On the bed or on the wall? Where to place elements of a theme –

I got all excited when Target brought in some new bedding last year, in part because we got to see some themes you don’t typically find. Not only that, but they were done really well, like the hot air balloon crib bedding in the picture.

But, I got to thinking. With some themes, do you really want the main elements on the bed? I know, I know. I always advocate bedding as a quick and simple way to set the theme for the room. And given the way kids (and some adults) are, the bedding is the most likely thing to need to be replaced over the years.

Still, with some themes, maybe it makes more sense to focus on the walls or the floor or the ceiling when setting the theme. Certainly with hot air balloons, my first instinct is to paint a series of them large on the wall, similar to the effect in the wallpaper mural below. It’s a great time to get creative and color a lot. It’s just not the quickest way to go about it.

What say you? do you have a preference for where theme elements are used?

If you are looking for a rule of thumb, here you go. Choose one – one, mind you – focal point for the room. And that’s where you put your main theme setter. If you cover the bed with balloons, don’t go crazy putting them on the wall as well. If you cover the wall with balloons, don’t cover the bed in them. Simple, right? One thing, whether it’s the bed, the floor, the walls, the furniture – that’s all you need to set the theme. And by keeping it to one thing, you keep the room from getting too busy.

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