On the wall! It’s a decal! It’s a headboard! –

I love wall decals, especially for decorating themed rooms in apartments. And when you’re trying to avoid furniture banging against the walls as well, decals can make for great headboards too.

So loving these particular wall decal headboards I ran into recently. They pair great within a super hero bedroom with your favorite character. As long as that’s Superman, Captain America, Ironman, Batman or Spider-man.

These super hero headboards come in your choice of color (see the chart?) with the default being black. And unlike some I’ve seen, these decals come in three sizes to fit a twin, full or queen sized bed. Covers all the typical sizes a kid would have.

These are pretty dramatic in impact and you’ll want to make sure you apply them to the wall high enough that they don’t get obscured too much by all the pillows and bedding. Fortunately, being a decal, it’s easy to get them exactly the height you want, unlike a real headboard.

The other nice thing with these particular designs is that they aren’t exactly the theme. So we have spiders and Gotham and so forth. We don’t have the character just blasting across. Which makes them great for working into the theme in a way that’s not overwhelming.

Superman CapeCaptain AmericaIronmanGotham CitySpiderwebs

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