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Monkey Growth Charts

Stack up a whole barrel of monkeys and see just how your child measures up with these cute growth charts. Aren’t they adorable?

And marking a growth chart gives you a permanent keepsake you can take from house to house as well as a beautiful piece of wall art while your child is growing! These charts would work great in a jungle or safari themed room, but maybe also a circus, animal kingdom or just straight monkey theme.

Many of the canvas options allow for personalizing with your child’s name – like the green one in the picture here. They also come with all the hardware you need for hanging and a ideal for a keepsake. The wall decal versions are great if you need to move around a lot with a young child because they can go with you and don’t damage the walls.

I’ve divided these into boy, girl, neutral as far as colors and designs go. You should keep in mind the style and color of the rest of the room if you’re trying to incorporate this into a theme. If not, pick whatever design makes you (and your child) happy.

I tend to lean toward preferring the more modern designs, like the first one, but we are talking about decor for kids so cartoony is definitely appropriate. Consider where you’re planning to hang this – bedroom, kitchen, family room – as well when making a choice for style and color.

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Gender-Neutral Growth Charts

Greens and yellows and jungle scenes

All perfect for any child or if you have more than one. Especially with different genders. Mark each child in a different color as they grow and keep it all in one place. The color schemes do tend to lean toward yellow and green and brown, which makes sense for bananas, trees and monkeys. Plus, they are the generally accepted gender-neutral colors.

Girl-Appropriate Charts

Pinks and purples and bows and flowers

Some of these are very similar to the above designs. Just change out the green or yellow for pink, toss a flower on the head and hey – it’s for girls! There are a couple that go the extra mile, putting the simians in dresses and adding flowering vines.

Oopsy daisy Monkeying Around Growth Chart
by Meghann O’Hara, Powder Pink, 12 by 42 Inches
Very modern look and style

Boy-Oriented Charts

Bringing in lots of blues

Again, designs that are just changing out the color scheme to bring in various blues. There is one that isn’t strictly boy as far as colors, but I can’t see any girl liking the particular style of art used in the design. Generally, if it’s a unique design targeted to a boy, you’re going to find it far more cartoony in style.

Oopsy daisy Monkeying Around Growth Chart
by Meghann O’Hara, Powder Blue, 12 by 42 Inches
Very modern look and style

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