood table with its sculptural base creates contrast with the graceful chairs and slender floor lamps.

Effortless Look

Choosing a color that stands out is one of the things that can ooze effortless style into your dining room. There are so many colors to choose from, but people often turn to black and white.  This dining room takes modern forms and warms them up with beautiful wood grain. The light wood wall paneling, floors and ceiling treatment create a beautiful backdrop for the artisan table and chairs. Recessed fixtures and a west-facing window flood the room with much needed light.

 If you’re trying to create a cozy effortless dining room, don’t forget those eye catching pendants or ornaments.

Textural Touches

A subtle approach to color is the key feature of this modern dining room. The designer employed her signature cool gray and white color palette to open up the space and counteract the low ceiling. The recycled wood tabletop, chrome chair frames and shag rug add just the right amount of texture.

Uncommon Flooring

Wood and area rugs are common flooring options in modern dining rooms. However, this dining room is anything but ordinary. The homeowner was so taken with her kitchen’s durable and dramatic soapstone counter tops, she decided to use it as flooring in the dining space.

Geometry and Color

Go bold with your walls in a modern dining room. If there’s one room perfect for showing off your bold design aesthetic, it should be the dining room. The geometric design of the wallpaper and oversized suede wall tiles inject the space with quiet energy.

Modern Sophisticate

Create a sophisticated, modern dining room by utilizing unique light sources. Instead of using a round chandelier over a rectangular dining table, try using a shape that mimics that of the table. This modern fixture is made with a series of brass tubes that target light directly onto the tabletop.

Black-and-White Contrasts

This black-and-white beauty just got a little more dramatic thanks to an incredible floor pattern. Graphic touches like this can take a modern dining room from blah to jaw-dropping gorgeous. If new flooring isn’t in the budget, find a graphic rug that creates a similar effect.

Scandinavian Form

Mid-century furniture is loved for its simple, clean lines. Wood pieces crafted from teak are left unfinished to highlight their natural good looks. Here, the homeowner paired a classic mid-century table with sleek contemporary chairs and slim pendant lighting.

Urban Oasis

Lighting is essential to a modern dining room to create just the right ambience. In this city apartment, the oversized dome pendants not only reinforce the black-and-white color scheme, they also establish the room’s upscale vibe. Install a dimmer switch to take the room from trendy to romantic.

Integrated Dining

Striking brass counter stools dressed in purple silk look perfect lined up at this multipurpose integrated dining table. The modern table design is attached directly to the kitchen cabinetry. It can serve as a place for family dining, extra counter space or as a serving buffet for parties.

Blending Spaces

What better way to decorate a dining room than to play up its strengths? This dining room uses texture, color, pattern and architectural details to create modern style. The white walls, geometric rug and reclaimed wood tabletop play off the pitched ceiling and black window frames for a chic result.

Glass and Wood Combo

A glass dining table sits near the patio doors in this bright and open dining space. Neutral wood and metal chairs are the perfect pairing for the reflective surface. Every meal becomes a special occasion thanks to this fresh, sunny room design.

Mirrored Surface

Even if your modern dining room is nothing more than an extension of the kitchen, don’t be afraid to give it a sophisticated look. In this dining space, sexy chairs and a mirrored table set the area apart from the adjacent kitchen.

Mid-Century Fête

Have fun creating your modern dining room design by mixing things up. From wood accents to futuristic lighting, and a mid-mod table and chairs, this dining room shines with its variety of shapes, styles and textures.

Anchor Rug

This dining room is an example of high-rise style. Besides the incredible view, the wood and metal dining table creates the room’s focal point. The homeowner introduced an area rug to ground the space and keep it from feeling monotonous. Make sure your rug is large enough to accommodate dining chairs when they’re pulled away from the table.

Asian Inspiration

The idea of Western layout using oriental elements is nothing new. The intrinsic minimalism of the Japanese design and the timeless beauty of the Chinese style and its distinctive flavor give plenty of choices for those looking for inspiration in the east. While not an obvious take on Asian design, this modern dining room creates a mood mildly reminiscent of the Far East. Simple, clean lines and minimal decor give this space an air of tranquil sophistication – definitely Zen.

Danish Modern

Although modern design from the 1930’s through the 1960’s was at its peak in the mid-century, the appeal of its clean lines and focus on function has never been out of style. For a truly timeless look in your home, this look combines retro flair with modern comfort. A Danish modern dining room becomes even more interesting with the use of mixed seating pieces and cushion colors. These chairs are from the same furniture collection but the head chair and bench are just different enough in styling to give the space a more relaxed and down-to-earth feel.

Cozy Formality

Rather than going light and bright in a modern dining room, why not try darker, cozier colors? Rich colors like the purple wall and walnut paneling give the room a comfortable feel while maintaining its sleek appearance.

Penthouse Glam

A vivid color can completely change the look and feel of a neutral space. This dining room has been given a jolt of energy with the bold red wall and modern art. Painting walls is an easy and inexpensive way to update a room. It’s like an instant face lift.

Natural Warmth

Wood grain wall covering and sunny yellow place settings add warmth and interest to this minimalist dining room. Black molding and blinds pop against the white, organic linen slipcovers and complement the dark wood dining table.

Atrium Ambience

These homeowners converted an unused atrium into a fantastic modern dining room. The wall of sliding doors provides an unobstructed view of the back gardens. A simple table and chairs anchor the space and white pendants offer plenty of light. The green accent wall is the perfect color to unite inside and outside spaces.

So Square

Repetition strengthens this modern dining room’s design. If your room lacks color and pattern, the best way to add interest is by employing the principles of repetition to keep things interesting. Repetition can be achieved by using similar lines, shapes or patterns throughout a room – just like the squares in this space.

Contempo Delight

A good rule of thumb when decorating a modern dining room is to keep the table simple. Since it is the single most important piece in the space, it might be tempting to go overboard with ornamentation. By keeping the centerpiece and place settings somewhat neutral, you can bring in color and pattern with artwork and a rug.

Parsons and Eames Inspiration

Dining room sets are no longer a thing. While it give a space a sense of uniformity, matching furniture is an outdated concept. In this room, a chocolate brown parsons table is paired with Eames inspired chairs to create a masterpiece of modern simplicity.

Industrial Love

Are you fond of industrial decoration? Are you thinking of freshly modernizing your dining room? This modern dining room idea with basic contemporary chairs and a minimalist table, keeps things fresh and stylish. Make a big impact in your modern dining room by going large scale. An oversized paper globe pendant above the table works fabulously with the white tulip table and retro chairs. The overall effect in this loft is impressive.

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