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All Things Pink John Deere for the Bedroom

For the girl who loves her country life

Hey, girls want to be down on the farm too, ya know. Maybe. If you have a farm girl on your hands, it’s likely she loves John Deere, so consider setting her up with some pink branded items for the bedroom.

There aren’t a ton of things to choose from in pink John Deere, but I’ve gathered everything I could find to get you going. There actually were far more in the past, but the selection has been slowly dwindling. Fortunately, the pink part isn’t hard to do with other items, and you could pair it with bright green like in the pillow shown here. Then you just need one or two branded items – maybe in the green – and you’re on your way.

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Let’s Start with Bedding

This is definitely the place where the options have shrunk down to almost nothing. I do have some fabric finds farther down the page that could be used to make a bed cover, quilt, pillows and the like. You could make accents with them to add to other bedding in the right colors or just create your own.

At a minimum, you can grab a blanket in pink with the famous deer logo.

John Deere Fleece Blanket with Embroidered Satin Trim, Pink

Springs Creative John Deere Tractors Are For Girls Throw Kit

John Deere Pink Trademark Theme Heavy Fleece Blanket

Pink John Deere Decor

John Deere Pink Shop Clock

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